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After a very long period of time, probably more than a month, the few spiritual avatars that Ye Xiao had placed in the immortal world finally returned.

Moreover, they also brought back information about the immortal world.

That was the information that Zhang San, the clone that Ye Xiao had used the Major Destiny technique to create, had sent back to Ye Xiao.

Other than the information, he also had his spiritual avatar send him a large amount of cultivation resources.

Cultivation resources in the immortal world.

That meant that apart from using his spiritual avatars to absorb immortal energy in the immortal world, Ye Xiao could also use those resources to cultivate in the Xuan Yuan mountain.


Ye Xiao did not directly absorb his spiritual avatar from the start.

Instead, he first gathered the information.

The most important thing was to first understand the knowledge of the immortal world.

Otherwise, when the other party attacked in the future, he would not even know the north, south, east, and west.

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The information was on a jade slip.

That thing was something from the immortal world.

It was similar to the memory card in the technology of the Nine Provinces.

The intent stone of the immortal world could also be stored.

However, in comparison, that jade slip was still much stronger.

That was because there was an immortal seal on it that could lock the information inside.

A True Immortal could not crack it.

Even in the immortal world, if ones strength was not strong enough, there was also no way to decipher it.

To put it simply, it was even more confidential.

Ye Xiao swept a glance and very quickly obtained a huge amount of information inside.

The immortal world was actually similar to the ordinary world.

It was a powerful world created by the mighty martial arts prodigies during the immemorial era in order to maintain the balance of the world.

To be precise, it could not be considered as their creation.

That world was still based on the blueprint of the original world space.

However, it was located at the center of the various great worlds in the starry sky.

It contained the purest and densest spiritual energy in the entire universe.

In the immortal world, there were many factions, and that was the sects.

The sects had their own legal system, and they controlled all of the territories under their sect.

Everything within was under the sects control.

The Great Qin immortal sect was an extremely powerful sect in the immortal world.

In just a few short years, it had risen from a nobody to one of the top sects in the immortal world.

To the entire immortal world, it could be considered a mythical miracle existence.

The name Ancestral Dragon was similarly resounding in the immortal world.

Ye Xiao smacked his lips.

The Ancestral Dragon was really too awesome.

To be able to reach such a high ranking even in the immortal world, he was truly awesome!

However, that was good news.

The reason why Brother Zheng chose to sever ties with the Xuan Yuan god clan back then was not because he had any objections to the Xuan Yuan god clan.

It was just that back then, he wanted to carry out the 100 Tribulations and transcend the Immortal Tribulation.

In order to prevent others from taking revenge on the Xuan Yuan god clan was why he separated their bloodlines.

In reality, the Xuan Yuan god clan still held a part of his position in his heart.

If he could find him and request for his protection, Ye Xiao believed that he would not reject him.

That way, he would be able to continue living for a while.

He did not ask for more.

Just ten years.

Ye Xiao believed that he only needed ten years to advance to a realm that was sufficient for him to protect himself.

However, when he saw the next piece of information, his face instantly turned grim.

The Ancestral Dragon had disappeared for many years and was nowhere to be found.

Due to the Ancestral Dragons absence, the Great Qin immortal sect had fallen quite a bit.

Otherwise, the Great Qin immortal sect would very likely be the number one sect in the immortal world.


Brother Zheng… Was he playing hide-and-seek with him

Wherever he went, Brother Zhengs name would be there, but in the end, he could not find anyone.

If the Great Qin immortal sect did not have the Ancestral Dragon, then he would have to be careful.

If Brother Zheng was there, then he could go to the Great Qin immortal sect.

If Brother Zheng was not there, he would have to test it out first.

Right, he could have his clone send some messages to the Great Qin immortal sect to see what the Great Qin immortal sect was up to.

He could tell them that someone was targeting the Xuan Yuan god clan in the ordinary world.

If the Great Qin immortal sect cared, they would definitely send people over.

If they did not care, they would not have sent people over, and he could give up on that idea.

Yes, when the next wave of spiritual avatars went to the immortal world, he would get them to inform his clone, Zhang San.

The following information was the most important, and it was also the part of the information that Ye Xiao cared about the most, the cultivation system of the immortal world.

The True Immortal realm was divided into five minor realms, True Immortal, Mystic Immortal, Heavenly Immortal, Grandmaster Immortal, and Imperial Immortal.

Each realm was divided into three levels.

Thinking about it, it was very normal.

After all, the immortal world had been maintained for so many years.

If all of them were True Immortals, their population would have exploded long ago.

There would definitely be someone who advanced to an even stronger existence.

Ye Xiao did not need to worry too much.

In any case, no matter how strong they were, there was no way for them to come down.

In fact, the mightly martial arts prodigies who constructed the immortal world back then might even be an Imperial Immortals.

He estimated that with so many True Immortal Lightning Tribulation harvests and the absorption of a few spiritual avatars that had cultivated for a month, his true cultivation should have already reached the third-level True Immortal.

Following that, the True Immortal Lightning Tribulation was no longer of much use.

Later, when he had time, he would transcend the Immortal Tribulation and directly advance to the True Immortal realm.

In any case, with the Golden Book divine soul, he could conceal his aura so that he would not be detected by the natural laws.

Therefore, he did not have to worry that the power of the natural laws would forcefully bring him into the immortal world.

Other than those problems, there were also a few small problems.

One was the problem of the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

That guy who attempted to covet the divine blood of the Xuan Yuan god clan was in the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

It seemed like he should let Zhang San pay attention to the information about the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

The other one was about a few immortal techniques related to him.

Ye Xiao knew that the immortal technique that the Golden Book divine soul synthesized for him was definitely something good.

However, the problem was that he did not know what rank his immortal technique was in

It was a pity that Zhang San did not manage to find out that part of the information.

Ye Xiao wanted him to pay attention to it in the future and let him decode it for him.

Next, he would have to see what good stuff Zhang San had brought back for him.

With that thought in mind, Ye Xiao opened the storage ring that Zhang San had given him and first took out the first treasure.


That thing that looked a little like a red undergarment, Hmm… Could it be some kind of Immortal Artifact

Hmm… There seemed to be some inexplicable jasmine fragrance on it, and it smelled pretty good.

There was also a curved blade of grass on it… That was a freaking undergarment, right

Zhang San, that sc*mbag, what exactly did he do

Logically speaking, he should not have done anything particularly excessive.

Although he had given him an independent personality, he still had absolute control over it.

When he sent him to the immortal world, he had already given a death order in his mind.

He absolutely could not casually be involved with women because women meant trouble, especially beautiful women.

Moreover, Ye Xiao already had the Phoenix Empress.

The most disgusting thing for him was to be two-timing.

In his life, he was destined to only love one person, so he definitely would not let him have any romantic escapades that he should not have.

With the death order, Zhang San should not do anything excessive.

Perhaps he was thinking too much.

The next time he gave him an order, let him explain it again.

Then, Ye Xiao continued to find more things.

In the next second, a large piece of dazzling golden treasure was released from the storage ring.

Seeing that large piece of treasure, Ye Xiao instantly clicked his tongue.

So bright!

His eyes were almost blinded by the light.

He had thought that Zhang San had gone out to steal, but looking at it, he did not know whether he had stolen or not.

However, he must have robbed the rich to give to the poor, stealing the treasures of a certain group of big shots.

There was a large pile of immortal techniques inside.

Other than that, there were also quite a number of Immortal Artifacts, immortal pills, immortal arrays, refining materials, immortal herbs for alchemy… There were also a huge pile of rare treasures.

Not only that, there was actually a total of 200,000 immortal crystals inside.

Like spirit stones and divine crystals, immortal crystals were stone energy bodies that contained a huge amount of immortal energy.

They could be used to instantly replenish the energy consumed by oneself, or used to set up arrays to help with cultivation.

It could also be used to trade.

Furthermore, 200,000 immortal crystals was definitely not an ordinary amount.

Most importantly, Zhang San only had the cultivation of a Supreme Eternal.

Moreover, he had only been in the immortal world for a month or so.

How could he obtain so many good things in one go

That fellow better not cause any trouble for him!

Before he went to the immortal world, if he had already provoked a large number of enemies, he would be beaten up by others the second he arrived.

Forget it, it was better not to think about it.

It was useless to think about it.

He was not going to the immortal world any time soon.

It was better to raise his strength first.

Thinking of that, Ye Xiao immediately began to summon the True Immortal Lighting Tribulation.


An hour later, Ye Xiaos cultivation successfully advanced to the True Immortal realm and became a True Immortal.

Moreover, because he absorbed a lot of Lightning Tribulation energy, his cultivation was not at the first-level True Immortal realm, but directly jumped to the peak of the second-level True Immortal realm.

That was even before he had absorbed his spiritual avatars back.

If he had absorbed a few spiritual avatars, he should be able to easily advance to the third-level True Immortal realm.

The moment he advanced, there were countless people from the Xuan Yuan god clan whose strength had once again increased.

Xuanyuan Long, the Xuan Yuan clan leader, and Yun Cangqiong had instantly advanced to the realm of Supreme Eternals in one step.

Yun Changqing and the others, who were behind, also advanced to the peak of the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm in one step.

They were just one step away from becoming Supreme Eternals.

As for the Godly Kings and Godly Emperors of the Xuan Yuan god clan, they advanced rapidly

Emperor Jing, Emperor Yun, Azure Dragon, and the others all announced that they had advanced to the middle-late stage of the Godly Emperor realm, which was even stronger.

At that moment, the overall strength of the Xuan Yuan god clan had undergone another great leap.

No one knew what realm they had advanced to.

However, there was one thing that was certain.

Even if they were to fight against a higher-ranked great world, the Xuan Yuan god clan was still qualified to compete.


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