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“Is this the legendary Xuan Yuan divine territory I heard that this was once the Ancestral Dragons hometown!”

“Thinking back to that time, how exalted was the Ancestral Dragon He single-handedly defeated 100 Supreme Eternals from all over the starry sky!

“At that time, he could be said to be the number one person in the entire starry sky.

“I cant believe that just over 2,000 years have passed, yet another monstrous genius has appeared in the Xuan Yuan god clan!”

One had to know that 2,000 years was not a short period of time.

However, to those martial arts prodigies who had easily cultivated for over 10,000 years, 2,000 years was nothing at all.

It was just a moment that casually flowed past their eyes.

“You cant say that.

This fellow called Ye Xiao is quite powerful.

However, he shouldnt have reached the level of the Ancestral Dragon yet.

Calling him a monstrous genius seems to be a little too much, right”

“He deserves it.

You have to know that 2,000 years ago, this Ye Xiao did not even have a name.

In such a short period of time, he became the legendary Supreme Eternal.

This was already a very remarkable thing in itself.

“However, its probably impossible for him to reach the level of the Ancestral Dragon.

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“After all, that fellow is simply too monstrous.

Theres no one in the entire starry sky who is qualified to be compared to him!”

Everyone nodded their heads when they heard that.

After all, the actions of the Ancestral Dragon back then were too stunning and too monstrous.

Until then, no one had had the chance to surpass his performance back then.

“Sigh! What a pity.

Hes monstrous, but whats the use He doesnt have Ancestral Dragons life, but he has Ancestral Dragons disease!

“Hes so arrogant at such a young age, but he actually offended the Blade Master Ling Ming.

Isnt he courting death

“No matter how much of a genius he is, if he doesnt grow up, hell be useless in the end.”

“Theres nothing we can do.

The Blade Master Ling Ming is too strong! The old mans strength from before was already extremely monstrous.

I didnt expect that after cultivating for so many years, his strength would once again increase by a huge amount, reaching such an unfathomable level.

“The current him can be said to be one of the top 30 Supreme Eternals in the entire 10,000 great worlds!”

Just as he finished speaking, in the next second, a streak of resplendent light flew over from the distant starry sky.

That beam of light was like a huge planet.

Wherever it passed by, no matter what was in front of it, it would be completely destroyed, not giving him any face at all.

Everything in front of him was completely turned into ashes.

“Thats… A spiritual airship What a powerful spiritual airship! Its actually an abandoned heavenly body as a carrier, creating a spiritual airship thats comparable to a small world.

“As expected of the legendary Blade Master Ling Ming.

This move was truly different.

No one can compete with him.”

Countless people looked over with admiration.

People always had a unique admiration for the strong.

That was not only because they had extraordinary talent, but also because they had a hard work that ordinary people did not put in.

The achievements they had achieved were to be looked up to by people.

Before the spiritual airship had arrived in front of everyone, everyone had already felt an earth-shattering pressure.

When the spiritual airship arrived in front of everyone, everyone felt a sense of intimidation that made their hair stand on end.

Those prodigies had seen many heavenly bodies, and they could even shatter a planets heavenly body with a single slap.

However, what they saw that day was different.

Not only was that heavenly body extremely magnificent, but the arrays engraved on it were also the best of the best of the best.

From that point alone, that spiritual airship was already comparable to a supreme treasure, and it was the best of the best of the best!

When the spiritual airship arrived, it slowly turned into a ray of light and shrunk.

From within, a group of figures appeared.

Among them were maids, butlers, and disciples with the lowest strength.

They were also martial arts masters at the advanced stage of the Godslayer realm.

There were countless Godly Kings and Godly Emperors!

In the high-tier great world, the proportion of martial arts masters far exceeded that of the regular great world.

For example, in the Yanhuang Great World that Ye Xiao was in, there were probably only a few hundred Godly Kings from any of the three great god clans.

There might be more than 100 Godly Emperors.

However, that lineup was already present among the people that Blade Master Ling Ming had brought over that time.

However, one had to know that he was a person who had traveled a long distance and brought over people to fight.

He would definitely leave more subordinates to protect his hometown in his own great world.

That meant that the number of people he had far surpassed any of the three great god clans in the Yanhuang Great World.

It might even be comparable to the number of people that the three great god clans had joined forces with.

Countless people could not help but panic.

The terrifying pressure that the other party gave them made them feel as if they wanted to escape.

Although they knew that the other party was not coming for them, but for Ye Xiao.

However, that fatal fear was still difficult to overcome.

Even so, no one was willing to leave.

What was their purpose in coming there It was so that they could see with their own eyes the legendary Blade Master Ling Ming, an unrivaled martial arts prodigy of their generation.

If they left just like that, would it not be a waste of time

How rare was that opportunity

Perhaps in their entire lives, they would only have that one chance!

Everyone withstood the fear in their hearts and the supreme pressure that the other party would bring, and raised their heads to look.

In the end, their gazes landed on the Blade Master Ling Ming in the crowd.

Although most of them had never seen the other party before, everyone could still instantly analyze the other partys identity from their aura!

He was too eye-catching and stood out like a crane among chickens.

No, to be precise, he should be dazzling.

He was as dazzling as the sun, to the point that you could not ignore him at all.

“Is that the Blade Master Ling Ming”

“I didnt think that Id be lucky enough to see such a legend in my life.

I really have no regrets in life.”

At that moment, a Supreme Eternal suddenly stepped out and walked in front of him.

Everyone was stunned.

“What is he trying to do Is he crazy”

“That guy should be called Ouyang Guang! Hes a Supreme Eternal venerable that just advanced not long ago in the Thousand Leaf Great World! Even if his cultivation is already at the Supreme Eternal level, he cant go over.

If he provoked the Blade Master Ling Ming, he would die without a burial ground.”

The Blade Master Ling Mings subordinates were also a little dumbfounded.

However, they quickly came to their senses and said,

“Stop, who are you”

However, they did not expect Ouyang Guang to kneel down towards the Blade Master Ling Ming.

“Senior Blade Master, many years ago, I was lucky enough to receive your guidance.

Now, I have advanced to the realm of the Supreme Eternal.

I have come to thank you for meeting you today.”

Everyone was in an uproar!

“What a guy.

I didnt expect that he had received the guidance of Senior Blade Master Ling Ming.

And now, he has become a Supreme Eternal.

This is really enviable.”

“Senior Blade Master, you are indeed benevolent.

Not only are you powerful in battle, but you can also guide others on the path of martial arts and make them become Supreme Eternals! You are indeed worthy of being one of the best in the world!”

“If I can get his guidance in my life, I would be willing to live 5,000 years less.”

“Arent you thinking too much With Seniors guidance, your advancement in cultivation is enough to increase your lifespan by 10,000 years! This business of yours is really worth it.”


Everyone laughed out loud, but in their hearts, they had even more respect for the Blade Master Ling Ming!

The great honored Supreme Eternal knelt down to express his gratitude.

In the entire world, how many people could obtain such an honor

Only someone like him could obtain such an honor.

The Blade Master Ling Ming glanced at the other party, and then laughed lightly,

“Its you, kid.

I remember that your surname is Ouyang, right”

Ouyang Guangs eyes instantly turned red.

“I didnt expect Senior to actually remember my name.

This junior is truly honored.”

“Hehehe… Thats natural.

Your talent is not bad.

Back then, this venerable self saw your talent and didnt want you to be left behind.

Thats why I spoke up and gave you a few words of advice.

“I didnt expect that you would actually obtain such a huge achievement.”

“This is all thanks to Seniors guidance.

This junior will never forget it in my life.”


The Blade Master Ling Ming nodded and said,

“Lets talk about the past later.

I still have something to do.”

“Alright! This junior is waiting at the side to cheer for Senior.”

The Blade Master Ling Ming nodded and placed his hands behind his back.

He stepped forward and said coldly to the Xuan Yuan divine territory,

“B*stard, why arent you coming out quickly Do you think that this old man will let you off just because youre hiding inside Come out quickly and accept your death.

Otherwise, this old man will exterminate your entire Xuan Yuan divine territory.”

Just as his words fell, an extremely terrifying aura suddenly erupted from the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

“Its a Supreme Eternal! An existence at the level of a Supreme Eternal!”

“Looks like that brat Ye Xiao is finally willing to come out.

I thought he was so scared that he ran away with his tail between his legs.”

“Looks like he still has some backbone”


Everyone burst into laughter again.

However, at that moment, another aura that was not the slightest bit weaker than the previous aura also spread out, followed by a third, a fourth, a fifth, a sixth, a seventh…

Before the Blade Master Ling Ming could react, dozens of Supreme Eternals arrived in the next second and surrounded him.

He and everyone present could not help but widen their eyes, they looked at the situation in front of them in confusion.

Everyones aura was already pressing down on him.

“Old Man Ling Ming! Youre just an ant, and you dare to provoke our Ye Xiao What kind of dog are you”

“How dare you be rude to Ye Xiao Are you tired of living”


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