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“So its him! Hes finally here.”

Ye Xiao opened his mouth and mocked indifferently.

The expression on his face was unperturbed and there was nothing special about it.

That expression caused the Dragon Emperor and the two Supreme Eternals from the Phoenix god clan to involuntarily frown.

“Ye Xiao, could it be that youre not nervous at all”

Ye Xiao shrugged.

“Why should I be nervous”

“Thats the Blade Master Ling Ming!”

“And then Hes very powerful and is ranked 48th on the starry skys Supreme Eternals ranking!”

Ye Xiao asked back.

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“Isnt this powerful enough”

A Grand Elder of the Phoenix god clan could not help but speak out.

Very soon, the Dragon Emperor spoke again,

“Hes no longer in the 48th place.

His strength has increased very quickly, and hes already several times stronger than before.

“Did you know According to the secret report, he passed by several great worlds on his way here and defeated several Supreme Eternals who were ranked above him.

“The Supreme Eternal Wu Yuan was ranked 45th!

The Supreme Eternal Yun Yu was ranked 43rd!

The Supreme Eternal Hu Yao was ranked 41st!

Even the Supreme Eternal Le Shu who was ranked 34th had been defeated by him.

Moreover, it was said that he had defeated him within 100,000 moves.

You should also know that a mere 100,000 moves were nothing to a Supreme Eternal.

It might end in an instant.

“This means that he defeated his opponent very easily.

This also means that his strength might not only be at the level of the Supreme Eternal Le Shu, who is ranked 34th but also be a little stronger.

At the very least, he has the qualifications to enter the top 30.

“Do you know what this means This means that his strength is more than ten times more terrifying than you can imagine!”


He only slowly stretched his lazy waist and did not care at all.

Not to mention ten times, even if it was 20 times, as long as he was still a Supreme Eternal, he would not be interested.

He had already separated a portion of his strength, but even so, the Blade Master Ling Ming was still not in his sight.

From the moment he advanced to the Supreme Eternal, the two of them were no longer on the same level of strength.

Not to mention that his cultivation had already improved so much.

Although he was not a True Immortal, his strength had already surpassed those who had just advanced to the True Immortal realm.

At that point, even if he was at the first level of the True Immortal realm, he would only be killed in an instant in front of him.

Seeing his idle expression, the three Supreme Eternals simply felt that it was impossible to reason with him.

“Ye Xiao, we admit that your strength is very strong.

Its to the extent that you can even cross ranks to kill enemies.

“However, Blade Master Ling Mings strength is not the slightest bit weak.

You must not lower your guard and underestimate your enemy!”

“A battle between martial arts prodigies often decides life and death in an instant.

If you die, Blade Master Ling Ming probably wont easily bypass our Yanhuang Great World.

“With his temper, he might choose to massacre our Yanhuang Great World!”

Ye Xiao did not have the time to explain before the Qilin Kings soul ran out from the place where the Supreme Eternals were.

“Ye Xiao, give me some advice.

That Jade Butterfly Supreme Eternal is too unreasonable.

We clearly agreed to exchange immortal technique scrolls for cultivation.

“In the end, when I gave my scroll to her to cultivate, she actually turned around and went behind my back to cultivate with another Supreme Eternal.

After cultivating, she actually said that I gave her an immortal technique scroll that she already had and refused to give it back.

Do you think shes right in doing so

“I sought justice from the two of them, but the two of them actually joined forces to deal with me.

Are you going to interfere in this matter”

When the Dragon Emperor saw the Qilin King, he could not help but feel dumbfounded.

“Brother Qilin, youre still alive But… What are you doing”

“Brother Dragon, youre free to come over today.

But I dont have time to catch up with you right now.

I still have things to do here.”

He had not finished speaking when in the next second, a few Supreme Eternals souls rushed out to look for Ye Xiao.

“Ye Xiao, dont listen to his nonsense.

Its not what he said at all! Its clearly his fault for using a basic immortal technique scroll to fool me.

After that, he still wanted to find an excuse to take advantage of me!

“I didnt agree, so he slandered me.”

The Qilin Kings eyes instantly widened.

“How did I slander you When I gave you the immortal technique scroll, why didnt you say that you already had it You only said that you had it after taking it from me.

Who are you trying to fool”

The entire hall soon began to become noisy.

More and more Supreme Eternals came out to watch the show.

The Dragon Emperor and the two phoenixes felt that their brains were a little out of whack.

What was going on

Why were there so many Supreme Eternals souls there

Moreover, those souls were not some Supreme Eternals from the immemorial era.

Many of them belonged to the current Supreme Eternals.

There were even some that the Dragon Emperor knew, and the other party even greeted him.

“Ah, isnt this the Dragon Emperor Long time no see.

Youre here too”

Dragon Emperor looked at the other party and the corners of his mouth could not help but twitch violently.

“Supreme Eternal Yan Ming! You… Why are you here too”

“Hey! Wasnt I killed by Ye Xiao previously Now, Im here to be the guardian of the Xuan Yuan god clan.”

“You were killed… Now, youre a guardian… ”

The Dragon Emperor and the two phoenixes felt that their minds were even more disorganized.

They had already been killed by Ye Xiao, yet they still wanted to be the guardian of the Xuan Yuan god clan

Did something go wrong with his brain

Moreover, what made the three of them feel even more disorganized was that since those fellows were all killed by Ye Xiao, they should be filled with resentment in their hearts.

Even if they were forced by him to be guardians, they should still be unwilling in their hearts, right

Even so… Why did he act like he was very happy

At least he was in a very happy mood!

“Uh… Brother Yan Ming, I dont really understand.

Youre in such a good mood being the guardian here Isnt it a little… ”

Supreme Eternal Yan Ming chuckled and said,

“I know what youre trying to say.

Youre trying to say that Ive already been killed and Im still being the guardian for them.

Isnt that too brainless”

“Uh… Thats not what I meant.”

The Dragon Emperor was too embarrassed to admit it directly.

Supreme Eternal Yan Ming waved his hand and said with a smile,

“You dont have to sugarcoat anything with me.

I wont be angry.

You dont know the benefits we have now.

“Well be the Xuan Yuan god clans guardians, and Ye Xiao will give us immortal techniques and teach us the path of cultivation.

Its much stronger than the martial arts knowledge weve learned before.

“He also promised us that after guarding the Xuan Yuan god clan for a certain period of time, he will let us go.

At that time, we can randomly find a place and reconstruct our physical bodies, and we can continue to transcend the Immortal Tribulation.

Wouldnt that be wonderful

“Oh, right, do you want to come with us On our side, we will include cultivation resources and cover them.

We will receive a scroll of immortal techniques for our basic salary every month.

If we can make a great contribution, we will also obtain an additional immortal technique scroll.

“Although it is said that we have no rest throughout the year, in reality, as long as there are no enemies, we can basically cultivate on our own without any trouble.

“Of course, there is a slight threshold to enter the profession.

That is, you have to give up your physical body and leave behind a soul like ours.

“In other words, you have to commit suicide!”


He wiped the sweat off his forehead speechlessly and immediately said,

“Uh… Theres no need.

I feel that cultivating like this is pretty good.

Id better train myself.”

Supreme Eternal Yan Ming sighed.

“Ah, you just cant bear to part with your stinky skin.

Let me tell you, if you were really with us, you would know the benefits of following Ye Xiao.

“Look at all of us, which one of us wasnt killed by him personally But which one of us isnt working for him now

“Forget it, everyone has their own aspirations, and I cant force you either.

“However, I have to remind you that if you change your mind, hurry up and come over and register.

“Look at our numbers increasing, there might be more Supreme Eternals in the future.

At that time, Ye Xiao might not necessarily be needing any more guardians.”

The corners of the Dragon Emperors mouth could not help but twitch violently once more.

Good heavens! Nowadays, Supreme Eternals had to attend an interview to become Ye Xiaos lackeys.

Were their immortal technique scrolls so powerful

However, at that moment, many auras had already descended to the surroundings of the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

“Everyone, please be quiet.”

Ye Xiao immediately opened his mouth and interrupted the people who were quarreling on the other side.

“All of you, be quiet.

The Qilin King did not do this properly.

The next time the Qilin King does meritorious deeds, I will give one of his immortal technique scrolls to Jade Butterfly Supreme Eternal.

This matter is settled.

“Now that there are enemies outside invading, its a good time for all of you to do meritorious deeds.

Go, leave me be for a while.”

The eyes of the group of Supreme Eternals instantly lit up.

“Another assassin came over”

“Good fellow, this time, I must capture him and exchange him for a few immortal technique scrolls.”

After saying that, the group of Supreme Eternals quickly rushed out and fused with their respective statues.

When the Dragon Emperor and two phoenixes saw that scene, they were all dumbfounded.

They also finally understood why Ye Xiao was not flustered at all.

He had so many martial arts prodigies under him.

No matter how powerful Blade Master Ling Ming was, it was impossible for him to defeat so many martial arts prodigies at the same time.

With them around, Ye Xiao really did not need to be afraid of anything.

Not to mention just one Blade Master Ling Ming, even if five or six Blade Master Ling Mings came, they would still not be enough.

That also made the three people even more impressed with Ye Xiao.

A group of Supreme Eternals was treated like a pack of dogs by him.

He was probably the number one person in the great worlds, right

At the same time, who knew how many martial arts prodigies had gathered outside the Xuan Yuan divine territory

Among them, there were peak Godly Emperors from the various divine territories, and Supreme Eternals from other great worlds who had come to watch the battle.

They only came to watch the battle.

They did not need to be afraid of the Yanhuang Great Worlds targeting.

It was not uncommon for martial arts prodigies to go to other great worlds.

As long as they did not act rashly, there was basically no problem.

The Supreme Eternals or Godly Emperors in the world would not nitpick and prevent others from coming over at all.

After all, there were times when he might go to other great worlds.

It was convenient for others, but it was also convenient for him.


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