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In a world that was countless worlds away from the Yanhuang Great World, a terrifying aura suddenly appeared and was released at an extremely fast speed.

Sensing that extremely terrifying aura, everyone in the great world felt their hearts tremble.

All the hair on their bodies stood on end.

“What a terrifying aura! Is… Is Senior Blade Master Ling Ming coming out of seclusion”

“A month has passed.

Its time for him to come out of seclusion.”

“A month ago, he had to digest the power of laws from the great worlds, so he didnt come out of seclusion.

After a month, his aura has increased by so much.

Im afraid that his cultivation has increased by quite a bit!”

“Senior Blade Master, as expected of Senior Blade Master.

With such an aura, who can match him Im afraid that he has already surpassed many of the Supreme Eternals before him.

“Its time to change the ranking list that the Ancestral Dragon ranked back then.”

Countless people could not help but sigh.

The strength and cultivation that Blade Master Ling Ming displayed at that moment had long surpassed a dimension.

It had reached a level that they had never imagined.

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Admittedly, he was still not in the True Immortal realm.

However, no one would look down on him just because he was not in the True Immortal realm.

Everyone knew that Blade Master Ling Ming had been accumulating his strength for so many years.

Not only did he want to make his cultivation base stronger, but he also wanted to make his talent stronger and reach an unprecedented height.

If he continued to accumulate the power of laws, once his cultivation base advanced to the True Immortal realm, he would go further and become stronger, becoming a genius of the immortal world.

Before long, with a flash of light, Blade Master Ling Ming appeared in front of everyone.

His majesty also reached its peak at that moment.

When everyone saw him, they could not help but lower their heads, not daring to look directly into his eyes.

“We welcome the Blade Master to come out of seclusion!”

Blade Master Ling Ming let out a long breath, and his aura even turned into a ray of light.

That was because the spiritual energy contained within was too dense.

‘Its been a month.

Its time to meet that nobody.

After I finish him off, its time for me to transcend the Immortal Tribulation and officially enter the immortal world!

Everyones hearts jolted, and their hearts could not help but beat faster.

The Blade Master was finally going to transcend the Immortal Tribulation and become a True Immortal

At that moment, Ye Xiao seemed to have become less important in everyones eyes.

Rather, Ye Xiao was not important in everyones eyes to begin with.

In their view, the Yanhuang Great World that Ye Xiao was in was relatively lower ranked.

Even if he became a Supreme Eternal, he would only be ranked around 80th or 90th.

and the Blade Master was already a martial arts prodigy ranked 48th, not to mention, that his current true strength had probably already exceeded the 48th rank.

“Blade Master, should we immediately move now”


“However, well have to pass through several great worlds along the way.

The vast majority of great worlds are fine, but theres a small portion… You also know that there are a few who are ranked above you.

If they want to cause any trouble, Im afraid that we…”

The Blade Master Ling Ming smiled proudly.

“Whats there to be afraid of

“Back then, when I defeated the Ancestral Dragon, not only was my cultivation slightly inferior, but I was also a little careless.

“If not, the Ancestral Dragon would not have ranked me only at 48th, but even higher!

“Now, Ive condensed so much law energy, and I dont know how much stronger my cultivation is compared to before.

Im not afraid of them at all.”

“Since thats the case, then we can be at ease.

This subordinate will send people to prepare to head to the Yanhuang Great World.”

On the other side, Ye Xiao had already accumulated an unknown amount of cultivation after going through the Immortal Tribulation day and night.

Moreover, he had yet to retrieve the spiritual avatars that he had placed in the immortal world.

Those spiritual avatars should have already absorbed quite a lot of energy.

If all of them were gathered together, it might also allow his cultivation to increase once again.

Ye Xiao felt that if his current cultivation was placed in the True Immortal realm, it might also have two to three levels of cultivation

If the True Immortal realm had small realms.

After all, his lifespan had already gone up to 170,000 years!

That increase might seem exaggerated, but in reality, it was not exaggerated at all.

When he was at the peak of the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm, his lifespan was 30,000 years.

After his cultivation base advanced to the Supreme Eternal realm, his lifespan was directly above 100,000 years.

It was possible that the Supreme Eternals normal lifespan was above 100,000 years.

If he continued to cultivate and advance, he could increase it to more than 100,000 years, or even 200,000 years.

As expected, just as he had thought, the Supreme Eternal was not 100 percent able to live forever.

It was just that compared to ordinary people, their lifespan was too long, so they called it eternal life!

That was probably why people continued to advance to the True Immortal realm after reaching the Supreme Eternal realm.

Speaking of which, although he had a way to cultivate, he did not know about the True Immortal realms cultivation system.

Moreover, he did not immediately go to the immortal world.

Not only did he want to harvest some more of the Lightning Tribulations fruits, but he also wanted to absorb more of the power of laws.

At the same time, he was not sure if there would be anyone who would find trouble with the Xuan Yuan god clan in the later stages.

He did not care about the Blade Master Ling Ming.

That fellow was not even a True Immortal.

If he were to hit him, it would be similar to hitting a child.

A punch would be able to knock him down.

What Ye Xiao cared about was the True Immortal from the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

He was the existence that Ye Xiao was most afraid of at the moment.

Ye Xiao did not even know what kind of existence the Cloud Lake immortal sect was and how strong the entire sect was.

Moreover, he was not the only sect in the immortal world.

What would he think of the Xuan Yuan god clan It was impossible for others to not have thoughts.

Perhaps there were other immortal sects that he did not know of that were secretly spying on the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Of course, if Ye Xiao was alone, he would definitely not be afraid of them.

With the Golden Books divine souls level, even if he were to enter the immortal world, he would definitely be able to muddle along like a fish in water.

However, he was unwilling, and it was impossible for him to give up on the Xuan Yuan god clan.

‘Oh right, perhaps I can try using my spiritual avatar to go to the immortal world to understand these things in advance.

Ye Xiao believed that even if he did not enter those immortal sects, he could at least understand some information.

For example, the cultivation system, the division of powers in the immortal world, the Cloud Lake immortal sect, the Great Qin immortal sect, and so on.

However, spiritual avatars were not so easy to deal with.

Ordinary spiritual avatars would definitely be easily seen by others.

There were trash and prodigies in the immortal world.

At the very least, the proportion of prodigies was much higher than in the ordinary world.

‘If only there were immortal techniques in this aspect.

Oh right, I wonder if the Major Destiny technique can create a living clone.

With this thought in mind, Ye Xiao immediately used the Major Destiny technique.

“With Ye Xiaos name, Ill split a part of my body and create a true human clone at the level of a Supreme Eternal!”

As the sound of his voice faded, a true human clone that was exactly the same as Ye Xiao was immediately created.

Ye Xiaos lifespan was directly lost by 70,000 years.

Those 70,000 years of lifespan were all transferred to that clone.

If that clone fused with the main body, Ye Xiaos lifespan would return, but it would definitely be slightly depleted.

That was because using the Major Destiny technique would definitely consume some of it.

However, Ye Xiao looked at the clone in front of him and was very satisfied.

That clone had the exact same memories as him and could use the exact same cultivation technique, appearance, voice, and so on…

His cultivation level was also at the level of a Supreme Eternal.

It was just that he was not as strong as himself.

He was a living person, a completely independent person who existed within the laws of the world, but at the same time, he was his own clone.

He could completely act like an independent normal person, but he was completely within his own will.

He would do whatever he wanted to do, and he would completely listen to his own will.

“From today onwards, your name is… Is… Is… Um…”

Ye Xiao instantly started to have a headache.

He forgot that he was a useless name-maker.

Creating a clone was much simpler than letting him name it.

After thinking for about ten minutes, Ye Xiaos eyes suddenly lit up.

“Got it! Ill call you… Zhang San!”

The clone nodded.

He was 100 percent sure to obey Ye Xiaos orders.

“From today onwards, youll go to the immortal world to explore and help me search for information about cultivation in the immortal world or something.

Ill give you an independent intent stone.

This intent stone can be used to contact my spiritual avatar at the exit of the immortal worlds passageway to refine immortal energy.”



“Go! Do your best and dont disappoint me.”


Zhang San received the order and left.

He immediately used the Space-time immortal technique to head to the Phoenix Plain and then headed to the immortal world.

The corners of Ye Xiaos mouth curled up.

He was indeed a genius.

That way, he would be able to obtain first-hand information about the immortal world without putting himself in any danger.

Even if someone discovered his clone, he would immediately die.

There would be no way to trace it back to him.

What a perfect plan.

Thinking about it that way, he would be able to cultivate immortal techniques to his hearts content in the Xuan Yuan god clan.

No one in the immortal world would be able to defeat him.

It would be safe and stable.

After he cultivated it for a few years, his cultivation would rise to become a martial arts prodigy in the True Immortal realm.

He would not have to be afraid of being attacked when he went to the immortal world.

At that time, even if the Great Qin immortal sect was unwilling to accept him, he would not have to worry.

He could completely create his own faction.

In the future, he could use it to accept his little friend from the Xuan Yuan god clan who had ascended to become a True Immortal.


However, at that moment, he suddenly felt a tremor coming from the border of the Yanhuang Great World.

“This is… ”

Before he could react, the two Supreme Eternals from the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix god clan had already rushed over in unison.

“Ye Xiao, something bad has happened! Blade Master Ling Ming is here to look for you!”


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