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First, Xuanyuan Long and the Xuan Yuan clan leaders group had their cultivations skyrocket to around the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm.

Yun Cangqiong and Yun Changqing, who were slightly inferior, had also reached the eighth-level Godly Emperor realm.

They were even at the peak of the eighth-level Godly Emperor realm.

They were just one step away from advancing to the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm.

Yun Xuanyuan and the others, who had advanced to the Godly Emperor realm, had also advanced to the sixth level of the Godly Emperor realm and above.

There were also more than 200 people who had advanced to the Godly Emperor realm at the Godly King realm.

With that, there were more than 200 Godly Emperors in addition to the Godly Emperors that originally existed in the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Moreover, those were only the ones in the Godly Emperor realm.

There were originally more than 100 people in the Godly King realm that had increased by ten times.

It had increased to more than 1,000 people.

Just that number alone was enough to reach the sum of several high-end martial arts masters.

Among them, the original Jianghai city, including everyone in the Nine Provinces, had the greatest increase.

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For example, the cultivation of Emperor Jing, Azure Dragon, and the four venerable ones had all advanced to the late stage of the Godly King realm.

If Ye Xiao advanced again, they would probably be able to reach the middle and late stage of the Godly Emperor realm in one step.

Even a trash like Gu Hai, who could not stand on the stage, was now in the first-level Godly King realm.

One could imagine how great the gifts that Ye Xiao brought with that advancement were.

It could be said that the Xuan Yuan god clan could already be considered to be the number one faction in the Yanhuang Great World.

However, Ye Xiaos advancement at that time was far more than that.

His advancement allowed him to reach the peak of the late-stage Supreme Eternal realm in one step.

That was because he had previously accumulated too much power of the laws of nature in the Supreme Eternal Lightning Tribulation.

Other people might need to cultivate for countless years before they could cultivate the accumulated power of the laws, but Ye Xiao only used a short period of time and it was all settled.

However, there was no other way because there was only one Golden Book divine soul.

It was impossible for others to be like him.

They would be tired after transcending the tribulation and still be able to shield themselves before taking a short break.

For the others, it would only take about an hour, or even half an hour.

If they succeeded in transcending the tribulation, they would succeed, but if they failed, their souls would directly dissipate.

If it was possible, who would not want to be like Ye Xiao, who had an unlimited number of chances What if they could obtain more law energy

At that moment, the sky above the Xuan Yuan god clan was filled with divine lightning for transcending the tribulation.

Who knew how many people were frantically transcending the tribulation at that moment.

However, at that moment, an even more intense muffled sound suddenly came from the sky.

That muffled sound was like a heavy blow that ruthlessly struck everyones hearts, causing countless peoples hearts to involuntarily thump.

“What a powerful Lightning Tribulation! What kind of Lightning Tribulation is this This feeling doesnt seem quite right.”

At that moment, even the Supreme Eternals expressions were somewhat solemn.

“This… This aura, this is the True Immortal Lightning Tribulation”

“Its the True Immortal Lightning Tribulation! It really is the True Immortal Lightning Tribulation!”

“But, how did he do it Didnt he just successfully transcend the Supreme Eternal Lighting Tribulation How did he start transcending the True Immortal Lightning Tribulation in the blink of an eye”

“Impossible, I must have made a mistake.

This is simply impossible.”

However, no matter how those peoples hearts crumbled, the aura that Ye Xiaos tribulation revealed was definitely the aura of the True Immortal Lightning Tribulation.

Ye Xiao had long anticipated that situation.

He had previously stalled the Supreme Eternal Lighting Tribulation for that purpose.

However, what he did not expect was that it actually came so quickly.

His initial thought was whether the tribulation would come a little later or whether the cultivation in his body would only reach the middle-late stage of the Supreme Eternal realm.

In the end, he did not expect it to be quite powerful, instantly reaching the Immortal Tribulation in one step.

Of course, Ye Xiao would definitely not choose to immediately pass the Immortal Tribulation and go to the immortal world.

The reason why the Phoenix Empress went to the immortal world was that she was a phoenix.

As long as she went up, there would be martial arts prodigies from the phoenix race to pick her up and protect her.

Why would he go up

The Phoenix Empress had only just advanced to the immortal world.

Did he expect her to protect him

In his dreams.

After he went to the immortal world, his greatest chance was to find the protection of the Great Qin immortal sect and find his backer.

The question was, would the Great Qin immortal sect protect him

That was a false proposition because no one knew how the Great Qin immortal sect would treat him.

Good or bad

Ye Xiao had always been more assertive.

If there was any trouble, he would try his best to rely on himself.

Apart from that, there was a more important problem.

Ye Xiao had immortal techniques, and his few immortal techniques seemed to be very good immortal techniques.

He did not need to consider that aspect.

Otherwise, he really did not have a choice.

He would continue to take advantage of the system by harvesting more law energy.

After his body had accumulated a portion of energy, he would decide whether to go to the immortal world or not.


At that moment, the True Immortal Lightning Tribulation had already struck down.

Boom, Boom, Boom… The round ball continuously struck the top of his head, and Ye Xiao absorbed the law energy within to his hearts content.

Not bad.

Each bolt of lightning could give him a lot of energy.

The Lightning Tribulation, especially when a persons cultivation was in the early stages, had a huge amount of energy.

It might wait until his true level一when he reached the late stage of the True Immortal realm, the effects of the Lightning Tribulation would not be so great.

Once he advances to the True Immortal realm, he estimated that he could advance to the late stage of the True Immortal realm in one go.

In addition, his spiritual avatar was absorbing immortal energy in the immortal world.

Ye Xiao really did not know what level he could advance to in the future.

Ye Xiao did not keep absorbing there.

He still had so many things to deal with.

It would not be too late to absorb it after he was done.

Therefore, after a short burst of lightning from the True Immortal Lightning Tribulation, Ye Xiao had the Golden Book divine soul block his cultivation.

The True Immortal Lightning Tribulation came to an abrupt end.

Everyone who sensed that aura almost dropped their jaws to the ground.

Were they dreaming

Why did Ye Xiao, who was undergoing the tribulation properly, suddenly stop transcending the tribulation

That was probably the first situation in the entire universe, right

One had to know that that was a Heavenly Tribulation.

The power of laws was condensed from nature.

Transcending it was equivalent to becoming an immortal.

If one could not transcend it, they would die.

Even so, Ye Xiao actually stopped the Lightning Tribulation in the process of transcending it.

That method, even if a True Immortal descended to the ordinary world, they would not be able to do it, right

At that instant, an extremely special thought suddenly appeared in everyones mind.

There was someone behind Ye Xiao!

Moreover, that person was extremely extraordinary.

It was the heavens!

Otherwise, no matter how much of a genius he was, it would be impossible for him to do that, right

That was the true meaning of a being Heavens Chosen One.

Like the so-called Heavens Chosen One who cultivated extremely fast that they had conferred previously, what did it count for

In front of Ye Xiao, they were simply the dregs of dregs.

Ye Xiao returned to the Xuan Yuan Mountain and swept a glance at everyone.

Everyone could not help but shudder.

He did not speak.

He merely raised his hand and used a Great Way of Life immortal technique to instantly kill Supreme Eternal Ghostface.

There was no need to use the Great Dragon anymore.

Just with his current strength, he could easily kill the Supreme Eternal Ghostface.

It was truly as simple as slaughtering a chicken.

After doing all that, Ye Xiao waved his hand and summoned all the Supreme Eternals divine souls, including the Supreme Eternal Ghostfaces.

“You guys have already been killed by me.

Now, only your divine souls are left.

“Ill give you two choices now!

“One is to become the guardian of the Xuan Yuan god clan and fuse with the statue to fight for the Xuan Yuan god clan.

The other is to destroy your divine souls.”

“We choose the former!”

The Supreme Eternals could not wait to choose the former.

What a joke.

The evilness that Ye Xiao displayed could already be said to have completely conquered them.

Right then, no one wanted to go against him, much less dare to go against him.

Ye Xiao nodded.

With a few more Supreme Eternals as guardians, he had already gathered more than ten Supreme Eternals for the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Supreme Eternals were the most powerful existence in the world.

Next, even if there were more Supreme Eternals who wanted to invade, Ye Xiao did not have to worry.

After finishing all of that, Ye Xiao entered the Xuan Yuan Mountain and once again began to summon the True Immortal Lightning Tribulation, enjoying the immortal lightning version of the lightning bath.

The natural laws served there while the spiritual avatar absorbed the immortal energy.

That was equivalent to him starting to cultivate the strength of the True Immortal realm ahead of time.

The two supreme-grade energies in the universe served him alone.

Even the True Immortal realm could not compare to it.


In order to prevent the True Immortal Lightning Tribulation from being discovered by others, Ye Xiao even specially built an array to block off the entire range of Xuan Yuan Mountain.

That way, others would not be able to sense the True Immortal Lightning Tribulation.

That was to prevent others from being shocked when they arrived and from them discovering his little trick involving the Heavenly Tribulations.

However, that True Immortal from the Cloud Lake Immortal sect did not seem to have stopped just like that.

After Supreme Eternal Ghostface and the other Supreme Eternals, they still sent a Supreme Eternal over from time to time to deal with him.

The result was very obvious.

Ye Xiao already had more than ten Supreme Eternals under him.

He did not even need to make a move himself.

Those Supreme Eternals swarmed forward and directly captured the intruders.

Then, they peeled off their skin and whipped up a series of meals.

In the end, they turned them into a guardian.

Just like that, the Xuan Yuan god clans guardians continued to rise at an average rate of two per day.

After ten days, they rose to more than 30 people.

After 15 days, they had already risen to more than 40 people.

The rate of increase made even Ye Xiao click his tongue.

It was not more than 40 Godly Emperors, but more than 40 Supreme Eternals!

Supreme Eternals!

Every one of them was a genius amongst the geniuses in the heavenly great worlds.

They were all peak existences.

To have two or three in each world was already considered quite a number, some powerful great worlds might have a few more, but some slightly weaker great worlds did not even have a single one.

At that point, the Xuan Yuan god clan had more than 40 guardians.

To put it bluntly, whether or not they were called guardians, was it any different from being a watchdog


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