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“Theyre here, theyre here! Theyre here for the same reason I am.”

For his own safety, the Supreme Eternal Ghostface immediately threw them under the bus.

He instantly exposed them and betrayed his teammates on the spot.

Ye Xiao looked at the rapidly approaching auras and his eyes flickered.

“Do you want to die so badly”

As he finished speaking, his body instantly disappeared from where he was.

Upon seeing that scene, Supreme Eternal Ghostface grandmaster hurriedly opened his mouth and said,

“Seniors, dont you guys have to help him Im afraid that he wont be able to withstand facing several Supreme Eternals at the same time, right”

Supreme Eternal Huan Yu slapped his head.

“Do you think were fools We should go help Ye Xiao so that you can escape”

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Supreme Eternal Ghostface hurriedly explained,

“I dont dare, I dont dare.

How can I dare to escape But what I said is the truth! If he was captured or killed, all of you will definitely…”

Speaking up to that point, he suddenly paused for a moment.

That was right, those seniors were all killed by Ye Xiao, and their souls were then locked up and made into statues.

So, in their hearts, they also wanted to see Ye Xiao die, right

That was why they did not lend a hand.

With that in mind, he smiled slightly.

“So, the seniors want him to be captured.

Then, we are all on the same side.

Dont worry, these friends of mine who came together are definitely geniuses amongst geniuses.

“Supreme Eternal Centurion, one of the Supreme Eternals of the Spacetime Great World, had been famous for a long time.

He was ranked 83rd on the Supreme Eternal ranking of the ordinary world and had a proud battle record of killing two Supreme Eternal.

“Supreme Eternal Soaring Dragon, one of the bounty hunters of the Pure Dragon Great World, was also a great Supreme Eternal.

He was ranked 85th on the ranking of the Supreme Eternals of the ordinary world.

Although he was slightly inexperienced and had only killed one Supreme Eternal, he could not be underestimated.

“Other than that, theres also…”

Before Ghostface could finish speaking, the Blood Venerable One and the others immediately opened their mouths and said,

“Guess how many moves Ye Xiao needs to kill them”


“Two to three moves per person.”

“Do you want to make a bet I bet four moves per person, and the winner will get an immortal technique scroll.”

“Sure, of course.

We can also bet.

I bet that Ye Xiao will average at least three moves per person!”

“Then Ill bet that he will kill two moves per person.”

Ghostface was already in complete confusion.

What were those people doing

Were they crazy

Ye Xiao was facing several Supreme Eternals at the same time!

It was one thing for one person to face so many Supreme Eternals, but in the end, they were actually making a bet.

From the sounds of it, Ye Xiao could finish off those Supreme Eternals in a few moves

Was that a joke

How was that possible

“Seniors… You guys… Arent joking with me, right”

He really could not resist the curiosity in his heart as he opened his mouth to ask.

The few of them glanced at him with disdain before opening their mouths to ask,

“Why would we joke around with someone like you You arent worth our time.”

“Watch carefully, you frog at the bottom of the well.”

Ghostface was unable to understand their calmness and confidence at that moment.

He could only follow their gazes and look towards the sky together.

In the sky, Ye Xiaos figure had already met those few Supreme Eternals.

They also observed Ye Xiao at the same time.

“This childs cultivation is so strong.

Could it be that he is Ye Xiao”

“I didnt expect him to be so young.

However, looking at his aura, it seems like he is only half a step away from the Supreme Eternal realm.

How can he kill a True Immortal Why does the Exalted True Immortal place so much importance on him”

“Its said that he has an Immortal Artifact in his hands and didnt rely on his own true strength.”

“An Immortal Artifact”

Everyones eyes instantly lit up.

In the next second, they all increased their speed and headed straight for Ye Xiaos face.

An Immortal Artifact!

The reward that the Exalted True Immortal was going to bestow was probably only so-so.

They did not expect to come there and actually obtain an Immortal Artifact for no reason.

Then that Immortal Artifact would be theirs!

After saying that, they took out their top-grade Treasured Artifacts.

They were all top-grade Treasured Artifacts that were comparable to lesser Immortal Artifacts.

Once the top-grade Treasured Artifacts appeared, the sky and earth dimmed.

In the entire ordinary world, only the multicolored light of those Treasured Artifacts remained.

Their auras shot up into the sky and suppressed the entire ordinary world.

There was not a single place that could resist them.

All the living beings felt that terrifying scene and their hearts were beating non-stop.

However, Ye Xiao was not flustered at all.

He went straight up to receive the attack, not the slightest bit concerned.

With a tap of his feet, his body was like a meteor as it streaked through space-time, flashing like a silver light in the starry sky.

Appearing once again, he had already arrived in front of the first Supreme Eternal.

With the appearance of the Great Dragon, Ye Xiao waved his hand and swung his sword.

The sharpness of the sword instantly severed the Treasured Artifact in the other partys hand.

Only at that point did the other party finally discover the true terror of Ye Xiao.

“Not good!”

He cried out in alarm and his body instantly retreated.

However, it was already too late.

He simply could not compare to Ye Xiaos speed.

The Space-time immortal technique circulated, and Ye Xiaos sword ray suddenly accelerated.

In an instant, his head flew up.

The sword intent spread across billions of miles.

Wherever it passed, all the celestial bodies, Star Islands, meteorites… Were all mercilessly sliced apart.

One move, instantly killing a Supreme Eternal!

That terrifying scene caused Supreme Eternal Ghostface to be petrified on the spot.

Boom, Boom, Boom… The celestial bodies and star islands in the starry sky exploded.

The blazing flames and light that were produced shone on his face, illuminating his already stupefied face.

The Blood Venerable One and the others seemed to have long expected that.

At that moment, they could not help but sigh, with a sad expression of beating their chests and stomping their feet.

“Sigh! I miscalculated.

I thought that they could last two more moves.

I didnt expect that they didnt even last one move.”

“I think that theres an 80 percent that Ye Xiaos strength has increased again.

Its not like you dont know that this kid is different every day.

Hes extremely heaven-defying.”

“D*mn, I think he can exchange a few moves with a True Immortal now.”

“That is too easy.

It shouldnt be a problem for him to kill an ordinary True Immortal.”

Supreme Eternal Ghostface was completely petrified.

Was Ye Xiao already so powerful

Even killing an ordinary True Immortal was not a problem

Heavens, did he still want others to live

He had not even reached the cultivation of the Supreme Eternal!

When the remaining Supreme Eternals saw that scene, they were still hot-blooded just a moment ago, but in the blink of an eye, they were scared to death.

Everyone screamed and turned to run.

“D*mn it! Run!”

“This guy is definitely not a lesser Supreme Eternal.

He has definitely advanced to the level of a Supreme Eternal a long time ago, but he used a secret technique to hide his aura.”

“He doesnt care about martial virtue! Do the people of the Xuan Yuan god clan like to hide their cultivation so much”

However, before everyone could escape, a bolt of lightning suddenly fell from the sky.


As soon as that bolt of lightning appeared, the entire star area immediately turned into a lightning domain, suppressing everyone within.

Everyone immediately used a barrier defense.

With a barrier defense, they would not be injured for a while.

However, everyones hearts were even more flustered.

That was because they actually realized that it was the Supreme Eternal Lightning Tribulation!

That also meant that the lesser Supreme Eternal cultivation that Ye Xiao had displayed previously was real and not fake!

A lesser Supreme Eternal had beaten them to the point that they had no way of retaliating.

Furthermore, he instantly killed a Supreme Eternal.

That was simply snatching the fortunes of heaven and earth.

How many people in the world could reach such a level

At that moment, a deep despair enveloped everyones hearts.

It was so stifling that it made it difficult for them to breathe.


The lightning became stronger and stronger.

At that moment, one of the Supreme Eternals suddenly spoke,

“Everyone, dont panic.

Although he is very strong, the stronger he is, the stronger the Heavenly Tribulation will be.

As long as we defend ourselves, the Heavenly Tribulation will naturally deal with him!”

When everyone heard that, their eyes instantly lit up, as if they had found their savior.

That was right.

If Ye Xiao was strong, the Lightning Tribulation would also become stronger.

Hence, they did not need to be afraid at all.

However, in the next second, what happened once again refreshed their worldview.

They only saw Ye Xiao wandering within the Lightning Tribulation, allowing the lightning bolts to strike his body without the slightest reaction.

It was as if this Lightning Tribulation was like a tickle on his body.

Furthermore, Ye Xiao held the Great Dragon in his hand and actually forcefully absorbed the lightning energy within the Lightning Tribulation, imprisoning it on the Great Dragons body and adding lightning damage to it.

That unbelievable scene simply caused everyone present to have their worldview collapse.

Can you respect the Heavenly Tribulation a little

It was still a Heavenly Tribulation after all!

Without waiting for everyone to recover from their shock, Ye Xiao slashed out with his sword again.

That sword was even stronger and more terrifying than the previous one.

The lightning storm disrupted the entire space-time.

That sword of Ye Xiaos instantly killed the two Supreme Eternals in front of the sword intent at the same time, splitting them from head to toe.

The third Supreme Eternal at the back was lucky enough to escape due to the angle being slanted and was not killed.

Even so, one of his arms and half of his body were torn apart by the lightning storm.

One slash killed two Supreme Eternals and heavily injured one.

In front of him, Supreme Eternals were like trash.

It was easily torn apart and crushed like thin paper.

At that moment, the hearts of all the Supreme Eternals had already turned extremely cold.

Was that Ye Xiaos strength

Although he was not a Supreme Eternal, he had already surpassed a Supreme Eternal!

With such strength, only a True Immortal would be able to contend against him!

No, at that point, everyone seemed to have a feeling that even if the True Immortal descended, they might not be Ye Xiaos match!

Ye Xiao drew out another sword.

The remaining Supreme Eternals were all harvested, cut into pieces, and not a single one was left.

In front of him, the Supreme Eternals were already powerless to resist.

Perhaps it was because he was too powerful, but the Lightning Tribulation that struck his body was also due to excessive anger.

It directly threw down over 100,000 bolts of lightning in an instant and ruthlessly smashed onto Ye Xiaos body.


After an earth-shaking loud sound, light illuminated the entire Yanhuang Great World.

Ye Xiaos aura had completely risen to the Supreme Eternal realm at that moment!

In the starry sky, all the stars were lit up.

The will of countless immemorial martial arts prodigies souls recovered and turned into numerous illusory figures that knelt towards Ye Xiao.

It was as if the entire starry sky was celebrating Ye Xiaos current achievements.

At that moment, the cultivation of everyone in the entire Xuan Yuan god clan also began to erupt.

Ye Xiao becoming a Supreme Eternal brought them a huge explosion in cultivation!


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