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An hour later, Ye Xiao was grilling chicken, fish, and pig as he looked at his nine spiritual avatars, who had already begun to work.

The Immortal Beasts left very peacefully.

Basically, they were all killed with a single slash.

When Ye Xiao attacked, he did not leave any survivors.

The few Immortal Beasts near the exit had all been killed by him.

Ye Xiao had his spiritual avatars start cultivating while he was grilling and observing the surroundings to prevent any more powerful star beasts from coming over.

The chicken had already been roasted by him until its skin was fragrant and tender, dripping oil non-stop.

The air was emitting a rich fragrance that made people salivate.

Ye Xiao pulled out the roasted chicken, sprinkled some salt and cumin, and began to feast on it.

The meat was fresh, tender, and delicious.

After taking a bite, the fragrance exploded in his mouth.

That feeling was simply irresistible!

Just one word, delicious!

More importantly, the meat of Immortal Beasts contained a large amount of pure blood essence!

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Their bodies, which had been washed by the immortal energy day and night, were so pure and filled with healthy blood essence.

After it had been consumed by him, it could also greatly strengthen his physique.


It seemed that he would have to catch a few more Immortal Beasts to eat in the future.

He searched the nearby area and was certain that that place should belong to a large forest.

An especially large one.

He already had the strength of a Supreme Eternal, but after using the Space-time immortal technique and wandering around for a long time, he still could not see the outside.

One could imagine how big that forest was.

However,after thinking about it carefully, it was quite normal.

After all, it was the immortal world.

The True Immortals in the immortal world were all so powerful that it made ones hair stand on end!

An existence at that level could casually move a distance of hundreds of millions of miles with a single step.

If it was not big enough, they wound be bumping into people every day.

Of course, it was not that exaggerated.

Ye Xiao realized that the power of the Space-time immortal technique he used there would be slightly underwhelming.

When a being from a lower realm came to a space of a higher realm, its overall strength would be suppressed and reduced slightly.

Ye Xiao did not probe too much.

He only looked around for a while before returning immediately.

It was still better to keep a low profile.

After all, it was the immortal world.

Although nothing was around at the moment, he not could guarantee that a True Immortal would not appear sooner or later.

After returning to the exit of the tunnel, Ye Xiao immediately built two arrays.

The first array was for a few spiritual avatars to hide their bodies so that they would not be discovered by others.

The second array was to seal the tunnel.

That tunnel was the most important treasure.

He must not let others discover it.

After doing all that, Ye Xiao began to return to the ordinary world.

He had not truly advanced to the Supreme Eternal yet, so he could not stay there for long.

His body would absorb immortal energy, and it would be easy for him to not be able to withstand the pressure.

As for the Immortal Beasts at the Supreme Eternal realm, he took them all away.

Although they were only at the Supreme Eternal realm, they had grown up there since they were born.

Their ancestors had long since evolved a new set of life genes, allowing them to withstand all of it.

At the same time, in the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

Along with a wave of distortion in the air, the skull-masked Supreme Eternal slowly appeared in the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

‘This is the Xuan Yuan divine territory

‘This is really strange.

Why dont I sense any martial arts prodigys aura Could it be that Ye Xiao isnt here

In the next second, his gaze landed on the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

‘That Ye Xiao should be staying at that place, right Lets go take a look.

If hes not there… This venerable self will just happen to secretly take away a batch of Xuan Yuan god clansmen.

‘That group of fools, do they really think that this venerable self will join forces with them

‘Dont joke around!

‘Exalted True Immortal was very clear.

The more Xuan Yuan god clansmen that were retrieved, the more rewards they would receive.

‘Whoever sends them over will receive the rewards!

‘When the time comes, I, Ghostface, will receive those rewards and my cultivation will soar.

With that in mind, he quickly disappeared into the air and arrived at the Xuan Yuan Mountain in the blink of an eye.

However, just as he arrived, he discovered that there were four figures on the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

The Blood Venerable One, Qilin King, Huan Yun, and Huanyu, four Supreme Eternals!

The air turned silent, and all of them remained silent.

No one had expected that to happen.

The four Supreme Eternals did not expect that a hotheaded youth would barge in on his own.

As for Supreme Eternal Ghostface, he similarly did not expect that he would encounter four Supreme Eternal soul bodies instead of Ye Xiao!

The people from both sides were dumbfounded.

Very quickly, Supreme Eternal Ghostface was still the first to react.

“Im sorry, Ive come to the wrong place.

Everyone, please forgive me.”

As he finished speaking, he instantly disappeared from where he was.

As for the Blood Venerable One and the others, their eyes lit up, and they immediately shouted,

“Dont let him escape.

Catch him, and Ye Xiao will definitely reward you handsomely.


With a single order, the four soul bodies fused with the statues created by Ye Xiao, and then quickly launched an interception.

Supreme Eternal Ghostface had just escaped when he was caught up by the four Supreme Eternals in the next second.

“You still want to run after coming here Where are you running to”

“Im wrong, its a misunderstanding! This is all a misunderstanding! Im just a passerby, just a bystander.

Brothers, please be magnanimous!”

“Do you think were three-year-old children You piece of trash!”

“You dare to come to Xuan Yuan Mountain to cause trouble Youre tired of living!”

The materials used to construct the four Supreme Eternals bodies were even comparable to Immortal Artifacts refined by Ye Xiao.

Not to mention one Ghostface, even if two Ghostfaces came over, they would still be held down by them.

Four to one, there was simply no way to fight.

At the corner of the Yanhuang Great World, the Supreme Eternals could not help but feel a little irritated from waiting.

“D*mn it! Why hasnt Ghostface returned after such a long time Could it be that something has happened”

“It should be impossible.

Although the Ghostfaces combat strength isnt very strong, in terms of concealing skills, there are very few in the world who can surpass him.”

“No matter how strong he is, hes not omnipotent.

Moreover, I keep feeling that theres something fishy about this.

“Do you guys think that this fellow couldnt have secretly taken away a batch of the Xuan Yuan god clans clansmen by himself”

The moment those words were said, everyones expressions instantly changed.

One had to know that the reason why those few Supreme Eternals came over was to kill Ye Xiao, snatch the Xuan Yuan god clans clansmen, and obtain more Xuan Yuan god clans blood.

In reality, the most important part was to plunder the Xuan Yuan god clans divine blood.

The rest was secondary.

Therefore, if he did not kill Ye Xiao and chose to directly plunder the Xuan Yuan god clans divine blood, he could similarly obtain the rewards of the Exalted True Immortal.

While they would be like a group of dolls, standing here in a daze.

“That shouldnt be the case, right

“Even if he dares to do this, isnt he afraid of us chasing after him We have several Supreme Eternals.

Killing one of them will definitely be effortless.”

The other Supreme Eternals could not help but sneer,

“Its already at this point, and youre still thinking about this

“Dont you think that if he could escape and get the reward from the Exalted True Iimmortal, would he still stay in a place that we know of

“The various realms in the heavens are so big.

He can just find a random place to hide and then cultivate the immortal technique that the Exalted True Immortal imparted to him.

“If he successfully cultivates to a higher realm, even if we meet him in the future, we wont be able to defeat him.”

Hearing those words, everyones thoughts began to become restless.

“I think that we should seize the time to go over and take a look.

Lets see what exactly happened.

Well have some idea in our hearts.”


After saying that, everyone headed straight for the Xuan Yuan god clan.

At the same time, Ye Xiao had already returned to the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Then, he had just returned when he discovered that the Blood Venerable One and the other Supreme Eternals had pressed a Supreme Eternal that he had never seen before onto the ground, unable to climb up.

“Everyone, its all a misunderstanding.

Its all a misunderstanding.

Please let me go.

I wont dare to run away again.”

Supreme Eternal Ghostface wailed in grief.

Even if he was a martial arts prodigy at the level of a Supreme Eternal, he was still afraid of death.

He had gone through countless hardships and cultivated for God knows how many years.

It was not easy for him to cultivate to the level of a Supreme Eternal.

If it were to be gone just like that, he would not be satisfied.

“What… Whats going on”

Ye Xiao had a look of surprise.

The Blood Venerable One and the others immediately said excitedly,

“We were just chatting idly when this guy suddenly fell from the sky and was held down by us.

Ye Xiao, this guy must be harboring evil intentions.

We can be considered to have rendered meritorious service this time, right”

Ye Xiaos face could not help but twitch violently.

There were really more and more strange things happening these days.

People were sitting at home, but trouble came from the sky

The Blood Venerable One and the others could already catch enemies at home.

Good fellow, it was something that Ye Xiao would not be able to do.

His thoughts were dazed for a few seconds before he opened his mouth and said,

“Who sent you”

Supreme Eternal Ghostface had long been tormented by the Blood Venerable One and the others until he could not bear it anymore.

When he heard Ye Xiaos inquiry, he hurriedly replied,

“Its the Exalted True Immortal!”

He was very smart.

In front of martial arts prodigies, it was best not to play any petty tricks.

Otherwise, if he was seen through, he would die a very miserable death!

“The Exalted True Immortal!”

The Blood Venerable One and the others immediately could not help but exclaim in surprise.

The other party opened his mouth again and said,

“Right! Its the Exalted True Immortal! He has issued a kill order to Ye Xiao in the ordinary world.

If we can kill him and obtain the divine blood of the Xuan Yuan god clan, there will be generous rewards!”

Just as his voice fell, several extremely tyrannical auras had already half a foot into the Xuan Yuan divine territory!


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