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The Lightning Tribulation struck again and again, but it had no intention of stopping.

Yun Changqing could not help but open his mouth again,

“This, Ye Xiao, are you really alright”

Everyone was already very anxious from the start.

In the end, he said that again, instantly angering everyone.

“I say, do you just want Ye Xiao to die or something”

“Yun Changqing, I think youre itching to die, right”

“Everyone, beat him up.

Let him learn what to say and what not to say.”

“Seniors, I was wrong.

Dont do it.

Lets talk things out properly.

Sigh, dont hit his face!”

Unfortunately, although he kept begging for mercy, everyone did not let him off after all.

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Originally, everyone was already very worried.

However, that fellow was not sensible and insisted on challenging everyones limits.

He deserved to be beaten up!

However, after everyone finished fighting, the Lightning Tribulation in the sky above Xuan Yuan Mountain did not stop.

That made everyone really confused.

“What on earth is going on Ive never heard of the Lightning Tribulation being so long!”

“Thats right.

Logically speaking, it should have ended long ago.”

However, everyone had no way of going forward to take a look.

That Lightning Tribulation was not something they could withstand.

Any random bolt of lightning could turn them into ashes.

After a long time, Xuanyuan Long could only shake his head and dismiss everyone.

“Forget it.

Everyone should disperse.

Dont keep guarding here and waste time.

Go back and cultivate first.

Since the Lightning Tribulation has not stopped, it means that Ye Xiao is still fine.

“Lets wait and see.”

“From the looks of it, this is the only way.”

Everyone helplessly dispersed while Ye Xiao enjoyed the lightning bath to his hearts content in the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

Every time he felt that the Lightning Tribulation had become faster and was about to reach its peak, he would immediately conceal his aura.

When his body had almost recovered and the Lightning Tribulation was about to leave, Ye Xiao once again erupted with his aura and attracted the Lightning Tribulation down.

It was as if he was teasing it.

That way, he did not allow himself to completely advance to the ranks of the Supreme Eternals.

He plucked the wool bit by bit and collected the power of laws.

The thick power of laws in the Lightning Tribulation was continuously replenished into his body.

In the beginning, because the Lightning Tribulation was too powerful, Ye Xiao still felt a tingling pain in his body.

However, that feeling quickly disappeared because his strength was continuously rising.

Along with absorbing the law energy, although he did not advance to the realm of the Supreme Eternal, his strength was still steadily rising.

If he were to say that he was currently at the peak of the ninth level of the Godly King realm, he had been stuck at not advancing.

When he advanced to the Godly Emperor realm, he might be an existence that could advance to the ninth level of the Godly King realm in one step.

Right then, Ye Xiaos priority was to accumulate enough power of laws.

It was impossible for him to kill the Godly Emperors one by one.

Not to mention offending people everywhere, killing so many Godly Emperors might not be as much as the Lightning Tribulation.

The Lightning Tribulation was different.

There was no need to do anything.

As long as he lay there, there was no need to manually operate the rest.

It was fully automated.

If you did not want to be struck by lightning, you could also block your own aura.

It would disappear and wait for your next summon.

It would come and go as you wished.

Moreover, it did not even ask for a single cent from you, and it was constantly giving you money.

At that moment, he sensed that the Phoenix god clans lesser Supreme Eternals Lightning Tribulation was basically over.

There were two that remained while the other two should have already died and turned to dust.

As expected, there was a risk in advancing, one had to be careful when transcending the tribulations!

The Phoenix god clan had only transcended the tribulations after the Phoenix Empress advanced to the True Immortal realm and brought them a gift, allowing their bloodline power to further increase.

Just like that, there were still two that had not advanced to the True Immortal realm.

The rate of martial arts prodigies advancing to the Supreme Eternal realm was really too low.

However, it was already very lucky to have two people.

After the Dragon Emperor was already heavily injured, there was almost no one else in the entire world who could contend with them other than himself.

The Phoenix god clan was still able to safely occupy the position of second.

It was really a position that lasted 1,000 years!

‘Forget it, what does it have to do with me

‘Ill just stare blankly for a while before continuing to shower with lightning.

In the past few hours, he had been stuck with quite a lot of the power of laws.

If he wanted to cultivate so much normally, it would be impossible for him to succeed without ten days!

‘Ive decided.

Next, Ill harvest its fruit for a month.

No, two months.

‘This way, perhaps the energy Ive accumulated will be enough for me to instantly advance to the late-stage of the Supreme Eternal realm.

‘At that time, sigh, perhaps Ill be able to go through the Immortal Tribulation!

‘How good would that be

‘I can continue to harvest the fruit again.

On the other side, in the immortal world, within the Cloud Lake immortal sect.

A long sigh of relief came from a secret chamber on a mountain top.

“Phew! Its finally over.

I didnt expect the power of the pure Xuan Yuan bloodline to be so difficult to refine.

It took me a lot of effort.

“However, Ive finally completed it.

Under my refining technique, theres no immortal blood that cant be refined!”

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly, and a proud expression appeared in his eyes.

Within that whole chamber, it was full of ash.


It was the remains of a member of the Xuan Yuan god clan… Whose blood had been refined by him.

With a wave of his hand, he drew out the finished product from the alchemy furnace.

It was a drop of bright red blood with gold in it.

Although there was only one drop, it was filled with a thick nobility that made people not dare to look at it directly.

In fact, even Lu Fengwu, who had just extracted the immortal blood, could not help but feel an inexplicable pressure that made it difficult for him to breathe.

“What a fellow.

Its only a drop of immortal blood, but it already has such powerful power.

The Xuan Yuan god clan is indeed worthy of being the powerful existence that gave birth to the Ancestral Dragon.

“Absorbing this drop of immortal blood will definitely increase my strength by a lot.”

After saying that, he immediately absorbed the drop of blood into his body.

The blood entered the space between his brows.

There was no resistance or rejection.

It was as if it was natural compatibility with him.

In the next second, his body emitted a faint layer of golden light.

After the golden light passed, his cultivation base also advanced by quite a bit.

However, he soon sensed that something was not quite right.

“Thats not right.

Im not from the same bloodline as the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Its impossible for immortal blood to fuse so easily between two different bloodlines.

I need at least a few days to completely fuse it and use it for myself.

“How could I accept it so easily No, no.”

Lu Fengwu seemed to have thought of something.

His body began to tremble in excitement.

“This is the pure True Immortal blood! Only the pure True Immortal blood can be fused into any bloodline without any obstacles.

“The divine blood of the Xuan Yuan god clan is actually the legendary pure True Immortal blood! How is this possible”

Nevertheless, very quickly, he spoke again.

“No, this is completely possible.

If its not possible, how could they have nurtured such a monstrous existence like the Ancestral Dragon

“It must be.

It must be like this!

“Hahahaha… I finally understand why he is so powerful! Pure True Immortal blood! “Pure True Immortal blood! I must get all the members of the Xuan Yuan god clan to refine all the pure True Immortal blood.

When that time comes, even if its the entire immortal realm, who can stop me”

He immediately immersed his mind and began to contact Huan Yun and Huan Yu, the two Supreme Eternals.

Unfortunately, he could not contact them at all.

That caused his face to instantly turn grim.

‘These two d*mned fools! They took so many Immortal Talismans from me and were actually killed by others.

They were simply trash among trash!

He then rubbed the space between his brows.

‘However, I still have to obtain the Xuan Yuan god clans divine blood.

Since theyre already gone, it looks like I should think of a way to support a few more Supreme Eternals.

“Its a pity that Im a True Immortal.

With the laws of nature, theres no way for me to personally descend to the ordinary world.

“If I could descend personally, I would be able to take care of them in a minute.

“But, who should I look for Those Supreme Eternals in the ordinary world, those who are strong, most of them have connections in the immortal world.

If I were to touch them, it would be troublesome.

Those who are weak might not be able to defeat Ye Xiao from the Xuan Yuan god clan.

“Looks like Ill have to think about it carefully.

Ill have to make a good plan.”

At the same time, the entire starry sky began to buzz with news about Blade Master Ling Ming challenging Ye Xiao.

For a moment, the entire starry sky began to boil.

“Oh my God, do you guys know Blade Master Ling Ming is challenging Ye Xiao.”

“Who is Blade Master Ling Ming Why havent I heard of him before”

“Of course you havent heard of him.

Whats your cultivation level Youre just a first-level Godly Emperor.

How long have you just advanced to the Godly Emperor realm

“Blade Master Ling Ming is a Supreme Eternal from another great world!”

“Oh, so thats how it is.

However, he shouldnt care too much about it, right He can come as he pleases.

Its not like Ye Xiao has never killed a Supreme Eternal before.

In fact, he has even killed quite a few of them.”

“What do you know! There are rankings among Supreme Eternals as well.

“The ones that Ye Xiao had killed before were only those Supreme Eternals below the 90th rank, while Blade Master Ling Ming was a martial arts prodigy who was ranked 48th on the Supreme Eternal list!

“Not only that, he was a Supreme Eternal who had lived from the immemorial era to this day!

“The difference between each of the Supreme Eternals was extremely huge.

“To put it bluntly, when he became famous, the Xuan Yuan god clans Ancestral Dragon was probably just a small fry.

“This person might be able to instantly kill Ye Xiao!”

“D*mn! So Powerful”

“Thats right!”

“With this, Im afraid the Xuan Yuan god clan will have a great calamity.”


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