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Bai Linglong was brought down very quickly.

Only then did Ye Xiao begin to settle the second matter.

The second matter was related to the two Supreme Eternals.

There was definitely a True Immortal behind the two of them.

Ye Xiao needed to know who that True Immortal was so that he could take precautions in advance.

In addition, there was another point.

After using the Qilin King and Blood Venerable One as statues, Ye Xiao suddenly discovered a good thing.

That was to use the souls of those Supreme Eternals, together with the Immortal Artifact-grade bodies he refined, to become the protective guardians of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

If he made a few more, then the Xuan Yuan god clan would practically have an iron wall of protection.

With that in mind, he quickly released those two fellows.

In any case, there was a seal suppressing the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

The two of them would not be able to escape even if they wanted to.

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When they saw Ye Xiao, their expressions instantly changed.

“Ye Xiao! What do you want”

“I dont want to do anything.

I just want to chat with the two of you.”

“Theres nothing to talk about between us.

The victor and the loser have been established.

Since weve already fallen into your hands, you can directly send us on our way.”

“It wasnt easy to cultivate to the realm of the Supreme Eternal, but to die just like that, isnt that too much of a pity”

“Even if you die, its still much better than being a prisoner in your hands!”

Ye Xiao smiled.

“Let me guess.

Its 80 percent likely that the two of you have the divine blood and divine souls placed in the hands of a True Immortal.

If the two of you die, he can immediately resurrect you from that side.”

Once those words were said, the expressions of the two instantly changed.

However, very quickly, the two of them spoke,

“What nonsense are you talking about We dont understand it at all.”

Ye Xiao smiled once again and continued to say,

“Its fine if the two of you dont admit it.

However, I can remind the two of you that if you think that he will resurrect the two of you, arent the two of you too naive

“Thinking carefully, the two of you can be considered martial arts prodigies at the level of the Supreme Eternal.

However, other than dealing with me and the Xuan Yuan god clan, what use do the two of you have

“And now, the two of you are no longer my match.

This also means that the two of you have lost your use.

“Who would cherish a person who has no use

“Do you really hope that True Immortal will be kind to the two of you

“Moreover, dont forget one more thing.

Reviving the two of you will require a huge price.

Even if he is a True Immortal, he wouldnt be willing to give the two of you a free and strenuous revival, right”

Once those words were said, the expressions of the two of them clearly changed a little.

It was very obvious that Ye Xiao had already spoken to their hearts.

However, Ye Xiao did not end it there.

Instead, he took advantage of the situation to continue his attack.

“Even if I cast aside all the impossibilities if hes really willing to resurrect the two of you, would I be willing to let you guys off that easy I can announce to the public that the two of you have already betrayed him and are now my subordinates.

“What do you think would happen then He would immediately destroy your divine blood and divine souls or he might even specifically target the two of you.

“If you want to resurrect, dont dream about it.

“Of course, the two of you can also have another option, which is to be loyal to him even after all that.

“However, I can take your Immortal Talismans and go find out the other partys identity.

By the time I find out, he wont be able to escape.

“At that time, Ill still say to him that it was the two of you who exposed his identity.

Hell still greet you the same way.”

The faces of the two of them were already deathly pale.

Ye Xiao was right.

Looking at the situation from all aspects, the two of them did not have any hope of being resurrected.

If they could not be resurrected, then to the two of them, it was practically a catastrophe.

Then, 10,000 years of bitter cultivation would all be burnt to ashes.

Moreover, it was not just that.

Their deaths were meaningless.

Ye Xiao used all kinds of methods at the same time.

They could not even be called loyal.

Even if they died, they might be mocked and cursed by their master.

What meaning was there

That made their souls start to tremble uncontrollably.

No, the two of them must not die.

They must live on.

If even death was meaningless, why would they choose to die

Seeing that the two peoples eyes started to hesitate further, Ye Xiao spoke again.

“Dont despair! Im giving the two of you a chance now.

I can let the two of you live on for a long time.

Moreover, there is still hope for you to advance further in the future.

“If you two are willing, I guarantee that you two will benefit endlessly.”

The two of them hesitated slightly, and then opened their mouths to speak,

“What can you give us”

“An immortal technique!”

The hearts of the two paused, and Ye Xiao continued to add,

“And its an extremely powerful immortal technique!”

The expressions of the two of them had already become even more uncertain.

“The two of us have always had a question to ask you.

Why do you have an Immortal Artifact and an immortal technique Is there a True Immortal behind you as well”

“Of course!”

Since it was all lies anyway, he might as well be more ruthless.

“Are you lying to us”

“Why would I lie to you Think about it, the True Immortal behind you is only giving you Immortal Talismans, and I have Immortal Artifacts and immortal techniques in my hands.

“it wasnt given to me by a True Immortal, who else could have given it to me

“Furthermore, do you think that the True Immortal behind you is more powerful, or the True Immortal behind me”

Their hearts had already completely collapsed.

If they were to believe that there was a True Immortal behind Ye Xiao and that he was even stronger than the True Immortal behind the two of them, then why would the two of them resist

Even if they were to compete with their cultivation in the future, the two of them would not be able to compete with him!

They all knew that the True Immortal behind them had said that above the Xuan Yuan god clan, there was a True Immortal!

That True Immortal was the Ancestral Dragon, so it was normal for the other party to go down to the world to take care of his younger generation.

Thinking up to that point, the two peoples thoughts started to come alive.

“If you want the two of us to say it, thats fine too.

However, that immortal technique you mentioned… Is that the one you want to give us.

Is it true”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Of course its true.

If you dont believe me, I can swear an oath!”

“Then swear an oath!”

“Alright! If I dont keep my word and dont give you the immortal technique, I wont be able to transcend the Immortal Tribulation and never become a True Immortal.”

Hearing those words, the two Supreme Eternals hearts completely relaxed.

Only then did they open their mouths to speak,

“Regarding the other partys identity, the two of us are actually not very clear.

We only heard that he came from some Cloud Lake immortal sect.

“It was him who asked us to attack the Yanhuang Great World.

He said that all the resources that we robbed would belong to us.

“The only thing he wants is the Xuan Yuan god clan!”

Ye Xiaos heart skipped a beat.

It looked like the other party was determined to obtain the Xuan Yuan god clan.

“The reason he wants the Xuan Yuan god clan is because of the Ancestral Dragon, right”

“Thats right.

Its because of the Ancestral Dragon.”

“According to that True Immortal, a long time ago, True Immortal cultivators and ordinary martial artists existed on the same plane.

However, because of the imbalance in the world, the martial arts prodigies created a new world, separating the immortal world from the ordinary world.

“However, in reality, there was a fundamental bloodline connection between the two sides.

“Just like the Dragon god clan, Phoenix god clan, Qilin god clan… There are also these clans in the immortal world.

“And the reason why he took a fancy to the Xuan Yuan god clan was because of the Great Qin immortal sect.”

When Ye Xiao heard about the Great Qin immortal sect, he instantly understood.

Great Qin was most likely an immortal sect founded by the Ancestral Dragon.

It seemed that Brother Zheng was doing very well in the immortal world, which was why others were eyeing his bloodline.

However, in the immortal world, no one had the chance to obtain his bloodline.

After all, those who could beat him would not covet his blood.

Those who could not beat him would not dare to take his blood either.

In that case, they could only lower their target and place it in the ordinary world below.

In the ordinary world, there was a bloodline that was exactly the same as his, the Xuan Yuan god clan.

From the Xuan Yuan god clan, they should be able to extract the same bloodline power as him.

That was the reason why the other party targeted the Xuan Yuan god clan.

“Can that fellow come and look for you guys personally”

The two Supreme Eternals shook their heads.

“Of course its impossible.

Theres a barrier between the immortal world and the ordinary world.

Its very difficult for a True Immortal to come down.”

Hearing those words, Ye Xiao could be considered to have heaved a sigh of relief.

It was good that the other party did not come down so easily because he definitely did not have the confidence to deal with a True Immortal at the moment.

However, thinking about it carefully, it made sense.

If the other party could come down so easily, would the world not be in chaos Then there was no need to divide the world into the ordinary world and the immortal world!

“Do you know the information about that Godly Emperor”

“The two of us dont know about her.

The two of us only know her name, Bai Linglong.

Her master is an existence ranked in the top 50 of the starry skys Supreme Eternals!”

“An existence ranked in the top 50.”

Ye Xiao narrowed his eyes slightly.

So powerful.

One had to know that the rankings of the Phoenix Empress and Dragon Emperor were only around the 90th place.

“Hey! The two of us have already said everything.

You cant go back on your words!”

Ye Xiao nodded and immediately shot out a scroll of the Great Way of Life immortal technique to each of them.

“This is an immortal technique.

Moreover, its a very top-grade immortal technique.

However, theres one point.

There are several scrolls of this immortal technique.

Its impossible for me to hand them all over to the two of you all at once.

“The two of you need to work for me and become the guardians of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

“Dont worry, I wont let you be trapped here forever.

You only need to work here for a period of time and youll be able to regain your freedom.

“Furthermore, in between, Ill give you one scroll of the immortal technique every month.”

If they were given one scroll of immortal technique every month for 100 months, they would only be given 100 scrolls.

How much could they learn from 100 of the 100,000 scrolls of the immortal technique

However, after 100 months, his cultivation base would not be as low as it was currently.

Perhaps he would already become a True Immortal.

When that time came, would he still want immortal techniques Go back to your dreams and obediently become a slave for me.

At that moment, Norfis dragged the trembling Bai Linglong and quickly ran in.


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