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The Dragon Emperor in the distance could not help but raise his eyebrows and asked in puzzlement, “Whats going on”

“Whats going on Did Ye Xiao fail to advance Why cant I sense his aura as a Supreme Eternal

“Strange, this shouldnt be.

“With his talent, how could he fail to advance “Whats wrong”

At that moment, he suddenly felt the power of law, spiritual energy, and martial intent in the air disappear.

It was as if a black hole had swallowed a large part of it.

It gave him a big fright.

“Whats going on How did so many resources be used up all at once”

At that moment, he was completely dumbfounded.

Before he could react, the Phoenix Empresss side also began to speed up the absorption.

That terrifying scene scared him so much that he could not help but shiver.

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It was one thing for the two of them to absorb at the same time, but each of them was actually absorbing at such a fast speed!

It was simply a joint effort to bully him.

To absorb a bit of the power of law, and still be bullied by others, while also watching them show off their affection, at that moment, the Dragon Emperor felt full of malice.

No, he had to quickly absorb it as well.

The Dragon Emperor closed his eyes and quickly seized the time to cultivate.

On Ye Xiaos side, it was much simpler.

He would use the Major Destiny technique again and again, taking one-tenth of the power of laws and whatnot every time.

Using up 20,000 years of lifespan would restore another 24,000 years of lifespan in the blink of an eye.

It was still quite a worthwhile business.

Of course, that method was only suitable for use there because the energy and substance there were denser than outside.

That was something that could not be compared.

If it was outside, using that method, even if one were to suffer a great loss, they would not be able to replenish such a powerful technique.

How should one put it If it were outside, to similarly condense so much energy and the power of laws and the like, it might require a wider range.

Subsequently, the consumption of the Major Destiny immortal technique would be many times greater.

However, compared to the Phoenix Empress and Dragon Emperor, Ye Xiaos speed was already very fast, and the benefits he obtained were also the greatest.

The two of them might only be able to absorb more than ten percent each, adding up to less than 30 percent, but Ye Xiao was able to absorb as much as 70 percent.

It all depended on the strength of the Major Destiny technique.

After absorbing 70 percent, Ye Xiaos cultivation, even among the Supreme Eternals, was much stronger than those martial arts masters who had just advanced to the Supreme Eternal realm.

That was because the Supreme Eternal realm was not divided into levels, unlike the Godly Emperor, who had nine levels.

Otherwise, Ye Xiao should already be more than half.

At that moment, a burst of explosion suddenly came from the sky.


Hearing that sound, Ye Xiao and Dragon Emperor could not help but be shocked.

That was because that thunder sound was more than 100 times stronger than when Ye Xiao was transcending the Supreme Eternals Lighting Tribulation earlier.

It was the Phoenix Empress!

The two of them instantly flew to that place at almost the same time.

They could clearly feel that the energy in the Phoenix Empresss body had already reached a peak state.

“What a powerful energy.

She should be about to transcend the Immortal Tribulation.”

The Dragon Emperor could not help but sigh and immediately could not help but say,

“Oh right, did you transcend the tribulation just now and become a Supreme Eternal But why didnt I sense the aura that erupted from your body

“Could it be that you failed to transcend the tribulation”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“No, its just that there are some special reasons.”

He could not tell the other party that he was able to transcend the tribulation successfully, but he deliberately did not advance to become a Supreme Eternal.

Instead, he wanted to leave the Lightning Tribulation for himself to get stuck and absorb the power of the laws, right

Seeing that Ye Xiao did not say anything, the Dragon Emperor did not ask too much.

Everyone had their own secrets.

The focus between the two of them was once again placed on the Phoenix Empress.

At that moment, the Phoenix Empress was already about to begin her advancement.

She took a deep breath and stood up, looking at the energy ball in the sky.

In the next second, her body resolutely flew up into the sky.


A bolt of lightning that was over 100 feet wide directly struck down.

An ordinary bolt of lightning was only a few feet wide at most.

When that bolt of lightning appeared, it was actually over 100 feet thick.

One could imagine how powerful it was.

The moment it appeared, it even directly tore space apart.

Finally, it mercilessly struck the Phoenix Empresss body.

The Phoenix Empresss body trembled for a moment, but in the end, she managed to hold on.

Then, she continued to fly up into the sky.

The lightning in the sky fell down once again.


There was a second bolt of lightning, a third bolt, and a fourth bolt…

The power of each bolt of lightning was stronger than the previous one, and it was so powerful that it shocked peoples hearts!

Seeing that scene, even the Dragon Emperor, who was a veteran Supreme Eternal, could not help but show a hint of fear in his eyes.

“Is this the Immortal Tribulation It is indeed so powerful that it is unreasonable.

“Even though she is a Supreme Eternal, she might die if she is not careful in the face of this level of lightning.”

The Immortal Tribulation was getting more and more fierce.

The Phoenix Empresss body was already starting to be unable to withstand it.

A trace of blood was already seeping out from the corner of her mouth.

Her eyes were somewhat scattered and her strength was weakening.

The Dragon Emperors heart skipped a beat.

It had only just begun, but why was the Phoenix Empress already beginning to be unable to endure it.

If it was towards the end, she probably would not be able to pass it at all, right

“Could it be that… The Phoenix Empress has not passed the Love Tribulation”

Ye Xiao was silent.

The Dragon Emperor glanced at him, but in the end, he could not help but shake his head and sigh.

“Amorous feelings have existed since ancient times, and hatred is endless.

She cultivated bitterly for 10,000 years, yet in the end, she still fell for the wordlove.”

After hearing those words, Ye Xiao fell silent.

He did not know how to answer.

He only raised his head to look at the figure in the sky and fell into deep thought.

Looking at the Phoenix Empress, who looked as if she could fall at any time, Ye Xiaos mood was very uneasy.

He was so aggrieved that he panicked.

It was just like that time when he saw the Phoenix Empress injured by the Qilin King.


At that moment, another Immortal Tribulation lightning bolt descended.

The Phoenix Empress finally could not endure it any longer, and her body began to fall more than 30 feet.

One should not underestimate the distance of more than 30 feet.

Usually, just that little distance was already a sign of the Phoenix Empresss decline.

Becoming a True Immortal was as difficult as ascending to the blue sky!

It took a lot of effort just to take one step up, but once it was defeated and the momentum was not enough, it would be even more difficult later on.

The Dragon Emperor could not help but let out a deep sigh, feeling a myriad of emotions in his heart.

At that point, he probably already knew the result.

Thinking carefully, how long had it been The Qilin King was gone, and so was the Phoenix Empress.

He was the only one left among the three great Supreme Eternals of the Yanhuang Great World.

That feeling of loneliness was indeed uncomfortable.

The Phoenix Empresss speed of descent was getting faster and faster.

Not only did the lightning in the sky not show any signs of weakening, but it was also even getting stronger.

It was as if she wanted to completely wipe her from the world.

Seeing that scene, Ye Xiao could not hold it in any longer.

He used the Space-time immortal technique and teleported to Jianghai city, which was built in the Xuan Yuan divine territory, to find Qin Yuyan.

At that moment, Qin Yuyan was accompanying Lu Wanwan and Gu Mengmeng on the street.

Perhaps it was because she heard Ye Xiaos words earlier that she did not cultivate that day but went out shopping to buy clothes.

That day, she was wearing a white floral dress.

With her cultivation reaching that level, her body temperature could change freely all year round, and she was also dressed more casually.

Seeing him appear, Qin Yuyan and the other two could not help but be stunned.

“Ye Xiao, why are you here”

Qin Yuyan asked in surprise, but Ye Xiao did not say any nonsense.

He immediately went forward and grabbed Qin Yuyans left hand.

His right hand pulled her into his embrace as he said indifferently.

“I admit defeat.

I like you!”

After saying that, his lips directly pressed against hers.


At that moment, Qin Yuyans entire world seemed to have frozen in place.

That sentence kept echoing in her mind,I like you.

Along with that sentence, there were countless fragments of memories that were related to Ye Xiao and the Phoenix Empress.

It even included the time when Ye Xiao had traveled through space to save the Phoenix Empress, including the time before he saved the Phoenix Empress, seeing the Phoenix Empress injured.

Those memories should not have existed in a world that had already been corrected once.

The bags of clothes that Qin Yuyan had just bought in her right hand all fell to the ground.

Lu Wanwan could not stop laughing at the side, while Gu Mengmeng covered her eyes with her hand and secretly peeked at that scene through the gaps between her fingers.

Wow, godfather actually kissed Auntie Yan.

So embarrassing!

That kiss did not last long, but it seemed to last forever.

Many people around saw it and stopped in their tracks, looking at that scene with envy.

Some even started clapping.

Very soon, Qin Yuyans body began to emit layers of golden light.

With a phoenix cry, she instantly transformed into a phoenix and flew away.

After the Love Tribulation was successful, she would return to the Phoenix Empresss body to fuse their wills and memories the two into one, allowing the Phoenix Empress to become a truly complete True Immortal who had transcended the seven Immortal Tribulations!

“Ye Xiao, what was that just now”

Lu Wanwan could not help but ask in surprise.

Ye Xiao only said indifferently,

“Its nothing.

She just returned to her true self.”

Following that, he once again used the Space-time immortal technique and instantly teleported back.

At that moment, the golden light that Qin Yuyan had transformed into had already fused into the Phoenix Empresss body.

Golden light shot out from the Phoenix Empresss body as her energy exploded.

It was as if she had come back to life as she stepped into the sky step by step.

The power in her body grew stronger and stronger… In the end, her entire body was enveloped by a golden light, which helped her to completely advance the Lightning Tribulation.

At that moment, the Lightning Tribulation instantly stopped, and the golden immortal law and natural law within the Lightning Tribulation were completely absorbed into the Phoenix Empresss body.

An extremely vast amount of energy also exploded out at that moment.

When the Dragon Emperor saw that, he was completely flabbergasted.

Emperor Phoenix had been on the verge of failure just a moment ago, but in the blink of an eye, she had reversed reality and successfully made an advancement, becoming a True Immortal!

Heavens, that roller coaster-like tribulation had left him speechless.


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