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On Ye Xiaos side, he naturally sensed the matters of the Xuan Yuan divine territory at the first possible moment.

Be it the Qilin King or the Blood Venerable One, their statues were all personally forged by him.

His own spiritual imprint was placed on them.

As long as there was any movement, he would be able to sense it at the first possible moment.

However, what he did not expect was that the other party would actually deal with the Xuan Yuan god clan right away.

It seemed that the two of them were determined to obtain the Xuan Yuan bloodline!

Even so… Why

Why were the two of them so interested in the Xuan Yuan bloodline.

Was it because the Xuan Yuan bloodline had the Ancestral Dragon

Was it because they had a higher-level martial arts prodigy guiding them

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However, no matter what, the final result was not too bad.

It could be considered that he had thought far ahead and thought that someone might have bad intentions with the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Therefore, he had arranged for the Qilin King and the Blood Venerable One to protect the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Next, he should do his best to absorb the comprehension and law energy there and see if he could advance to a Supreme Eternal.

If he advanced again, the entire Xuan Yuan god clan would improve once again, right

Currently, many people in the Xuan Yuan god clan had their cultivation bases greatly improved because of the increase in bloodline power brought about by his advancement.

There were no longer just a few Godly Emperors, but more than 30 of them.

For example, Yun Xuanyuan and the others, including some who had already reached the ninth level of the Godly King realm, had already advanced to the Godly Emperor realm.

The older generation of Godly Emperors, such as Xuanyuan Long and the Xuan Yuan clan leader, had also advanced to the sixth or seventh level of the Godly Emperor realm.

Although that number could not be compared to certain god clans members, it was still very good compared to those god clans who were at the front.

Ye Xiao estimated that if he could advance to the Supreme Eternal, the gift he would bring them should be able to allow them to advance to the eighth or ninth-level Godly Emperor in an instant.

There might even be more Godly Emperors that would advance because of it.

At that time, it should be enough to match the strength of the three great god clans.

Speaking of which, if the Phoenix Empress advanced to the True Immortal realm, would the Phoenix god clan lose a Supreme Eternal

If that was the case, the Xuan Yuan god clan might be able to take over and become the second-ranked god clan in the future.

The Phoenix god clan should become the third, and the Qilin god clan should become the fourth.

From that point of view, it was still pretty good.

At that moment, Ye Xiao immersed his mind and began to absorb the comprehension and law energy left behind by the Ancestral Dragon with all his might.

Back then, he had an epiphany there.

When his comprehension reached a certain level, he would absorb a large amount of energy from the entire starry sky.

That was why there was so much comprehension and law energy there.

However, Ye Xiao continued to absorb, but he did not obtain too much law energy.

He felt that the Dragon Emperor and the Phoenix Empress were absorbing much faster than he.

After all, both of them were Supreme Eternals.

No matter how much of a genius he was, how could he compare to them

It was not the kind of place where one had to rely on talent to attract the power of rules, spiritual energy, and martial arts comprehension from afar.

Instead, everyone was in the middle of the ocean, and it depended on who drank the water fast.

“This cant go on.”

Ye Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly, and then his eyes suddenly lit up as he thought of a good idea.

Thus, he opened his mouth and said,

“In Ye Xiaos name, allow me to instantly absorb and digest one-tenth of the power of law, spiritual energy, and martial art comprehension in this area without any damage.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao felt that his lifespan instantly started to burn up greatly.

Gone were 1,000 years, 2,000 years, 3,000 years… It was only after burning up for a full 20,000 years that it started to stop.

Seeing that, Ye Xiao finally heaved a sigh of relief.

The reason why he did not become a big fatty in one bite was that he was afraid that he would be stuffed to death.

The law energy, spiritual energy, and martial art comprehension here were too much.

If he wanted a little more, he might have directly used up all of his lifespan.

Then he would instantly die.

After that, he had instantly used up one-tenth of his lifespan without any loss, making him use up a full 20,000 years of his lifespan.

Although the consumption was huge, it was still worth it.

After absorbing so much law energy and spiritual energy, as well as his martial art comprehension, Ye Xiao felt that his cultivation had quickly risen to an extremely terrifying level.

His lifespan also began to rise continuously.

Surpassing 5,000 years, 6,000 years, 7,000 years, and finally, it rose directly to 28,000 years before it could be considered to have stopped.

Previously, he was already infinitely close to becoming a Supreme Eternal.

He was only one step away from advancing.

After that, he had immediately advanced to the level where he could transcend the tribulation.


A series of thunderous explosions suddenly came from the sky.

In the distance, the Dragon Emperor and the Phoenix Empress who were cultivating, could not help but open their eyes and take a look in their direction.

“Is he finally starting to advance”

“Good lad.

The speed of his improvement is really so fast that it makes ones hair stand on end.

Two to three months ago, he had just advanced to the eighth-level Godly Emperor.

I did not expect him to advance to the rank of the Supreme Eternal so quickly.

“It seems that if nothing unexpected happens, he will definitely have a chance to advance to the True Immortal realm in the future.”

At that moment, Ye Xiao also felt the lightning tribulation in the sky.

His mood could not help but start to become excited.

“Im finally going to advance”

He had waited for the day for far too long.

The Supreme Eternal realm!

It could be said to be his biggest goal after becoming a Godly Emperor.

Of course, his goal had changed at that point.

It was no longer the Supreme Eternal, but the existence above that, the True Immortal realm.

However, facing that former goal as he was about to conquer it, it was difficult to calm down his extremely excited mood.

Although he could fight against Supreme Eternals, he was still not a Supreme Eternal.

After taking a deep breath, Ye Xiao stomped his foot and his body instantly disappeared from where he was and directly went up to meet the sky.


Very soon, a bolt of lightning that descended from the sky struck Ye Xiaos body with an unstoppable force.

However, that force was easily withstood by Ye Xiao.

That was because he was no longer an ordinary person, but a lesser Supreme Eternal.

Following closely behind was the second bolt… The third bolt… The strength of the Lightning Tribulation would definitely become stronger each time.

When that Lightning Tribulation struck down, Ye Xiao was also rapidly absorbing the law energy within the Lightning Tribulation.

To put it bluntly, Ye Xiao liked when it struck him.

The more it struck him, the more law energy he obtained.

At that moment, the sound of thunder had gradually reached a higher level.

Countless wild thunderbolts struck down, and the law energy within Ye Xiaos body had already reached a certain level.

It could even be said that as long as he condensed a piece, he could immediately announce that he had entered the ranks of the Supreme Eternal realm.

However, just at that final step, Ye Xiao suddenly hesitated.

“Why do I have to advance to the Supreme Eternal realm so quickly”

He did not have so much law energy and blood essence at the moment.

In other words, even if he advanced to the Supreme Eternal realm, his cultivation speed in the future would be greatly reduced.

It was very difficult to increase one realm a month like he was doing currently.


He could not go on like this.

If he could not increase his strength quickly, it would be too much of a loss.

At that moment, he looked up at the tribulation clouds in the sky.

“Theres a lot of power of laws in these things!”

The corners of his mouth could not help but curl up all of a sudden.

It was a gift that the heavens gave him for free.

If he were to waste it like that, would he not be letting the heavens down

‘No, no, I cant waste it like this.

When Ye Xiao thought of that, he immediately used the Golden Book divine soul to shield his aura.

Just because of that action, the Lightning Tribulation in the sky suddenly paused for a moment, as if it had lost its target.

It could no longer find the other partys figure.

Ye Xiao was overjoyed.

As expected, it was exactly as he had guessed previously.

After the Golden Book divine soul advanced, it possessed the energy to shield his aura, allowing him to easily avoid the Lightning Tribulations punishment!

It was as if it was creating an illusion as if he was already dead.

He tried to release his aura again.

In the next second, the Lightning Tribulation seemed to have found a target and began to erupt again.

The Lightning Tribulation desperately fell towards him.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

That wave allowed Ye Xiao to obtain quite a lot of the power of laws.

Yes, yes.


It was equivalent to harvesting without any restrictions.

Moreover, it was harvested from the Lightning Tribulation.

‘Hahaha… Im really too smart.

‘To do such a thing, I dont need to pay any price to be able to easily obtain so much power of laws.

‘This was all natural, and there was no limit to it!

He once again shielded his aura and prepared to wait for him to return before summoning it out to continue hacking at it.

Ye Xiao had already decided that he would not raise his cultivation to become a Supreme Eternal within a short period of time.

That was because, on one hand, he could cross ranks to kill enemies.

Although his strength had not advanced to become a Supreme Eternal, he was not afraid if they were to really fight.

On the other hand, if he gathered more power of laws, when he advanced in the future, he might advance to the great late stage of the Supreme Eternal realm.

It would save him the effort of cultivating.

He was really too smart!

He was actually able to think of such a good method.



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