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Ye Xiao brought Xuanyuan Long to the place where the Ancestral Dragon ascended in the blink of an eye.

It was a special space that looked like a wasteland.

However, although it looked like a wasteland, the martial arts intent that was revealed from it made ones heart race.

There were already quite a number of people gathered around, but no one dared to enter.

That was because that place could no longer be entered just by relying on ones cultivation.

Breaking through the spatial barrier and entering that private space was very simple.

However, if ones own martial arts true intent was insufficient, even if one were to enter, ones soul would probably be crushed instantly.

When Ye Xiao saw that scene, he said to Xuanyuan Long beside him,

“The martial intent inside is really too strong.

It has already exceeded the range that you can endure.

“You should stay outside.

Ill go in and see if I can absorb anything.”

Xuanyuan Long nodded.

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Although it was somewhat regretful, it was something that could not be helped.

He could clearly feel the rich true intent of the martial path inside.

It was not something he could withstand.

Ye Xiao then used the Space-time immortal technique.

Under everyones envious and envious gazes, he officially stepped inside.

Just as he stepped inside, he felt an extremely strong pressure suppressing his body.

It was not just about the pressure on his spirit, but also the pressure on his body.

The density of the spiritual energy and the law energy inside was also far beyond his imagination.

Compared to the Divine Kingdoms treasury back then, it was many times stronger.

Ye Xiao suddenly thought of something, so he immediately opened his mouth and said,

“In Ye Xiaos name, refine all the remaining law energy and divine blood in my body.”

He already had the Major Destiny technique, so why did he still need to slowly refine those things

He could just directly reach the goal in one step.

He could also greatly increase his own strength.

In the next second, his lifespan instantly dropped by 3,000 years.

Adding the previous one, it was still 24,000 years in the blink of an eye.

However, after he refined all the remaining law energy and blood essence, his strength further increased, and his lifespan naturally also increased further.

In the blink of an eye, that amount of time slowly increased, and very quickly, it rose to 29,000 years.

A full 5,000 years of time was added.

Not bad, not bad.

That way, he could quickly increase his strength and also his lifespan.

The current him should already be infinitely close to a Supreme Eternal!

Ye Xiao even felt that as long as he left enough opportunities, he might even be able to reach the spot in one step and directly break through to an expert at the level of an eternal grandmaster!

Moreover, although his current strength had not reached the Supreme Eternal realm, if he really had to face a Supreme Eternal, he would probably be able to cross ranks to fight.


Work, work, work.

He began to prepare to find a place to comprehend the things within.

However, at that moment, the air distorted and another figure also stepped in.

Ye Xiao was stunned and exchanged glances with the other party.

It was the Phoenix Empress who had come over.

The Phoenix Empress seemed to have long thought that he might come over, but even so, her breathing was still a little hurried.

She immediately calmed her emotions and said,

“Youre here.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

He could feel that the aura on the Phoenix Empresss body was even stronger and denser.

That meant that it was highly possible that she had already survived the Demon Heart Tribulation.

The current her could attract the Heavenly Tribulation at any time.

The atmosphere between the two of them was inexplicably awkward.

Compared to before, they seemed to be much more distant.

However, that distance was not because they were really distant, but because they were deliberately avoiding something.

At that moment, along with another wave of air distortion, a figure wearing a bright yellow dragon robe also appeared there.

It was none other than the Dragon Emperor.

The Dragon Emperor chuckled when he saw the two of them.

“I cant believe that Im the last one here.”

“The three of us are the strongest in the starry sky.

There are two Supreme Eternals from the Xuanhuang Great World coveting us.

Its not suitable for us to stay here for too long.

Lets hurry up and cultivate!”


The three of them immediately found different places to cultivate.

They stood in three different places.

Ye Xiao also began to sit cross-legged and cultivate.

He made good use of the time to raise his cultivation.

At the same time, on the other side of the Xuan Yuan god clan, three figures quietly appeared along with the distortion of the air.

“I didnt expect that this time, by chance, they would find the place where the Ancestral Dragon ascends to enlightenment.

This allowed them to gain a huge advantage.”

“However, this is also good.

After they enter, there wont be anyone guarding the Xuan Yuan god clan.

We can take advantage of this opportunity to take down the Xuan Yuan god clan first.”

Speaking up to that point, the corners of the mouths of two of the three curled up slightly.

The other beautiful figure spoke up,

“Seniors, the two of you must not forget what you promised me.

After capturing the members of the Xuan Yuan god clan, the Phoenix Empress should have absorbed quite a few things in the Ancestral Dragons enlightenment site, reaching a stage that is sufficient to trigger Immortal Tribulations.

“When the Phoenix Empress advances and leaves the divine realm, the two of you must help me kill Ye Xiao.”

“Dont worry, the two of us are martial arts masters in the Supreme Eternal realm.

Well keep our words.

We wont go to the extent of deceiving a little child like you.”

“Lets go.

Well take all the people of the Xuan Yuan god clan first.”

However, the moment they stepped inside, a terrifying aura erupted from the array and instantly pressed toward the three of them.

The three of them could not help but have a drastic change in expression.

“What a powerful aura!”

“This is the aura of a Supreme Eternal D*mn it, how can there be a Supreme Eternal in the Xuan Yuan god clan”

“Thats not right, this aura is the Qilin King! D*mn it, why is this fellow here”

“I heard that he was killed by Ye Xiao previously.

Could it be that he was turned into a puppet by Ye Xiao”

As they were speaking, the surrounding air distorted and the Qilin Kings figure appeared in everyones eyes.

Glancing at the three of them, he could not help but let out a light snort.

“Who did I think it was So it was three bedbugs.”

The expressions of the three of them were not very good.

However, one of the Supreme Eternals could not help but say,

“Qilin King, youre a Supreme Eternal after all.

Now that youve been killed by the other party, instead of thinking about revenge, youve become a watchdog for the other party.

Dont you feel ashamed”

Qilin King gave them a disdainful glance.

“What do you guys know Cut the cr*p.

Since you are here, its just right for this king to stretch his muscles.

“Just right, this king has been bored for a long time.”

After saying that, the Qilin King threw a punch.

The moment a Supreme Eternal attacked, it caused the surrounding divine territories to tremble.

The other two Supreme Eternals snorted and attacked at the same time.

The three peoples attacks clashed together, forming a vast ball of light that was as bright as a star.

The powerful shockwave spread out in all directions, shocking countless people.

The array that Ye Xiao had set up in the Xuan Yuan divine territory was still considered good.

It was able to cancel out most of the shockwave.

However, the other divine territories in the surroundings were not so relaxed.

Under that massive shockwave, who knew how many people were killed and injured on the spot.

Under that attack, the two Supreme Eternals were actually pushed back by quite a distance.

Of course, the Qilin Kings figure was also pushed back.

However, it was far from being as far as the two of them!

“So powerful!”

The three of them could not help but exclaim when they saw that scene.

Especially the two Supreme Eternals, they could not help but feel their scalps go numb.

The strength that the Qilin King could unleash seemed to be even stronger than before.

Moreover, it was not just a little bit stronger.

In truth, that was because the Qilin Kings attack had already been imbued with traces of the Way of Life immortal technique.

The Great Way of Life immortal technique was not an ordinary thing.

It was an immortal technique!

Furthermore, among immortal techniques, it was very likely to be an extremely high-tier existence!

It was precisely because of it that Ye Xiao was able to use it to easily cross ranks in battle.

Although the Qilin Kings physical body had already fallen, the statue body that Ye Xiao had created for him was refined from top-grade materials, and it was already an existence comparable to an Immortal Artifact.

An Immortal Artifact was an existence that could slay True Immortals.

The toughness of the body was even much stronger than his previous Supreme Eternal body.

It could easily withstand the opponents attack, even if the opponent had two Supreme Eternals attacking at the same time, it was also impossible to break through his physical defense.

At the same time, because of the array that Ye Xiao had set up, he was able to perfectly display the strength that was comparable to that of when he was alive.

At that time, adding a trace of the power of the Great Way of Life immortal technique, it was naturally much stronger than when he was alive!

“Seniors, the Qilin King should have been refined into a supreme-grade body by Ye Xiao using special materials.

Its comparable to an Immortal Artifact.

“Ive checked before, and Ye Xiaos refining and pill refinement standards are quite high.

Its possible that his cultivation is even higher than his!

“We probably wont be able to break through him in a short amount of time!

“I think we should leave first.

With the Qilin King here, we wont be able to enter the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

If we delay here for too long, well alert the enemy and attract the attention of the other Supreme Eternals, well be in big trouble.”

Although the two of them were somewhat unwilling, they knew that what Bai Linglong said was the truth.

Although they also had the Immortal Talisman in their hands, they only had five of those things.

They still did not want to waste them.

That would have to be used for Ye Xiao, the Dragon Emperor, and the others.

The Qilin Kings soul in front of them should have been controlled by Ye Xiao through special means.

As long as he destroyed Ye Xiao first, it would not be too late to deal with the Qilin King.

Helpless, he could only nod his head and agree.

“Hmph! Today is their lucky day! Retreat!”

Seeing the three of them escape, the Qilin King clenched his fists and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

“The power of immortal techniques is indeed powerful.

The current me has already far surpassed my strength when I was alive.

“If I were to obtain a complete immortal technique or a few more scrolls, I might be able to greatly increase my strength before advancing to the True Immortal realm, allowing me to possess even greater potential after advancing to the immortal path!

“Since thats the case, perhaps I should work for Ye Xiao for a few more years.

Ive decided to add another 100 years and become his slave for 200 years.”

Compared to the infinite possibilities of the future, what was dignity


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