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After Ye Xiao arrived outside, he very quickly started to make the Blood Venerable One and Qilin King statues.

He was prepared to place the two of them in the south and north respectively.

The north was close to the Xuanhuang Great World.

If the other party were to attack again, at least one of them would be able to defend the Xuan Yuan god clan.

The other reason why he was close to the south was to maintain a balance.

However, Ye Xiao felt that if he were to find an opportunity in the future, he should set up two more in the east and west.

That would require him to capture two more Supreme Eternals, skin them, grind their bones, scatter their ashes, extract their souls, and then make a statue.

Of course, Ye Xiao was still very intelligent.

He knew that if he were to leave them alone, they would definitely not be honest.

If they were to come up with the idea of wanting to escape, it would be a huge problem for him.

Hence, he thought of a good method.

He used materials to forge a body that was comparable to an Immortal Artifact.

As it was an Immortal Artifact, it could withstand the Supreme Eternals divine soul.

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Then, he would carve an array on it.

That way, he could complete the functions of defense, absorbing spiritual energy, attacking, and many other aspects.

Usually, the two of them would be suppressed by him at the foot of the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

Once he discovered that there was an enemy invasion, he could instantly teleport the two of them over in an instant.

Furthermore, he would set a certain restriction time for the two of them.

When the time was up, the two of them would be teleported back again.

That way, he could ensure that the two of them would not escape!


With the help of the immortal laws, Ye Xiao quickly took care of those two Immortal Artifact-level statues.

One was in the form of a qilin, and the other was in the form of the Blood Venerable One.

Ye Xiao had even specially set up a general switch on it, allowing him to easily control the two of them, making it impossible for the two of them to go against his wishes.

However, after he was done with all of that, he suddenly saw a few members of the Phoenix god clan grabbing hold of a phoenix.

That phoenixs body was filled with a bloodthirsty aura.

It was very obvious that he was one of the members of the Phoenix god clan that had been cursed.

His strength clearly surpassed those of members of the Phoenix god clan.

That was because he could still maintain a balanced battle and not fall into a disadvantageous position when fighting against many of them alone.

When Ye Xiao saw that, his eyes moved slightly.

His Primordial Pupil was activated, and a formless, terrifying force immediately traversed a thousand miles away, bombarding the other partys body.


The powerful force instantly sent him flying and ruthlessly smashed through a star island before he came to a stop.

The remaining members of the Phoenix god clan immediately stepped forward and took him down.

At that moment, along with a twist of the air, another martial arts master of the Phoenix god clan quickly appeared.

It was that Grand Elder that Ye Xiao had seen before.

“Grand Elder, weve already captured him!”

The other members of the Phoenix god clan shouted excitedly.

The other party nodded.

“Alright! Immediately put him into the spatial ring and seal him up.

Pay attention, dont let the curse on his body taint all of you.

Otherwise, all of you will also become like him.”


After everyone agreed, they very quickly sealed him up.

“All of you take a rest and then immediately continue to search for the other cursed clansmen.”


Everyone took a rest on the spot, while that Grand Elder instantly came in front of Ye Xiao.

He looked at Ye Xiao with a somewhat complicated gaze.

“Many thanks.”

She lightly thanked him, and Ye Xiao merely nodded slightly.

“Its a small matter, theres no need to be polite.”

Pausing for a moment, he spoke again,

“Has the Phoenix Empress already found a solution”

The Grand Elder nodded.

“Shes prepared to absorb all the curses on these people, including karma of their killings, into her own body.”

Hearing that, Ye Xiaos expression changed slightly.

“If I remember correctly, once she does this, the Demon Heart Tribulation should immediately descend.

At that time, she should be close to the final Immortal Tribulation, right”

“Theoretically speaking, its like this.

When a Supreme Eternal passes six tribulations, at the seventh level or so, if they casually use their own power, they will activate the Immortal Tribulation.”

Ye Xiaos brows raised slightly.

That situation did not seem right.

The Phoenix Empress had yet to transcend the Love Tribulation, right

She should only transcend the Demon Heart Tribulation when she was about to successfully transcend the Love Tribulation, right

That way, the risk would be reduced by bringing the two tribulations closer together.

If she did not overcome the seven Immortal Tribulations, her chances of success would be greatly reduced during the final Immortal Tribulation.

Moreover, even if she succeeded in advancing, her foundation would be lower than the others.

In other words, she would have become a True Immortal but her aptitude would also be slightly inferior to the others.

The Grand Elder spoke,

“From the looks of it, she should have understood what that means.

She has given up on the Love Tribulation with you, which turns out great for you.

Ye Xiaos eyes lit up.

“Shes finally understood Shes no longer forcing me to like her”

However, very quickly, he felt the strangeness in the other partys words.

“Thats not right.

What do you mean by what you said just now What do you mean by it turns out great for me”

“Its not that she doesnt want you to fall in love with her, but that she has fallen in love with you.

So, you dont need to go through the Love Tribulation anymore!

“Can this not be considered that youve finally got what you wanted”

After she finished speaking, she seemed to be a little angry and immediately turned around to leave, leaving Ye Xiao alone, stunned on the spot.

The Phoenix Empress, likes him

You must be joking, right

How was that possible

To overcome the Love Tribulation, one must have a heart as still as water, and others will be obedient to you.

‘If the Phoenix Empress likes me, its impossible for her to successfully overcome the tribulation.

‘Its definitely a mistake! Yes, its a mistake! Its impossible for her to like me.

Ye Xiao muttered a few words, but in the end, he suddenly realized that he was somewhat unable to convince himself.

That was because he suddenly realized that he did not want the Phoenix Empress to fall in love with him.

It was not because he hated her, but that he was actually worried about her, more specifically, her tribulation.


At that moment, he suddenly felt that his brain had gone crazy.

That made his thoughts very chaotic, and he had no way to calm down and cultivate.

His chaotic thoughts made him somewhat muddle-headed.

He had once again come to a city built based on Jianghai city.

That city that looked very familiar gave him a little sense of belonging.

“Old Ye!”

A familiar voice sounded by his ear.

It was Gu Hai patrolling the streets.

He did not expect that the two of them would coincidentally bump into each other.

Ye Xiao glanced at him.


“Yes, Im working.

Speaking of which, why are you free today With such an important identity, shouldnt you be busy with major matters in the entire divine territory

“I heard that you killed the Qilin King, one of the top three Supreme Eternals in the starry sky a while ago.

Is that true”

Ye Xiao nodded.

He was not surprised because that matter was too viral.

It was very normal for it to spread.

“Whats wrong with you You seem to be a little out of sorts.

This doesnt seem like the usual you.”

Ye Xiao slowly opened his mouth and said,

“Nothing much.

Im just a little homesick, so I thought of coming over.”

“Thats good.

Im going to take a leave of absence.

Come to my house for a drink at noon.”

“No need.

Ill be leaving soon.

Im just taking a walk around here.”

“Then… Do you want me to accompany you Im on patrol anyway.”

“Theres no need.

I can leave by myself.”

Ye Xiao rejected Gu Hai, who scratched his head.

“Alright then.

If you have anything troubling you, feel free to tell me.

Although I cant help you much, I can still listen to you and let you vent your emotions.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly thought of another question.

He stopped and said,

“Oh right, Gu Hai, do you think that I would like someone older than me”

“Of course.

That was always your type.”


Why did he not know that he was especially fond of that type

“Dont spout nonsense.

Even I didnt know.

How did you know”

“You can try to pretend but back when we were working together in Jianghai city, in the Nine Provinces, every time we watched those special movies, you always liked to click on a certain type.

Dont deny it.

“Do you remember that one series I only knew that there were a total of four movies but you watched all five of them.

“Thats when I realized that you had this special interest in a certain type.

“Although its only a difference of one movie, I watch anything and the fact that you went looking for more really goes to show your preference!”


“I got it.

Have a good patrol.

Ill be leaving first.”

“Okay, come back often when youre free.”

Ye Xiao nodded and turned around to leave.

He now had a vague understanding of the situation.

However, he still wanted to confirm one last thing.

Very soon, he went to Qin Yuyans place.

Qin Yuyan was still cultivating, and her strength had improved quite well.

When she saw Ye Xiao come over, she was stunned at first, but then a joyful expression appeared on her face.

“Ye Xiao! Why are you here”

Ye Xiao said indifferently,

“I wanted to look for you to understand something.

Are you free now”

Qin Yuyan nodded.

“Of course Im free.

What do you want to understand”

“I want to ask, have you had any special dreams recently Or have you had any special feelings”

When he said that, Qin Yuyans expression instantly froze.

“How did you know”

Ye Xiaos heart sank.

As expected…

“Did you dream that you had become a phoenix Or was it something related to a phoenix”

Qin Yuyan nodded, but she immediately opened her mouth to speak,

“Other than this, there are some other things.”

After she finished speaking, her face was slightly ruddy.

“I dont know why but Ive been dreaming about you recently.”

Ye Xiao completely understood that the Grand Elder was right.

Looks like the Phoenix Empress really liked him.

The higher Qin Yuyans cultivation rose, the deeper the connection between her and the Phoenix Empress would be.

Therefore, if the Phoenix Empress dreamed of something, she would also have some synchronous reactions.

Moreover, when Qin Yuyans cultivation reached a certain level, she would reintegrate with the Phoenix Empress.

That was because she was the Phoenix Empresss incarnation, there was also an extremely huge amount of energy contained within.

The Phoenix Empress would definitely withdraw that portion of energy and use it to resist the Immortal Tribulation!


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