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After the Phoenix Empresss reminder, Ye Xiao began to recall the main business.

He took out the black curse from his storage ring and showed it to the Phoenix Empress.

Once that black curse was out, in the blink of an eye, it began to become restless.

It sensed the Phoenix Empress and it wanted to enter her body.

However, in Ye Xiaos hand, it was firmly locked by the immortal law.

Although it struggled continuously, it had no way of escaping.

The Phoenix Empresss pupils constricted slightly.

“What a powerful curse.

This is… A curse from the immemorial era”

Ye Xiao continued to speak,

“Do you recognize this thing”

The Phoenix Empresss expression was solemn as she said,

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“Ive only seen a little of it in the Phoenix clans archaic treasured tome.

During the immemorial era, there were some Supreme Eternals who couldnt successfully advance to the immortal realm because they didnt have enough talent.

They would use some evil methods to increase their strength so that they could forcefully advance to the immortal realm.

“Just like the Blood Venerable One from before, he was one of them.

“The Bloodbath technique he created can continuously increase ones strength, and theres no limit to it.

“This curse should be an existence that can be compared to it.”

“But why isnt its name on the archaic masterpiece technique ranking Logically speaking, it should also be there.”

“This is because the current archaic masterpiece technique is incomplete.

“It was said that during the immemorial era, there were no barriers between the entire starry sky and all the great worlds.

They were all interconnected.

“At that time, the archaic masterpiece techniques were still called supreme masterpiece techniques.”

Ye Xiao had long known about the archaic masterpiece techniques being called supreme precious techniques in the past.

However, he had not thought of it in depth.

“There were many supreme masterpiece techniques during the immemorial era, so the rankings of the Undying masterpiece techniques and True Dragon masterpiece techniques were actually not so high during the immemorial era! At that time, there were many masterpiece techniques that were above our current archaic masterpiece techniques.

“Only the Minor Destiny masterpiece techniques rankings was very high even in the immemorial era, and the Creation masterpiece techniques and World Destruction masterpiece techniques below the Minor Destiny technique were not bad either.

“You know all these masterpiece techniques, so you should be able to feel that there was already a very clear difference from the beginning.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

Indeed, if he really wanted to rank those masterpiece techniques, Ye Xiao felt that the Minor Destiny technique was unique.

The Creation masterpiece technique and the World Destruction masterpiece technique were at the second level.

The Undying masterpiece technique included the last few.

Although there were some differences, in general, it could be considered as the third level.

It was much worse than the previous ones.

For example, although the Bloodbath masterpiece technique could only be ranked eighth, as long as it continuously absorbed the divine blood, it would bring even more benefits than the Undying masterpiece technique.

Therefore, it was possible that during the immemorial era, the Minor Destiny technique, the Creation masterpiece technique, and the World Destruction masterpiece technique were all at the top.

As for the Undying masterpiece technique, including the ones at the bottom, the difference in rank might be larger.

Hence, it was not strange that the curse was effective on the phoenix race.

It might not belong to the great world, but it belonged to this starry sky.

Not only that, its overall strength was not lower than the Phoenix god clans Undying masterpiece technique.

“Could this be the Xuanhuang Great Worlds masterpiece technique”

“It shouldnt be.

I know more or less about the Xuanhuang Great Worlds masterpiece technique.

There isnt such a masterpiece technique on their masterpiece technique ranking.

“But where does this masterpiece technique come from I cant figure it out.

“Oh right, where did you find this masterpiece technique”

“I found it from your clansmen.

At that time, one of your phoenixes fell into a state of madness after being hit by this masterpiece technique.

He went around killing people, so I immediately extracted this curse.

“Moreover, I discovered that this curse is only effective on the phoenix race, so I wanted to come and ask you to see if you know anything.”

The Phoenix Empresss expression became even more solemn.

Her brows were tightly knitted as she stared fixedly at the masterpiece technique in Ye Xiaos hand as if she was thinking about something.

“Could it be that someone is targeting the Phoenix god clan

“If not, such a situation would not have occurred.

“This curse should be effective against all the god clans.

It should not only be used to deal with us alone.

“It should be that someone has specially modified the technique within.

But why is it specially targeting our god clan I dont understand.”

The Phoenix Empresss words caused Ye Xiao to involuntarily sink into deep thought.

As one of the top god clans in the Yanhuang Great World, very few people would target the Phoenix god clan.

Could it be because of him

Since such a situation had never happened before.

However, when the relationship between the Phoenix Empress and himself was revealed, the Phoenix god clan was targeted.

It was very likely that the other party wanted to destroy the Phoenix god clan and destroy the protective umbrella supporting him.

However, that did not seem right.

The protector behind him was the Phoenix Empress and not the Phoenix god clan.

Even if the other party destroyed the entire Phoenix god clan, it would not be to the extent of making the Phoenix Empress give up on him.

That was because although that curse was very strong, it was not to the extent of infecting the Phoenix Empresss body.

As a Supreme Eternal, the Phoenix Empress already had sufficient means to destroy the power of that curse.

Something was wrong.

There must be something wrong.

At that moment, Ye Xiao suddenly thought of a problem.

“Previously, when you absorbed blood from the Blood Venerable One, did you want to transcend the Demon Heart Tribulation”

The Phoenix Empress nodded.

“But at that time, because of you, I did not succeed and withdrew from the Demon Heart Tribulation.

My thought at that time was that I wanted to transcend the Love Tribulation on you anyway.

If we consummate our marriage, you absorbing the Blood Venerable Ones divine blood would help me obtain the Blood Venerable Ones karma, resulting in the Demon Heart Tribulation.

“At that time, I can transfer the Demon Heart Tribulation from your body over and overcome it together with the Love Tribulation.”

The Phoenix Empress did not hide anything from Ye Xiao.

Having reached her cultivation level, she naturally knew that many things, if she hid them, she might not be able to completely conceal them from others eyes and ears.

If she did not hide it, and if they were honest with each other, they would instead obtain each others approval.

Ye Xiao was silent for a moment.

The Phoenix Empress had previously said that there was no need to consummate a marriage to overcome the Love Tribulation, so… She had placed the hope of the Demon Heart Tribulation on herself.

In fact, she still needed to consummate a marriage, right

That old hag still wanted to hook him!

D*mn it!

In vain, he had specially come over to inform her about the curse.

She was actually still thinking about having her wicked way with him.

He could not stay any longer.

He had to run!

Ye Xiao instantly used the Space-time immortal technique to slip away.

Seeing Ye Xiao turn around and run away, the Phoenix Empress was also dumbfounded.

Why was that fellow running so fast

‘I wont eat him!

Even so, very quickly, her expression became still.

That was because she had also thought of the seriousness of the matter.

If that curse spread within the Phoenix god clan, she would not be able to sit idly by.

So many members of the Phoenix god clan were slaughtering everywhere.

How much blood essence and karma would they have to accumulate

That would be a great harm to the fate of the entire Phoenix god clan.

Worst case scenario, it might very well lead to the fall of the Phoenix god clan.

There was still the Dragon god clan among the various god clans in the starry sky.

They would not sit idly by to watch the Phoenix god clans slaughter destroy the peace and stability of the entire world.

If she were to make a move and absorb all the curses and the karma that the Phoenix god clan had committed into her body, it would cause her to accumulate enough karma and she would have to go through the Demon Heart Tribulation.

There were seven levels of the Immortal Tribulation, and every level of tribulation could be fatal.

Therefore, the other party was also betting on whether he could pass the Demon Heart Tribulation.

If she could survive it, she would have to go through the Love Tribulation.

That was because of the seventh level of the Immortal Tribulation.

As long as she could survive the sixth level, she would be able to use spiritual energy to fight outside.

Then, she would be very close to the True Immortal Tribulation.

It was just like the final stage of advancing to the peak of the Godly Emperor realm or the Supreme Eternal realm above the Godly Emperor realm.

Once one reached the peak state, the Heavenly Tribulation could descend at any time and place.

That was also why, whenever someone cultivated to the peak state, the vast majority of them would choose to stay in seclusion and recuperate.

They would always maintain their peak state to prevent the Heavenly Tribulation from descending at any time, they would be unable to cope with it.

It was very dangerous.

However, just who was that fellow who attacked them from behind

On the other side, in Ye Xiaos storage ring, the Qilin Kings soul also woke up in a daze.

“Yo, youre awake”

Upon hearing that voice, the Qilin Kings soul was instantly shocked before looking at the other party warily.

“Who are you”

“Enough, enough, stop shouting.

Youve already become a prisoner, yet youre still showing off here”

Only then did the Qilin King notice that the other party was a bright red fog of blood as a soul body.

“What an evil blood essence, you are… ”

“Listen well, this venerable self is the Blood Venerable One!”

“What Youre the Blood Venerable One The ancient evil devil, the Blood Venerable One Youre still alive”

“You little qilin brat, why are you talking so much nonsense If this venerable self wasnt alive, would you still be able to talk to this venerable self that way The venerable ones body and soul are both immortal bodies, dont tell me you dont know”

The Qilin King was shocked to the core.

He did not expect that even the legendary Blood Venerable One from ancient times had been taken down by Ye Xiao.

Just how strong was that Ye Xiao

However, very quickly, he became sad again.

He did not expect that the exalted immortal of his generation would actually fall into Ye Xiaos hands.

After his body had fallen and only his divine soul was left, he still did not know what Ye Xiao wanted to turn him into.

Would he refine pills to strengthen his soul power, or directly refine artifacts

The Blood Venerable One seemed to have seen the grief in the Qilin Kings heart, and immediately opened his mouth to console him,

“Little brat, dont be sad.

Being caught by this brat might not necessarily be a bad thing.

Perhaps, this is an opportunity and good fortune for you!”


“Senior, why must you tease me How can a prisoner have an opportunity and good fortune”


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