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Hearing those words, the Phoenix Empresss heart instantly tightened.

Of course, she knew what Ye Xiao wanted to do.

Needless to say, he was definitely going to beat up the Qilin King.

“Ye Xiao, you cant go.

With your current cultivation, youre not his match at all.

Youll die if you go.”

“Let me teach you something.

When a man wants to do something, a woman should patiently wait for him.

Dont make too much of a fuss.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Xiao had already used the Space-time immortal technique and disappeared from the spot.

The Phoenix Empress was stunned for a moment, and then she bit her red lips tightly with her pearly white teeth.

“This stinky brat, why are you still putting up a front”

As soon as she finished speaking, she hurriedly used a cultivation technique and chased after him.

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She absolutely could not let anything happen to Ye Xiao.

Otherwise, her Love Tribulation would all be in vain.

That fellow really made people worry too much.

However, in reality, Ye Xiao already had confidence in his heart a long time ago.

He would never do anything that he was not confident in.

The strength of the Phoenix Empress and the Qilin King was not much different.

Since the Phoenix Empress was beaten to such a state, then the Qilin King probably would not be any better either.

At that moment, there was an 80 to 90 percent chance that he was heavily injured and half-crippled.

He had already advanced to the ninth-level Godly Emperor.

His cultivation level should be more than enough to deal with the half-crippled Qilin King.

At the same time, in the Qilin god clans divine territory, the Qilin Mountain, the Qilin King was rapidly healing his injuries with the help of several ninth-level Godly Emperors of the Qilin god clan, as well as existences at the peak of the ninth level Godly Emperor realm.

The injuries on his body were not light either.

There were wounds all over his body.

Many of the qilin scales on his body had fallen off, revealing the tender flesh inside.

“Hmph! In order to transcend the Love Tribulation, that b*tch, the Phoenix Empress had actually stooped so low.

She came to deal with me for a smelly brat! She caused me to suffer such serious injuries.

“If it wasnt for my profound cultivation, I dont know how severe the injuries this time would have been.”

“Your Majesty Qilin King, its best for you to calm down and take the time to recover from your injuries.

Thats the most important thing.”

“I know.

Its just that I have a lot of pent-up anger in my heart.

“After Ive recovered from my injuries, the first thing Ill do is to find that little b*stard and kill him first!

“At that time, I want to see what that Phoenix Empress can do to me.”

Just as he finished speaking, a thunderous explosion suddenly sounded from outside.

The entire Qilin Mountain began to tremble a few times.

“What happened”

“Could it be that someone ambushed us”

Just as he finished speaking, a furious roar was transmitted into everyones ears.

“Qilin King, get the hell out here!”

When everyone present heard that voice, their expressions instantly changed.

“This voice, this is that stinky brat Ye Xiao, right”

“Hes so bold.

We havent even gone to look for trouble with him, yet hes turned around and is looking for trouble with us first.”

The Qilin Kings eyes narrowed slightly, and killing intent gleamed from his eyes.

“Little b*stard! I was just about to look for you, but I didnt expect you to deliver yourself to my doorstep.

Since thats the case, then its more convenient for me.

Let me tear your bones apart and stew them into a pot of soup to give to that b*tch to nourish her body.


As he finished speaking, he stepped out and executed the Space Warping masterpiece technique.

His body instantly disappeared into the mountain and appeared in front of Ye Xiao outside.

At that moment, on the vast Qilin Mountain Range, Ye Xiao had already cleaved out a blade mark that was at least a million miles long.

It was shocking as it had opened up a huge hole in the entire Qilin Mountain Range.

The people of the Qilin clan who were under that blade scar were instantly turned into ashes and disappeared.

Some of the existences at the side were also silent at that moment.

On the periphery, although they had only endured the shock wave, that strength was still not something that they could easily grasp.

Quite a number of people were knocked out by the shock, and there were even some who were heavily injured.

Their internal organs had all shifted, and blood flowed out of their orifices.

However, the Qilin King did not care about that scene.

His anger towards Ye Xiao had long reached an immeasurable peak.

Even if Ye Xiao killed a few more people, it would not increase by much.

No matter how much anger Ye Xiao had, he only had one life.

As long as he killed him, all the problems would be easily solved.

“B*stard! How dare you.

You actually dared to come to our Qilin divine territory to look for trouble.

I was just about to look for you, skin you, pull out your tendons, tear you into pieces, and use your flesh and bones to make soup.

I didnt expect you to come to my doorstep.

“Its like you dont want to go to Heaven, but you came to Hell.”

“Just as well, I also have the same intention.”

Ye Xiao carried the Great Dragon and slowly walked toward the Qilin King.

The Great Dragons blade swept across the starry sky and rubbed against the spiritual energy in the air, creating sparks of electricity.

It was like a flock of birds chirping, sharp and ear-piercing, it made people shudder.

When the Qilin King heard Ye Xiaos words, he could not help but laugh out loud.

“Hahahaha… Interesting, really very interesting.

I have no choice but to praise you.

Your courage is greater than your aptitude and cultivation!”

After laughing, his expression suddenly turned cold.

“However, your brain is very stupid.

“Even if Im heavily injured and only have a half-crippled body, my divine body isnt something you can covet!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he exploded with a violent aura from his body.

That terrifying energy caused all the living beings in the surrounding divine territories to shudder, and they could not help but shiver.

Not only that, the starlight that filled the sky also began to tremble and flicker incessantly.

Being a Supreme Eternal was the foundation of the Qilin Kings confidence.

Just those two words were enough to make him look down on everything.

Supreme Eternals were an inviolable divine existence!

All living beings who humiliated the Supreme Eternal should be punished.

Even if the other party was also a Supreme Eternal-level existence!

That was why he would take action against the Phoenix Empress!

If the Phoenix Empress wanted him to be humiliated in front of the various god clans, he would definitely have to punish her.

In addition, Ye Xiao had gone even more overboard than the Phoenix Empress!

The Phoenix Empress was, after all, an existence at the same level as him.

No matter what, the other party was also a Supreme Eternal.

Even if it was to disregard his own dignity, at the very least, the Phoenix Empress had the strength to do so.

Who the hell was Ye Xiao

He was just a mere eighth-level Godly Emperor piece of trash!

The Xuan Yuan god clans prodigy

A heaven-defying genius who crossed ranks to battle

A Heavens Chosen One who had many tricks up his sleeve

So what

As long as he did not become a Supreme Eternal, he would forever be trash in front of him.

Others would be afraid of his tricks and his strength.

Even so, the Qilin King would not.

Even if he was half-crippled, had just experienced a great battle, and was heavily injured, he was still that inviolable Supreme Eternal!

Ye Xiao must die!

No one could save him.

Not even the Phoenix Empress!

The moment his strength erupted, all of his strength was locked onto Ye Xiaos body.

His terrifying strength made countless people tremble in fear.

The members of the Qilin god clan were filled with pride.

That was their king!

The Qilin King who could command the entire Yanhuang Great World!

A king could not be disrespected, and those who disrespected him would die without a doubt.

The instant he locked onto Ye Xiao, the Qilin King used the Space Warping masterpiece technique and walked in front of Ye Xiao.

“B*stard, dont worry.

I wont kill you in one go.

Ill torture you step by step.

First, Ill dismember your limbs, then Ill break every bone in your body.

Finally, Ill pull out your tendons and skin, and use you to stew soup!”

However, just as he finished saying those words and was about to reach out to grab Ye Xiao, Ye Xiao suddenly disappeared from where he was.

That speed was so fast that it was impossible for one to catch a glimpse of it.

Even if he was the Qilin King, at that moment, he actually could not keep up with Ye Xiaos speed!


Just as he felt Ye Xiaos terrifying speed, his pupils constricted and a sharp pain suddenly came from his arms.

Following closely behind, his left arm automatically disintegrated in the air and fell down.

Boom, Boom…

The body of the Supreme Eternal had already far surpassed that of an ordinary person.

The arm of the Qilin King contained an abundance of blood essence, to the extent that its mass could easily be compared to a star island.

Falling down, it instantly smashed a huge abyss into the ground.


The Qilin King roared angrily and turned around to throw a punch at Ye Xiao.

He executed the Reincarnation masterpiece technique to its maximum and raised his speed to the maximum as well.

At the same time, he used the Qilin masterpiece technique and went all out to throw a punch.

Ye Xiao similarly brandished the Great Dagon.

With the Great Way of Life immortal technique augmenting it, the terrifying power of the immortal technique had also reached an unprecedented terrifying degree under the augmentation of the Immortal Artifact.

The two powers were like two resplendent beams of starlight, filled with nine-colored colors that were as gorgeous as rainbows.

When the powers collided, an explosive light ball that lit up the entire star field was instantaneously produced.

The shockwave spread out in all directions, and the entire Qilin divine territory was immediately shaken by that attack.

The surrounding divine territories could also feel the violent tremors.

The Phoenix Empress, who was hurrying along in the starry skies, felt her heart tighten.

“This brat! He only knows how to cause trouble for me! Even if the Qilin King was injured by me, hes still a Supreme Eternal.

How can he be so rash”

As she finished speaking, she increased her speed and arrived there in an instant.

However, when she saw the scene in front of her, she could not help but widen her phoenix eyes and small mouth, looking at everything in front of her in disbelief.

On the battlefield, Ye Xiao held the Great Dragon in his hand and fought calmly with the Qilin King.

One of the Qilin Kings arms had already been severed by him.

He was fighting one-handed.

He had actually severed one of the Qilin Kings arms

How was that possible

That fellows strength should only be at the eighth-level Godly Emperor realm.

How could that level of cultivation allow him to cross realms and rise to such a situation

It simply did not make sense at all.

Wait a moment, something was not right.

Ye Xiaos cultivation level had risen!

He had risen to the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm!

What a terrifying speed.

That brat had actually advanced so quickly.

How long had it been

It should have been less than a month since the last time he had advanced to the eighth-level Godly Emperor realm.

She actually did not notice it before.

No wonder that guy dared to come right before the Qilin King!


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