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In the following period of time, Ye Xiao entered a relatively calm period of time.

He originally thought that his strength had already reached the eighth-level Godly Emperor.

Theoretically speaking, he should already be able to synthesize a few archaic masterpiece techniques.

However, what he did not expect was that he was actually still unable to begin the synthesis.

It seemed like the thing he had to synthesize after the Minor Destiny technique was not ordinary.

Thinking about it, he should be able to successfully synthesize it once he reached the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm.

Therefore, he took advantage of the period of time that followed to cultivate diligently.

Finally, on the 26th day, he successfully advanced to the final level of the Godly Emperor realm, allowing him to reach the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm.

At that moment, the Golden Book finally began to emit a golden light.

Perfect, very perfect!

That meant that it could finally begin to synthesize.

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Ye Xiao did not hesitate and immediately clicked on the synthesis.

After seeing the progress bar appearing on the Golden Book divine soul, Ye Xiao revealed a knowing smile.

‘I wonder how strong this synthesized immortal technique will be!

‘However, this is also the final immortal technique that will be synthesized.

According to the usual nature of the Golden Book divine soul, I reckon that the next synthesis wont be at the level of a Supreme Eternal.

Theres a high possibility that he will need to advance to the level of a True Immortal.”

Ye Xiao was not too worried.

That was because he was very clear in his heart that the things that the Golden Book divine soul had synthesized for him were all good things.

Those immortal techniques were very likely to be ranked at the very top.

They should be enough for him to use in the upper echelons of the immortal world.

Therefore, he did not need to be in such a hurry to continue synthesizing.

The following time was to wait for the Golden Book to synthesize the final immortal technique on his own.

Moreover, what he needed to do next was to raise his strength.

As long as he advanced to the final level and allowed himself to reach the cultivation of a Supreme Eternal, with his strength that could cross realms to fight, the existence that could threaten his life basically no longer existed in the world.

However, at that moment, Xuanyuan Long arrived outside Xuan Yuan Mountain to look for Ye Xiao.

“Elder Ye.”

Ye Xiao used the Space-time immortal technique and instantly teleported him in.

Xuanyuan Long was already used to his methods.

At that moment, he immediately cupped his hands and said,

“Elder Ye, the members of the Giant Serpent god clan, and many other god clans have all brought gifts to apologize.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

Actually, he had long known about that matter.

With his current cultivation, as long as the other party appeared in the vicinity of the Xuan Yuan divine territory, he would be able to sense it clearly in an instant.

“Just let their clan leader and Grand Elder enter.

The others dont need to enter.

You can directly bring the gifts and gather them all in one spot.”


Xuanyuan Long quickly brought all of them over.

A total of more than 20 people came.

Basically, all of them were the top ten clan leaders or Grand Elders of the god clans.

Many of them had fought with Ye Xiao before.

“Greetings, Elder Ye!”

After everyone arrived, they all bowed to him in unison.

In a world where the strong preyed on the weak, seniority was not determined by age but by strength.

Ye Xiao was stronger than all of them, so he was naturally able to win the respect of all of them.

“Everyone, youre too polite.

Theres no need to be so formal.”

Ye Xiao raised his hand slightly to signal.

Everyone straightened their bodies and looked at Ye Xiaos young face and tender bone age.

They could not help but feel a myriad of emotions in their hearts.

There were talented people in every generation.

Why were all of them from the Xuan Yuan god clan

Was there a need for the Xuan Yuan god clan to be so awesome

Why could they not have some

God, it was really too unfair.

Ye Xiaos age was actually almost 30 years old.

To be honest, a 30-year-old age was nothing in front of those old monsters who were hundreds of years old or thousands of years old.

It was not an exaggeration to say that he was a baby compared to them.

Only when everyone stood up did Ye Xiao speak again,

“Ive already told you guys before.

As long as you guys come over to apologize, I wont pursue this matter anymore.

From today onwards, everyone can get along peacefully.

“I can assure you that as long as you guys dont provoke the Xuan Yuan god clan, the Xuan Yuan god clan will definitely not provoke you guys.

“But if anyone dares to do anything behind our backs and touch our Xuan Yuan god clans clansmen, dont blame me for being impolite!”

After saying that, an extremely powerful aura instantly erupted from Ye Xiaos body.

Everyones bodies suddenly trembled and they immediately could not help but widen their eyes.

“This… This… This is the aura of a ninth-level Godly Emperor”

“He has already advanced to the ninth-level Godly Emperor! Oh my God! How many days has it been”

Everyone was shocked, and their hearts could not help but start pounding.

One had to know that he had only advanced to the eighth level of the Godly Emperor realm a month ago at most.

He had advanced in front of all of them!

In the end, it had only been a month, and he had advanced again.

That was not the advancement of a martial artist in the human world.

It was the god realm, and it was the Godly Emperor realm in the god realm.

It was the strongest existence under eternal life!

Any ninth-level Godly Emperor who wanted to advance to that realm from the eighth-level Godly Emperor would have to spend several hundred years.

There were even some people who spent several hundred years but might not be able to advance to that realm.

For example, some eighth-level Godly Emperors among them had already cultivated for several hundred years, but they had yet to advance to the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm.

Comparing the two sides, the difference in strength was obvious.

That disparity could not be described in any other words.

Until then, everyones hearts were filled with admiration for Ye Xiao.

They were truly convinced.

Before they came, some of them might have some other thoughts.

They felt that Ye Xiao was just slightly lucky.

With the protection of the Phoenix Empress, he was also lucky enough to obtain an Immortal Artifact and an immortal technique.

Looking at it directly, his own aptitude was also heaven-defying, making ones hair stand on end.

In the future, they absolutely could not provoke that fellow.

No, they absolutely could not provoke the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Their entire god clan was filled with freaks, and they could even give birth to a group of freaks.

Perhaps one of the freaks would suddenly mutate and become a freak like Ye Xiao.

“Elder Xuanyuan has already prepared a feast and is preparing to entertain everyone.

Later on, he will represent me to entertain everyone.”

Everyone thanked him once again.

“Thank you, Elder Ye.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

He suddenly thought of something and opened his mouth to speak again,

“Oh right, I have been quite interested in eye techniques recently.

Since you are the top ten god clans in the starry skies, I believe that there should be quite a number of people who know eye techniques, right”

Everyone nodded and immediately said with a smile,

“There are some.

However, no matter how good an eye technique is, its ultimately just a supporting technique.

Its very difficult to master it successfully.

Elder Ye has cultivated so many immortal techniques.

Any one of them is far beyond the reach of an eye technique.

“Theres still no need for elder ye to pay attention to this thing.”

Ye Xiao smiled.

Cultivating an eye technique alone would definitely not be of much use.

However, he had the Xuan Yuan Eye.

That thing was a Divine Eye that could only appear after awakening the pure immortal blood.

No, it was an Immortal Eye!

As long as he kept looking at other peoples Divine Eyes, he would be able to continuously activate the characteristics of the Immortal Eye, which belonged to that type of Divine Eye.

If he absorbed enough characteristics, perhaps the Immortal Eye could also be upgraded to an existence comparable to an immortal technique.

To him, that was tantamount to adding a method to surprise him in battle.

“Im just a little interested.

Ill study it and have some fun in my spare time.

I think that everyone wouldnt mind helping me with this little favor, right”

Ye Xiao tapped the chairs handle with one finger and looked at everyone with a half-smile.

Everyone was slandering him in their hearts.

‘So what if I mind

‘Isnt it just that you can do whatever you want

‘Youve already pressed us under your body, yet you still want to do so many empty-headed things.

Is it that interesting

‘However, even though he was ridiculing us, after doing so, they still had to obediently follow Ye Xiaos instructions.

“Hehehe… Since Elder Ye likes to watch, then lets put on a show.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Grand Elder of the Giant Serpent god clan took the lead to stand out and display his Divine Eye, Fiery Jaded Python Divine Eye.

The moment the Divine Eye appeared, the entire space within the mountain seemed to have been changed.

“This old mans Fiery Jaded Python Divine Eye specializes in illusions and controlling the power of bone flames.

It can hypnotize the enemy, and at the same time, it can release a special jade-green bone flame, causing the enemys bones to start burning from the inside.

“However, if I want to use illusions, my cultivation must at least be one minor realm higher than others.

“And if I want to successfully use the jade-green bone fire, I need to be several minor realms higher than others.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

He was not courteous at all, silently awakening the power that belonged to this part of the Primordial Pupil.

From then on, the Primordial Pupil also possessed that special attribute.


“Not bad.

As expected of a martial arts master from the Giant Serpent god clan.

That technique is indeed extraordinary.

I wonder whether Senior can display it for me to see.”

“Let me do it.”

The Vermilion Bird god clans Grand Elder walked forward.

It was a charming woman of just the right age.

Compared to the Phoenix Empress, she was less dignified.

What she displayed was also a pair of pupils with the color of flames.

However, they were pure red flames.

“This Divine Eye of mine doesnt have the ability of illusions.

It only has the ability of flames.

As long as I stare at the opponent and focus my gaze, I can make the Vermillion Birds flames burn on the opponents body.

“Such flames are usually very difficult to extinguish unless a special masterpiece technique is used.

“For example, if the Phoenix Empresss True Phoenix Eye didnt use a masterpiece technique that was ranked in the top ten, there would be no way for it to escape.”

Ye Xiao nodded and once again stored the power that had awakened the Vermilion Birds Divine Eye.

He calculated in his heart that the next time he met Old Aunt Phoenix Empress, he would definitely trick her into using the True Phoenix Eye so that he could copy it.

Not only her, but the Divine Eyes of the Qilin King and the Dragon Emperor were also very strong.

He had to think of a way to take both of their Divine Eyes once.

At that time, the Primordial Pupil that had awakened would be even stronger.

It would not be in vain for the heavens to give him such a good thing.


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