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In the Xuanhuang Great World, the two Supreme Eternals had returned and used a secret technique to summon something.

Not long after, as a ray of light descended, everything in the surroundings seemed to freeze.

Following closely behind, the figure of the True Immortal appeared once again.

“How is the mission coming along”

The two immediately cupped their hands.

“Reporting to the Exalted True Immortal, due to the lack of time, we only captured a portion of the members of the Xuan Yuan god clan for you.

Please forgive us, Exalted True Immortal.”

“Oh How many people did you capture”

“Not bad, 10 billion.”

The two Supreme Eternals smiled faintly.

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However, to their surprise, the True Immortals tone suddenly turned cold.

“So little”

The smiles on the two Supreme Eternals suddenly froze.

“Exalted True Immortal, this is already quite a lot.

Its a total of 10 billion! With so many creatures, its enough for you to extract a lot of divine blood!”

“Bullsh*t! What do you two idiots know Do you think I care about the divine blood in their bodies

“What use is their divine blood to me Even the things I feed the dogs are better than it!

“The reason I sought out the Xuan Yuan god clan was to use them to refine a trace of the god clans pure bloodline!”

The two were stunned and did not quite understand.

“The god clans pure bloodline, what is that”

“You can also understand it as immortal blood! Out of the trillions of divine blood within the god clan members, if youre lucky, you can only refine one or two drops of their god clans pure bloodline.

“Do you still think that ten billion is a lot”

“But… But if its immortal blood, shouldnt there be a lot in the Exalted True Immortals body Why do you still want to extract it from these lower-level god realm beings”

“Thats because even True Immortals dont have as much immortal blood as you think! Immortal blood can only be obtained through cultivation.

“Furthermore, extracting the god clans pure bloodline isnt as simple as you think.

“Every god clan has different pure bloodlines.

“Every type of pure bloodline may contain unprecedented characteristics.

There are even types of immortal blood that even True Immortals yearn for.

“For example, the pure Dragon bloodline, the pure Phoenix bloodline… And so on.

“However, even among True Immortals, dragons and phoenixes were peak existences, so no one dared to extract dragon and phoenix immortal bloods from their pure bloodlines on a large scale.

Otherwise, the last time you attacked the Yanhuang Great World, I would have directly asked you to collect the dragons, phoenixes, and qilins.”

“I see.

Then, the dragon and phoenix immortal bloods can be considered among the top existences for the True Immortals.”

“Thats not entirely true.

The Dragon, Phoenix, Qilin, and other god clans can be considered one of the top existences in the great worlds.

However, in the immortal world, there are many existences that are stronger than them.

“Even so, there is a type of immortal blood that is countless times stronger than that of within the dragons and phoenixs pure bloodlines.”

“Hiss! Theres actually a type of immortal blood that is even stronger than the dragon and phoenix immortal bloods.

What type of immortal blood is that”

“There are as many powerful immortal blood types as there are hairs on an ox, but that immortal blood is extremely hard to come by.

If I can get some, my future achievements will be limitless!”


The two Supreme Eternals could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

“Then if I can get some, wont I have the chance to stand proudly in the entire immortal world and become the legendary master of the immortal world, the most powerful person”

“Dream on! No matter what kind of immortal blood it is, there is always a limit.

In the entire immortal world, there is only one type of immortal blood that can achieve that.

If I can obtain it, then I will have a chance to dominate the immortal world.

That is the pure True Immortal blood!

“Even the dragons and phoenixs pure bloodlines, and even those existences that surpassed them, were trash in front of it.

“However, thats an existence from the legends.

“Its impossible for an ordinary person to come across it!

“Even an existence like me, who has reached the True Immortal realm, doesnt dare to dream of one day being able to obtain pure True Immortal blood.

“In this life, if I can possess some immortal blood comparable to the dragons and phoenixs pure bloodlines, that would be enough.”

Those words shocked the two Supreme Eternals, causing their scalps to go numb.

They did not expect such a powerful existence to exist.

Even the True Immortal who had already reached the True Immortal realm did not dare to covet It.

How powerful was that

They really did not know if such an existence existed in the world.

No, pure True Immortal blood was already an extremely rare existence in the immortal world.

How could they find it there

No one below the immortal world had the qualifications to possess it.

“Oh right, Exalted True Immortal, why do you want to refine the divine blood of the Xuan Yuan god clan What is so special about the divine blood of the Xuan Yuan god clan Is there some powerfultype of immortal blood that can be extracted from it”

“The reason why I want to refine the divine blood of the Xuan Yuan god clan is that an extremely powerful existence has appeared in their clan, making it difficult for me to catch up to him in my entire life.

“However, although he is extremely monstrous, the power he created is not stronger than the Dragon or Phoenix god clans.

Furthermore, we do not know where he has gone to.

That is why I have asked you to target the Xuan Yuan god clan.

“I want to see if I can extract some of the immortal blood that he interacts with from his clansmen in the god clan.”

“I see.”

The two of them nodded and immediately cupped their hands.

“Since thats the case, the two of us will definitely think of a way to help the Exalted True Immortal collect the divine blood of the Xuan Yuan god clan.”

The True Immortal in the light nodded and said,


Why did the two of you suddenly look for me”

The two of them looked at each other and immediately smiled.

“We want to ask the Exalted True Immortal to give us some Immortal Talismans because that kid from the Xuan Yuan god clan has a relationship with the Phoenix Empress from the Yanhuang Great World.

The Phoenix Empress is one of the three great Supreme Eternals of the Yanhuang Great World.

“If we take action, she will definitely find the Dragon Emperor and the Qilin King.

When that time comes, we wont be able to deal with him.”

“How troublesome! I cant even get the two of you to do such a simple task properly, and you still have to keep asking me for Immortal Talismans!

“However, it seems that the two of you are quite loyal to me.

Ill agree to it this time!

“But remember this, the two of you can not use it casually.

“The immortal world has very serious rules.

It is absolutely not allowed to contact the lower realm without permission, especially when giving Immortal Talismans, breaking the balance between the two worlds.

“If this matter were to spread, even I would be in big trouble.”

“Exalted True Immortal, dont worry, we are clear.

The two of us will definitely not say a word.”

“Thats good! The two of you have to work hard.

Whether or not you can achieve immortality depends on whether or not the two of you work hard for me.”

“Dont worry, Exalted True Immortal.

The two of us will definitely work hard to complete the mission for you.”

With that, the beam of light gradually disappeared.

However, before the beam of light disappeared, five Immortal Talismans were thrown out from within.

At that moment, even if the two of them had the cultivation level of Supreme Eternals, they did not care about their image and immediately went forward to fight for the five Immortal Talismans.

Soon, one of them obtained two and the other three.

The two of them held the Immortal Talismans in their hands and could not help but smile.

“I didnt expect the Exalted True Immortal to be so generous this time.

He gave us five Immortal Talismans at once.”

“As expected, our previous decision was right.

Only by capturing 10 billion people from the Xuan Yuan god clan would the Exalted True Immortal be so happy to give us five Immortal Talismans at once.

“Looks like the two of us need to capture even more members of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

That way, the two of us will reap even more rewards!”

A greedy light flickered in the eyes of the two of them.

At that moment, the demeanor of the two Supreme Eternals instantly vanished without a trace.

On the other side, Ye Xiao was also extremely excited after knowing that he had a pure Xuan Yuan bloodline.

It turned out that he had always thought that his greatest weapon might be his Golden Book divine soul.

In the end, what he did not expect was that he had an even greater trump card, the pure Xuan Yuan bloodline.

With the pure Xuan Yuan bloodline, his future strength and martial path might far exceed his imagination.

However, according to what his ancestors said, he had to keep a slightly low profile.

At the very least, he had to develop a little and let his strength become stronger.

That made Ye Xiao feel that he had been very lucky recently.

That was because the things that he had obtained recently were basically all linked together and were more useful.

For example, the pure immortal blood needed to be hidden.

At the very least, when his strength was very weak in the early stages, he could not casually reveal it.

Moreover, the Golden Book divine soul had been one step ahead of him and successfully advanced, allowing him to easily block out the natural laws.

That way, many people would not notice him, and no one would be able to notice his cultivation.

Perhaps even a True Immortal might not be able to sense him


Ye Xiao very quickly began to look at other things.

Those should be the immortal techniques left behind by his ancestors.

He did not expect that he would also become the son of a rich man and inherit a large amount of precious wealth.


However, when he opened all the books and read them once, the smile on his face gradually disappeared and was replaced by a speechless expression.

There were indeed many immortal techniques inside, but… They were all trash!

Not a single book could be read.

Even the Golden Book divine soul disdained to include them.

Perhaps the ancestors back then were really that weak.

As a result, he did not obtain any better things.

Even so, it was a very interesting thing.

Could it be that the Great Way of Life immortal technique, Yin-yang immortal technique, and Space-time immortal technique that Golden Book divine soul had synthesized before were still a hundred times stronger than those immortal techniques

Although those immortal techniques were very trashy, the immortal techniques that the Golden Book divine soul had synthesized were actually so much stronger than them.

Did that mean that the Golden Book divine soul, even at the level of a True Immortal, was still a very impressive existence

‘D*mn it, I thought that I finally had an even more powerful trump card, the pure Xuan Yuan bloodline.

‘In the end, the best one was still the Golden Book divine soul!

‘It seemed that I would never be able to undermine the Golden Book.

‘Golden Book, what kind of existence are you

‘How powerful are you


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