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“You still dare to speak!”

The Phoenix Empress glared at Ye Xiao.

That fellow could have told her about that matter directly, but in the end, he insisted on taking it on himself.

Were all men such creatures that cared about their reputation

If she had been the one to step forward from the start, it would definitely have been much easier to handle.

Everyone would have had an explanation for each other, so it was better to suppress it.

They would not have made such a big fuss.

In the end, it was all good although he had provoked the Qilin King suddenly, and the Qilin King would definitely not let it go so easily in the future.

He might even find some trouble with him later on.

Ye Xiao shrugged.

“Its fine.

In any case, you cant bear to see me die.

With you bearing the brunt of it, whats there to worry about”

“You! You fellow, so youve planned this all along.

Youre just waiting for me to come out and clean up your mess, right”

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The Phoenix Empress clenched her little pink fists in anger.

That scene caused countless men to be unable to help but feel their hearts break.

That was the goddess that every living being in the entire starry sky dreamed of.

Right in front of them, she was actually flirting with Ye Xiao in front of so many people.

Was there anything crueler than that in the world

As if noticing everyones gazes, the Phoenix Empress glared fiercely at Ye Xiao again.

“Come to the Phoenix Plains immediately and see if I wont teach you a good lesson.”

After saying that, she turned around and left.

Among those onlookers, there were already people who threw their heads back and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

That was blood that was spat out because their hearts were in extreme pain.

They simply could not accept what they had heard.

Was there a mistake

Was the flirting not enough She even had to run to the Phoenix Plains to deal with Ye Xiao.

How was she going to deal with him

Was she going to sit and deal with him

Was she going to kneel and deal with him

Was she going to lie down and deal with him

Was she going to deal with him sideways

Thinking of that, countless people felt apocalyptic despair.

The goddess in their hearts!


Ye Xiao, the person who deserved to be killed by the heavens.

That beast, he was simply worse than a beast.

If it was not because they could not defeat Ye Xiao, perhaps all of them would have charged forward right then and torn him into pieces!

However, it was at that moment that Ye Xiao cast his gaze on all of them instead.

Everyone could not help but shudder violently.

Even though they wished that they could eat him alive then.

However, everyone knew in their hearts that if they were to really calculate it, it was not them who would eat Ye Xiao alive, but Ye Xiao who would eat them alive.

That was because Ye Xiaos strength was much, much stronger than theirs.

At that moment, Ye Xiao slowly opened his mouth and said,

“Ive already told all of you before.

Each of the god clans can choose to attack me.

But since they attacked me, they must be prepared for the consequences.

“All of you attacked me previously.

Now that Im retaliating, it should be very reasonable, right”

Everyone fiercely shivered.

Their expressions became even more bitter and unbearable.

It was over.

That fellow was starting to settle scores.

The reason why they had chosen to take action previously was purely that they felt that Ye Xiao was dead for sure at that time.

They were definitely standing on the side of the three great god clans.

If they did not take action, they would definitely be saved by the three great god clans.

In the end, they did not expect that not only did Ye Xiao not die, but he was even so monstrous.

He had forcefully endured until the end and was still unscathed.

Who could have guessed that such a situation would occur

If it was a gamble, practically everyone present had lost completely.

After they knew that Ye Xiao had the protection of the Phoenix Empress, everyone was almost unable to have any thoughts of provoking him.

Even the Phoenix Empress was on his side.

How could people like them compare to that

In addition, the Phoenix Empress could use his Immortal Artifact.

That way, even if the Dragon Emperor and Qilin King were to join forces, they would not be able to do anything to him.

It was over!

At that time, it was all over.

The funny thing was that they had thought that Ye Xiao would be completely finished.

In the blink of an eye, the person who was completely finished had turned into them.

What was more lamentable was that tragedy had come to the top of their heads.

Seeing that everyone was silent, Ye Xiao opened his mouth again and said,

“Dont think that if you guys dont speak, the matter between us will be over.

Speak up.

Who will be the first”

The entire starry sky was completely silent.

No one dared to step forward.

They did not even dare to say a single word.

They did not even dare to take a deep breath.

Of course, no one dared to run either.

At that moment, whoever ran would die.

Their speed could not compare to Ye Xiao at all.

They would not be able to beat him even if they were to fight.

Could it be that it was their doomsday

A sense of desolation instantly surged into everyones hearts.

Very quickly, a Godly Emperor cupped his hands towards Ye Xiao and said,

“Mister… Mister Ye, we were indeed disrespectful to you previously.

But at that time, we also did not know about the relationship between you and the Phoenix Empress.

“If we knew about the relationship between the two of you, we would definitely not do anything.

“This is all a misunderstanding.

Sir, you are magnanimous.

Can you let us off”

However, just as he finished saying that, Ye Xiao raised his hand and slashed out.

The moment the sword was slashed out, the wind and clouds rose.

The sword glow spread out for tens of thousands of miles in the starry sky.

The stars trembled and in an instant, his head was chopped off.

“Saying such words is meaningless.

Ive already said before that anyone can attack me, but they will also have to bear the fury of my subsequent actions.

“Ive already warned all of you in advance.

Its a path that all of you have chosen.”

The strong preyed on the weak.

Ye Xiao would not spare them just because the people in front of him begged for mercy.

Just a simple misunderstanding was enough to get rid of everything

Was that not laughable

It was extremely laughable.

If he did not have so many tricks up his sleeves, he would have died long ago, leaving not even ashes behind.

Ye Xiao was not stupid.

Other people did not want him to live, so it was impossible for him to give them a good attitude.

Since they had attacked him, they would have to bear the corresponding price.

Of course, it was only a small price.

There was another reason.

It was because Ye Xiao knew that although those people were afraid of his strength, they did not have the slightest bit of respect for him.

With that, when he was around, they might be respectful to the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Once he advanced and ascended in the future, it was very likely that they would be disadvantageous to the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Since that was the case, he might as well directly take a step into the position and raise the Xuan Yuan god clans status.

Let those people not only feel fear in their hearts but also respect.

That way, even if he were not around in the future, they would not dare to do anything to the Xuan Yuan god clan casually.

Everyone felt bitter in their hearts.

They knew that they would not be able to escape that hurdle.

Although they were extremely vexed in their hearts.

Why were they such thoughtless idiots previously and oppose Ye Xiao

At that point, thinking about it was already useless.

There was no medicine for regret in the world.

Even if they were really allowed to go up and fight Ye Xiao, only a fool would choose to do so.

That fellow was so powerful, that going up against him would mean death.

There was simply no way to defeat him.

Furthermore, what if they could defeat him

Behind him, there was a woman even more powerful than him, the Phoenix Empress.

If they were able to kill Ye Xiao, the Phoenix Empress, who was behind Ye Xiao, would not easily forgive them.

He was a serious little lover of the Phoenix Empress.

If they could not beat him, they could not beat him.

At that moment, one of them pondered for a moment before taking the initiative to step forward.

“Mister Ye, I feel extremely sorry for the insult we caused you previously! I can also understand your feelings at this moment.

“In order to express our apology, we have decided to send you a huge amount of resources to atone for our sins.”

Ye Xiao nodded

He did not expect that fellow to actually cotton on.

He had some brains.

It was true that he wanted to intimidate people, but he did not want to kill all of them.

That was because the other party did not take much advantage of him.

Since the other party was actually so sensible, there was no need for him to continue being unreasonable.

“Alright, Giant Serpent god clan, you can go back now.”

“Yes! Thank you very much, Mr.


With that said, the Giant Serpent god clans Grand Elder immediately took his leave.

With a template, it was much easier for the people following.

The others were not stupid either.

They all went forward to apologize and offered their important gifts.

At that point, the battle that was like a farce finally came to an end.

Ye Xiao came to Xuanyuan Longs side and they all immediately cupped their hands and bowed.

“Welcome, Elder Ye!”

Ye Xiao waved his hand.

“Dont play such sour tricks.

All of you have to register the gifts they gave me in detail, and not a single one of them is allowed to be missing.

If anyone is missing, tell me in time.

Ill definitely go over and personally greet their entire family.”


“Im going to the Phoenix Plains.

If nothing unexpected happens, I should be back very soon.

Lets talk about it when the time comes.”

After saying that, he turned around and disappeared from where he was.

At that moment, Xuanyuan Long had sunk into a deep state of worry.

Godly Emperor Wu Ying and the rest by the side suddenly could not help but say,

“Xuanyuan Long, why are you suddenly in a daze Didnt Ye Xiao assign you a mission”

Xuanyuan Long said with a worried expression,

“Thats right.

He did assign me a mission, but Im very worried now.”

“Worried about what”

“Im worried.

He said that he wont be gone for long.

Could it be that he cant last long He wont be able to hold out for too long If thats the case, how will he be able to satisfy the Phoenix Empress If he cant satisfy the Phoenix Empress, how will the Phoenix Empress continue to dote on him

“When that time comes, it will be dangerous for him.”

When everyone heard that, their hearts trembled and they all fell into deep thought.

“I think we should think of a way to help him extend his time I heard that there are many kinds of special and expensive ingredients.

As long as he eats them, he will be able to last longer.”

“Hiss! It actually has such a magical effect.

Since thats the case, we must think of a way to get some for him.

“If he can continue to walk like this with the Phoenix Empress, and have another little baby, we people will really be able to bring glory to our ancestors.”


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