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The Dragon clans ambassador did not seem to have expected such a thing to happen either.

His expression was incredulous.

The thing in the other partys hand was actually not a lesser Immortal Artifact, but a true Immortal Artifact.

However, the two of them were, after all, martial arts masters at the peak of the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm.

Their temperaments were naturally many times stronger than the others.

Therefore, the shock of the two of them only lasted for a short moment before they regained their senses.

High Ambassador Qilin used his fastest speed to execute the Space Warping masterpiece technique.

The Qilin Seal was instantly transmitted out and smashed fiercely onto Ye Xiaos hand.

Ye Xiaos strength was only at the eighth-level Godly Emperor realm after all.

He had just slashed out with his sword and had not had the time to react when his attack smashed onto his hand.

The Great Dragon immediately fell off and was suppressed by the Qilin Seal for a moment.

Taking advantage of that instant, the Dragon clans ambassador and Qilins ambassador simultaneously unleashed their attacks one after the other, ruthlessly striking toward Ye Xiao.

At that moment, Ye Xiao no longer had an Immortal Artifact, so his strength must have been greatly reduced.

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Everyone was barehanded, and they all had archaic masterpiece techniques that were ranked in the top ten.

The two of them were sufficient to suppress Ye Xiao.

They would not be afraid of him using the World Destruction masterpiece technique because Ye Xiaos strength was not enough.

Even if he used the World Destruction masterpiece technique, he would not be able to suppress the True Dragon masterpiece technique and the Space Warping masterpiece technique that they had.

As for the Minor Destiny technique, the two of them were even less intimidated.

That was because although the Minor Destiny technique was monstrous, its speed of execution was not so fast.

At such a close distance, he simply had no way to use the Minor Destiny technique in time.

Everything was over!

However, he did not know why but even though the situation had already reached such a critical stage, there was still not a trace of worry on Ye Xiaos face.

Moreover, he actually launched an attack at the same time to resist the two of them.


The attacks of the three people did not pause for too long and instantly exploded together.

In the blink of an eye, a beam of extremely resplendent light exploded out in the starry sky.

That beam of light looked as if the center of the entire star region had exploded.

At that moment, the entire star region felt a huge fluctuation.

No, it was not just that star region.

More accurately speaking, several star regions in the surroundings had all received the violent impact of that attack.

Countless star islands and celestial bodies began to tremble.

Many weak lives had their bodies implode.

There were no celestial bodies or star islands in the star area where the battlefield was located because they had all been destroyed.

The star area had become an empty shell without any foothold.

After the explosion, there were only a few pure golden lights left in the starry sky.

Those few pure golden lights were, in fact, the martial arts masters above the sixth or seventh-level Godly Emperor realm.

Moreover, they were currently at the edge of the star domain.

Although they were very far away from the previous attack, they could still feel a sense of death pressing down on them.

At that instant, they even felt that they should run away quickly.

They should leave that star field ahead of time.

Fortunately, they managed to hold on in the end.

After all, they were already at the edge of the star field and not at the center.

Although the star field was not a divine territory, it was already so big that it was unimaginable.

It contained countless small worlds like the planets where the Nine Provinces were located, as well as floating islands and meteorites.

The combat strength that a peak ninth-level Godly Emperor could achieve was already sufficient to easily destroy a star domain.

They really did not know how powerful it would be if its strength reached the level of a Supreme Eternal.

However, at that moment, everyone could not think too much.

They were thinking more about that great battle.

Many people immediately opened their eyes to look when they saw that the explosion had ended.

Due to the distance and the strong energy in the center, they still could not see the movements of the three people clearly.

Fortunately, the Phoenix clans Supreme Bright Phoenix Mirror was still floating in the starry sky, therefore, they could look over at a glance.

However, of course, after they looked over, everyone once again entered a petrified state.

“What the f*ck… This… How is this possible”

For a moment, countless people fell into a state of collapse.

Ye Xiao was actually able to withstand the attacks of two peak ninth-level Godly Emperors and lesser Supreme Eternals without any weapons

What exactly was going on

At that moment, someone had already noticed the light that bloomed on his hand.

Within the nine colors, the center circle of light was actually purple gold!

That was right!

It was purple gold light!

The Phoenix god clans ambassador could not help but doubt, muttering,

“That light… Could it be the legendary… Immortal technique, right”

The entire starry sky instantly fell into a dead silence.

Then, everyone went crazy!

Completely crazy!

“F*ck! He even has the legendary immortal technique Is he human”

“Hes not human! Hes too inhuman!”

“He deserves to be killed! Oh God, is he your illegitimate child You cant be so biased, right

“Not to mention the Immortal Artifact, he even has the immortal technique!

“Why dont you just directly raise him to the rank of a True Immortal

“Why do you still want him to cultivate”

“Hes a beast! A beast!”

Countless people could not help but start beating their chests and stomping their feet.

Ye Xiao was too perfect, too perfect.

It already made people unable to help but start to be jealous.

What others had, he had.

What others did not have, he had too.

What he had, others did not have…

Even if they were the heavens, they could not be so excessive, right

On the field, the Dragon god clans ambassador and the Qilin god clans ambassador were both petrified.

The two of them widened their eyes.

Even if they had seen it with their own eyes, the two of them did not dare to believe that such a thing had actually happened in front of their eyes.

Immortal Artifact and techniques!

That kind of special power that even the Dragon Emperor and Qilin King did not know and only existed in legends actually existed in Ye Xiaos hands

Was the Xuan Yuan god clan so powerful that they were so shameless

Even if the two of them were so powerful, they had no way of calming their hearts.

At that moment, the Qilin Seal that was suppressing the Great Dragon suddenly could not take it anymore.

That was because the Great Dragon was originally an Immortal Artifact, while it was only a lesser Immortal Artifact.

The suppression earlier was only because the spiritual energy that the Qilin envoy had poured into it was too strong.

Since the Qilin envoy was attacking Ye Xiao, there was naturally no way to do so.

Activating the Qilin Seal, the Great Dragon immediately transformed into a long steel dragon.

After overturning the Qilin Seal, it roared and charged toward Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao exerted strength with both his arms and the Great Way of Life immortal technique instantly transformed into the Yin-yang immortal technique.

As the Yin-yang immortal technique circulated, Ye Xiaos attack power attribute also suddenly changed.

That way, the balance between the three of them was broken.

Following a violent explosion, the two of them were directly sent flying.

Ye Xiao was naturally affected by some of the shockwaves, but that small injury to him could be instantly repaired by using the Undying masterpiece technique.

After that, he grabbed the Great Dragons head, and the Great Dragons head immediately turned into a handle.

Following that, the entire steel dragon instantly turned into an Immortal Artifact.

Ye Xiao held the Great Dragon in his hand and turned around to slash out with his sword, aiming straight at High Emissary Qilin.

“Not good!”

The Qilin envoy broke out in cold sweat from shock, and he immediately used the Space Warping technique and the Reincarnation technique.

The Space Warping technique allowed his body to instantly shift, while the Reincarnation technique increased the speed of his shift.

However, it was a pity that although his speed was fast, Ye Xiaos speed was even faster.

The Space-time immortal technique circulated, and the sword ray instantly sped down.

In the blink of an eye, it directly chopped off half of his shoulder一no, half of his body directly from his shoulder.

The remaining half of the Qilin emissarys body successfully escaped.

However, that part of his body was mercilessly strangled and turned into residue, completely destroyed.

After he escaped, he panted heavily, and his face was already deathly pale.

That scene made countless people even more devastated.

He was defeated!

Even the lesser Supreme Eternal was defeated!

If they had been defeated in front of another lesser Supreme Eternal, they would not have said anything.

However, the one who defeated him was only an eighth-level Godly Emperor.

The cross-realm battle had already reached that stage.

What else was there for everyone to say

Ye Xiao was stronger than lesser Supreme Eternals!

There was probably no longer any controversy regarding that matter.

In addition, there were only three Supreme Eternals in the world.

In the entire starry sky, Ye Xiao had already become the martial arts prodigy ranked fourth.


Fourth in the entire starry sky!

It was not the case of a divine territory, or in a star field or even a small world, that was the entire starry sky!

If Ye Xiao did not die that day, given some more time, in the future, in the entire starry sky, who would be able to contend against him

Ye Xiao raised his brows slightly.

“He actually missed.

Forget it, then lets do it again.”

As he spoke, he attacked once again.

Turning his hand, he swung his sword once again, pressing towards High Envoy Qilin!

At that moment, High Envoy Qilin instantly felt extreme despair.

That was because he had just been severely injured by Ye Xiaos sword.

Whether it was his bodily functions or the strength he displayed, he definitely could not reach his previous level.

On the other hand, Ye Xiao was completely unharmed.

In such a situation, he definitely had no way to dodge that sword strike again.

The Dragon clans ambassador would not be able to save him either, because he simply could not beat the other party.

The threat of death was approaching, and he already had no way to turn the situation around.

Moreover, in order to prevent him from escaping again, Ye Xiao had already specially cast the Space-time immortal technique in advance.

Not to mention that he was heavily injured at that time, even if his body was unharmed, he would not be able to dodge that sword.

However, at that moment, an angry roar suddenly sounded from the starry sky.

“B*stard! I dare you!”

When that angry roar sounded, the entire star field changed color.

Wind and clouds swirled, thunder and lightning raged, and starlight flickered non-stop.

Countless peoples eardrums seemed to be shattered!

“The Qilin King! Its the Qilin King!”


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