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Facing five seventh-level Godly Emperors, if it were any other ordinary person, they would have long been scared out of their wits.

In fact, they might not even have the will to fight.

However, Ye Xiao would not.

There was no more nonsense.

The moment everyone came out, Ye Xiao had already taken a step forward.

He would never leave anyone alive who wanted to kill him.

The five Godly Emperors naturally would not hold back when they saw Ye Xiao make a move.

Almost at the instant Ye Xiao made a move, they attacked at the same time.

In the air, multicolored light filled the sky.

The strength of a seventh-level divine emperor was unleashed to the limit at this moment.

Five rays of divine light smashed straight down, striking right at Ye Xiaos face.

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Ye Xiao did not dodge or block.

The strength of a seventh-level Godly Emperor erupted at the same time, and the strength he produced was even more powerful.

The divine light that spread out from his body was even thicker than the combined strength of the other five people.


The divine lights between the two sides collided, and the shockwaves that spread out instantly swept across the scene.

The strength of that energy wave when six seventh-level Godly Emperors fought had already exceeded peoples imagination.

No one below the sixth-level Godly Emperor realm could withstand it.

All of them retreated.

However, according to their strength, the distance they retreated was also different.

Some first-level Godly Emperors even retreated thousands of miles away.

If not for the Godly Emperors perception that was heaven-defying, they would not even be able to sense the situation at the scene.

Although those high-level Godly Emperors were not repelled by the shock wave, they could not help but tremble in fear when they saw that scene.

“He actually withstood the simultaneous attack of the seventh-level Godly Emperors!”


“This kids talent is monstrous.

Its already comparable to the Xuan Yuan clans Ancestral Dragon back then.

If we dont take him down today, Im afraid that in the future, he will become a great threat to all of us.”

At that moment, many people already began to have other thoughts.

However, just as they were speaking, Ye Xiao suddenly exerted his strength, and the divine light on his body actually doubled in size.

That terrifying power exploded out, not giving any leeway to the five seventh-level Godly Emperors above.

He forcefully pushed forward and destroyed their divine light.

In the shortest amount of time, he arrived in front of the five Godly Emperors.

“D*mn it!”

The five Godly Emperors had no choice but to interrupt their own attacks.

At the same time, they gathered everyones power and formed a spiritual energy defensive barrier to resist Ye Xiaos divine light.

However, what they did not expect was that the instant they formed the spiritual energy defensive barrier, Ye Xiaos attack attribute instantly changed and suddenly became a method that they had never seen before, furthermore, it easily shattered their spiritual energy defensive barrier.

That was the power of the Yin-yang immortal technique.

It could instantly change the attributes of the attack that Ye Xiao displayed.

Through that method, it could instantly deal a blow to the enemy.

After all, the enemy could not be like him, changing at such a fast speed.

“Not good!”

Everyone suddenly cried out in alarm.

The two Godly Emperors at the very edge escaped at the first possible moment.

As for the three Godly Emperors in the middle, they were not so lucky.

They were directly devoured by Ye Xiaos attack energy.

In the next second, they were all turned into ashes.

The power of the immortal technique was far from what they could resist.

At the very least, they, who were at the same level as Ye Xiao, had no way of resisting.

After this power shattered them, its momentum did not decrease.

It destroyed nearly 20 star islands in a row, shattering the starry sky in an instant.

It was a scene like doomsday, it was so terrifying that it made ones breathing freeze.

Countless people began to flee.

They were afraid that they would be injured by the aftershocks of that attack.

They spread out in all directions and did not dare to stay.

They fled to a very far place.

At the very least, they had to be thousands of miles away before they dared to stop and glance over.

However, the remaining two Godly Emperors did not obtain any good luck either.

Just as they were escaping, Ye Xiao had already used the Space-time immortal technique and teleported to the side of a person on the left.

His hand turned into a claw and he used the Great Way of Life technique.

With a Black Tiger digging out the heart and then crushing it.

The nine-colored multicolored light on his body instantly disappeared without a trace.

Ye Xiao immediately threw him away and turned around to chase after the second person.

“B*stard! How dare you!”

Seeing how Ye Xiao was so arrogant, at that moment, that seventh-level Godly Emperor from the Qilin god clan finally could not help but attack.

His attack speed was very fast and did not give anyone any time to think.

That was the strength of the Space Warping masterpiece technique.

Unfortunately, although the Space Warping masterpiece technique was powerful, the immortal technique was still better.

However, Ye Xiao did not change his direction because of that.

Instead, he headed straight toward the other party.

The Great Way of Life immortal technique was unleashed to the maximum.

The powerful energy was aimed at the other party.

Two even more terrifying energies collided together.

An energy shockwave that was twice as powerful as before rapidly spread out, cutting a long river that was millions of feet long on the ground, countless mountains were split open because of it, and countless lakes were sent flying.

That was not even the most terrifying part.

What was even more terrifying was that at the instant he attacked, the expression of that seventh-level Godly Emperor from the Qilin god clan changed drastically.

He could already sense how powerful Ye Xiao was!

That kind of terrifying power could only be felt when he was truly fighting with Ye Xiao.

In an instant, he was suppressed.

Ye Xiaos fist immediately exploded the energy on his fist.

Furthermore, his fist was also mercilessly blasted apart, and his arm was also torn apart inch by inch.

In the end, half of his shoulder was blasted apart by Ye Xiao.

Divine blood scattered across the sky.

Ye Xiaos punch actually passed him, directly piercing through the seventh-level Godly Emperors body behind him.

Without waiting for him to be shocked, Ye Xiaos hand had already been pulled out.

When he returned, his large hand turned into a hand knife.

With a casual pull, it chopped off his neck.

His head flew up, and fresh blood soared once again.

That scene once again shocked countless people, and it caused the starry sky to sink into a deathly stillness once again.

How terrifying and deadly was that strength

First, five seventh-level Godly Emperors joined forces, and in the end, a seventh-level Godly Emperor from the Qilin god clan also joined in.

However, not a single one of them was his match.

The six of them joined forces, but they actually all died in less than half a minute under his hands.

Could it be that that fellow was already invincible among those of the same level

Countless peoples heartbeats began to quicken.

Ye Xiaos expression was still as indifferent as before, and it did not change.

He took out a handkerchief and wiped the fresh blood on his face.

His merciless gaze swept across everyones bodies.

Other than those above the eighth-level Godly Emperor realm, no one dared to meet his eyes directly.

They all lowered their heads, and even their bodies could not help but take a few steps back.

After two attacks, Ye Xiao had already beaten those below the eighth-level Godly Emperor realm.

They had lost their anger, and even more so, their courage.

After wiping the fresh blood on his face, Ye Xiao threw down the handkerchief and continued,

“It seems that the seventh-level Godly Emperor realm is not enough for me to play with.

Why dont I give you all a chance Let the eighth-level Godly Emperors come out.”

If those extremely arrogant words were said from someone elses mouth, it might be very annoying.

However, from his mouth, why did everyone feel that there was nothing wrong with it

In fact, although he was in the seventh-level Godly Emperor realm, his battle performance was too stunning.

He did not lose to an eighth-level Godly Emperor at all.

An eighth-level Godly Emperor could do something similar to him.

That meant that he could cross realms to battle.

The eighth-level Godly Emperors looked at each other in the starry sky.

Then, one after another, they slowly descended.

“Azure Phoenix god clans Chi Yu has come to experience it.”

“Shui Zhi god clans Lei Dongtian has come to experience it.”

“Vermilion Bird god clans Tian Xuankui has come to experience it.”

“Black Tortoise god clans An Luo has come to experience it.”

“Vermilion Bird god clans Di Luoxin has come to experience it.”

The entire starry sky could not help but tremble.

Even if it was a cross-realm battle, those people who were fighting against Ye Xiao did not dare to fight one-on-one.

Instead, they adopted a plan to attack together.

In the entire starry sky, how many people could handle such an attack

It could be counted on one hand!

In that instant, everyone seemed to see a familiar shadow appearing from him.

A shadow that once stunned the entire starry sky.

The Ancestral Dragon!

Back then, he was also like Ye Xiao, unrestrained and unrivaled.

He once personally went up to the doors of one god can after another, beating up so many representatives that they did not dare to fight back, be angry, and speak out against it.

He did not expect that such a powerful existence would appear in the Xuan Yuan god clan in that day and age.

Just what kind of magic power did the Xuan Yuan god clan have They were actually so lucky.

One Heavens Chosen One after another appeared.

They did not give anyone else a chance.

Five eighth-level Godly Emperors were suppressing them.

Compared to earlier, the power was tenfold.

If it was just a few mountains, then those few fellows could already be compared to a few continents.

Of course, their strength would definitely far surpass those.

After all, they were eighth-level Godly Emperors.

Any one of them could easily destroy an existence of the Godly Emperor realm.

Su Yulong clenched his fists.

His heart was filled with jealousy and joy.

What he was jealous of was that Ye Xiao was actually so strong.

There was also the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Their strength was clearly much lower than theirs, but suddenly they were heaven-defying existences!

Why did it feel like all the geniuses belonged to other people Compared to them, his own god clan instantly became trash.

However, he was very happy because he knew that the other party was about to be destroyed.

Five eighth-level Godly Emperors.

It would be strange if Ye Xiao did not die!

At that moment, the ninth-level Godly Emperor in the sky could not help but say,

“Do you guys think that this kid will be able to hold on this time”

“Its hard to say.

I cant see through him.

I have a feeling that he still has a backup plan for himself.

“Otherwise, with his current cultivation, its impossible for him to risk his life in such a way.”

“Alright, you have a lot to say about this.

Youre right.

However, you dont have to overestimate this kid.

“No matter how heaven-defying he is, hes only at the seventh-level Godly Emperor realm.

Even if he can cross realms to fight, hes still at the seventh-level Godly Emperor realm.

Hes not a Supreme Eternal!

“Dont worry.

This round, well definitely be able to take him down!”

As they spoke, the six people on the field had already begun to make their moves.

At that time, it was indeed as they had said.

Five eighth-level Godly Emperors were already on par with him while Ye Xiao was barehanded.

The auras of both parties collided with each other and were evenly matched.

They could neither make Ye Xiao yield nor force the other party to retreat in defeat.

The air was filled with thunderbolts and turbulent currents.

The auras of both parties were too dense.

They rubbed and squeezed each other, producing violent energy.


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