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Just as Xuanyuan Long and the others were about to be taken down by the Qilin god clans Godly Emperor…

Suddenly, a sword beam came from afar and tore through the starry sky, instantly cutting off his control over Xuanyuan Long and the others.


The sword beam was like a stream that cut through the starry river, splitting everything in half.

It only stopped after cutting apart several star islands.

Xuanyuan Long and the rest instantly heaved a sigh of relief.

“Who is it”

Everyone present instantly tensed up.

Everyones gazes turned towards the direction where the sword ray was shot from.

However, very soon, some of the high-ranked Godly Emperors on the field were jolted awake.

They suddenly shifted their gazes to another place一in front of Xuanyuan Long and the rest.

“So fast!”

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Everyone could not help but exclaim in surprise.

They were all greatly shocked.

No one had expected that Ye Xiao would have such a terrifying speed.

From the position where he had emitted the sword light earlier, it could be deduced that he was at least two or three divine territories away.

Even so, he had actually arrived among them in an instant without anyone noticing.

That speed was simply enough to make ones scalp go numb.

Even the few ninth-level Godly Emperor existences could not help but have cold eyes and solemn expressions when they saw that scene.

“This kid is so strong!”

“Its him! Its him! Hes the thief of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Its him who stole the secret of the three great god clans.

Its also him who knows the Bloodbath masterpiece technique!”

The clansmen who had been resurrected from the four great god clans could not help but start accusing Ye Xiao.

Xuanyuan Long and the others came forward.

“Ye Xiao, you shouldnt have come.

This place is too dangerous.”

Ye Xiao said indifferently,

“This matter started because of me, and it should end because of me.

If I dont come, this matter will never come to an end.


Ill take care of the rest.”

Back when he dealt with the four great god clans, Ye Xiao had already guessed that day that some things were inevitable.


Xuanyuan Long and the rest immediately retreated, making room for Ye Xiao.

Not a single person from the other god clans came out to surround him.

They could run away from the monks, but they could not run away from the temple.

The Xuan Yuan god clan was so big.

With so many clansmen, where could they run to

The envoys of the three great god clans all focused their gazes on Ye Xiao and said indifferently,

“It was you who secretly learned our three great god clans secret And you even secretly learned the Bloodbath masterpiece technique”

Ye Xiao nodded.

As a man, what was done was done.

There was no need to hide anything.

Moreover, with witnesses and evidence, it would be too meaningless if he still wanted to lie at that time.

The other party would still convict him even if he did not admit it there.

It was an unavoidable war.

Since it could not be avoided, then he should face them openly.

“I didnt expect you to be so magnanimous.

You actually confessed so quickly.

In that case, tell me the truth.

“Where did you come from Did you secretly learn our secret And where did you secretly learn the Bloodbath masterpiece technique”

Ye Xiao said indifferently,

“Let me correct you first.

I didnt secretly learn your masterpiece technique.

I learned it through fair and square methods.

“This is one of the reasons.

“Two, what I want to learn is my freedom.”

Everyone narrowed their eyes, and their eyes slowly revealed some killing intent.

“What a prideful tone, to actually dare to be so arrogant! Could it be that you really think that we dont dare to kill you”

Ye Xiao took a step forward, looked around, and swept his gaze across.

“Before we truly begin, I have something I want to say.

“Everyone here today.

Can you all make a move to deal with me, and I, Ye Xiao, will receive it.

“But… I, as a person, have always taken revenge for every enmity.

“In the future, I, Ye Xiao, will make a move to fight back once provoked.

I hope that everyone will not be in disagreement.”

Everyones eyes turned cold.


Too arrogant!

He was clearly already in a dangerous situation, unable to escape even if he had wings, and was about to face a state of death.

In the end, at that moment, he actually still had the guts to threaten the other god clans, asking the others to make a move!

Was there anything more arrogant than that

It was as if a group of people was pointing swords and sabers at him.

In the end, that person still threatened that he would definitely return the favor to those who provoked him that day.

At that moment, everyone felt that his arrogance was boundless just because he had a bit of cultivation.

Soon, a figure slowly walked out from the crowd.

“Kid, although I dont know what kind of man you are, you seem to be looking down on us too much.

“Im not talented, so I want to experience your methods.”

It was an elder at the seventh-level Godly Emperor realm.

His cultivation base was rich, and his lifeblood was rich.

It was terrifying.

In the crowd, someone quickly recognized his identity.

“Its Wu Yashan! Hes a Grand Elder of the Spiritual Horse god clan, ranked 13th.”

Hes actually the first one to attack.

His strength isnt to be underestimated.

He advanced to the seventh-level Godly Emperor realm more than 300 years ago.

Now, he has been in the seventh-level Godly emperor realm for many years.

The Spiritual Horse masterpiece technique he cultivated was also the archaic masterpiece technique that was finally ranked in the top 20 in the starry sky!

His movement technique was famous throughout the starry sky.

Almost everyone knew about it.

Over the years, very few people on the same level as him were able to catch up to him.

Previously, in the Northern Territory, he had killed a seventh-level Godly Emperor, two sixth-level Godly Emperors, and seven fifth-level Godly Emperors.

There were countless other martial arts masters

“The Spiritual Horse god clan is a vassal of the Qilin god clan.

In addition, the Xuan Yuan god clan stole their 12th rank.

They are already very unhappy with the Xuan Yuan god clan.

“Now that they have an opportunity, they definitely wont let them off easily.”

“This is going to be a good show.”

Wu Yashan came to the front of the crowd and cupped his hands toward the Qilin god clans seventh-level Godly Emperor who was still in the air.

The other party had attacked Xuanyuan Long and the others earlier, but he had not changed his position at all.

“Why do we need the Godly Emperor of the Qilin god clan to deal with such a little thief I, Wu, am enough.”

The other party nodded and said indifferently with his hands behind his back,

“Be careful.

This persons strength is not ordinary.

Dont be too careless.”

“Hehehe… Thank you for your advice, but I wont be too nervous when dealing with this little brat.”

As he finished speaking, he took a step forward and arrived in front of Ye Xiao.

“B*stard, you stole the secret of the three great god clans and cultivated the Bloodbath precious technique.

You still dont know how to repent even when youre about to die.

Since youre not willing to confess, then dont blame…”

Before he finished speaking, in the next second, Ye Xiao instantly slashed out with his sword.

The dazzling light of that sword made everyone present unable to hold back their laughter, and it also made countless people unable to clearly see its speed.

The sword radiance flashed and the opponents head immediately flew up.

With a plop, his body directly fell to the ground.

He stood firm and did not have any signs of life.

Everyone present was instantly dumbfounded.

Everyone was staring at that scene.

They did not dare to believe their eyes.

There were even some existences with relatively low cultivation that did not even realize how Ye Xiao had made his move.

They felt their eyes light up before Wu Yashans head immediately flew up.

At that moment, everyone was momentarily at a loss for words.

Xuanyuan Long and the rest clenched their fists tightly and could not help but open their mouths to say the wordamazing in their hearts.

Ye Xiao swept an indifferent glance at everyone and immediately said,


One short word.

Many people present could not help but feel their hearts beating wildly.

So arrogant! So exciting!

Although he did not speak much and only had one word to say, the arrogance and coldness that he revealed made people unable to help but feel their adrenaline surge.

That seventh-level Godly Emperor of the Qilin god clan was preparing to make a move, but at the next moment, a few more seventh-level Godly Emperors walked out from the crowd.

They were all Godly Emperors who were ranked near the top of the god clan.

They were also vassals of the three great god clans.

That was the time for them to express their loyalty.

If the three great god clans were to take action, what merit would there be

It would be better to act first.

Since they could express their loyalty, they might even receive some rewards afterward.

Even if they did not receive any rewards, it was good to increase their relationship with the three great god clans.

“Let us see what you can do.”

“Since youve cultivated an evil technique, theres no need for us to pay attention to your morals.

Dont blame us for attacking you together.”

Su Yulong and the other four great god clansmen could not help but show a hint of excitement on their faces.

“The eleventh-ranked god clan, the seventh-level Godly Emperor of the Dragon Ox god clan, Niu Tianzun!

The tenth-ranked seventh-level Godly Emperor of the Bluebell god clan, Lan Feng!

The ninth-ranked seventh-level Godly Emperor of the Qing Luan god clan, Bai Yilian!

The eighth-ranked seventh-level Godly Emperor of the Water-wielding god clan, Feng Youlan!

The eighth-ranked seventh-level Godly Emperor of the Water-wielding god clan, Feng Xuanwu!

They were all top-notch martial arts masters.

Furthermore, there were a total of four Godly Emperors.

With so many Godly Emperors attacking at the same time, even if that fellow had three heads and six arms, it should be impossible for him to defeat them, right

“So many of our four great god clans have died at his hands.

Even our ancestral shrine has been completely destroyed by him.

This blood feud can finally be avenged today.”

The people from the four great god clans were all extremely excited.

They would never be able to deal with Ye Xiao in ten lifetimes.

However, inciting the entire starry sky to deal with Ye Xiao became a piece of cake.

After they were about to get their revenge, some of them were so excited that their eyes started to fog up.

At that moment, five seventh-level Godly Emperors had already arrived in front of Ye Xiao and surrounded him.

The auras of the five Godly Emperors were like five huge mountains, pressing down on Ye Xiaos head.

The aura was so strong that it caused the already strengthened ground to crack into the shape of a spider web.

At the same time, as the five seventh-level Godly Emperors erupted, multicolored light filled the sky behind them.

They were like divine wheels that were emitting halos as they slowly rotated.

They were as powerful as dragons!


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