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“I know that if I step out at this moment, everyone might think that I might have evil intentions and that Im deliberately finding trouble with the Xuan Yuan god clan.

That Im a despicable person.

“However, my personal reputation doesnt matter.

I just want everyone to know the truth of this matter.”

Seeing how righteous he was, everyones attention became even more heated.

“Youre right.

Recently, Ive been wondering why there are so many martial arts masters among the various clans in the starry sky.

But in the end, only the Xuan Yuan god clan has grown so fast in such a short period of time.

“Their growth rate is too fast.

Its simply inconceivable.

I almost thought that the Ancestral Dragon had returned and then taught them a bunch of cultivation techniques.

“I was just thinking about how powerful they are, but I didnt think of it in depth.

What a mistake.”

Seeing that scene, Su Yulong spoke again,

“Today, I will expose all the shameless crimes of the Xuan Yuan god clan in front of the 10,000 clans.

“This crime is that a thief appeared in the Xuan Yuan god clan! He stole a series of powerful masterpiece techniques from my great world.

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“Among them are the World Destruction masterpiece technique, which is ranked third, the Undying masterpiece technique, which is ranked fourth, the True Dragon masterpiece technique, which is ranked fifth, the Space Warping masterpeice technique, which is ranked sixth, and the Reincarnation masterpiece technique, which is ranked seventh!”


As soon as those words were said, the entire place exploded.

Even the three great god clans, including the Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin, were shocked to the extreme when they heard that.

“How is this possible He can actually learn the World Destruction masterpiece technique! Moreover, the remaining few masterpiece techniques are all secret techniques of the Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin god clans!”

At that moment, the envoys from the Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin god clans had already slowly descended.

Their expressions were grave as they asked,

“Su Yulong, is what you said the truth”

Su Yulong said loudly,

“Reporting to all the messengers, I, Su Yulong, am willing to use my entire Kai Tian god clans life to guarantee that what I said is absolutely the truth.

“Not only me, but also the Tiancang god clan, the Earth Spirit god clan, and the Golden god clan!

“The three great god clans can all testify and vouch for what I said.

“Of course, our four great god clans have a grudge against them.

If we say this alone, it wont be credible.

“However, the clansmen that they killed and revived had memories of this.

“If you dont believe me, you can directly search through our clansmens memories.

The memories cant be faked, right”

The three messengers looked at each other and immediately said,

“Bring your clansmen up.”


Su Yulong immediately ordered his clansmen to come up so that the emissaries of the three clans could search for their memories.

He glanced at Xuanyuan Long and the others and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

His gaze was filled with provocation.

It was as if he was saying that all of them were finished.

The expressions of Xuanyuan Long and the others were also extremely grave.

They naturally knew that what Su Yulong and the others said was true.

Actually, they had also thought about the drawbacks of that matter in the past, which was why they had advised Ye Xiao to keep a low profile and not casually use those masterpiece techniques.

However, during a battle, it was inevitable that Ye Xiao would not use those masterpiece techniques.

It was definitely impossible for him to hide it 100 percent perfectly.

In the end, he would still be discovered by others.

However, they did not expect that it would actually be in front of the 10,000 clans, at the most crucial juncture.

Su Yulong had practically used the most ruthless move.

At the moment when they were at their most glorious and dazzling moment, he gave them a ruthless slash, causing them to suffer a deep pain before falling into an endless abyss.

“Brother Yun, what should we do This matter has already been exposed.

In a while, the Xuan Yuan god clan will definitely be besieged.

Should we quietly leave now and look for Ye Xiao However, thinking about it, it should be impossible.

Why dont we send people out and go back to report to Ye Xiao”

“Please dont do this.

This place has gathered the attention of all the various god clans in the starry sky.

Any action we make now will be discovered and used by those who have ill intentions.

“Moreover, they actually dared to do this.

They must have made ample preparations beforehand.

If I didnt say that I was surprised, the disciples of our two clans should have already been monitored.

“At this moment, Our Xuan Yuan god clan will most likely not be able to escape.

Therefore, Brother Wu Ying, the few of you will separate from us in a while.

Draw a clear line and dont get involved in our Xuan Yuan god clan.

“This way, we can at least guarantee your safety.”

Godly Emperor Wu Ying and the others were shocked.

“Brother Yun, you know that our Netherworld god clan isnt the kind of ungrateful, heartless people.”

“Brother Wu Ying, I naturally dont mean that.

I believe in your character.

Its precisely because of this that I want you to separate from us.

“If our Xuan Yuan god clan cant escape this calamity, please help our Xuan Yuan god clan and protect our clansmen.”

Godly Emperor Wu Ying and the others sighed.

Of course, they knew what Yun Cangqiong and the others meant.

After that incident, the Xuan Yuan god clan would probably suffer a great calamity.

At that time, it was not certain if the entire god clan could survive.

At that time, the Netherworld god clan would still be able to save them and give the Xuan Yuan god clan a glimmer of hope to survive.

After all, if they were to fight alongside the Xuan Yuan god clan there, it would be useless.

How much strength did the two god clans have together

Very quickly, the Godly Emperors of the Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin god clan searched through the other partys memories and confirmed the matter.

At that moment, the expressions of the three Godly Emperors turned completely cold.

Their eyes revealed chilling killing intent.

“Xuanyuan Long, how should your Xuan Yuan god clan explain this matter”

Xuanyuan Long stepped forward and cupped his hands.

“Reporting to high ambassador, we are not too clear about this matter.

We still need to go back and investigate.

What exactly is the reason Only then can we find out.”

“How ridiculous! Do you think we are all fools After doing such a thing, you still wish for us to let you go back Do you think thats possible”

“None of you can think of leaving today.

The three god clans will naturally send people to Xuan Yuan divine territory to investigate.

“As for the few of you, you can stay here as hostages for now.”

However, at that moment, Su Yulong spoke again,

“Ambassadors of the three god clans, I have another matter to report.

The Xuan Yuan god clan didnt just secretly learn the secrets of the few great god clans.

“Other than that, they also secretly learned the evilest masterpiece technique in the starry sky, the Bloodbath masterpiece technique.

“They have all become evil people.

“Dont believe their nonsense.

You should kill them immediately.

Otherwise, they might use a secret technique to escape.”

“What They actually practiced the Bloodbath masterpiece technique”

“Thats an evil technique that made people tremble in fear in the immemorial era!”

“I heard that masterpiece technique has unlimited potential.

As long as you have enough divine blood, you can even surpass the previous masterpiece techniques!”

“Thats too terrifying.

I was wondering why the Xuan Yuan god clans strength rose so quickly.

It turns out that stealing other peoples masterpiece techniques isnt enough.

They even specialize in cultivating evil techniques.”

“Sigh! Peoples hearts are broken.

No matter how strong their cultivation is, what use is it”

When the three Godly Emperors heard that, their expressions changed.

“Godly Emperors, listen up.

Take down the Xuan Yuan Godly Emperors immediately.

Kill anyone who resists.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Su Yulong and the others, who had been impatient for a long time, immediately turned into a bolt of lightning and disappeared.

They reappeared in front of Xuanyuan Long and the others.

In the palms of Su Yulong and the others, there was a cold light that emitted dense killing intent.

The three Godly Emperors had their backs to them, so they might not be able to see it.

However, their hearts were filled with killing intent.

However, Xuanyuan Long and the others could easily see it.

They knew that if they allowed the other party to attack them, it would not be a simple capture.

They would definitely be killed.

Su Yulong and the others hated their people to the bone!

As a result, the few Godly Emperors had no choice but to grit their teeth and use their masterpiece techniques to defend against the other party.

In a flash of lightning…


Accompanied by an intense explosion, light shot in all directions and dust rose up.

The few Godly Emperors were actually repelled by the three Godly Emperors from the Xuan Yuan god clan.

When they came, Yun Changqing and the others had not been revived, so only three Godly Emperors had come.

However, seeing that scene made many peoples hearts palpitate.

The few Godly Emperors who had just attacked were basically at the fourth level of the Godly Emperor realm.

At that point, there was even a fifth-level Godly Emperor!

Such a powerful existence was actually repelled by the three of them.

The only explanation was that the three of them had used an even higher level of archaic masterpiece technique.

The Qilin god clans Godly Emperor emissary could not help but say in surprise,

“Its actually the tenth-ranked Great Brahma masterpiece technique and the eighth-ranked True Lightning masterpiece technique in the starry sky! I didnt expect them to have both of these masterpiece techniques.

“Ive really underestimated them.”

After saying that, he gave the person beside him a look.

The other party understood and immediately made a move to suppress Xuanyuan Long and the other two.

He was a seventh-level Godly Emperor.

The moment he made a move, his terrifying aura immediately locked the three of them in place.

“So powerful!”

“Its a seventh-level Godly Emperor!”

Xuanyuan Long and the other twos expressions changed drastically.

That was because it was impossible for them to defeat such an existence.

As expected, the moment the other party made a move, he used the Space Warping masterpiece technique to suppress them.

The Space Warping masterpiece technique was ranked sixth among the archaic masterpiece techniques in the starry sky.

It was much stronger than the True Lightning masterpiece technique and the Great Brahma masterpiece technique in their hands, so they had no way to resist.

It was over!

Godly Emperor Wu Ying and the others could not help but close their eyes and helplessly let out a deep sigh.

They had already expected that outcome, but what could they do

There were too many martial arts masters there.

With just them, they could not make a difference.

Whether or not they made a move was already destined.

The corners of Su Yulongs and the others mouths curled up once again.

They were extremely pleased with themselves.

In reality, they had been deliberately putting on an act earlier, revealing their killing intent to force Xuanyuan Long to resist.

Although they really wanted to kill Xuanyuan Long and the others, they were not fools.

There were so many people there, and there were also the three great god clans.

If they killed them, would they not be asking for trouble

Therefore, they deliberately set up a plan to force Xuanyuan Long and the others to resist.

That way, the three great god clans could not help but send people to attack.

The martial arts masters they casually sent out were all martial arts prodigies that the other god clans could only dream of.

Facing such an existence, even if the Xuan Yuan god clan had all kinds of divine abilities, they could not use them.

At that point, it was only time for the fall of the Xuan Yuan god clan!


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