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At that moment, he suddenly understood that his retribution was right there!

Being targeted by a Supreme Eternal!

Was there anything more tragic than that

If he was in the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm, he would not be too worried about the help of immortal techniques and Immortal Artifacts.

However, he had just advanced to the seventh-level Godly Emperor realm.

With that cultivation base, there was no way he could defeat the Supreme Eternal.

As expected, such a serious violation of laws like reversing the future could not be done casually.

The corners of the Phoenix Empresss mouth curled up slightly as she said,

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“Do you want to go to Phoenix Plains If you want to go, start begging.

This empress can bring you there.”


That smile, if he went to the Phoenix Plains, it would definitely not be a good thing.

Would he be going into the lions den

“Theres no need.

Ill just stay here.

The other party probably wouldnt dare to run out casually either.

Otherwise, other than yourself, even the Dragon Emperor and Qilin King wouldnt allow it, right”

Of course, Ye Xiao said that on purpose because he knew that the one who could not let go of him the most was the Phoenix Empress.

Would she be satisfied if she did not get to reap the fruits of the plant that she had been guarding for so long

That was definitely impossible.

The Phoenix Empress put away the smile on her face.

“Forget it.

Although this empress will protect you, it does not mean that I can protect you completely.

“If something really happens to you, dont blame me.

“Dont blame this empress for not warning you.

Those two Supreme Eternals are existences ranked 97th and 94th among the many great worlds.

They are not ordinary Supreme Eternals.

“Even if you can cross ranks to fight, you wont be their match.”

Ye Xiao was startled and could not help but ask,

“Among the Supreme Eternals, theres a ranking list Are you trying to scare me

“The Supreme Eternals are such heaven-defying existences.

In the entire great world, there are only about three of them.

Who can make a ranking list for martial arts prodigies like you”

The Phoenix Empresss expression was solemn as she said,

“Of course there is! Furthermore, its that Ancestral Dragon of your Xuan Yuan god clan.”

Ye Xiao was numb.

From his head to his small toe.

Along the way, he had never seen the Ancestral Dragon, Brother Zheng.

However, the legend of Brother Zheng had always been there and had never disappeared.

From Martial Emperor to Godly Emperor, then from Godly Emperor to Supreme Eternal.

After he had already made a ranking list for Supreme Eternals, did that not mean that Brother Zhengs strength had already reached the legendary True Immortal realm

Brother Zheng was the greatest of all time!

Perhaps, after he advanced to the True Immortal realm, he would be able to meet Brother Zheng.

“Speaking of which, why did the Ancestral Dragon create the Supreme Eternals ranking”

“This is because of the legend of becoming a True Immortal in ancient times.

In order to transcend the tribulation and become a True Immortal, one must overcome seven tribulations.

“Among these seven tribulations, each tribulation was the most difficult tribulation in the world to overcome.

“However, the number of divine lightning summoned by the seven tribulations was limited and not much.

Even if one had attained immortality, it was impossible for one to be invincible in the world.

“Other than the seven tribulations, there was also an extremely powerful and terrifying tribulation.

“This tribulation was to challenge the Supreme Eternals of the myriad worlds!

“The stronger the Immortal Tribulation, the stronger ones aptitude after becoming a True Immortal.

The Ancestral Dragon used this method to let his talent far surpass those of us who had overcome the seven tribulations

“To be able to pass the Immortal Tribulation in this way, what a good fellow.”

Ye Xiao could not help but sigh and immediately said,

“From ancient times until now, how many Supreme Eternals have used this method to pass the Immortal Tribulation”

The Phoenix Empress shook his head.

“I dont know about that, but what I do know is that even among the 10,000 Supreme Eternals, there might only be one person who would choose this method to pass the tribulation.

“Not to mention this method of transcending the tribulation, there would also be failures, and the probability of failure was even higher.

“One had to know that one needed to continuously challenge 100 Supreme Eternals, and one could not lose a match.

Once one lost a match, one would die.

“The vast majority of people would choose to go through the seven-layered Immortal Tribulation like me.

Although the seven-layered Immortal Tribulation was also very difficult to pass if one did not successfully transcend the tribulation, at least one would not die immediately.

They can still live for quite a few more years.”

Ye Xiao nodded, already having a vague idea in his heart.

What kind of tribulation was he going to go through

The seven Immortal Tribulations or the challenge of 100 Supreme Eternals

It was impossible for two to go through the tribulations together, right

At that moment, the Phoenix Empress spoke again,

“Actually, you dont need to think so much.

At that moment, theres no harm in talking about it.

Your current cultivation is still far from it.

“Even if you become a Supreme Eternal, its impossible for you to immediately start transcending the tribulation.

At the very least, you need to consolidate your cultivation for a period of time.

“Among the Supreme Eternals, although there arent any grades or differences between the early, middle, and late stages, some peoples standards are very high, and some peoples standards are very low.

“What you need to think about now is whether or not you want to return to the Phoenix Plain with me”

Ye Xiao rubbed the space between his brows.

“Can I not go”

The Phoenix Empress nodded.

“Then Ill set up a mark at the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

If any of them come over, Ill rush over to deal with them immediately.

“But theres one point.

Ill only protect the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

If you leave the Xuan Yuan Mountain, I wont guarantee it.”

Ye Xiao said rather seriously,

“Can I ask for a big favor Protect our Xuan Yuan god clan altogether!”

“Scram! This empress isnt working for you.”

The Phoenix Empresss expression turned cold, and she was so angry that she immediately turned around and left.

Ye Xiao could not help but smile embarrassedly after being rebuked.

However, it had to be said that when that old woman was angry, it was when she was the most beautiful.

The Phoenix Empress was suited to be cold and elegant! Noble!

To her, her gentleness had lost the desire to let men conquer her.

However, Ye Xiao very quickly began to think about another matter.

That was about transcending the tribulation to become a True Immortal.

Who decided on the way to transcend the tribulation to become a True Immortal The group of people above the True Immortal realm

Perhaps… The power of the natural laws

From a certain perspective, transcending the tribulation to become a True Immortal should be a process of improving ones divine body in all aspects, allowing martial artists to break through the shackles of the current universe and advance to a brand new level.

The people of the previous life did not grasp the power of martial arts, but they still pondered about who created the world Was there a god in the world

However, with the development of technology, everyone felt that the development of the universe followed the laws of nature.

However, science still could not explain many things.

At that point, even martial artists existed in the current world.

Could there be such an existence like the god of creation

If there really was such an existence, it was him who set all the rules of the world.

If he followed the rules of the world, what would he become in the end

A True Immortal

What was a True Immortal A slave of the creator god

That was because when two or even countless forces existed at the same time, it must be the powerful side that controlled the weaker side.

It was just like how he had changed the direction between the two major worlds by jumping time.

The result would also attract some trouble in the future.

If he followed the power of laws and did not have a path that belonged to him… If he ended up walking into the other partys dead end, would he not be controlled by someone else

The pigs in the pig farm had gone through a series of fixed breeding routines.

When they grew up and could step out of the fence, they would follow a fixed path and walk to a place where their lives would be ended.

The true meaning of martial arts left behind by Brother Zheng had also said that he wanted to leave a path for himself, a path to immortality!

Breaking the old system and breaking the view that people would only become Supreme Eternals in the end.

In the end, he still walked a path set by the laws of nature.

Crossing the tribulation with 100 Supreme Eternals.

Although it was a relatively difficult way to cross the tribulation, it was still a path set by the laws of nature.

‘Could I use the power of the laws to break through the laws

‘Not following the ancient laws and walking on a path that belonged to me.

‘In this way, could I escape the restrictions of the laws

To prevent me from being suppressed by the nameless laws of nature.

‘What realm do I want to advance to As long as I cultivate to it, what realm will I advance to

‘Instead of following the will of the natural laws

Thinking up to this point, the Golden Book divine soul within Ye Xiaos body suddenly began to emit a resplendent light.

In the next second, the Golden Book divine soul became even more exquisite, solemn, mysterious, and powerful!

Ye Xiao could feel that the Golden Book divine soul had undergone a qualitative change at that moment!

The divine soul symbolized a persons will.

When it changed, it meant that his will had also changed.

However, at the same time, it would bring a brand new characteristic and power to the main body.

It was just that Ye Xiao did not know what that characteristic and power were for the time being.

However, it was good that there was a change.

That meant that in his future, it was indeed possible for him to break away from the natural laws that even the Ancestral Dragon could not break away from.

If that was the case, he might be able to cultivate a power that relied on no one and was not controlled by anyone.

A power that could not even be controlled by the natural laws, a power that transcended the secular world.

At that moment, in a certain spot in the starry sky near the Xuan Yuan divine territory, two figures suddenly could not help but say,

“Thats strange.

Did you feel anything special just now The Xuan Yuan divine territory seems to have suddenly lost something.”

“Thats right! I also felt it.

The two of us are Supreme Eternals.

Our thoughts can envelop a divine territory and completely lock down the other party.

“Any existence in this divine territory, even if it was a tiny ant or a tiny speck of dust, wouldnt be able to escape our spiritual sense scanning.

“Even when the Phoenix Empress had just arrived and left, the two of us had sensed it.

“But just now, it was as if something was missing.

“What made me even more puzzled was that I clearly knew what was missing, but I couldnt tell

“How terrifying is the Xuan Yuan divine territory That thing thats missing, its most likely related to the power of natural laws.

Thats something only those above the True Immortal realm can play with.

“With our current strength, we still cant sense it.”

“Originally, I wanted to go to the Xuan Yuan divine territory to take a look.

Now, it seems that I should temporarily not touch the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

This place has an evil aura about it.”

“Right, lets go collect information about the Xuan Yuan divine territory first.”


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