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Xuanyuan Long said regretfully,

“But this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

After this, there wont be another chance.

“In the entire starry sky, its a rare opportunity for a new ranking of the god clans to appear.

“It hasnt happened once in thousands of years.

“If it were any other time, we would have to challenge them one by one in order to increase our ranking of the god clans.

“Moreover, there are still a lot of troublesome matters in the middle, such as the other party being unwilling to accept the challenge and so on…”

Ye Xiao waved his hand.

“If all of you really want to participate, then go and participate by yourselves.

But dont drag me along.

I dont want to stand out.”

What he said was also the truth.

The Xuan Yuan god clan was currently at the stage where their strength was rising, and they had yet to reach a truly heaven-defying ability.

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There were countless martial arts prodigies above them.

Not to mention the Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin god clans, just the Giant Serpent god clan and the others behind them were all as powerful as ascending to the heavens.

Even if they met the Bluebell god clan that was ranked in the top ten, to be honest, without Ye Xiaos influence, the Xuan Yuan god clan might not even be able to defeat them.

That was because when Ye Xiao went to the Bluebell divine territory that time, they clearly still had a few Godly Emperors.

Did the Xuan Yuan god clan have more than that

The Xuan Yuan god clan currently only had a maximum of five Godly Emperors.

How could they contest with them

If they were to participate with them, they would probably only reach the top few.

If they did not have them, they would probably be beyond the top ten, around the 112th place.

Since they were not the first place, then what was the use of getting into the top few

“Then… Alright.”

Although Xuanyuan Long felt a little regretful in his heart, he had no choice since Ye Xiao did not agree.

In any case, the decision that Ye Xiao made was definitely not wrong.

It was because his strength was stronger and his aptitude was higher, his way of thinking was also wiser.

Based on that point, the decision that he made would definitely be more beneficial to the Xuan Yuan god clan than the decision that he and the others made.

However, Ye Xiao did not stop them from fighting to increase the position of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

That could also be considered as a consolation.

Under the guidance of Ye Xiao and the blessings of constantly advancing to the Godly Emperor realm, the strength of Xuanyuan Long and the others had already increased by a large margin.

Even without Ye Xiao, they could easily raise a portion of the Xuan Yuan god clans ranking.

That would be enough.

One should not be too greedy, right

Hence, Xuanyuan Long bade farewell to Ye Xiao and left to prepare to participate in the god clan ranking convention.

Ye Xiao is closed eyes, let oneself begin to sink into meditation, in hopes to be able to quickly improve their strength.

On the other side, in the Xuanhuang Great World, after the disastrous plunder in the Yanhuang Great World, most of them have been turned into ruins.

The two Supreme Eternals were also severely injured by the Dragon Emperor and the Qilin King.

Fortunately, the Yanhuang Great World was also worried about being taken advantage of by other great worlds, and did not continue to stay there, or else, who knows how long that catastrophe will last.

Even so, at that time, the Yanhuang Great World was severely injured.

From then on, it was estimated that within 10,000 years, the martial arts culture would gradually decline and be difficult to maintain.

“D*mn it! This war should have been won by us.

Why did it turn out like this in the end”

“Its all because of that kid who suddenly appeared.

If it wasnt for him, the result today would not have been like this.

“We had already surrounded the Phoenix Empress.

Once the Immortal Talisman appeared, even if she didnt die, she would still be heavily injured.

“In the end, it was one of our own who died instead!

“That kid is the key to turning the tide of the battle.”

“D*mn it! Where did he come from Why did he appear at that place and on time

“The people of the Yanhuang Great World cant possibly know about our plans, right”

“There must be something fishy going on here.”

Just as he finished speaking, a golden light flashed in front of the two of them, and a human figure could be faintly seen.

Seeing that human figure, the two Supreme Eternals immediately knelt down in front of him.

“Greetings, Exalted True Immortal.”

That figure snorted coldly.

“A bunch of useless trash.

Ive already given you an Immortal Talisman, but you still failed! Killing a Supreme Eternal with that Immortal Talisman is as easy as slaughtering a chicken!”

“Exalted True Immortal, please calm down.

The two of us didnt expect this to happen either.

The situation has changed.

A kid weve never seen before suddenly appeared and used a strange weapon to help the Phoenix Empress break out of the situation.

“If it wasnt for him, she would definitely die!”

“A strange weapon It is impossible for a Treasured Artifact to break out of an Immortal Talisman.

Could it be an Immortal Artifact But, how could an Immortal Weapon appear in this world

“Wait a moment, could it be… His descendant”

After a moment of silence, the figure spoke again.

“At this moment, there is no hope of attacking the Yanhuang Great World again.

“However, we still cant let the Yanhuang Great World off, especially the Xuan Yuan god clan.

“Next, the Yanhuang Great World should enter a period of recuperation.

“The two of you should think of a way to go in and take a look.

Investigate carefully the information related to the Xuan Yuan god clan.

If you can get rid of the Xuan Yuan god clan, that would be the best.

“However, if you can not do it yourself, then dont do it yourself.

“The Xuan Yuan god clan was protected by fate.

If they were tainted by their fate, they would be in big trouble.

“At that time, no one would be able to save the two of you.

“If you do this well, I will help the two of you pass the seven tribulations and reach the True Immortal realm!”

The two Supreme Eternals were overjoyed.

“Yes! We will follow your orders.”

In the next moment, the golden light disappeared.

The two Supreme Eternals looked at each other and smiled.

“To think that we still have a chance to turn the tables after reaching such a state.”

“Although I dont know the Exalted True Immortal, why does he pay so much attention to this Xuan Yuan god clan However, since its the Exalted True Immortal who pays attention to it, then we must pay attention.”

The following days entered a quiet period that Ye Xiao liked very much.

Xuanyuan Long and the others went to participate in the god clan ranking meeting.

Did anyone come to find trouble with them from other places

With them preoccupied, it allowed him to cultivate in peace.

Every day was very serene and peaceful.

It was extremely comfortable.

He really wished that such days could continue forever, allowing him to cultivate silently like that.

It would be best if he cultivated to a state where he was truly invincible.

That would be even more beautiful.

Like that, after another 17 days or so, Ye Xiao advanced.

To the seventh-level Godly Emperor!

At that time, he only spent 27 days to advance because ten days had passed previously.

His speed was quite good.

Originally, the later ones cultivation progressed, the harder it was to advance.

As for him, he only took 27 days to advance to the seventh-level Godly Emperor.

If it was anyone else, it would be impossible to do so.

It was all thanks to his wisdom back then that he did not use the divine blood and law energy to repair the Phoenix Empress.

If he had used it to repair the Phoenix Empress, he would probably have lost everything by then.

However, the only thing that made him feel regretful was that a seventh-level Godly Emperor really did not have the authority to activate the synthesis.

Although Ye Xiao had made a small prediction previously, in his heart, he still hoped that he could win a lottery ticket and be able to synthesize.

Every time he advanced, he felt that he was gambling.

Although he would not lose, he still felt a little regretful that he did not win.

Looks like he could only wait until his cultivation advanced to the eighth stage.

At that moment, accompanied by a wave of distortion in the air, the Phoenix Empresss figure suddenly came to his side.


“Could you please say hello when you come over next time Dont think that just because your cultivation is stronger than mine, you can come to my room as you please.”

The Phoenix Empresss expression was indifferent.

“When you and I enter a Love Tribulation, there will definitely be intimacy in the future.

Well do it morning and night.

Whats the harm in seeing me unexpectedly”


As expected, the weak had no human rights.

The Love Tribulation that she had forcefully arranged for herself, and now she still had to blame it on him.

‘Forget it.

Since I cant beat her, its fine if I dont say anything.

“Why did you suddenly come over again”

“The Supreme Eternals from the Xuanhuang Great World has come over.”


His expression instantly became solemn.

“How did they come over Didnt the Xuanhuang Great World just get beaten up”

“I dont know either.

I just sensed a trace of their aura, but it quickly disappeared.

“If Im not wrong, they must have used some special magic artifact to block the perception of the Supreme Eternals.

“They probably came here to disturb our great world.

After all, their great world was beaten up so badly that no one could bear it, not to mention the Supreme Eternals.”

“But, the two of them should have been injured, right Even if they werent injured, they couldnt have done it 100 percent and completely blocked their own aura.

Could it be that… Theres an even more powerful existence supporting them from behind”

The Phoenix Empress nodded.

“I think so too.

Back then, the great worlds strength was inferior to ours, but they still attacked us.

If it was said that there was no one behind it, I definitely wouldnt believe it.

“Moreover, the other party is coming again.

There must be someone behind the scenes urging them.

“Im not worried about anything else.

The only thing Im worried about is you.

“Previously, you helped me, but one of the Supreme Eternals escaped.

“He will definitely come personally to investigate you.

He might attack you at any time.”


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