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Ye Xiao used his spiritual sense to scan the area.

In the next second, he arrived at the area where everyone from Jianghai city was staying.

His old friends, such as the saber god and sword saint, Gu Hais family, and the Qin family, were all staying there.

As for the stronger existences like Emperor Jing, Emperor Yun, and the four venerable ones, they had already gone to other places to look for some opportunities to see if they could speed up their cultivation.

That was because, although they had the special care of the Xuan Yuan god clan and did not lack the resources allocated to them, there were still many things that they could not give them.

As an example, the enlightenment and guidance of a strong practitioner.

These were all extremely necessary, but they could not be easily obtained.

Ye Xiao also had no way to come over and teach them.

His current cultivation was simply too high.

It was as if he was already one of the top university professors.

Asking him to teach young children was like using a butchers knife to kill a chicken.

It was completely meaningless.

It was just purely a waste of time.

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It would not be too late for him to explain it to them when their cultivation rose in the future.

The most important thing at the moment was to ensure that the overall strength of the Xuan Yuan god clan could steadily rise.

However, Ye Xiao did not have to worry.

They could still eat well under the name of their fellow countrymen.

Who would not give face to the entire Xuan Yuan god clan on account of their name

The few great aristocratic families would definitely think of fighting over them and becoming members of their own families so as to bring glory to their own families in the future.

That was because they were the closest and also the most numerous group of people who could withstand their own gifts.

As long as they did not die and steadily rose in strength, their future achievements would definitely not be low.

Ye Xiao even heard that Azure Dragon seemed to have married into the Ning family and married Ning Zhiyuans sister.

Azure Dragon was no longer young.

Although he was the youngest among the four venerable ones, he was still far older than Ning Zhiyuans sister.

The fixed coordinates that Ye Xiao had chosen were not Qin Yuyans residence, but near Gu Hais residence.

It had been a long time since he had seen an old friend.

He first looked for Gu Hai to catch up on old times, then looked for Qin Yuyan at the same time to teach her a little.


In the end, he had just arrived near Gu Hais house when a crying little girl pounced over suddenly and hugged Ye Xiaos thigh.

“Sob, sob, sob… Uncle, marry me.

I want to marry you.”


Was thatlittle girl not his goddaughter Mengmeng

How did she end up like that

Before he could speak, a familiar roar came from behind him in the next second.

“Gu Mengmeng, even if youre married today, you still have to go to school! Trying to avoid school all day, are you trying to anger me to death Im sorry, sir.

Im sorry, my child doesnt understand… Eh, f*ck, oh f*ck, isnt this Ye Xiao”

Ye Xiao was speechless.

“You only recognized me now”

Gu Hai smiled embarrassedly and scratched the back of his head.

“Am I not muddled from my anger This wretched girl, she doesnt want to go to class and only knows how to play all day.

She is simply trying to anger me to death.”

After saying that, he gently kicked Gu Mengmengs little buttocks.

“Wretched girl, dont cry, this is your godfather!”

Gu Mengmeng raised her head, blinked her big eyes and said again,

“Eh, its really godfather.

Godfather, are you here to pick Mengmeng up Mengmeng doesnt want to go to school.”

Ye Xiao squatted down and picked her up, rubbing her little head.

“Little girl, why dont you want to go to school If you dont go to school, how can you improve your cultivation How can you protect yourself in the future”

Gu Mengmeng rolled her big round eyes and smiled,

“Daddy, Mommy and Godfather will protect me.”

Ye Xiao pinched her little nose.

“Then, if one day, we are old and cant protect you anymore, and we need you to protect us, what will you do then”


That question obviously stumped Gu Mengmeng and she did not know how to answer it.

“Anyway… Mengmeng just doesnt want to go to school.”

She could only pout her little lips and resist shamelessly, maintaining her last bit of stubbornness.

“You wretched girl, you still dare to spout nonsense in front of your godfather.

Do you know who your godfather is He is the strongest person in the Xuan Yuan god clan.

As his goddaughter, if you dont study hard, wouldnt the entire Xuan Yuan god clan laugh at him”

Ye Xiao glared at him in annoyance.

“You talk too much.

I dont even mind others laughing at me.”

Gu Hai was helpless.

“You always pamper her.”

Ye Xiao smiled and said,

“No matter what, Im still the little girls godfather.

Cant I just pamper her a little”

He waved his hand and a string of candied fruits created from spiritual fruits was passed to Gu Mengmeng.

The candied fruits were filled with spiritual energy and were very nutritious.

“Wow! Candied fruit!”

Gu Mengmeng took the candied fruit but she did not eat it first.

Instead, she passed it to Ye Xiaos mouth.

“Godfather, eat it first.

Mengmeng, eat it later.”

Ye Xiao smiled warmly in his heart.

“No need, you can eat it.

Godfather doesnt like sweet food.”

“Thank you, Godfather.”

Gu Mengmeng thanked him happily and started eating very soon.

Only then did Ye Xiao ask,

“Mengmeng, why dont you want to go to school today”

Mengmeng frowned slightly and said in a somewhat dejected manner,

“Mengmeng is too stupid, there are many things that she cant learn.

My classmates are always making fun of me, so I dont want to go to school.”


Ye Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly.

It should not be.

Although Gu Mengmeng was not his biological daughter, she was also of Jianghai citys bloodline, so her bloodline power was very similar to his.

Under such circumstances, her comprehension should not be low.

How could there be many lessons that she could not understand

Ye Xiao scanned Gu Mengmengs head with his divine sense and only then did he notice that there was a little neuron in Gu Mengmengs head that had withered.

That should be the trauma that she suffered when she was still in her mothers womb.

When Gu Hai went out on a mission, Lu Wanwan was pregnant and at home.

She got injured accidentally and indirectly hurt Gu Mengmeng in her womb.

At that time in the hospital, although Ye Xiao used the healing technique to heal Lu Wanwan, the healing technique at that time was just a god technique and was far from reaching his current level.

It might not be able to perfectly repair some of the more precise areas for instance, the neurons in the brain stem did not achieve perfect repair.

As time went by, the neurons in Gu Mengmengs brain started to show signs of withering.

That was why her brain was not as smart as others and her comprehension was not high enough.

It was because her brain was injured.

Moreover, the injuries at that level were too minute.

Even if one were to look for a healer from the Xuan Yuan god clan, they might not be able to repair it.

However, for the current Ye Xiao, it could not be any easier.

He placed his hand directly on Gu Mengmengs head and cast the Great Way of Life immortal technique, instantly repairing her withered neurons.

“Ah, Godfather has given you a blessing, you will be able to understand the teachers lessons in the future.

Can you go to school obediently now”

Gu Mengmengs eyes widened.


“Of course its true.

If you dont believe me, you can try it now.

If what I said is not true, you wont have to go to class anymore.”

“Then lets pinky swear.”

Ye Xiao nodded his head and stretched out his long hand to hook up with Mengmengs little finger.

“You made a pinky swear, so you cant forget! Hehehe…”

After making that promise, Gu Mengmeng broke free from Ye Xiaos embrace and ran towards the martial arts primary school not far away.

Gu Hai thanked him,

“Ye Xiao, thank you so much.

If it wasnt for you, I really dont know how this little girl could go to school.”

Ye Xiao waved his hand.

“I didnt do anything.

Actually, its not entirely her fault that she doesnt want to go to school.

It was when Wanwan got pregnant that she got injured.

That time, I didnt fix it completely, causing Mengmengs neurons to wither a little.

But now that Ive fixed it all for her, shell be able to understand the lessons like a normal child in the future.

She shouldnt make a fuss anymore.”

Gu Hai nodded.

“As expected, we still have to rely on you.

If it werent for you, I really dont know what I would have done.”

“Youre welcome.

Im her godfather.

This small matter is nothing.”

Gu Hai still wanted to say something, but the intent stone had already rung.

He took out the intent stone and waved at Ye Xiao.

“Ill take it first.”

After saying that, he pressed the answer button.

Lu Wanwans voice soon came out from the intent stone.

“Old Gu, has Mengmeng gone to school”

“Yes, yes.

She just left for school.”

“Then hurry up and come back.

Ive got the black silk”

“Uh… I have something to do here, so its not convenient for me to go back for the time being.”

“Stop bullsh*tting with me.

Its a big weekend, youre not working and youre not cultivating.

Whats the matter Hurry up and come back.

The black silk you bought this time is your favorite style.”

“Im not lying to you.

Theres really something going on.

Besides, Ive already given up.

I dont like black silk anymore.”

“Youre giving up black silk Youre giving up on me too, arent you Ill give you five minutes to rush back.”

Hearing that, Ye Xiao clearly saw Gu Hais legs and could not help but shiver.

That made him unable to help but sigh.

It had only been a few years, yet he felt that Gu Hais hairline had become much higher.

Gu Hai tried his best to persuade her but in the end, when he mentioned Ye Xiao, only then did Lu Wanwan let him off.

Turning off the intent stone, Gu Hai let out a long sigh of relief.

“Old Ye, its all thanks to you.

If it wasnt for you coming over this time, I might not have been able to get up for a whole day.”

Ye Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Didnt you like going to Red Romance back then Now, you can take care of yourself at home every day.

Why are you not willing again”

Gu Hai let out a long sigh and uttered a wise saying.

“When a person reaches middle age, they are always a little powerless.”


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