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After a long silence, Ye Xiao could not help but open his mouth to speak,

“Ive already said what needs to be said.

Can you leave now I still have to cultivate.”

“Do you really want to chase me away so badly”

Ye Xiao was not too courteous and nodded his head.

The Phoenix Empress clenched her little pink fists slightly, but after a moment, she still let out a long sigh of relief and got up to leave.

She was even beginning to suspect that the love tribulation incarnation was looking for that man specifically just to anger her.

That man was good in all aspects, but he was not suitable for dating.

In fact, Ye Xiao just did not want to date yet.

Seeing the Phoenix Empress leave, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

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With her gone, he could be at ease.

One of the Xuanhuang Great World Supreme Eternals had just been killed, and there were still two of them left.

The situation was instantly at a disadvantage, and it should not be long before they were defeated.

Ye Xiao could not care about other matters, but the Xuan Yuan god clan should be safe for the time being.

The remaining thing was to seize the time to raise his own strength and raise the Xuan Yuan god clans strength at the same time.

His current cultivation was at the sixth-level Godly Emperor realm.

Within three months, he should be able to successfully advance to the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm.

At that time, even if he were to face the Supreme Eternals, he should have a certain chance of winning by relying on the many techniques he had.

If he really could not win, he would at least be able to draw.

The Golden Book divine soul still had a cheat attribute, allowing him to be one step ahead of others.

The greatest of all time!

He did not know if there were any more powerful techniques that could be combined with immortal techniques.

If he could, that meant that he would be able to maintain his current state of fighting above his level in the True Immortal realm in the future.

He had no choice.

Who asked him to not have a group of people to rely on

He could only rely on himself to fight across ranks in order to save his life.

Just like that, after cultivating for ten days, Xuanyuan Long ran in excitedly.

“Ye Xiao, good news, extremely good news! The Xuanhuang Great World has been destroyed!”

“That was fast!”

Although Ye Xiao had guessed that they would fail, he did not expect that they would actually be destroyed so quickly.

The speed was a little fast.

Xuanyuan Long was a little puzzled.

“Ye Xiao, why did you suddenly say that Could it be that you already knew that they would fail”

“I guessed.”

Ye Xiao said indifferently, his expression extremely indifferent.

He could not tell the other party that the collapse of the Xuanhuang Great World was caused by him alone, right

Meanwhile, Xuanyuan Long was shocked in his heart.

He guessed it

Ye Xiao could actually guess that kind of thing, and he even guessed it so accurately.

Could it be that he had specially cultivated a masterpiece technique related to such a kind of thing


Was it that powerful

What kind of masterpiece technique could actually directly guess the future

Ye Xiao was indeed extremely terrifying.

Probably at that point, even if Ye Xiao said that he could give birth to a child by himself, Xuanyuan Long could not help but believe it.

“Ye Xiao, can you guess what level my cultivation will reach in the future Can I become the legendary Supreme Eternal”


Seeing that he did not speak, Xuanyuan Long could not help but feel his heart thump.

He had a bad feeling.

Could it be that he did not have the chance to advance to the Supreme Eternal realm

“This… If I cant become a Supreme Eternal, I can at least become a peak ninth-level Godly Emperor, or lesser Supreme Eternal, right”


Seeing that he still did not speak, Xuanyuan Long could not help but feel shocked once again.

Could it be that he could not even reach a lesser Supreme Eternal

“Ye Xiao, it cant be that I cant even reach the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm”

“Then… What about the eighth level Not even the eighth level”

“The seventh level should be fine, right Youre going too far! Im from the same god clan as you, after all.

The increase in your cultivation will bring about an increase in the bloodline power in my body.

Im already at the fourth level of the Godly Emperor realm now.

What do you think Raising my cultivation by another three levels shouldnt be too much, right”

Ye Xiao waved his hand.

“You can become a Supreme Eternal in the future.

I was guessing just now, thats why I didnt answer you.”

Hearing that answer, Xuanyuan Long was instantly overjoyed.

Good heavens, he could also become the legendary Supreme Eternal.

He would die without regrets in his lifetime.

“Oh right, you suddenly came to look for me just to tell me the news of the Xuanhuang Great Worlds defeat”

“Oh, thats not it.

I have other things to look for you.

I heard that the Xuanhunag Great World was defeated and many god clans are now heading to the Xuanhuang Great World to plunder.

“I was thinking that our Xuan Yuan god clan should also take advantage of this opportunity to go as well.”

“Dont! Theres an old saying that goes,Dont chase after a bandit when hes at his witsend.

“Although the other party has already been defeated, there are still many martial arts masters among them.

Those two Supreme Eternals arent dead.

If you rashly charge in and meet with any mishaps, Ill have to spend a lot of effort to resurrect you.

“Its better to keep a low profile and quickly raise your strength.

“Although the Yanhuang Great World has won, theyve also made a mess internally.

Thats why theres no guarantee that after this, the Yanhuang Great World will not start to fall into chaos.

“What we should do now is to raise our strength first.

In the future, if the storm is not calm enough, we will at least have the ability to protect ourselves.”

Of course, that was only one of the points.

There was another very important point that Ye Xiao did not mention.

That was about the will of an even stronger existence!

At that time, the direction of the worlds original operation was supposed to be developing towards the situation of the Yanhuang Great World being defeated.

However, because of the spatial-time jump that he used, the overall situation was changed, it became the collapse of the Xuanhuang Great World.

It was equivalent to changing the will of the entire universe to a certain place.

To put it bluntly, Ye Xiao did not dare to guarantee in his heart that there would not be any more powerful existences spying on him in the dark.

In short, it was best to keep a low profile for the time being and then seize the time to quickly raise his cultivation.

“Alright! I got it.

Ill get all the clansmen to cultivate in peace and speed up raising their cultivation.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

Not long after Xuanyuan Long left, the Golden Book divine soul in Ye Xiaos body suddenly jumped.

Ye Xiao knew that it was the Golden Book divine soul, which had already synthesized another immortal technique.

It was also his third immortal technique.

Ye Xiao was overjoyed, and he immediately immersed his mind into it.

In the next moment, he saw the cultivation technique displayed on the Golden Book divine soul, Yin-yang immortal technique.

A special immortal technique that could control yin-yang and the power of good and evil.

What a good fellow, another powerful and unpredictable immortal technique.

To be able to control the power of yin and yang as well as the power of darkness and evil at the same time, his level was also heaven-defying enough.

That meant that in the future, whether it was the methods of a righteous person or the methods of an evil person, he would be able to easily resolve them.

Ye Xiao slowly extended his right hand and attempted to condense a wave of righteous energy in the air.

After that, he circulated the Yin-yang immortal technique and it quickly changed into an evil power.

From the original righteous sunlight that was filled with warm energy substances, it became an energy substance that was filled with corrosion and insidiousness.

Not bad!

That immortal technique was really not bad.

In battle, it could also display an unexpected effect.

That was because light and darkness were two opposite types of energy.

If the other party used light energy as a defense, then its resistance to the power of darkness would be greatly weakened.

During the last moment of his attack, converting the energy substance in his hand into the power of darkness would definitely be able to cause an unexpected and powerful damage to the other party.

Even if the other party knew that he had such a method and would set up a defense that could defend against both light and dark energy at the same time, Ye Xiao did not need to be afraid.

That was because if the other party set up such a defense at the same time, the resistance to both types of energy would weaken at the same time.

Things in the world could not always be perfect.

However, from a certain point of view, the Yin-yang immortal technique could not be compared to the Great Way of Life immortal technique.

The Great Way of Life immortal technique might have the power to create and destroy at the same time due to the combination of the creation and destruction techniques.

It was very simple and crude, but it was filled with profound truths.

The Yin-yang immortal technique was still a little lacking in that aspect.

However, it was normal after thinking about it.

After all, the foundation of the combination of the two was far from the same.

The former was synthesized by the archaic masterpiece technique ranked second and third.

The latter was synthesized by the archaic masterpiece technique ranked eighth, ninth, and tenth.

After there was an additional immortal technique, the speed at which Ye Xiao refined the divine blood and the law energy in his body would be much faster.

Before long, his cultivation should be able to advance further and reach a higher level.

At that time, he would also be able to synthesize the final immortal technique.

Ye Xiao estimated that it would be impossible to synthesize a seventh-level Godly Emperor.

He would only have a chance to synthesize the final immortal technique if he was at least at the eighth or ninth-level Godly Emperor.

However, he was not in a hurry.

At most, he would only need two to three months.

He would just have to slowly waste his time.

What should he do next

The cultivation technique in his body would circulate under the control of the Golden Book divine soul.

He did not need to worry about it at all.

He only needed to lie down and win.

There was no need for him to go to class either.

Xuanyuan Long and the others had just experienced a great battle and were still digesting their own comprehension.

It would be a waste of their time if he were to teach them.

That was right.

Speaking of teaching others, he had also promised the Phoenix Empress that she would raise Qin Yuyans cultivation base to the Godly King realm.

Although he had changed the past and caused Emperor Phoenix to lose that part of her memory, the Karma in the dark was still there.

Since he had already agreed, he still had to do it.

Otherwise, if he owed her, he would rarely be punished by the heavens in a certain aspect in the future.

Moreover, Ye Xiao was a dignified gentleman.

He would not go back on his word just because the other party had forgotten.


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