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Almost at the same time, the two Supreme Eternals of the Xuanhuang Great World released the Immortal Talisman.

Sensing the aura on the Immortal Talisman, the Phoenix Empresss heart turned cold.

Since the other party dared to ambush her, their punishment were definitely not light.

That time, it was likely that she would not be able to turn the tables.

She did not hesitate and immediately used her secret technique, attempting to escape.

However, at that moment, a light flashed in front of her eyes, and in the next second, her waist was hugged from behind.

The Phoenix Empresss delicate body trembled.

In her life, that was the first time she was hugged by a man.

Her phoenix eyes immediately revealed a biting cold intent.

However, almost at the instant that her eyes revealed a chill, a familiar voice suddenly sounded in her ear.

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“Dont be distracted.

Pour all your power into this weapon.”

It was him!

Before the Phoenix Empress could react, a weapon had appeared in her hand.

It was like a knife but not a saber.

It was like a sword but not a sword.

However, that was not what made her feel terrified.

What made her truly terrified was that the weapon actually had the power of laws on it!

It was not a Treasured Artifact.

That weapon had already surpassed the scope of a one.

It was an Immortal Artifact!

It was not just an Immortal Artifact.

At the same time, that weapon also had the aura of an immortal technique.

An Immortal Artifact and an immortal technique

Heavens, just how many techniques did that guy have

Just how old is he

To have so many tricks at such an age, even the Ancestral Dragon, who was so powerful back then, paled in comparison.

However, she was still a Supreme Eternal after all.

After a short period of shock, she quickly returned to her senses and poured all of her strength into it according to what Ye Xiao had said.

She had just completed her move when the other partys Immortal Talisman released billions of rays of light!

Then, Ye Xiaos big hand was also tightly holding her small hand, wielding the Great Dragon.

Being infused with the power of the Supreme Eternal, the Great Dragon unleashed an unprecedented power.

Ye Xiao had never even let him unleash such a powerful strength.


For an Immortal Artifact like the Great Dragon, although it could not unleash his full strength, it could still let him vent his frustrations.

Following a roar, an unparalleled blade of light slashed out from the Great Dragons body, sweeping across the surroundings.

Everything along its path was destroyed.

The power of laws was completely dispersed.

That was because not only did it use the power of the Immortal Artifact, Ye Xiao also infused it with the Great Way of Life immortal technique.

The Great Way of Life immortal technique was like the teeth and sharp claws that were armed with the Phoenix Empresss spirit energy, allowing it to possess a tremendous destructive power at the same time, it could also possess absolute lethality.

The billions of sword lights that were released from the Immortal Talisman were completely destroyed before they could even touch that blade.

Not only that, the momentum of the blade light did not decrease, and in the blink of an eye, it slashed down on one of the Supreme Eternals.

With that one strike, the head fell, and the Supreme Eternal were killed on the spot!

More than half of the starry sky trembled violently because of this extremely terrifying power.

When the other Supreme Eternal saw that scene, he was immediately scared out of his wits.

He turned around and ran, not daring to stay any longer.

The entire space descended into silence, and the Phoenix Empress looked at her hand in a daze.

There, the Great Dragon was gone, and Ye Xiaos big hand that held her small hand was also gone.

Everything seemed like a dream, but… In front of her, there was indeed the corpse of a Supreme Eternal lying there.

That sword strike already contained extremely dense law energy, so he could not escape at all, nor could he dodge it.

That sword strike was destined to be his death.

At that moment, the other two auras that were not weaker than her were already rushing over there.

The Phoenix Empresss eyes moved slightly, and she kept the corpse of the Supreme Eternal.

After doing all that, the law energy in the starry sky surged.

Soon, two figures rushed over, one on the left and the other on the right.

The clothes those two wore were not the least bit inferior to the Phoenix Empresss.

They were filled with multicolored light and were filled with spiritual energy.

The clothes and jewelry on their bodies were all at the level of Treaasured Artifacts.

“Phoenix Empress, what happened here just now”

The Phoenix Empress said indifferently,

“The two Supreme Eternals of the Xuanhuang Great World ambushed me.”

“And then”

“I killed one and the other escaped.”

After saying that, the entire starry sky instantly fell silent.

The hearts of the Dragon Emperor and the Qilin King surged with waves of shock.

Although the Phoenix Empress said it lightly and looked at the matter as if it was very simple.

In reality, only the two of them knew the dangers involved.

That was because only the Supreme Eternals knew how difficult it was to counterattack and kill a Supreme Eternal under the pressure of the two fighting against one.

Even so, the Phoenix Empress still did it.

Just based on that… How strong was her cultivation

However, after the shock, the two of them still opened their mouths to congratulate.

The Dragon Emperor stroked his beard and smiled,

“Sister Phoenix Empresss cultivation base is really impressive!”

The Qirin Kings eyes flashed and he cupped his hand.

“Congratulations, Phoenix Empress.

You have eliminated a Supreme Eternal and obtained an advantage for our great world.”

“You are too polite.

The other party has just lost a Supreme Eternal and their morale has dropped.

I think that the two of you should immediately go back and prepare to counterattack and break through the great world.”

The two nodded.

“What Sister Phoenix Empress said is right.

We will go now.”

After saying that, the two left again, preparing to seize the opportunity to attack.

Meanwhile, the Phoenix Empresss eyes flickered twice and then flew toward the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

Ye Xiao returned to the origin of time and let out a long sigh of relief.

He did not die.

It seemed that the butterfly effect did not affect him.

He released his soul consciousness to sense.

There was almost no aura of martial arts masters from the Xuanhuang Great World in the surrounding star areas.

In that case, the martial arts masters from the Xuanhuang Great World should have left.

It seemed that the Xuan Yuan god clan would not be in any danger anymore.

He used the Space-time immortal technique and instantly returned to the Xuan Yuan Mountain of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

However, just as he returned, he saw the Phoenix Empress lying on her side on his soft couch in the next second, her eyes staring straight at him.

That graceful body undulated gracefully, coupled with a peerlessly beautiful face, it was truly a national beauty.

“Where did you go just now”

Ye Xiao was startled, but soon after, many memories that he did not originally have appeared in his mind.

So it turned out that after the Phoenix Empress was rescued, the first thing she did was to come to the Xuan Yuan Mountain to look for him.

Due to him saving her, she wanted to ask how he did it and how he knew about the ambush.

Of course, at that time, she did not know about the truth behind the matter.

He could not explain why.

For the past two days, he had been pestered by the Phoenix Empress.

Earlier, he had followed the rules of time development and instantly disappeared from where he was.

He had gone to the time point to help her and then transmigrated back to the current time point.

That was why he had met the Phoenix Empress there.

The Phoenix Empress in front of him did not have any memories of her being injured.

She was completely different from the Phoenix Empress in his hands from before.

The memories between the two of them had been completely distorted.

Ye Xiao was still thinking of a countermeasure when the next moment, the Phoenix Empress had already opened her mouth and said

“Dont think about how to fool me.

I can see that your eyes at this moment are avoiding me.

Its different from the you before you left.

“The you before you left, your eyes were lost and you did not know what I was talking about at all.

“But now, youre already thinking about how to deal with my words.

“This means that the moment you left, youve already figured out what happened between the two of us.”

“… ”

As expected of the Phoenix clans Supreme Eternal.

The waters were deep, and he could not hold it in any longer.

To think that he could see two people who looked exactly the same with a single glance.

The difference in their eyes and their methods were simply incomparable.

Ye Xiao rubbed the space between his brows and immediately said,

“Some small things did happen just now, but you dont have to pay too much attention to it.

The matter has already ended.”

“Do you take me for a fool”

The Phoenix Empresss expression turned cold.

“Do you think I didnt feel it When I first came to see you two days ago, your cultivation was only at the fifth-level Godly Emperor realm.

Later on, you became a sixth-level Godly Emperor.

“And when you helped me, the cultivation that you revealed was also at the fifth-level Godly Emperor!

“You cant be telling me that your cultivation can automatically decline, right”


That woman… Was actually able to see through him.

To be honest, Ye Xiao did not find it strange.

When the Phoenix Empress was ambushed, it should have been when Xuanyuan Long and the others were returning from the north.

At that time, his cultivation was indeed at the fifth-level Godly Emperor realm.

Later on, after Xuanyuan Long returned, he had only advanced to the sixth-level Godly Emperor realm, while the Phoenix Empresss speed was very fast.

After she was saved by him, she could instantly surpass Xuanyuan Long and the others speed and arrive at the Xuan Yuan divine territory one step ahead of them.

That way, she would be able to know that his previous cultivation was only at the fifth-level Godly Emperor.

Since things had come to that, it seemed like there was no reason to make things up anymore.

Moreover, looking at the serious expression on this womans face, it was as if he did not say anything in that second, she would definitely not let the matter rest.

Ye Xiao felt a headache coming on.

He rubbed the space between his brows.

Forget it, since the Phoenix Empress had no way to hurt him, he should just say it.

It would not be a big deal.

“Actually, I just performed a space jump, so you were able to be saved.

“In fact, if it was not because I performed a time jump, you would probably be on the verge of death right now!”

The Phoenix Empresss face was completely stunned.

She could not imagine where Ye Xiao had obtained such a monstrous technique that could even shift time.

That fellow was only a sixth-level Godly Emperor!

How did he manage to do that

Moreover, his Immortal Artifact, his immortal technique…

Those things were things that the world should not have.

At the very least, they were things that a sixth-level Godly Emperor like him should not have.

At that moment, the Phoenix Empress suddenly realized that she could no longer see through the man in front of her.

‘Love Tribulation incarnation, just what kind of man have you chosen for me


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