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When the two Phoenix guards heard that, they could not help but shrink their necks and shudder.

“Grand Elder, dont worry.

The two of us did not see anything today.”

The Grand Elder nodded.

“Alright, theres nothing for the two of you here.

You can leave now.”


The two Phoenix Godly Emperors quickly retreated.

The Grand Elder turned her head to take a look at the gigantic parasol tree and could not help but sigh.

Her eyes were filled with melancholy.

The Phoenix Empress was already on the verge of attaining the strength to transcend the tribulations.

After she encountered such a situation, it was likely that she would not be able to transcend the tribulations.

Fate was playing tricks on people.

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Ye Xiao entered the parasol tree.

The Phoenix Empress was sitting on her throne with her life on the line.

She was still dressed in her black and red imperial robe, and her hair was covered with the Treasured Artifact, Phoenix Crown.

She was emitting nine-colored rays of light, but her imposing manner did not decrease in the slightest.

As the Phoenix Empress, even if she was heavily injured, she still exuded a desolate beauty that could make people lose themselves in it.

However, Ye Xiao could still feel her weakness from her slightly pale face and her somewhat dim phoenix eyes.

“Youre here.”

The Phoenix Empress looked at Ye Xiao indifferently, her eyes not showing too much emotion.

When ones cultivation reached her realm, they had long since seen through everything.

Immortality was just an illusion.

If ones strength was not enough, one would die sooner or later.

For someone like her, there was absolutely no need to blame the heavens and blame others一to be a resentful woman, and roar in anger which only results in lowering her character.

If she could not win, she could not win.

If she died, she would die.

Even if she died, she still had to have some dignity.

Ye Xiao did not say anything.

He just walked forward and lifted the Phoenix Empresss imperial robe.

The Phoenix Empresss delicate body trembled slightly.

It was unknown whether it was because it was too painful or for some other reason.

Even so, she did not stop him too much.

When he lifted the imperial robe, Ye Xiao could clearly see that there were injuries everywhere.

The injuries were very serious.

The Phoenix Empresss nine-colored divine blood was constantly being consumed.

Although she could use the Undying masterpiece technique to slightly stop it, she still could not completely suppress it.

That meant that she would eventually die.

“Is my current body very ugly”

The Phoenix Empress asked inexplicably.

She should not have asked such a question, it did not fit her personality.

Despite that, she still asked.

Perhaps it was because she did not know when she would die, so some things had to be taken into account.

Perhaps, she was giving Ye Xiao the treatment of being alone.

Ye Xiao still did not speak.

He was sensing the elements that had caused that kind of injury.

It was an immortal technique!

He sensed the aura of an immortal technique.

Due to it being an immortal technique, the Phoenix Empresss Undying masterpiece technique was unable to repair the injury.

Even if it was a poor immortal technique, its power was not something that a masterpiece technique could compare to.

That was where the strength of immortal techniques lay.

The two were no longer on the same dimension.

Ye Xiao gently placed his hand on it and cast the Undying masterpiece technique.

With the addition of the Great Way of Life immortal technique, the injuries on the Phoenix Empresss body were quickly stopped and healed.

The Phoenix Empresss phoenix eyes tensed up, and a thick sense of astonishment appeared in her eyes.

She had never thought that Ye Xiao would know the Undying masterpiece technique, and she had never thought that Ye Xiao would actually know the immortal technique!

Although she had never seen an immortal technique before, she was still able to clearly recognize the power that was completely above the masterpiece technique.

“Your Undying masterpiece technique and immortal technique were taught to you by the Ancestral Dragon”

Ye Xiao raised his brows slightly.

“You even know about the Ancestral Dragon”

The Phoenix Empress nodded.

“Of course I know.

He is from your Xuan Yuan god clan.

No, to be precise, he should be the most stunning figure in the entire starry sky.

“Back then, he challenged the various god clans one by one.

His goal was to collect our masterpiec techniques.

“He had a photographic memory.

As long as he saw a masterpiece technique, he would record it all.

“He used the masterpiece techniques in the starry sky to synthesize and cultivate, then they evolved into a supreme immortal technique.

“Youre also from the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Since you know the Undying masterpiece technique and immortal technique, you must have been taught by him, right”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“My cultivation technique has nothing to do with him.”

The Phoenix Empress was shocked.

Ye Xiaos cultivation technique actually had nothing to do with the Ancestral Dragon.

Then how did he obtain those cultivation techniques

Sensing that her heartbeat was somewhat faster, Ye Xiao said indifferently,

“Calm down.

Dont think too much.”

“You can feel my heartbeat”

“I cant feel your heartbeat, but its obvious from your expression.”

The Phoenix Empresss fair face inexplicably turned bright red.

Ye Xiao immediately said,

“Although Ive healed the injuries on your body, I cant repair the damage.

Youre a Supreme Eternal, and I havent reached this level of cultivation yet.

The divine blood that youve lost all contains the power of laws.”

Actually, Ye Xiao also had a way to help her heal.

That was to give the divine blood that he had taken from the Blood Venerable One and the power of laws from the primordial Divine Kingdom to the Phoenix Empress.

The Phoenix Empress was only injured, not really dead.

As long as she obtained thoese things, he would be able to repair them very quickly.

The problem was, why

Ye Xiao was not really in a relationship with her.

He was responsible for something.

He was only doing it to save the Yanhuang Great World and prevent the Xuan Yuan god clan from being annexed.

He did not even touch her.

Did he still have to pay

He did not touch her even if he paid for it.

It was too expensive.

The ruler of the Phoenix clan was too expensive.

It was not suitable for a child from a small family like him.

If he touched her, he would go bankrupt.

He might even have to pay for it himself.

“What injured you”

Ye Xiao asked again and helped the Phoneix Empress close her imperial robe.

The Phoenix Empress thought for a moment and immediately said,

“They used a few Grand Elders of the Phoenix clan as bait to lure me over.

In the end, they set up a trap in advance.

“The two Supreme Eternals attacked at the same time and used a special talisman to release billions of sword rays.

I was injured by those sword rays.

“After the sword rays injured me, I used the secret Blood Escape masterpiece technique of the Phoenix clan to escape, and only then did I survive.

Otherwise, you wouldnt be able to see me now.”

Ye Xiao pondered for a moment and rubbed the space between his brows.

Based on that situation, the other party should have made that plan long ago and specifically targeted the Phoenix Empress.

A talisman that could release billions of sword rays, could it be an immortal talisman

Just like how he was able to create a dragon in the world, it was not impossible for the other party to create an immortal talisman.

At the moment, there were at most two ways to stop the destruction of the Yanhuang Great World.

The first way was to devote the blood essence and the power of the laws in his body to completely heal the Phoenix Empress.

That way, it would be able to alleviate the current situation.

However, at the same time, because of that reason, it would also cause Ye Xiao to lose the opportunity to advance quickly.

That was an extremely important matter to him.

If he did not have the strength, even if he saved the Yanhuang Great World, who could guarantee that he would not be targeted in the future

To put it bluntly, if the Phoenix Empress really went crazy one day and wanted to extract some essence from him, he could only be pressed onto the grass by others and be slaughtered.

Therefore, Ye Xiao directly chose to eliminate that plan.

The second plan was to travel back in time and let himself change history.

Changing history had always been something that Ye Xiao was quite afraid of.

That was because he was not sure if there would be any butterfly effect.

Thus, it would cause some bad things to happen.

At that point, he had no other choice.

To make him sacrifice his own benefits, he would definitely not be willing.

Then he could only change the history of the entire world.

Travel back in time and prevent the Phoenix Empress from being besieged.

No… Since he had already decided to change the history, why not make it more thorough and neater

He could simply travel back in time and let the Phoenix Empress destroy the immortal talisman.

He could directly go into position and change the invasion of the Xuanhuang Great World.

Otherwise, they would use the immortal talisman to attack the Dragon Emperor or the Qilin King in the future.

At that time, the world would still be at a disadvantage.

How could he travel back in time to change the history, there was also no way to erase the fact that the other party had the immortal talisman.

Thinking of that, he took a deep breath and looked at the Phoenix Empress,

“Tell me the fixed-point coordinates where you were ambushed.

Oh right, and the exact time when you were attacked.”

The Phoenix Empress was stunned and did not understand.

“What do you want that fixed-point coordinates for There should be no one there now.”

“Dont ask so many questions.

Just tell me directly.”

The Phoenix Empress was silent for a moment before she nodded and passed the fixed-point coordinates as well as the exact time when she was attacked to Ye Xiao.

After Ye Xiao obtained the fixed-point coordinates and time, he immediately used the Space-time immortal technique and instantly disappeared from the spot.

That move caused the Phoenix Empress to be unable to help but be shocked.

That was because she could clearly feel that it was another immortal technique.

She could not help but be surprised.

‘How does this fellow have so many tricks These tricks seem to be even more powerful than the Ancestral Dragon.

‘The Ancestral Dragon at that moment wasnt as powerful as him.

However, she also did not know what Ye Xiao wanted to do.

She could only helplessly shake her head and wait for his news.

Ye Xiao came to the place that the Phoenix Empress had told him about.

After taking a deep breath, he took out the Great Dragon.

He wanted to first inject the Great Way of Life immortal technique into the Great Dragon so that it would possess the power of the immortal technique.

Then, he would directly jump to the moment when the Phoenix Empress was ambushed.

He would let the Phoenix Empress be filled with energy, add the Great Way of Life immortal technique, break the immortal talisman, and instantly kill the other party.

The time taken to transmigrate back was not long.

In addition, his current cultivation had increased quite a lot.

He should be able to hold on for two seconds, right

Two seconds should be enough to do it!

Ye Xiao injected the Great Way of Life immortal technique while continuously restoring his spiritual energy until the Great Way of Life immortal technique in the Great Dragons body was filled to the limit.

After that, he recovered all of his spiritual energy and carefully focused his mind before making his move.

The Space-time immortal technique was activated and Ye Xiao instantly jumped back to that time point.

At that time, the Phoenix Empress had just sensed that she had been ambushed and was greatly alarmed.

Her expression suddenly changed.

“D*mn it!”

She was just about to escape when the two Supreme Eternals had already sealed the space and used the array as well as her own aura to firmly lock her on the spot.


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