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“My condition is that after we return, you must raise Qin Yuyan to the Godly Emperor realm.”

“Choose a different condition.”

Ye Xiao knew the Phoenix Empresss intentions.

She wanted to give Qin Yuyan and him the opportunity to be together.

However, becoming a Godly Emperor would take too long.

Ye Xiao was not worried about something that would develop over time.

He would not fall in love with a girl just because he had spent a lot of time with her.

The problem was that it was too much of a waste of time and would delay his cultivation.

The Phoenix Empress clenched her fists slightly, and her eyes revealed a few traces of anger.

That kid was really impervious to her schemes.

He was very sly.

No matter what trap she set up, he would just pretend to shrug it off.

However, a trial like the Love Tribulation was not something which you could do whatever you wanted.

The Love Tribulation was to make the other party willingly fall in love with you.

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That was an unbreakable rule.

If one could use other methods to overcome the Love Tribulation, then the trial would have no value.

Things like love were the most unreasonable things.

Helpless, she could only settle for the second-best option.

“Raise her to the first level of the Godly King realm.”



D*mn it, she was too careless.

If she had known earlier, she would have asked to raise her to the fifth level of the Godly King realm or above to increase the chances of success.

In reality, Ye Xiao already had a plan in mind.

If it was the Godly Emperor realm, he would definitely have to personally teach Qin Yuyan.

Only then would he be able to ensure that she would be able to smoothly raise her cultivation to that realm.

However, if it was the first level of the Godly King realm, then it would be simple.

He did not even need to teach Qin Yuyan, as long as he slowly raised his cultivation and the bloodline power of the entire Xuan Yuan god clan, it would not be long before Qin Yuyans talent allowed her to advance to the Godly King realm.

Although theoretically speaking, he would not fall in love with Qin Yuyan yet love was something that was hard to fathom.

Ye Xiao also did not dare to say for sure that he would not fall in love with Qin Yuyan.

It was very easy for a man and woman to fall for each other after spending too much time together.

Therefore, it was better for him to avoid her.

“Then its decided.”

The Phoenix Empress slowly extended her small hand.

Ye Xiao extended his hand and lightly shook hers.

The feeling in his hand was very good.

It was hot and soft as if it was something without bones.

Ye Xiao had heard of one thing in the past.

If a girls body was always hot, then she must not have lost her virginity.

Her spiritual energy and divine blood were abundant, so her pregnancy was very good.

Many of the scenes on television where a girl got pregnant after just one touch were not made up.

However, he only shook her hand briefly and then pulled it back.

He did not let the other party hold him for too long and turned around to leave.

The Phoenix Empress was somewhat speechless and could not help but shake her head.

‘This kid is really cunning.

I really dont know if my Love Tribulation incarnation is right or wrong to fall in love with him.

However, when she thought about it carefully, it was ultimately a disaster that the heavens had set for her.

Among the trials to become a True Immortal, the Love Tribulation was the most difficult.

She tried in vain to find an ordinary man in a small world to help her overcome the Love Tribulation by placing her Love Tribulation incarnation in the small world.

That was because the ordinary men in the small world would find it even harder to resist her.

However, in reality, the heavens would not allow her to do as she wished.

They would not arrange an ordinary man for her just because she found a small world to overcome the Love Tribulation.

Ye Xiao was originally just a man from the Xuan Yuan god clans small world.

Logically speaking, it would be almost impossible for him to step out of the Nine Provinces in his lifetime.

However, he just had to step out, and at that point, he had even become an existence in the Godly Emperor realm.

Perhaps, that was the difficulty of the Love Tribulation.

The Love Tribulation was difficult.

Forget it, she should just wait and see.

No matter what, the Love Tribulation incarnation had already chosen Ye Xiao.

That was already a fact that was set in stone, and no one could change it.

She could only let nature take its course and take things one step at a time.

At that moment, she suddenly seemed to have sensed something.

With a wave of her long sleeves, she turned around and left.

On Ye Xiaos side, after obtaining the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree, he immediately began to find a quiet, desolate, and uninhabited star island.

He began to refine the Great Dragon to repair the cracks on its body.

He activated the power of laws and extracted the law energy from the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree before fusing it into the Great Dragons body.

At that moment, the cracks on the Great Dragons body began to slowly repair themselves.

At the same time, a figure quietly arrived from a nearby star area.

“D*mn it.

I didnt expect such a big change to happen in this plan.

I was just a little bit away from disturbing the Bluebell god clan and affecting the frontline.

Then, I would have made a great contribution.

“If thats the case, the Xuanhuang Great World will definitely reward me heavily and help me rise to the Godly Emperor realm.

“D*mn it! Where did that Grand Elder of the Bluebell god clan come from

“Why didnt I know that the Bluebell god clan has such a Grand Elder”

After cursing a few times, he suddenly seemed to have sensed something.

He immediately looked in Ye Xiaos direction and his eyes could not help but light up.

“Nine-colored multicolored light, an auspicious sign.

Could it be that a supreme treasure is about to be born

“Great! In the end, the heavens did not forsake me.

“Although I did not execute the battle plan perfectly, it allowed me to obtain a supreme treasure.”

As he finished speaking, he immediately turned into a streak of light and flew toward that place at high speed.

At that moment, the Great Dragon in Ye Xiaos hand let out low roars, and he could not help but start frowning.

“Repairing an Immortal Artifact requires not only precious materials but also blood sacrifices.

At this moment, it would be great if there were living creatures.

“However, the star beasts have already been arranged by me to stay in the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

I only have Huan Liuli in my hands.

I cant use her as a sacrifice, right”

Just as he finished speaking, a figure suddenly charged over.

“B*stard, hand over the supreme treasure in your hands! Ill spare your life!”


His luck was really good.

Whatever came to his mind would appear before him.

‘Since youre here to snatch my things, then I dont have to feel any psychological burden to kill you.

Thinking of that, he immediately erupted with his terrifying fifth-level Godly Emperor aura.

Sensing that extremely terrifying aura, Lan Lishuis pupils could not help but constrict on the spot, and all the hair on his body stood on end.

“A Godly Emperor! D*mn it!”

He could not help but curse fiercely before turning around and running away.

The reason why he dared to rush over earlier was because he saw that Ye Xiao was very young, so he dared to make a move to snatch Ye Xiaos things.

In the end, he did not expect that the other party was actually a Godly Emperor.

An existence in the Godly Emperor realm was already not something he could deal with.

Facing such an enemy, he did not have the slightest chance of winning.

However, it was a pity that the instant he appeared in Ye Xiaos sight, he no longer had the chance to escape.

Ye Xiao grabbed at the air with his right hand and activated the Space-time immortal technique, instantly pulling the other party back.

Lan Lishui was scared out of his wits.

He did not expect Ye Xiao to actually have such a move.

He did not dare to be careless.

He immediately took out the Thunder Pill from his storage ring and threw it out.

That lightning was especially used to deal with Godly Emperors.

Previously, he could not bear to use it against Lan Zhanxin.

At the moment, he was using it directly against Ye Xiao.

However, what happened next made his jaws drop once again.

That was because Ye Xiao grabbed at the air with his large hand and immediately suppressed the Thunder Pill that was about to explode.

That was Ye Xiao using the Great Way of Life immortal technique!

After taking down the Thunder Pill, Ye Xiao weighed it in his hand twice.

It was heavy, and it was filled with thunder attribute energy.

Its power had already surpassed the full-strength attack of a third-level Godly Emperor.

“Not bad.

Its mine now.”

Ye Xiao then threw it into his storage ring.

Then, he cast his gaze on the other party.

Lan Lishuis face turned pale and he instantly fell into despair.

In the next second, Ye Xiao picked up the Great Dragon without any mercy and stabbed it into his heart.

The Great Dragon rapidly sucked the divine blood into his body.

Even his divine soul was crushed and absorbed into his body.

Lan Lishuis consciousness gradually sank into darkness.

At the moment of death, his eyes were filled with despair.

Why Why did he have to come over

Why were there senior martial arts masters everywhere in the world

Previously, the Grand Elder of the Bluebell god clan had appeared.

Who knew how many of them were powerful He had killed so many Godly Emperor-level Sacred Beasts.

Then, such a young fellow had appeared, but in the end, he had already reached the Godly Emperor realm.

If he had not come over, he would not have met Ye Xiao, and if he had not met Ye Xiao, he would not have died.

If he could do it all over again, he would definitely not choose to come over.

He would run as far as he could, and from then on, he would remain in a corner, never to come out again.


In the next moment, the Great Dragons body began to rapidly turn red.

Each of its scales seemed to come alive, emitting a dark purple glow.

Furthermore, every movement and movement was quiet.

It looked as if this weapon was breathing.

The place that had been patched up by the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree was like a vein, flickering with a demonic red line.

It looked extremely strange.

The dragon struggled in his palm, and Ye Xiao let go.

The dragon broke away from his control and actually turned into a purple steel dragon that revolved around his body, emitting waves of dragon roars.

At that moment, Ye Xiao seemed to be able to feel that the dragon had really become a living creature.

It had a soul, a body, a heartbeat, and blood.

The Great Dragon was extremely excited.

After circling around, it kept rubbing against Ye Xiaos feet, expressing its gratitude and affections.

Back then, when Ye Xiao told him that he would find a chance to resurrect him in the future, he actually did not think so much in his heart.

He knew that he had already died back then and could never be resurrected again.

In that life, he could only exist as a weapon at most.

However, he did not expect that after only a few years, he would really become a living life today.

That kindness was something unique that he has never experienced.

He was content.


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