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“D*mn it, stop him!”

Lan Zhanxin could not help but shout.

Unfortunately, he was still one step too late.

Lan Lishui had already turned into a streak of light and escaped before everyone arrived.

Only after he escaped did the Bluebell god clan members arrive.

“Whats going on Wheres the spy from the Xuanhuang Great World”

“Hes already escaped.”

“What You actually let him escape You have a cultivation base at the peak of the eighth level of the Godly King realm, yet you werent able to stop him Whats going on”

“It was Lan Zhishui!”

“Lan… Lan Zhishui How is this possible When he was expelled by us back then, he was already crippled in his cultivation.

How could he escape from you”

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“He defected to the Xuanhuang Great World.

Now, his cultivation has already been cultivated back to the eighth level of the Godly King realm.”

“This d*mned traitor! If I had known earlier, I would have slapped him to death back then!”

Lan Zhanxin was silent for a moment before saying,

“Uncle Lan, he is, after all, the eldest uncles son.

If you scold him like this, arent you scolding the eldest uncle like a dog Then what is our Bluebell god clan”

Everyone fell into silence.


“Forget it, lets not talk about this problem.

Lets hurry up and talk about the Sacred Beasts.

According to reliable information, this time, he brought not only one Sacred Beast, but several.”

When everyone heard that, their eyes immediately turned cold.

“How can we win The vast majority of the Godly Emperors of our Bluebell god clan have already gone to the frontlines.

Currently, only a few of them are left to guard the frontlines.”

“Theres nothing we can do about that.

The frontlines are in a tight situation.

If the frontlines retreat, then the problem will truly be huge.

“However, our Godly Emperors are also nearby.

If a Godly Emperor-level Sacred Beast really appears, our Godly Emperors will be able to rush over immediately to quell the chaos.”

“Lets hope so.

The rest of us will immediately search for Lan Zhuishui.

If Lan Zhuishui isnt eliminated, this hidden danger will never be eliminated.

All of us will forever be led by the nose.”


On the other side, Lan Zhuishui only heaved a sigh of relief after escaping to a very far place.

‘Fortunately, I ran quickly.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have had a good ending if I was surrounded by them.

However, he soon began to frown.

His face was filled with confusion.

‘Speaking of which, what happened just now According to normal logic, I should have summoned the eight-tentacled Godly Emperor-level Sacred Beast long ago.

Why hadnt it appeared What went wrong

He quickly arrived at the place where the eight-tentacled Godly Emperor was buried.

He scanned it with his divine sense and could not help but narrow his eyes.

‘The eight-tentacled Godly Emperors wooden box has actually been taken away by someone.

Who is the one behind this

However, he quickly regained his senses.

‘Forget it.

I dont have any leads at the moment.

I should release the other Sacred Beasts first.

‘Only in this way can I complete my majestic plan.

In the next second, he immediately found an empty space and began to form seals.

“The second Godly Emperor-level Sacred Beast that will be released is the Sacred Ox for the time being.

He is from the bloodline left behind by the archaic species in the Xuanhuang Great World.

His strength is endless and is extremely lethal.

I will use him to start the prelude to the annihilation of the entire Bluebell god clan.”

As he began to form seals, an extremely terrifying aura was suddenly transmitted from a certain star island in the Bluebell divine territory in the next second.

After sensing that extremely terrifying aura, the expressions of many people in the Bluebell divine territory could not help but change drastically.

“This aura is a Sacred Beast! Moreover, it is an existence at the Godly Emperor level.”

“D*mmit, Lan Zhishui is summoning a Sacred Beast again.”

“Dont panic.

A martial arts master at the Godly Emperor realm should have already sensed it.

They will step forward to settle this matter.

“A Sacred Beast of that level is already not something we can afford to provoke.”

Right at that moment, Ye Xiao, who was doing a barbecue on a certain star island, also felt that powerful aura.

He froze as he ate the octopus barbecue.

“This aura… Another Sacred Beast! Isnt my luck amazing I havent finished eating this one, yet another one came in the blink of an eye.”

Ye Xiao was extremely excited.

That was because there was no way for him to use the Undying masterpiece technique for an existence in the Godly Emperor realm.

Existences at the late stage of the Godly King realm had almost all started to cultivate the power of laws.

Once the power of laws was eaten by them once, it cannot be consumed again and would not be repaired using the masterpiece technique.

Therefore, once it was consumed once, there was no next time.

Even if he used the method of cutting off a small part of the other partys body and then repairing it, it would not work.

That was because the small part of the other partys body that he had cut off did not contain the power of laws.

The power of laws was only contained in the largest body.

If you wanted to obtain the power of laws in the other partys body, you would have to eat it all.

Under such circumstances, if a Sacred Beast was eaten, there would be no more.

He could only choose the next one.

When he was eating the octopus, he was thinking that he would not be able to eat it again after consuming it all at once.

He was even thinking about whether or not he should store some meat.

In the end, he did not expect that another one would be sent to him in the blink of an eye.

Was there even a need to say anything more

He had to get it!

In the next second, Ye Xiao had already appeared in the area where the Sacred Beast had appeared.

It was a huge green ox.

It was over a hundred feet tall and its entire body was emitting seven-colored multicolored light.

That was the mark when it had just entered the Godly Emperor realm.

Although it was the beginning of the Godly Emperor realm, it was still a genuine Godly Emperor.

The powerful aura that erupted from its body directly suppressed the entire star field.

All the living beings in the star field could not help but start to tremble.

Under its pressure, everyone seemed to feel that their breathing was somewhat frozen.

Many people even felt that the spiritual energy in their bodies could not circulate freely.



Cries for help and screams could be heard everywhere.

Meanwhile, the Sacred Ox spread their hooves and began to act wantonly in the starry sky.

Every time he stomped on his hooves, the surrounding star islands would start to tremble.

He moved quickly, and the shockwaves he brought along knocked the star islands apart, setting off violent storms one after another.

Under his wanton destruction, the world seemed to welcome the destruction.

“Hahaha… Die! All of you die! Dont leave a single one alive!”

The Sacred Ox was careless in that star area.

He was slaughtering to his hearts content.

There was no existence in the world who could go against him.

However, at that moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

It was a very young figure.

Seeing that figure suddenly appear, the Sacred Ox did not pay much attention to it.

He just exhaled two breaths from his huge nose, forming two spiritual energy swords that shattered the two star islands on both his sides.

Meanwhile, his real body was fully activated.

He rammed into his opponent with unstoppable momentum.

“Ill kill you, you little punk! Hahahaha…”

Suddenly, at that moment, his opponent suddenly threw a punch.

A punch, just a small punch, but it made the Sacred Ox feel a threat of death!

“Not good!”

His pupils could not help but shrink, and the Sacred Ox was extremely terrified.

He had no time to resist that sudden powerful force.

He had no time to stop and escape.

His opponents speed was too fast.

The power of that punch was too strong.

The moment the attack was initiated, it had already locked onto him firmly, making it impossible for him to escape.


Accompanied by a violent explosion, he felt a huge force of lightning smashing through his skull, wildly rushing into his mind.

He only heard a crisp cracking sound.

It was the sound of his skull being torn apart.

Then, his consciousness felt as if it was stabbed by lightning.

Then, it sank into darkness and no longer had any reaction.

Up until the moment of his death, he could not quite understand how that fellow had appeared.

His speed was too fast.

It was so fast that he did not even have time to react before he was dealt with by the other party with a punch.

The person who had killed him with a punch was naturally none other than Ye Xiao.

At that moment, he had already shattered the head of the Sacred Ox.

The ground was red and white, looking extremely terrifying.

The power of that punch did not just destroy the Sacred Ox.

After piercing through the Sacred Oxs head, the fist light continued to move forward, turning into a beam of light that could destroy everything.

It directly pierced through the ten plus star islands on the same line.

Almost half of the divine territory was affected.

However, Ye Xiao had already sensed that there was another powerful existence approaching that side.

Therefore, he did not waste too much time.

He grabbed at the void with his large hand and directly put away the Sacred Ox.

Then, he turned around and left.

He quickly disappeared into the air.

Just as he left, in the blink of an eye, two more figures appeared in that place.

Each figure had an extremely dense aura and cultivation.

Their strength was at least in the Godly Emperor realm.

When the two martial arts masters arrived there and saw the scene of the attack, their pupils could not help but shrink.

“What a powerful destructive power.

That power was probably not inferior to us.

Compared to us, its only stronger.”

“Who says it isnt Without being at the fifth or sixth level of the Godly Emperor realm, its impossible for them to launch an attack of this level.

“Did you see that He should have used only one attack to directly kill the other partys Godly Emperor-level Sacred Beast.

“And from the looks of it, I reckon that he didnt even use his full strength.

“This is because the faults on the ground were very neat.

This meant that when he attacked, he grasped the accuracy of his attacks perfectly.

“If he used all of his strength, the lethality would probably be even more violent and terrifying.

“But… Who could it be that defended the back area of the divine territory The Godly Emperors of our Bluebell god clan have basically rushed to the frontlines.

The few of us who are left are very clear about each others strengths.

“No one amongst us can reach this level.”


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