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In the starry sky, several figures gathered together and knelt in front of a blue-robed figure.

“Greetings, Commander.”

It was a young-looking man with a scar on his face and a slanted nose bridge, making his originally handsome face look a bit more ferocious.

He said indifferently,

“Have all the wooden boxes been buried in their corresponding positions”

“Reporting to Commander, they have all been buried.

Now, we are just waiting for you to activate the seals on them.”

The young man nodded and immediately raised his head.

He looked towards the center of the Bluebell divine territory as his eyes flashed with a resentful glint.

“Its been 20 years! A full 20 years!

“This time, I, Lan Zhishui, will wash away the humiliation from 20 years ago!

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“20 years ago, all of you looked down on me.

Now, 20 years later, I will let all of you know how wrong your actions back then were.”

However, just as he finished speaking, in the next second, more figures appeared.

All of a sudden, they surrounded the entire place.

“Not good! Commander, weve been discovered.”

Everyone had already begun to panic.

Clearly, they had been frightened by the other partys sudden attack.

However, there was not the slightest hint of panic on Lan Zhuishuis face.

It was as if he had already expected that situation.

“Zhuishui, its actually you!”

In the next moment, the figure that had just met Ye Xiao appeared at that place.

When he saw Lan Zhuishui and the others, his eyes were wide open.

Clearly, he did not dare to believe his eyes.

Lan Zhuishui glanced at him indifferently.

When he saw the clothes he was wearing, he could not help but snort softly.

“Is there no one left in the Bluebell god clan now To actually allow you, Lan Zhanxin, to be the Holy Child! Back then, you werent even qualified to carry my shoes.”

The Bluebell god clan member beside Lan Zhanxin immediately roared,

“Shut up! You deviant, you have no right to judge our Holy Son!”

Lan Zhuishui shot him a disdainful glance.

“You minion, do you have the right to speak here Back then, when I was still the first candidate for the position of Holy Child of the Bluebell god clan, you were probably even worse than a dog.

“What happened Now that youve grown up, youre starting to make noise Are you worthy”


The attendant wanted to say something, but Lan Zhanxin stopped him.

“Stand down.”

Then, he said to Lan Zhishui,

“Brother Zhishui, I really didnt think that you were the one who did this! Although you were expelled from the Bluebell god clan back then, it was only because you cultivated evil techniques and went astray.

You killed countless people.

“No matter what, the Bluebell god clan has nurtured you for so many years! How could you rebel and run to the enemy How could you help the Xuanhuang Great World fight against the Yanhuang Great World

“You even placed star beasts inside the Bluebell divine territory.

“Do you know how many clansmen will die from this”

Lan Zhishui had a look of disdain.

“Dont talk so much nonsense with me.

Since ancient times, the winner becomes the king, and the loser is the servant.

“Dont think that just because you are the Holy Son of the Bluebell god clan, you can shout at me.

You are still far inferior to me.

“Everyone, protect me.

I shall open the first cage of Sacred Beasts and release the eight-tentacled Godly Emperor-level Sacred Beast, Achilles!”


As soon as he finished speaking, all of Lan Lishuis subordinates immediately started to defend themselves and formed a circle to protect him.

In the next second, Lan Zhanxin also said,

“Kill him! Dont let him successfully release a Godly Emperor-level Sacred Beast!”


The two sides forces quickly clashed together, and the battle entered a white-hot stage.

On the star island, multicolored light filled the sky, and explosions sounded in all directions.

Light continuously flickered, and shockwaves continuously spread out in all directions.

That sudden battle affected the surrounding star islands, and countless people screamed as they fled.

Lan Zhanxins subordinates clearly had an advantage.

However, it was a pity that Lan Zhishuis subordinates were prepared to die, so they did not care about death at all.

They fought with all their might.

Even if their bodies were half-crippled, they would strike in an instant.

“For the glory of the Xuanhuang Great World, all of you will witness my heroism!”

The reckless resistance intimidated the members of the Bluebell god clan.

Lan Zhanxin had no choice but to personally suppress them.

As the Holy Son of the top 10 god clan, his cultivation had already reached the peak eighth level of the Godly King realm.

However, even if he attacked, it would be too late.

Lan Zhishuis hand seals were formed very quickly.

In the blink of an eye, he released the unsealing technique of the small wooden box that was holding the eight-tentacled Godly Emperor.

At that moment, Lan Zhanxin had already chopped his subordinates to pieces and arrived in front of him.

Lan Zhishui raised his hand and pressed it against his hand seal.

An evil smile hung on his face.

“Im sorry, its too late.

Once the eight-tentacled Godly Emperor-level Sacred Beast is released, the nearby star areas will be destroyed by him, and not a single one will be spared.

“However, you dont have to be too angry, because this is only the first one.

There are still many more to come.”

Lan Zhanxin clenched his fists.

His eyes were scarlet and his heart was filled with killing intent.

“You beast! Youre simply not human.

You actually did such a thing to your own kind.

Arent you afraid ofHeavens retribution”


Lan Lishui laughed loudly towards the sky.

“What do I have to be afraid of The ones who attacked me first were you guys, not me! If it wasnt for you guys chasing me out because you were jealous of my outstanding talent and fast cultivation, your position as the Holy Son would be mine now!

“What right do you have to criticize me here You should be thanking me for giving up the position of the Holy Son to you!”

“B*stard! You did something wrong and still dont know how to repent.

You deserve to die for your sins.”

Lan Zhanxin roared in his heart and immediately rushed up to fight Lan Zhishui.

His body released azure divine light, while Lan Zhishuis body released a blood-red and black evil light.

However, even though the two of them were fighting, Lan Zhishui could not help but start to feel puzzled.

That was because according to normal logic, he had already released the seal.

Why had the eight-tentacled Godly Emperor-level Sacred Beast not appeared

At that point, he should have at least revealed his aura.

Why did it feel like everything was calm There was no aura of a Sacred Beast anywhere.

Could it be that he had made a mistake

That should not be the case.

There was clearly no mistake in his moves.

The seal would definitely be opened.

At the same time, in another star field far away in the Bluebell divine territory, Ye Xiao was roasting a few large octopus tendrils.

The large octopus tendrils were being roasted under the intense fire.

Ye Xiao was constantly rubbing oil on them very quickly until they reveal a faint golden color.

The fragrance of meat emitted from them was simply irresistible.

Behind Ye Xiao, there was a small wooden box that was constantly flickering with golden light.

He turned his head to take a look.

‘Has this group of fellows already begun to unseal the seal Forget it, its none of my business anyway.

Hes a spy from the Xuanhuang Great World, and Im a person from the Yanhuang Great World.

Its only right and proper for me to kill this large octopus.

Shrugging his shoulders, Ye Xiao had already started to cook his octopus.

He sprinkled some cumin and chili powder on it and then prepared to feast on it.

It had been a long time since he had eaten something so fresh.

Moreover, his blood energy was so vigorous.

It was a delicacy that suited his current cultivation level.

At that moment, going to the Bluebell divine territory was truly a wonderful choice!

On the battlefield, Lan Zhishui and Lan Zhanxin were unable to part.

That made Lan Zhanxins heart palpitate with fear.

One had to know that when Lan Zhishui was chased out by the Bluebell god clan, his cultivation had already been crippled.

However, he did not expect that in just 20 years, he had cultivated to the peak of the eighth level of the Godly King realm again.

He was on par with him!

Under normal circumstances, it was impossible for him to cultivate so fast.

That speed was too monstrous.

The only explanation was that he cultivated the evil technique again, in which case, he did not know how many people had died.

Only by using the divine blood of countless people to help him cultivate could he advance to his current level in such a short period of time.

Of course, he could not rule out the possibility that he met a martial arts prodigy from the Xuanhuang Great World, gave him elixirs, or was enlightened.

That could be why he had such powerful strength.

However, Lan Zhishui did not have the mood to think as much as the other.

He was already having a headache.

The eight-tentacled Godly Emperor did not release any aura at all.

Who knew what kind of situation he had encountered.

Originally, he had planned to rely on the appearance of the eight-tentacled Godly Emperor to create a panic so that he could take advantage of the chaos to escape.

He did not expect himself to be able to kill Lan Zhanxin successfully.

Lan Zhanxins standards were clearly displayed there.

It was a little too wishful thinking for him to want to kill him.

At the very least, that was the case at the moment.

Moreover, it was the Bluebell god clan.

If the surrounding martial arts masters sensed the battle there, they would definitely come over to help at the first possible moment.

When that time came, he would be stuck in a quagmire and would be besieged by everyone.

He would be in great trouble.

In the end, the eight-tentacled Godly Emperor had yet to be released even after fighting for so long.

That made him feel extreme pain in his balls.

However, he could not continue on like that.

That was because he could already sense the auras of many martial arts masters gathering in that direction.

All of his subordinates had been killed.

Not a single one was left.

It was not good to stay there for long.

It was better to retreat first.

Thinking of that, he immediately took out a huge thunder pill.

The moment he saw the thunder pill, Lan Zhanxin immediately shouted,

“Everyone, take cover! All of you, open your defensive shields.”

Then, he opened his own defensive shields and quickly fled outside.

Unexpectedly, Lan Zhishui did not use the thunder pill.

Instead, he laughed mockingly.

“Idiot! You trash dont have the qualifications to let me use the precious thunder pill.

Have fun amongst yourselves.

I wont play with you anymore.”

After saying that, he turned around and changed into a streak of light to escape!


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