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“Thats true.

Although the first-level Godly Emperor is very strong, hes just trash in front of a late-stage Godly Emperor.”

“But no matter what, the rise of the Xuan Yuan god clan this time is already a foregone conclusion.

“The four great god clans had declined while the Xuan Yuan god clan had risen to the skies.

After the two great world wars ended, there would definitely be a new ranking in the starry skies.

“At that time, I dont know what will happen.

“Its very likely that the Xuan Yuan god clan will rise to the top ten in a single step.

Im afraid that even the Bluebell divine territory will have to make way for them.”

Hearing those few words, Ye Xiao suddenly had a feeling that he was surfing the internet in his previous life.

The crowd was still talking, but he did not continue listening.

Instead, he prepared to use his spiritual sense to scan the area to see if there were any good auction houses or large shops nearby which would allow him to buy some Phoenix-perched Parasol Trees.

Ye Xiao felt a headache.

Why was he not like those legendary protagonists With great luck, he could easily find whatever he wanted in some small stalls.

Moreover, they were all things that others did not want.

He only needed to spend a little bit of money to buy them.

At that moment, a gentle and refined voice suddenly sounded by his ear.

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“Looks like the Xuan Yuan god clans luck has been pretty good recently.

Their strength has actually increased by so much in an instant.”

Ye Xiao returned to his senses and swept a glance at the other party.

He was a rather refined-looking young master, slightly more manly than Ning Yuhen.

However, Ning Yuhen had become very manly, he was no longer the kind of person who would be mistaken for a girl.

However, he did not reply and continued to use his mind to search the surroundings.

The other party glanced at Ye Xiao and said with a smile,

“Im sorry.

Ive always come from a place of familiarity.

I was minding my own business for a moment and disturbed you.

I hope youll forgive me.”

Ye Xiao nodded slightly and still did not say anything.

The other party continued to speak,

“Brother, are you looking for something This humble one has lived in this vicinity for a long time.

I dont know the things around here like the back of my hand.

At the very least, Im relatively clear about it.

If Brother doesnt mind, you can tell me about it.

Perhaps I might be able to find out about it.”

Ye Xiao said faintly,

“Its nothing major.

I wont trouble you anymore.”

After saying that, he stood up and left.

The other party was startled.

Looking at his back, he immediately shook his head.

‘This fellow is really a strange person.

After a short moment, two people surrounded him.

He immediately turned around and left.

“How is it Have you found anything”

“Young Master, we havent found anything yet.

However, according to the reports from the front, its very likely that the other party brought along a certain… No, its possible that they brought along a bunch of Sacred Beasts.

Furthermore, they were all Godly Emperor-level Sacred Beasts.

“Their goal was to place all of those Sacred Beasts in the rear central region of the Yanhuang great world.

“That way, those Sacred Beasts would disturb the various divine territories and pose a great threat to them.

They might even cause many of the god clans to suffer heavy losses.

“In turn, it would affect the martial arts masters at the front line.

“They were worried about the rear, so they could not use their full strength to fight.

“Not only that, some people might even choose to run back.

If that happened, the front line would be completely defeated.”

The mans expression was extremely grave.

“No matter what, we must find the other party.

We absolutely can not let him release these Sacred Beasts.

“Otherwise, well be in big trouble.

“Once the Yanhuang Great World is defeated, not a single member of the god clan will be able to escape.”


On the other side, Ye Xiao had already arrived at the largest auction house nearby.

He wanted to try his luck here and see if there was a chance to find the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree.

The welcoming girl at the door was wearing a short skirt.

Her long legs were as white as jade.

All of them had been carefully selected.

Their faces were like peach blossoms.

No, to be precise, they were more beautiful than flowers.

It was just that the scale of some places was a little out of the norm.

No one knew if it was natural or if it was manually adjusted.

Just as Ye Xiao walked up, they were ready to step forward and hold onto Ye Xiaos arm.

Ye Xiaos footsteps moved slightly.

His mysterious footwork and at the same time, his body released spiritual energy to protect his body.

He easily avoided the hands of those people.

To deal with those small characters, just a simple movement of his could make them confused.

Normally, he was not very interested in women, but there, he was purely a little mysophobic1.

A middle-aged manager in the auction house seemed to have a good eye.

After seeing that scene, he immediately understood that Ye Xiao was a martial arts master.

Such a martial arts master naturally did not like those people harassing him.

Therefore, he immediately trotted out and greeted Ye Xiao,

“Sir, please come in.”

Ye Xiao walked in front and he immediately followed behind him.

“May I know what Sir is here to purchase Our auction house can already be considered a first-class auction house in the Bluebell divine territory.

We have everything we need.

Even if we dont have what youre looking for at the moment, we can transfer it over from other places for you.”

Ye Xiao swept a glance with his divine sense, but he could not find the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree.

He could not help but feel a little disappointed.

He pondered for a moment and immediately said,

“Really, you can transfer anything”

“Of course!”

The manager was delighted and immediately said,

“This shouldnt be your first time in our Bluebell divine territory, right You should know that in the entire starry sky, our Bluebell god clan is the strongest in terms of buying and selling goods.

No other god clan can achieve our accomplishments.”

Ye Xiao nodded and immediately said,

“I want to know if you can get Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree wood”

The manager was stunned.

The smile on his face instantly disappeared and was replaced by a thick shock.

“Sir, what do you want Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree wood for That is a top-grade material for refining artifacts.”

“You dont have to ask about this.

Just say if you can get it, alright”

“Yes, of course! The Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree… It is very precious to us people because it can usually be found in the Phoenix Plains which is a place where only the Phoenix clan can tread on.

“In the starry sky, the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree can still be found, but… The price…”

“The price is not a problem, but I require it as soon as possible.”

“No problem.

Why dont you… Leave a contact number.

If I find the goods, I can contact you at any time.”

Ye Xiao nodded and immediately left his contact number for the other party.

The spiritual stone was different from the phone in his previous life.

Everyone had a spiritual stone.

Even if the other party knew his contact number, it was impossible for him to know who he was.

Therefore, Ye Xiao did not have to worry too much.

After leaving his contact information, Ye Xiao turned around and left.

However, he had just walked out of the auction house when his eyes swept across the crowd in the next second.

‘This is the aura of a… Star beast And its the smell of a Sacred Beast!

Ye Xiao was extremely sensitive to that kind of aura.

As a qualified foodie, he had always had a deep perception of the raw materials of food.

Excellent ingredients were often found by accident.

Following that scent, Ye Xiao slowly followed.

Very soon, he discovered that there was a fellow who seemed to have extremely suspicious movements.

He walked to the side of the star island, a place with no one, and then buried a small box.

After that, he looked left and right.

Once he saw that there was no one, he quickly disappeared on the spot.

He had just left when Ye Xiao arrived at that place.

With a wave of his large hand, he easily broke through the soil and took out the small box inside.

The aura of that Godly Emperor-level Sacred Beast was released from that small box.

Ye Xiao took a deep breath and could not help but feel a little intoxicated.

A faint fishy smell.

It was an octopus!

Ever since his strength had advanced to the Martial King realm in the human world, he had never eaten octopus balls or fried octopus tendrils again.

It was because the big octopus, Norfis, was too weak and could not keep up with his needs, so he did not eat it again.

Later on, although he had caught many star beasts, he had never encountered a big octopus type, so naturally, he did not eat it anymore.

After he smelled octopus, his taste buds could not help but be stimulated.

The moment the octopus tendril was fried with oil until its flesh was tender and supple, it was accompanied by the taste of onions to freshen it up.

Finally, it was sprinkled with cumin and chili powder.

When one took a bite, accompanied by its extremely elastic octopus tendril, the satisfaction it brought was simply irresistible.

“Who are you”

At that moment, the person who had buried the small wooden box actually returned.

Unfortunately, it was fine if he did not return.

However, the moment he returned, he instantly lost his life.

Just as he spoke, his entire person turned into ashes on the spot.

Ye Xiao did not even need to use a cultivation technique.

He only needed a thought to turn him into ashes.

It could not be any simpler.

Then, he immediately brought the small wooden box to a remote star field in the surroundings.

Then, he immediately began to undo the array on the small wooden box.

Since the small wooden box could seal a Godly Emperor, it was pretty good.

Therefore, he did not want to destroy it.

Moreover, to prevent the Sacred Beasts inside from exposing their auras when they came out, Ye Xiao had even shielded the surrounding space aura so that not even a trace of aura could leak out.

Very quickly, he successfully unraveled the array on the small wooden box.

At the same time, an extremely powerful aura also spread out from within.

“Foolish human, you actually let this emperor out! From now on, face the consequences!”


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