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“Suit yourself.

However, I advise you to cultivate well like a normal person.

Dont copy me, its very easy to delay your future.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao turned around and left, searching for the books he needed.

The Venerable Black Tortoise rested his chin on his hand and said thoughtfully,

“Could it be… That Ive really chosen the wrong direction”

However, very quickly, he said with a firm gaze,

“No, I still have to firm up my confidence.

If Im always suspicious and my martial heart isnt firm enough, wont it be easier for me to take the wrong path

“If Ye Xiao can rely on reading to find a broad path, I definitely have a way to find a broad path.”

On Ye Xiaos side, he had already arrived at the highest level of the library.

Although there were martial arts masters guarding the library, there was no one in the entire Xuan Yuan god clan who was stronger than Ye Xiao.

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No one could stop him wherever he wanted to go.

Ye Xiao scanned with his spiritual sense and instantly found what he was looking for.

It was different from the previous search for cultivation techniques.

When searching for cultivation techniques, he had to use his own eyes to look at each cultivation technique in order to be able to record those cultivation techniques into his Golden Book divine soul.

However, looking for information here, he only needed to scan with his spiritual sense, there was no need to go through so much trouble.

Currently, among all the materials for refining artifacts, the only one that was completely unaffected by the power of laws and can store the law energy was the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree.

Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree could withstand the blazing fire elements on the body of a Phoenix.

It could withstand the burning flames without moving an inch.

If he was able to find some Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree, fuse it into the Great Dragon, and repair the wounds on the Great Dragons body, the Great Dragon would be able to fully display its strongest cultivation!

However, the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree should only be found in the original phoenixs divine territory, right That is the habitat of the Phoenix clan.

That old woman, Empress Feng, will definitely be there as well.

‘When the time comes, in order to transcend the tribulation, she will… Yes, I dont think she would go so far as to do that, right After all, with her cultivation, if she really wanted to do that, she would have come over and captured me long ago.

Ye Xiao rubbed the space between his brows.

That was a bit of a headache.

What method should he use to not only not deliver himself to Empress Fengs mouth, but also find the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree

Ye Xiaos divine sense swept across the surrounding books and very quickly found a brand new option.

It turned out that some auction houses in the starry sky could also buy the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree.

Thinking about it, it made sense.

Even if the Phoenix clan was proud, they would not be able to occupy the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree and not leave a single one behind, right

It seemed that he should think of a way to go out and look for the whereabouts of the Phoenix-perched Parasol Tree.

Although the starry sky was chaotic, in reality, as long as it wasnt too far to the north, he would not encounter too much trouble.

Moreover, to him, as long as he concealed his aura and did not make a move easily, there would not be anyone who would deal with him.

As for the Xuan Yuan divine territory, it was located near the center of the Yanhuang Great World.

As long as the array was repaired and they would be protected so there should not be any major problems.

Oh right, there was one other point.

Arona and the other few Godly Emperors had to be destroyed first.

Those fellows had sent out many golden teeth and were nurturing new ones.

They would shoot one out from time to time and gather martial arts masters at the Godly Emperor realm.

If he was not around and they summoned more Godly Emperors, it would be troublesome.

Thinking of that, Ye Xiao first returned to the Xuan Yuan Mountain and immediately entered the prison.

Arona and the other Godly Emperors in the prison could not help but tremble in fear when they saw him enter.

“You… How are you still alive”

Everyone could not help but ask in horror.

Ye Xiao, on the other hand, spoke indifferently.

“Im sorry to disappoint all of you, but I did not die.

However, all of you have to go on your way.”

Everyone trembled and hurriedly retreated.

“You… What do you want to do Dont act recklessly! If you kill us, the upper echelons of our Xuanhuang Great World will definitely not let you off.”

“I am from the eighth-ranking god clan in the Xuanhuang Great World.

If you touch me, my clan will definitely trample over the Xuan Yuan god clan! Not a single one will be spared.”

Ye Xiaos expression froze.

“Then I cant let you off even more.

Otherwise, wont I die a miserable death in the future”

After saying that, he instantly summoned the Great Dragon and sent that group of people on their way.

After finishing all of that, Ye Xiao immediately went to the starry sky and repaired the array.

The entire array was not damaged.

As long as it was slightly repaired, it would be restored to its original state.

Following that, Ye Xiao released a trace of the power of laws, allowing it to completely become perfect.

After that, it disappeared from its original spot.

A few days later, Ye Xiao had already arrived at the nearby Bluebell divine territory.

That was the god clan ranked tenth in the starry sky.

Its strength was extremely strong.

The Bluebell divine territory had quite a number of martial arts masters holding down the fort.

However, at present, there were already quite a number who had been transferred to the front lines.

The remaining number was not much.

It could only be said that they were just barely keeping up appearances.

The place itself was small.

There was not much ground to cover, so there was not much output from the lack of dragon veins.

However, it was not enough to defeat the wisdom of the Bluebell god clan.

They took advantage of their well-developed transportation and the convenience of being connected to several other divine territories to develop the trade of the Bluebell god clan.

They brought the expertise of the Bluebell god clan into full play, and because of that, they became the stars in the sky, one of the wealthiest god clans.

That was also why Ye Xiao had chosen to come to that place to purchase Phoenix-perched Parasol Trees.

It was because only in such a place would one have the chance to find Phoenix-perched Parasol Trees.

More accurately speaking, it was only that place, other than the Phoenix clan, which was the best place, where there was the greatest chance to obtain Phoenix-perched Parasol Trees.

In the starry sky, if there was something that the Bluebell god clan did not have, it would be difficult to find it in other places.

There were many cultivators there, but according to what they said, it was said that the current Bluebell divine territory was not half as lively as it was in the past.

He really did not know what kind of scene it was like in the past when it was more peaceful.

On that day, he had just arrived at a small star island and was about to ask for some information.

However, he had just arrived when he heard someone talking about the Xuan Yuan god clan in the blink of an eye.

“Did you guys hear Recently, the Xuan Yuan god clan has been too awe-inspiring.

A small team has defeated countless god clans from the Xuanhuang Great World.”

“Is it that fierce”

“Its not just fierce.

Go out and ask around.

Many god clans are now in awe of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Many people have been saved by them.

“Otherwise, who knows how many of them would have died Perhaps some of the god clansmen would have been completely wiped out.”

“Hiss! Just what kind of medicine did the Xuan Yuan god clan take How did they suddenly become so fierce This is too powerful.”

“Previously, there were rumors everywhere in the starry sky that they defeated the four great god clans and forced them to enter seclusion.

I didnt quite believe it until now.

I didnt expect that not long after, they would once again display their heaven-defying strength.

“It seems that the Xuan Yuan god clans strength is comparable to the top ten god clans in the starry sky.”

“But how did the Xuan Yuan god clan do it How did they become so powerful all of a sudden”

“I heard that the Xuan Yuan god clan produced a heaven-defying late-stage Godly Emperor! Its because of him that the Xuan Yuan god clan has grown from an unknown small god clan to the stage where everyone admires them.”

“Is that true Dont speak nonsense if you havent heard the news.”

“Of course its true.

The nephew and son-in-law of my second uncles brother-in-laws third aunt followed the Godly Emperors of the clan a few days ago to carry some things to thank the Xuan Yuan god clan.

“Guess what happened that day”

“What happened”

Everyones curiosity was piqued as they all stared at that person.

That person felt extremely pleased as he continued to speak,

“In the end, that day, a Godly Emperor from the Xuanhuang Great World attacked the Xuan Yuan god clan.

A total of over 20 Godly Emperors were sent!”

Ye Xiao was stunned speechless.

Over 20 Godly Emperors When did more than 20 Godly Emperors appear Was there not a total of a few that went

Before he could figure it out, someone protested in the next second,

“Nonsense! Its not more than 20 Godly Emperors at all.”

Ye Xiao smiled slightly.

It seemed that there were still some people who knew the truth of the situation and did not exaggerate too much.

He took out a bottle of honey immortal nectar and was just about to moisten his throat when he took a sip.

Before he could swallow it, the other party immediately opened his mouth and said,

“Its clearly a total of 30 Godly Emperors!”

“Pfft! Cough, cough, cough…”

Ye Xiao, who was far away from the crowd, instantly spat out the drink when he heard those words.

30 Godly Emperors Good heavens, the more he made it up, the more ridiculous it became.

“Dont be ridiculous, it was a little more than 20 Godly Emperors!”


“More than 20!”


“More than 20.”

“You saw it with your own eyes”

“I… Yes, its about the same.

My cousin-in-law also went that day.

He came back and told me personally.”

There were already people around who could not hold it in anymore.

“The two of you, stop arguing here.

Quickly tell me what happened that day.”

“That day, there were more than 20…”

“Hey, hey, hey, it was 30! Dont say it was less.”

“Alright, alright, alright.

Lets say it was 30 then.

On that day, 30 Godly Emperors attacked the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Guess what happened

“The martial arts master from the Xuan Yuan god clan made a move and suddenly slashed out with his sword!

“Sigh, brothers, just one sword! One sword!

“Just that one sword had directly killed twe… Uh, all 30 Godly Emperors were killed.

Not a single one was left.”

“Oh my God!”

Everyone could not help but explode.

“Are you joking There are so many Godly Emperors, but he killed them with one sword”

“Of course.

Think about it.

Although there are many Godly Emperors in the Xuanhuang Great World, the vast majority of them are first-level Godly Emperors.

“However, that martial arts master from the Xuan Yuan god clan was different.

He was in the late-stage Godly Emperor realm.

“Among Godly Emperors, there was a huge difference between each level.

Wouldnt it be easy for him to kill so many with a single strike”


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