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In front of the Xuan Yuan Mountain, Xia Xinyi had already arrived.

Due to her being able to sense that there was Ye Xiaos true intent of the martial path within the mountain, she had no way of entering.

She immediately cupped her hands towards the mountain and said,

“Grand Elder, our clan has been attacked by the Xuanhuang Great Worlds Godly Emperors.

Grand Elder, please come out and save our clan.”

However, it was a pity that no one responded to her repeated calls.

In reality, within the mountain, Ye Xiao had already sensed the arrival of the White Dragon god clan and the other martial arts masters of the other god clan, as well as the arrival of the Godly Emperors of the Xuanhuang Great World.

Arona released another golden tooth.

As long as the other party received the message, there was an 80-90 percent chance that they would come over.

Furthermore, they would definitely send Godly Emperors and not send some small fries.

However, Ye Xiao did not need to worry too much.

That was because he had already set up the array long ago.

The array was used to fend off any Godly Emperors.

The Xuan Yuan god clan would not be in any great danger.

He was currently at the most critical moment.

The Great Dragon was about to be completed.

If he were to go out at that instant, all his previous efforts would be wasted.

At that time, he would have to start all over again.

It would be extremely troublesome.

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He might as well let them make a fuss until then.

As long as the array was not broken, he would have nothing to worry about.

He would first refine the Great Dragon before anything else.

The Great Dragon had already slowly turned purple-gold in color.

The dragon scale patterns on it appeared more realistic and three-dimensional.

It had even begun to curl up, moving and stopping, moving and stopping… It was extremely similar to a scallop that was breathing.

It revealed a mysterious sense of beauty, but it also revealed a sense of horror.


At that moment, a burst of intense thunder and lightning suddenly erupted in the sky.

That was a sign that the Great Dragon was going to succeed in refining.

Although there was no Lightning Tribulation when the Creation masterpiece technique was used to refine the Great Dragon back then, it was only because using methods above masterpiece techniques to create a Treasured Artifact was already able to suppress the power of laws.

However, it was different then.

What he was refining at the moment was an Immortal Artifact.

Even if Ye Xiao used an immortal technique, it still would not work.

That was because the power of laws involved in an Immortal Artifact was too much.

It could not be suppressed!

The people outside also felt that heavenly might.

In the sky, thunderclouds quickly began to gather.

Ji Chunshui and the others could not help but ask,

“Brother Tianya, is there anyone in your god clan who is transcending the tribulation

“Why the sudden clouds”

Zheng Tianya was also confused一he could not completely understand what was going on.

How was it possible that anyone was going to survive that

The main reason was that the tribulation cloud was not ordinary.

It was not for the Godslayer to Godly King realm advancement, but the occurrence higher than the Lightning Tribulation.

That meant that there was a Godly King who might be about to advance to the Godly Emperor realm or the advancement above that one.

Even so, according to his understanding, it should be impossible for someone to cultivate in such a situation.

It was even more impossible for Ye Xiao.

The speed of his advancement was very fast, but there was one point.

No matter how fast he was, there was still a limit.

His current cultivation was above the Godly Emperor realm.

It was impossible for him to advance to the realm of the Supreme Eternal supremacy, right

That would really be too ridiculous.

That was because he had only advanced to the Godly Emperor realm not too long ago.

“I… Im not too sure either.

Perhaps someone is transcending the tribulation”

Everyone could not help but reveal envious and jealous gazes.

Looking at the size of that Lightning Tribulation, it was probably another Godly Emperor.

The Xuan Yuan god clan was actually going to have another Goldy Emperor.

They were so envious.

They had countless martial arts masters to begin with.

At that point, they were on the road to becoming stronger.

How hateful.

Why were they not people of the Xuan Yuan god clan

If they were also people of the Xuan Yuan god clan, they would definitely be able to enjoy the benefits of advancing to the Godly Emperor realm.

What a pity!

When the two Godly Emperors saw that scene, they could not help but feel a little stunned.

However, they quickly reacted.

“Transcending the tribulation Thats interesting.

Theres actually someone transcending the tribulation here! Furthermore, judging from the size of this Lighting Tribulation, he has to be a Godly Emperor, right”

“Since thats the case, we cant let him transcend the tribulation so easily.”

The two of them looked at each other and revealed a wicked smile in their eyes.

They knew each others intention, which was to destroy that Heavenly Tribulation.

In any case, even if the other party had made a breakthrough, he was still an enemy, so there was no need to reason with him.

Thinking of that, the two of them immediately used their masterpiece techniques and shot at the sky at the same time.

In the next second, a violent explosion erupted in the sky, followed by two purple divine lighting strikes that were 100 feet wide.

They fell straight down and smashed on the top of their heads.


Following the loud explosion, the two third-level Godly Emperors were turned into ashes on the spot.

That scene left everyone present dumbfounded.

What was going on

Was that a joke

The two third-level Godly Emperors had been turned into ashes by the other party just because they had attacked the Heavenly Tribulation.

One had to know that both of them had successfully transcended the Heavenly Tribulation and become Godly Emperors.

Even if that heavenly tribulation still affected them, it was impossible for it to affect them to such an extent, right

At most, it would only slightly paralyze the two of them.

If it was more serious, they would suffer some injuries that were neither serious nor light.

What happened instead was impossible.

The Heavenly Tribulation instantaneously exploded them with two bolts of lightning, shattering the two of them on the spot.

That was right, it was the Heavenly Tribulation that shattered the two of them.

How much powerful energy was contained within that Heavenly Tribulation To be able to achieve that step

The few Godly Emperors beside Supreme Grand Elder Tai Luo immediately stood in front of him when they saw that scene, their faces filled with shock and vigilance.

“What a powerful Lightning Tribulation! Looks like this fellow isnt ordinary.

Senior Tai Luo, I think we might not be able to complete our mission today.

Lets retreat quickly!”

However, Supreme Grand Elder Tai Luo did not retreat because of their words.

Instead, his eyes were burning as he looked at the Heavenly Tribulation thoughtfully.

“Senior, lets hurry up and leave.

Dont stay here any longer! Its too dangerous here!”

“No! Wait a moment.”

Not only did Supreme Grand Elder Tai Luo not listen to them, his eyes were even brighter as he started to get excited.

“Senior, whats wrong with you”

Everyone could not help but ask again, but he was gradually going crazy.

“This isnt a Heavenly Tribulation of a human who is advancing.

This is for the birth of an unparalleled weapon!”

Everyone was shocked.

“Senior, are you muddle-headed How could this be the sign of an unparalleled weapon about to be born”

“Im not confused.

This is definitely an unparalleled divine weapon.

“Look carefully.

Although the Heavenly Tribulation had already appeared, there wasnt any powerful aura that could shake the divine lightning!

“If someone wanted to transcend the tribulation and advance, they would have already stepped out to transcend the tribulation and do so.

It was impossible to wait until now.

“The longer it took, the more tribulation clouds would gather.

The chances of successfully transcending the tribulation would also be smaller.

To put it bluntly, if he had come out a minute later, it might have changed the outcome of his advancement!

“Which means that no one was advancing.

“There was another point.

When someone above the Godly Emperor realm advanced through each level, there would not be tribulation clouds.

However, if the other party had advanced to the Godly Emperor realm, then the tribulation clouds that would appear wouldnt be able to destroy two existences at the third level of the Godly Emperor realm in an instant.

“Theres also another possibility, which is that the other party has advanced to the Supreme Eternal realm.

“However, have any of you sensed any special aura No!

“Its precisely because there isnt any, which means that this is an unparalleled weapon that is about to be cultivated.

“Its strength is very likely above the Treasured Artifact, which is why it would cause a Lightning Tribulation of this level.”


The few Godly Emperors present could not help but suck in a breath of cold air when they heard those words.

Goosebumps appeared all over their bodies.

An existence that was even stronger than a Treasured Artifact.

Then how powerful must that weapon be

“I didnt expect to receive such a big surprise when I came here this time.

“I must get it.

No matter what, I must get this weapon.”

Supreme Grand Elder Tao Luos eyes were shining.

Everyone quickly said,

“Senior, although this weapon is good, the person who created it must be extraordinary.

If we rush in rashly and are not his match, what should we do”


Supreme Grand Elder Tao Luo immediately laughed out loud.

“Have you all forgotten If he is a weaponsmith, it is impossible for him to have such a profound cultivation.

“Because, there wouldnt be a martial arts master who would waste his time learning blacksmith techniques.

“This is an unchanging law.”

Everyone present nodded one after another.

At the same time, their eyes revealed a crazed expression.

That was right!

If the other party was a blacksmith, then it was impossible for him to have such a high cultivation level.

Since the other partys cultivation base was not profound enough, then what was there to be afraid of

Just kill!

They had come to the Yanhuang Great World in order to plunder.

After such a good treasure was placed in front of them, only a fool would not take it.


After saying that, several Godly Emperors attacked at the same time.

They began to bombard the Xuan Yuan god clans defensive array with masterpiece techniques one after another.

They deliberately avoided the Lightning Tribulation and bombarded them from afar to prevent the Lighting Tribulation from touching them.

As for the Godly Emperors in the Xuan Yuan divine territory, when they saw that scene, their faces were filled with horror.

They began to scatter in all directions to find their cover.

“Quick! Quickly hide!”

On the other side, the divine lightning also began to fall toward the Xuan Yuan Mountain.


Along with a thunderous boom, the lightning in the sky turned into a long lightning dragon that charged straight toward the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

In the blink of an eye, the long lightning dragon had already struck the Xuan Yuan Mountain, causing an intense explosion.

The energy that the lightning spread out turned into millions of tiny lightning arcs that lingered over the entire mountain.

It was extremely beautiful, yet it was filled with an aura of destruction.

With a trace of heavenly power.


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