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In the cage on the Xuan Yuan Mountain, several Godly Emperors could not help but smile when they sensed that everyone had left.

“Can you feel it The Godly Emperors and Godly Kings of this god clan have already left.”

“It seems that the war has already begun.”

“They will definitely save us when the various god clans attack.

It wont be long before we break this seal.”

“At that time, it will be the death date of the Xuan Yuan god clan! I want to kill every single member of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

I want to kill every single one of them.”

“Wont that be too easy for them Death was the best way for them to escape.

“I want to bring all of their male clansmen back to be our clansmens slaves.

I want to bring their women back to be our clansmens tools to vent.”

The various Godly Emperors discussed excitedly as if they were destined to be rescued.

The White Dragon divine territory was located in the north of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

The Xuanhuang Great World was also located in the north of the Yanhuang Great World.

Hence, that place had become one of the first targets of the Xuanhuang Great World.

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The White Dragon god clan that was stationed in the White Dragon divine territory was ranked 36th in the Yanhuang Great World.

They had six small star areas under their jurisdiction.

The god clan with the strongest cultivation base was only a peak ninth-level Godly King.

They did not even have a single Godly Emperor.

Although most of the top-tier armies in the Xuanhuang Great World were blocked at the front lines, the star area between the two great worlds was so big.

There were always some lines that were blasted open and some god clans from the Xuanhuang Great World swarmed in.

At that moment, an extremely cruel defensive battle was going on there.

The martial arts masters that swarmed in from the Xuanhuang Great World were all geniuses among geniuses.

They were martial arts masters that were specially sent out to plunder the Yanhuang Great World.

However, the White Dragon divine territory was different.

The White Dragon divine territory had the women, children, and elderly of the White Dragon god clan.

It was impossible for everyone to be an elite warrior.

Attack and defense were also advantages in terms of attack.

As a result, in that tragic war, the members of the White Dragon god clan were continuously massacred.

One hundred million, one billion, two billion, three billion…

It was not that people were dying every second, it was that millions or even millions of lives were dying every second.

Faced with the elite troops sent by the Xuanhuang Great World, the ordinary members of the White Dragon god clan were beaten until they ran like rats and threw away their armor.

As for the high-level clansmen, because they had their own clansmen in the battle, they were afraid of taking action, as a result, they were unable to use their full strength and were suppressed until they were forced to retreat.

The White Dragon god clans clan leader fought against ten Godly Emperors by himself.

He was beaten until his entire body was covered in blood, and he could only hold on bitterly.

When the White Dragon god clans elders saw that scene, their eyes turned bloodshot from anxiety and anger.

“Why arent the reinforcements here yet The distress signal has been sent for so long.

Isnt there any reinforcements in the nearby divine territory”

“Its impossible for there to be reinforcements.

The other god clans have more or less been attacked.

They cant even take care of themselves.

How can they care about the others”

“We cant go on like this.

If this continues, our White Dragon god clan will definitely be exterminated today.

Elders, let the elite disciples of our clan escape.

Leave some seeds for our White Dragon god clan!”

The elders of the White Dragon god clan were extremely sorrowful, but there was nothing they could do.

Under the ravages of war, none of them were lucky.

“Well do as you say.

Immediately gather the elite disciples of the White Dragon god clan and flee this place.

Well head to the other divine territories and request refuge.”

Hearing that, many people let out a sigh of relief.

Although destruction was inevitable, at the very least, they could leave some seeds for the White Dragon god clan.

Perhaps tens of thousands of years later, the White Dragon god clan would still have the opportunity to rise again.

However, at that moment, an elder suddenly seemed to sense something and turned to look at the starry sky.

“Strange, this feeling… Is that someone coming”

At the same time, the spiritual airship of the Xuanhuang Great World that had invaded the god clan also sounded an alarm.

A scarlet alarm light began to flicker.

Everyones faces froze.

“Someones coming.

Theyre reinforcements from the Yanhuang Great World.”

“Activate the spiritual cannons and attack that direction.

Were here to plunder the entire Yanhuang Great World.

Well kill as many as they come!”

The seven-colored beams of light shot forward continuously.

With an unstoppable momentum, they crushed everything in their path.

Star Island and meteorites were destroyed one after another under the bombardment of the cannon fire.

They turned into flying rocks and crushed gravel.

Just when everyone was attacking fiercely.

150 divine lights rushed up to meet the cannon fire in an orderly manner.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

In the next moment, countless spiritual airships were shattered.

The explosion light surged in the White Dragon divine territory.

The forces of the Xuanhuang Great World, who had the upper hand earlier, were beaten like mindless flies in the blink of an eye.

They cried out in pain.

In the starry sky, one after another huge light blobs rose.

Each light blob represented the death of countless enemy troops.

That battle left everyone present dumbfounded.

It was not just the invaders from the Xuanhuang Great World.

Even the White Dragon god clan from the White Dragon divine territory looked at the starry sky with a dumbfounded expression.

Where did that troop come from

Their combat strength was so strong.

Although there were only 150 of them, there were clearly the auras of several Godly Emperors.

The others were all above the Godly King realm.

What was even more unbelievable was that their combat strength seemed to be a little stronger than the auras they emitted.

“Thats… Wait a minute, thats Yun Xuanyuan from the Xuan Yuan god clan!”

Everyones bodies trembled.

“Xuan Yuan god clan Are you sure thats a member of the Xuan Yuan god clan”

“100 percent, its more real than real gold.

I once met him at a young martial arts conference held by several god clans.

“So I definitely wont be mistaken!

“However, at that time, his cultivation was clearly only at the Godslayer realm.

Why does it feel like he has already advanced to the Godly King realm”

As they were speaking, another person suddenly shouted,

“Look, the god clan of the Xuanyuan Great World has retreated.”


Everyone could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

Their scalps went numb.

It was too terrifying!

In less than a minute, the god clan of the Xuanhuang Great World, which had crushed their White Dragon god clan, was defeated and fled in a sorry state.

150 people!

It was too terrifying.

Seeing that, the clan leader of the White Dragon god clan ignored his injuries and flew over.

He cupped his hands at the other party and said,

“Thank you all for your help.

The White Dragon god clan is eternally grateful.”

Xuanyuan Long only glanced at him and said calmly,

“Youre welcome.”

Then, without waiting for him to speak, he flew forward.

The 149 people behind him immediately followed.

“Catch up to them! Dont let any of them go.”

The White Dragon clan leaders lips could not help but twitch, and he stood there in a daze.

The others also followed.

“Clan leader, are those people really from the Xuan Yuan god clan”

The clan leader nodded.

As the clan leader, he could still recognize some of the higher-ups of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

“However, there arent only people from the Xuan Yuan god clan.

There are also a few members of the Netherworld god clan.

Its just that their numbers arent as many as the Xuan Yuan god clan.”

“I heard that the four great god clans besieged the Xuan Yuan god clan and the Netherworld god clan.

In the end, the two god clans beat the entire four great god clans into seclusion!

“At that time, I was still wondering what the Xuan Yuan god clan was capable of.

They actually have such a method.

“Their current scale has completely surpassed the 19th god clan.

They should have a degree.”

“It seems that the Xuan Yuan god clan probably has a great sage!”

“Lets not talk about it.

No matter what, they are our benefactors.

After we settle down the White Dragon god clan, we should take some time and bring some gifts to pay a visit to the Xuan Yuan god clan.”

At that moment, unlike the northern divine territory, the Xuan Yuan divine territory was still a peaceful scene.

Since they were not invaded, the clansmen did not panic either.

They cultivated what they should cultivate and ate what they should eat.

It was as if they did not take that century-long war seriously.

Ye Xiao did not cultivate either because the Golden Book knew how to cultivate himself.

His current cultivation was at the fourth level of the Godly Emperor realm.

The instant he synthesized the Space-time immortal technique, it did not allow him to successfully advance to the fifth level of the Godly Emperor realm.

Ye Xiao had long gotten used to such things.

After all, the energy required to advance to each major realm was higher and stronger.

Advancing from the third level of the Godly Emperor realm to the fourth level was a completely different concept from advancing from the fourth level to the fifth level.

However, even so, with the Space-time immortal technique, the speed of his advancement was still much faster.

Ye Xiao was currently considering dealing with the star beasts.

He had previously promised them that after excavating the divine crystals in the Divine Kingdoms treasury, he would arrange a place for them to live well.

It was also the time to fulfill his promise.

Ye Xiaos idea was as follows.

Directly arranging a place for those star beasts was clearly unreasonable.

When two groups in the same territory did not have related interests, the relationship would not last long.

It was just like a husband and wife.

That was because both of them had needs, it was best to place the things that should be placed in the right place.

Moreover, it was best to place them in the right place for a little longer each time.

That was why the days would be harmonious and long-lasting.

If the two of them did not have any needs, a divorce was the most likely thing in the future that would not be surprising.

It was the same for the Xuan Yuan god clan and the star beasts.

Even if it was because of his orders that forced them to live in harmony currently, something big would happen sooner or later if he was not around in the future.

Therefore, Ye Xiao thought of a good method.

He would raise the star beasts as poultry.

Of course, it was not simply being raised as poultry.

The star beasts and the members of the Xuan Yuan god clan mixed with each other, which was more like an employment relationship.

The members of the Xuan Yuan god clan could obtain some flesh and blood from their bodies to replenish their blood essence and raise their cultivation bases.

They could also obtain some necessary resources to survive from the Xuan Yuan god clan.

That way, they could complement each others strengths and weaknesses.

Gradually, no one could be separated from each other.

That was the best way to get along.


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