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At that moment, news from the outside spread.

It was when the Xuan Yuan god clan was besieged by the martial arts masters of the four great god clans.

Sensing that moment, Ye Xiao, who was absorbing the power of laws, felt his mind go into chaos.

In the next second, the power of laws also started to go into chaos.

Ye Xiao, who had jumped back in time, did not dare to be careless.

He immediately made a move and used the power of laws to repair everything.

Just as he finished doing all that, his body also instantly returned to the origin of time due to the exhaustion of spiritual energy.

That made him unable to help but feel a little surprised.

‘D*mn, I didnt expect that in the end, it was actually me who made a move and saved myself.

‘Why would there be someone else who suddenly made a move to help save me

Ye Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry.

However, that also made him feel a little wary.

He had encountered such a situation before.

Then, after he cultivated the Space-time immortal technique, he went back to save him, completing the unexpected situation at that time.

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Did that mean that everything had been arranged for a long time

Was that the power of laws or something else causing it

Where was the end of the world

However, after thinking for a moment, he still could not figure it out.

In the end, he could only shake his head and give up thinking about that problem.

That was because his current strength was not enough.

He was only in the fourth-level Godly Emperor realm.

When his cultivation reached that level, he would naturally be able to understand everything.

Everything still had to be cultivated.

At that point, the first doubt had been resolved.

It was time to resolve the second doubt.

In the next second, Ye Xiao had already appeared in the Glittering Gem star valley.

At that time, there were no longer so many people there.

Perhaps it was because the energy accumulated by the Blood Venerable One had been completely absorbed by him, but there was no longer any overly dense spiritual energy there.

Thinking about it carefully, if the source of attraction had already withered, not to mention other things, who would still come.

Ye Xiao could not be bothered to think about so many things.

He immediately used the Space-time immortal technique and performed a time jump.

The surrounding scenery began to rapidly reverse.

In the blink of an eye, he had arrived at the moment when he absorbed Blood Venerable Ones blood essence, the instant the entire array was broken.

Although he could only stay for a second, Ye Xiao only needed to be able to see the other partys face clearly.

He had just arrived there when that figure shot out from the ground.

When he saw that face, Ye Xiao could not help but narrow his eyes.

“This… How is this possible”

He looked at all of this in disbelief.

In the next second, the spiritual energy was completely exhausted and he instantly returned to the original time point.

Just after he disappeared, that figure could not help but look in his direction and take a slight glance.

‘Why does that feeling just now seem to be her

On Ye Xiaos side, he had already returned to the current time point, but the expression on his face was still one of confusion.

‘How can it be her How can it be her

Ye Xiao had never thought that it would be her, but he believed in his eyes and definitely would not be mistaken.

If even Primordial Pupil could misjudge someone, then all the Divine Eyes in the starry sky could be dug out and trampled on like a light bulb.

‘No, I want to go and see whats going on.

After Ye Xiao took a deep breath, he once again used the Space-time immortal technique and instantly returned to the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

With a sweep of his divine sense, he instantly found the other partys position and immediately teleported out to the other partys side.

That was a newly built small courtyard.

Inside, there was a woman who was wearing a training outfit and practicing her saber techniques.

Her saber techniques were incomparably exquisite.

Along with the display of her saber techniques, the waves undulated incessantly, causing ones mind to waver and unable to control themselves.

The instant Ye Xiao arrived, her long saber suddenly thrust forward.

“Not good! Be careful!”

The girl could not help but exclaim out loud.

However, she was already too late to stop.

That saber strike would definitely injure the other party.

If she made a mistake, it might even cause the other partys life to be in danger.

Her face could not help but reveal a thick sense of guilt.

However, in the next moment, her long saber was frozen on the spot.

Even her own body instantly stopped moving.

It was only after the waves shook twice that they slowly stopped.

Her eyes were wide open, and her face was filled with disbelief.

“Ye… Ye Xiao Why are you here”

“I came to look for you for something.”

Ye Xiaos eyes were somewhat obscure and difficult to understand.

When he saw the other party clearly for the first time, he was already certain.

Those two peoples appearances were exactly the same when they grew up.

However, he could clearly feel that her cultivation was indeed at the peak of the God realm, and not the Godslayer realm.

There was absolutely nothing fishy about it.

What was going on

Could it be that the legendary two people looked exactly the same

In the past, he seemed to have heard of such news in the world, and at that time, it was only in the small world where the Nine Provinces were located.

In the entire starry sky, there were so many people, and there were one or two people who looked exactly the same, so it was understandable.

However… They were really too alike.

“Yuyan, look what Grandpa bought A divine pill with a very good material.

After you refine it, your cultivation will definitely increase by a lot.

“Maybe this time, it will help you advance to the Godslayer realm.”

As he finished speaking, the door of the small courtyard was pushed open and an old mans figure slowly walked in.

It was Qin Yuyans grandfather, Qin Shenglong.

In the next second, the air fell into a deathly silence.

Qin Shenglong was silent for a moment before silently retreating.

“I still have something to do.

Ill leave first.”

Qin Yuyans face instantly turned red.

Ye Xiao broke away from her control and coughed lightly.

He immediately withdrew his strength, freeing Qin Yuyan.

She withdrew her saber and brushed her hair behind her ear.

Due to her training, her fair little face had become a little fatigued after exercising earlier.

It was slightly pink and looked like a ripe little apple, it made people want to take a bite out of her.

“Why… Are you looking for me”

Ye Xiao was silent for a moment before opening his mouth to speak,

“Have you ever been to the Glittering Gem Star Valley”

Qin Yuyan was a little surprised and immediately shook her head.

“Ive never been to this place, and Ive never heard of this place.”

The moment she spoke, Ye Xiao had already been monitoring her thoughts and body movements in real-time, trying to find a flaw in them.

Unfortunately, he did not find any flaws.

Qin Yuyan indeed spoke the truth.

However, thinking about it carefully, if she was that Supreme Eternal, with his current cultivation, it seemed like it was impossible to see through all of her hiding.

That made Ye Xiao completely fall into confusion.

It seemed like he had to think of a way first and ask the Blood Venerable One.

He knew that woman and would definitely be able to answer his doubts.

“Then its fine.

Ill go back first.

You cultivate well.

Sorry for disturbing you.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao did not give her a chance to react and instantly disappeared on the spot.

“Sigh! Ye…”

Before Qin Yuyan could say anything, he had already disappeared on the spot without a trace.

That made her unable to help but let out a long sigh, feeling extremely regretful.

Ye Xiao returned to Xuan Yuan Mountain and immediately immersed his consciousness in the ring that sealed the Blood Venerable One.

“Stinking brat, youre finally here! This venerable one thought that you would lock this venerable one up for thousands to tens of thousands of years! Humph!”

Blood Venerable One spoke coldly.

It was not difficult to hear the hatred in his tone.

Ye Xiao said indifferently,

“I came here to confirm something with you.”

Blood Venerable One smiled coldly.

“Who do you think you are Who Do you think this venerable one is

“Do you think youre worthy to confirm things from this venerable one”

Ye Xiao did not waste any more words and directly raised his hand to cast the Minor Destiny technique.

“In the name of Ye Xiao, force the Blood Venerable One to speak.”

In the next moment, the spiritual energy in his body started to burn at a collapsing speed and was exhausted in the blink of an eye.

However, the Blood Venerable One still did not speak and only let out furious roars.


It was very obvious that he had removed the power that the Minor Destiny technique had released on his body.

Following that, he began to pant heavily.

His soul power was clearly much weaker.

Ye Xiao stopped the use of the Minor Destiny technique and began to recover the spiritual energy that had been consumed in his body.

Actually, the most important reason was not the problem with the spiritual energy.

If there was a problem with the spiritual energy, Ye Xiao could use the divine crystal to make up for it.

It was also not the problem with the Blood Venerable Ones soul body.

Although Blood Venerable One wanted him to destroy his soul body so that he could be resurrected from the bodies of other people who cultivated the Bloodbath masterpiece technique, he could use the Undying masterpiece technique to repair the injuries of his soul body.

The main reason was that his current strength was not enough.

No matter how much the Blood Venerable One was a remnant soul, he was still a Supreme Eternals remnant soul.

An existence at that level had gone through countless hardships along the way.

His temperament had long been trained to a level that was far beyond the reach of ordinary people.

Even a Godly Emperor was trash among trash in front of him.

Therefore, even if he had the Minor Destiny technique, the number one masterpiece technique in the starry sky, he would not be able to change his thoughts and force him to reveal the secret he wanted.

Of course, the main problem was that his strength was not enough.

If he was also a Supreme Eternal, he might not be able to withstand the Minor Destiny technique.

The effect of the little finger and the middle finger were definitely different.

Otherwise, the famous one would not be the middle finger but the little finger.

“D*mn it! Little brat, I did not expect you to know the Minor Destiny technique! You are ruthless! Unfortunately, your current cultivation has only just reached the fourth-level Godly Emperor realm.

If you want to fight with me, you are still 10,00 years too early!

“This venerable self knows everything, but I wont tell you! Im just playing.

Seeing that youre anxious… Hahahaha.”


Ye Xiao ignored him and raised his hand once again.

The Blood Venerable One mocked once again,

“Dont waste your strength.

The Minor Destiny technique, the number one masterpiece technique in the starry skies, cant even make me speak.

Do you think that other things can make me speak

“Wishful Thinking!”


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