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“The Space Warping masterpiece technique and the Reincarnation masterpiece technique have been combined!”

Ye Xiao was instantly overjoyed.

He had obtained another immortal technique.

He immediately immersed his mind and swept a glance at that immortal technique.

The Space-time immortal technique!

So powerful!

One could tell from the name that it was not something simple.

Ye Xiao carefully looked at its operating effect and could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

Burning spiritual energy to achieve the effect of advancing time, reversing time, or even stopping time within the current space.

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Or even jumping to a certain time period in space.

It was truly freakish.

To actually be able to change time.

It was likely that there would no longer be such a freakish immortal technique in the entire world.

An immortal technique of that level, even if placed among True Immortals, would probably be a first-class good thing.

However, the specific effects would depend on the burning spiritual energy.

Ye Xiao reckoned that it would definitely not be as beautiful as he had imagined.

If he could really change time at will, then would he not really become a True Immortal

He would directly carry out a space jump, jump back to the past, change the past, and change all the regrets he had in the past.

That would be too heaven-defying.

The power of laws would definitely not allow it.

Otherwise, he could return to the era of the Nine Provinces fighting against the star beasts and directly destroying Su Chen.

Then, he could tell his main body to dig the divine tomb, the Godly Kings tomb, the Godly Emperors tomb, and so on, would he not be able to reach the Godly Emperor realm in one step

How huge would the space-time turbulence be

That would be too exaggerated!

Moreover, there was also the problem of the butterfly effect.

If he did something that changed the space-time, even the slightest bit could cause a huge butterfly effect.

By killing Su Chen, would that not expand that butterfly effect to the extreme

It might even directly affect the current space-time situation.

He thought that he had changed the predicament at that time, but in fact, those things could be displayed in another way.

For example… He had followed his own thoughts and changed the things that had happened in the past.

Perhaps at the moment, the Xuanhuang Great World had begun to invade the Yanhuang Great World.

Perhaps the Azure Billow star field would also be targeted by the Xuanhuang Great Worlds god clans.

Then, he would also be in trouble.

It would be better for things to stay as they are.

The Nine Provinces god clan had all come to the Xuan Yuan divine territory and stayed with the Xuan Yuan god clan in peace.

The wheels of history could not be disturbed just because he was a fourth-level Godly Emperor and had an immortal technique.

Moreover, it was just like if he were to advance, it was possible that he would produce a Lightning Tribulation because of the power of laws.

Who could guarantee that after he transmigrated back, he would not be targeted by the power of laws

After experimenting, Ye Xiao first used the Great Way of Life immortal technique to create bamboo.

Then, he summoned Huan Liuli and carved a mark on it at a uniform speed.

Every second, a mark would be cut.

Then, he cast the Space-time immortal technique at the same time.

After many experiments, Ye Xiao quickly discovered its profoundness.

First, regardless of whether it was to speed up or slow down, the time laws would make up for it.

In other words, if he sped up time, the following law energy would automatically slow down the surrounding time.

After slowing down the time, the power of laws would also restore the time.

Second, If one sped up the time, they could only maintain it for 0.01 seconds at most.

If one sped up the time, they could maintain it for one second.

If they paused, they could maintain it for two seconds.

In other words, speeding up the time to see the future was the most difficult.

If one sped up the time to see the past, it would be the second most difficult.

If one maintained the current, it would only be a pause.

It would be the easiest.

From that, one could guess that when one performed a spatial jump, the time range to travel to the future would be even smaller.

It might be less than 0.1 seconds.

It seemed that as time passed, the time range would gradually be reduced.

In the end, it might even be over before he could even take off his pants.

Furthermore, do not look at the one or two seconds of time.

Even the 0.01 seconds of time to travel to the future would consume an unimaginable amount of energy.

He was currently at the fourth-level Godly Emperor realm cultivation, but… In almost an instant, his spiritual energy would be completely consumed.

Then, he would be forcefully brought back to the starting point of the departure time by the power of laws.

Thirdly, the space that was affected by time also had a certain range.

The larger the range that was needed, the greater the spiritual energy that was consumed.

The smaller the range that was needed, the smaller the spiritual energy that was consumed.

For example, if the distance between Ye Xiao and Huan Liuli was only one second, he would have used up all of his spiritual energy in a space of about two square feet within a second, however, if the distance was slightly enlarged by one square foot, the consumption of spiritual energy would increase again.

In the end, it was still because his current cultivation was too weak.

Immortal techniques were meant for True Immortal existences.

Furthermore, it was possible that they were meant for those outstanding True Immortals.

However, he had only just reached the fourth level of the Godly Emperor realm.


At that level, it was already good enough to last for a second.

There was no other way.

That technique was already so heaven-defying.

If he could still use it as he pleased and without any time restrictions, the entire universe was disrupted by him, right

That was definitely impossible.

Then why would God allow him to take his place Why would he allow an existence like him to do so

Should he discuss the friendship between men with him

‘Right, why dont I try to attack myself by using the method from a second before transmigration

‘Perhaps I might be able to discover a brand new method of attack.

Doing it as soon as he thought of it was Ye Xiaos usual way of thinking.

After he used the Great Way of Life immortal technique to recover his spiritual energy, he instantly teleported back to the previous second and attacked himself.

However, almost at the same time that he appeared, the previous him had already launched an attack on him.


The two attacks erupted, creating a violent tremor.

Ye Xiao instantly returned to the origin of time.

At that moment, his right arm had already been blasted into ashes.

In the collision just then, both of them had used their right arms at the same time.

When he returned to the origin of time, the injuries stacked together and directly crippled his right arm.

Ye Xiao used the Undying masterpiece technique to repair his right arm while he started to think of a problem.

It seemed like going back in time to deal with his opponent could not be a method to win.

Even if you went back in time, as long as the opponents cultivation level did not change, there was still a chance that they would discover your existence and make up for it.

Of course, it was not completely useless.

As an example, if you went back in time to deal with your opponent when you least expected it, and attacked at the same time as you did in the past, it was very likely that you would be able to create two attacks at the same time, at the same time.

Furthermore, as his cultivation continued to increase, for example, in the future, when he could use the space jump for two seconds, three seconds, or four seconds, he would be able to use the space jump at the same time for every second, he would be able to jump to a space node.

If that was the case, he would be able to launch two, three, four, or even more attacks at the same time.

It felt as if he had split himself into two.

Huan Liuli, who was at the side, was already dumbfounded.

What was going on

Why did she suddenly feel that there would be two masters in her eyes

Moreover, the two masters would fight.

It seemed that each of them had their own independent thoughts.

Then, they would sometimes become one master.

Her head was already feeling a little dizzy.

What level of cultivation had Master reached

Was It so heaven-defying

As expected, Master was already developing in a way that was more and more inhuman.

Ye Xiao ignored her shock and put her back into his jade seal.

Then, he began to think about the next step.

‘My current cultivation is only at the fourth-level Godly Emperor realm, so I still have no way to synthesize another masterpiece technique plan.

Looks like I can only work hard to cultivate.

‘However, before that, perhaps I can use the Space-time immortal technique to complete some of my previous doubts.

So far, in Ye Xiaos past, there were two things that he was more curious about.

The first was in the Nine Provinces Divine Kingdoms treasury.

Back then, when he was absorbing the power of laws, there was a momentary disturbance, but in the end, he was suppressed by someone.

However, he still did not know who the other party was

The second thing was that woman.

She was clearly in the fifth-level Godly Emperor realm, but in the end, she was able to display the strength of a Supreme Eternal.

Moreover, after helping him, she actually ran away without a trace, making it impossible for him to find her.

Those two things were currently the two things that Ye Xiao was most curious about.

He took a deep breath and began to cast the Space-time immortal technique.

He estimated that the overall time he spent jumping back to the past should not be long.

That was because the longer he transmigrated back to the past, the more spiritual energy would be consumed.

At the same time, from the time he transmigrated back to a month ago and a year ago, the amount of spiritual energy consumed during that time was also a world of a difference.

There was also the location.

For instance, he was currently in the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

Even if he returned to the time from the past, the two locations, one in the Glittering Gem star Valley and the other in the Nine Provinces of the Azure Billow star field, were also different.

However, it was fortunate that the Space-time immortal technique did not contain so much spiritual energy that was consumed by space transfer.

It was definitely impossible to go to two places at once.

First, he would go once to see who was the one who made the move during the time when he used the law energy of the Divine Kingdoms treasury

With a thought, his body had already arrived in the Nine Provinces.

Without the human race, the Nine Provinces cities were already in ruins.

Green grass was starting to grow everywhere, and some animals were wandering the streets.

The Space-time immortal technique was activated, and the scenery in Ye Xiaos eyes instantly began to flow backward.

Some of the scenery that had once appeared in this starry sky once again entered Ye Xiaos eyes.

Including Yun Cangqiong… The positions of Wu Ying and the others were those of them who were in that space-time.

Ye Xiao even saw himself, as well as the scene when the spiritual airships of the Xuan Yuan god clan and the Netherworld god clan took off.

After that, he came to the Divine Kingdoms treasury.

He was sitting cross-legged under the power of laws, continuously absorbing the power of laws.


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