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“Senior Ouyang, Why do your eyes look a little red Are you crying”

Wu Ying could not help but ask in surprise.

Ouyang Quluo glared at him.

“Bullsh*t! Who said Im crying Why would I cry I just have sand in my eyes.”


Would a dignified Godly Emperor allow sand to enter his eyes as well

Why do you not just say that when you were insulting the heavens, the milk accidentally splashed into your eyes!

Crying was crying.

A dignified Godly Emperor dared to take responsibility for his actions.

Was he not just jealous that the Xuan Yuan god clan had an existence like Ye Xiao

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What was there to hide

Ouyang Quluo swore in his heart.

‘No, I absolutely cant continue like this.

Although, at that moment, Ye Xiao might, on account of his relationship with the Netherworld god clan, let them come over to listen to the lecture and help them raise a portion of their cultivation.

However, after a long period of time, when all the people of the Xuan Yuan god clan advanced to the high-level Godly Emperor realm, at that time, Ye Xiao would definitely not be as good to them as he was then.

That was because, at that time, Ye Xiaos own strength might have already advanced to the late-stage Godly Emperor realm.

Even if he took into account their relationship at that time, he would at most get one of the Xuanyuan Long and the others to come over and give a lecture to the people of the Netherworld god clan!

However, could that be compared to Ye Xiaos lecture

Apart from that, there was another most important problem.

No matter how earnestly he listened to the lecture, the bloodline power in his body would not change because of it.

If the bloodline power did not change, then his cultivation would naturally not change easily.

Listening to the lecture could only change a tiny bit, but the crux was still the bloodline power!

He had to think of a way to obtain the Xuan Yuan bloodline.

Ye Xiaos milk was not easy to obtain, but what about Xuanyuan Longs and the others

In any case, everyones relationship was not bad.

He might as well find an opportunity to bring them back to get them drunk.

Then, he could find some extremely talented existences in the clan… Hehehe…

After the children were born, they could have another generation of children with the other members of the Netherworld god clan… Generation after generation.

At the same time, they could also make the lower-class members of the Xuan Yuan god clan marry into the Netherworld god clan.

For example, the girls could give more dowries, the boys could double the betrothal gifts, and they could also give them houses, cultivation techniques, and medicinal pills!

In any case, Xuanyuan Long and the others would definitely not refuse the marriage between the lower-class members of the two clans.

Doing so would definitely be a little immoral, but doing so would benefit their descendants without doing any harm.

In the future, the Netherworld god clan would be assimilated by the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Due to the Xuan Yuan god clans bloodline power being stronger, they would suppress the Netherworld god clan members and convert them into the same bloodline of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Perhaps after tens of thousands of years, the descendants of the Netherworld god clan would all become the descendants of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

A cure to save the country!

The more Ouyang Quluo thought about it, the more he felt that he was smart.

As for the descendants of the Netherworld god clan, they might all disappear in the future and become the descendants of the Xuan Yuan god clan.

He did not care at all.

Could he eat the identity of the Netherworld god clan

What was the use of having it

How could it be better than the bloodline power of the Xuan Yuan god clan

After the ancestors of the Netherworld god clan knew his thoughts, they would probably jump out of their graves and praise him greatly.

You are really smart.


Looking at Ouyang Quluos sinister laughter, Wu Ying felt a little scared.

Could it be that Senior Ouyang had been provoked too much and had started to go crazy and demonize

How terrifying!

It was better for him to sit a little further away from him.

Just as he was thinking, everyone suddenly felt that something was not right.

“This aura! No, there are quite a few Godly Emperors! I didnt expect that there would be so many people coming this time.”

“Its not just that many.

There are even fifth-level Godly Emperors among them!”

Xuanyuan Longs expression was solemn.

He had already advanced to the fourth-level Godly Emperor realm, so his perception of auras was many times stronger than the others.

Hearing him say that, the originally extremely grave expressions of the others became even more grave.

Even the fifth level of the Godly Emperor realm had come!

D*mn it!

The cultivation of an existence at that level had already surpassed Ye Xiao.

That time, they were likely going to be in big trouble.

Within XuanYuan Mountains body, Arona, who had sensed that aura, could not hold it in any longer and began to speak excitedly,

“Caesar, can you feel it This aura is very similar to ours, and its strength far surpasses ours.

“Our seniors have come!

“Its them who have come to save us.

“Hahaha… Such a powerful aura must be an existence at the fifth level of the Godly Emperor realm, and not just one! There are a total of two.

The others are at the fourth level of the Godly Emperor realm, and there are also existences at the third level of the Godly Emperor realm!

“We are saved! We are saved!

“Our Godly Emperors will definitely tear his dog teeth into pieces! Lets see how arrogant he is!”

Ye Xiao, who was outside the cage, naturally felt that aura as well.

However, his expression did not change much.

Among the opponents, the strongest was the fifth-level Godly Emperor.

Although there were two fifth-level Godly Emperors, in reality, one of them had already suffered quite a number of injuries before.

It was likely that he had been dealt with by the other god clans.

At that moment, he was probably only able to unleash the strength of a second-level Godly Emperor at most.

There was nothing to be afraid of!

Five minutes to finish them off.

The moment he finished speaking, he had already disappeared from where he was.

Arona sensed Ye Xiaos aura and had already disappeared from the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

He immediately shouted at Caesar, “Brother Caesar!

“Brother Caesar, that fellow has already felt fear.

He has escaped!

“Did you see that He has already escaped.

“Our martial arts masters had just arrived, but he was already like a stray dog, running away with his tail between his legs.”

Two streams of clear tears flowed down Caesars face.

Escape Why would he escape

He was an invincible existence among those of the same cultivation level.

Since that was the case, even if his cultivation level was one level higher than his, it would probably not be of much use, right

It was over!

That time, it was really over.

Even a fifth-level Godly Emperor had fallen into that trap.

He would have to compensate quite a number of people.

Arona, you scoundrel!

I really want to chop you to death!

When Arona saw that he was crying again, he could not help but laugh and say,

“Brother Caesar, why are you crying again Why didnt I realize that you love to cry so much in the past However, its better not to cry.

After all, we are dignified Godly Emperors!

“Youre always crying like this.

If others were to know, they would definitely laugh at you.”

Pausing for a moment, he patted Godly Emperor Caesars shoulder and consoled him,

“Forget it.

Lets cry then.

After all, weve suffered quite a lot over the past few days.

“However, all of this nightmare will be over soon.

Were going to be rescued!”

When Ye Xiao arrived outside the Xuan Yuan Mountain, Xuanyuan Long and the others immediately surrounded him.

Their expressions were solemn as they said,

“Ye Xiao, can you feel it The other party has a martial arts master coming over! His strength is very strong! There are even fifth-level Godly Emperor existences among them!”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“I know.

All of you look after the Xuan Yuan Mountain well.

Dont let anyone steal your home.

Ill go take a look.”

As he finished speaking, he tapped his feet and his body instantly disappeared from the spot.

He did not know why.

Initially, everyone was still a little nervous.

However, once Ye Xiao went out, everyone felt that there was no need to be nervous anymore.

Their hearts naturally relaxed!

It was because Ye Xiao had brought too many shocks to them.

Too many.

In the end, it had directly caused their bodies to form a certain conditioned reflex.

It was as if as long as Ye Xiao made a move, they did not even need to watch to know that Ye Xiao would definitely win.

“How boring.

When Ye Xiao makes a move, I instantly feel that all of us have become spectators! Everyone is also in the Godly Emperor realm.

“Why do I feel that he is a true Godly Emperor while we are a bunch of stooges”

“I wonder how much time Ye Xiao will spend this time”

“Let me guess… An incense stick”

“An incense stick, isnt that a little too short Although Ye Xiao was very monstrous, the other party had sent several Godly Emperors, and two of them were at the fifth-level Godly Emperor realm! This pressure isnt small.

I bet that he will need at least two incense sticks.”

“So exciting Ill come too.

Ill bet on a star domain.

The star domain with a diameter of 10 million square miles runs through the middle.”

“Ill follow.”

In the starry sky, the Godly Emperors of the Xuanhuang Great World had arrived at the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

Looking at the star area not far away, everyone suddenly said,

“Is this the Xuan Yuan divine territory”

“It doesnt look like much.

Compared to the one I went to, the ninth-ranked god clans divine territory is far from it.

“Be it the spiritual energy or the auras of martial arts masters, theyre not as much as that place.

“I really dont know whats going on with them.

They actually lost so many in succession!”

However, just as he finished speaking, another fifth-level Godly Emperor suddenly narrowed his eyes.

“Be careful, someones coming.”

Just as he finished speaking, an extremely powerful golden sword ray suddenly erupted from the Xuan Yuan divine territory.

“Dodge quickly…”

Before he could say the wordeveryone, the golden sword ray had already pierced through the chest of one of the Godly Emperors, splitting him into two amidst a series of miserable screams.

That sword ray shot out over a distance of more than a thousand miles! The light ray contained a rich surge of lightning energy.

As the powerful force swept past, the nearly 13 star islands behind were all split open.

Wherever it passed, all the meteorites turned into dust.

A fourth-level Godly Emperors attack was enough to affect several small worlds.

Compared to the Godly Kings who could easily destroy one or a few small star islands, Godly Emperors could easily destroy several or even a dozen star islands.

“So fast!”

The Godly Emperors could not help but narrow their eyes.

No one had expected that move to be so fast.

They had only just seen the sword light being released when it arrived in front of them in the next second.

It slashed at a Godly Emperor without giving them a chance to react.

Before they could be shocked, the fifth-level Godly Emperor seemed to have sensed something and immediately shouted,

“Lin Wei! Pay attention to your left!”

Lin Wei was a third-level Godly Emperor.

Before she could finish listening to that sentence, she had just heard the other party call her name when her body started to move.

The reaction of a Godly Emperor was so fast that it made ones hair stand on end!

However, the moment she moved, a light flashed in her eyes, and her head was instantly separated from her body.


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