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Somewhere in the starry sky, a few Godly Emperors were calculating the results of their hard work over the past few days.

“Godly Emperor Kong Ming, a fifth-level Godly Emperor, destroyed the ancestral shrine of the Giant Snake god clan, the fourth-ranked god clan in the Yanhuang Great World at the price of self-destruction.”

“Godly Emperor Chun Qiu, a fifth-level Godly Emperor, destroyed the ancestral shrine of the sixth-ranked god clan in the Yanhuang Great World at the price of losing an arm.”

“The fourth-level Godly Emperor, destroyed the ancestral shrine of the god clan that was ranked seventh in the Yanhuang Great World at the cost of heavy injuries.

However, he managed to escape unscathed.”

The Godly Emperors looked at each other with smiles on their faces.

“This time, our mission has been completed extremely well!”

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“We took the chance to destroy the ancestral shrine of the god clan that was ranked seventh in the Yanhuang Great World before there was any reaction.

“Without the array in the ancestral shrine, they wont be able to revive their own people.

“It will take them a long time to rebuild the resurrection array and collect everyones blood.

“Its time to inform the gods in the great world that they have entered the battlefield!”

Then, they took out a feng shui compass with complicated patterns engraved on it.

They used their blood and spiritual energy to catalyze the array.

In the next second, an extremely vast array enlarged in the starry sky.

It tore apart the spatial barrier and sent a ray of light to another dimension.

After doing all that, the few Godly Emperors revealed even more resplendent smiles in satisfaction.

“Success! Within seven days, the entire Yanhuang Great World will descend into darkness and the flames of war will fly everywhere.

The resources here will make up for the resources that our Xuanhuang Great World has exhausted.”

However, at that moment, a golden light suddenly shot out from the distant starry sky.

When the golden light arrived before them and released the information within, everyones expressions changed immediately.

“D*mn it, why is it this Xuan Yuan god clan again”

“Isnt the Xuan Yuan god clan only a god clan ranked 19th Why are the other god clans that are stronger than them even more difficult to deal with

“Although the people sent to the Xuan Yuan god clan are only level one and level two Godly Emperors, its not like theyre going to war.

Theyre just going to infiltrate and destroy the ancestral shrine.

“If they really cant do it, cant they even self-destruct Why havent they succeeded yet”

“Weve already sent out the news.

If the great forces of the Xuanhuang Great World come and discover that the ancestral shrine of the 19th-ranked god clan hasnt been destroyed, we dont know how shameful well be.

“We will immediately send the remaining Godly Emperors to the Xuan Yuan god clan.

“We will be the first to destroy the ancestral hall of the Xuan Yuan god clan before the main force enters the Yanhuang Great World.”

“Im afraid that these alone are not enough.

The others have just completed their mission and are basically all injured.

They might not be able to deal with the Xuan Yuan god clan.”

“Looks like I have to make a trip myself! With my full cultivation at the fifth level of the Godly Emperor realm and the help of my companions, it should not be a problem for me to take down the Xuan Yuan god clan.”

Inside the Xuan Yuan Mountain, Ye Xiao had refined quite a lot of blood essence and law energy in his body.

Teaching Xuanyuan Long and the others would not delay his advancement and cultivation.

In the blink of an eye, more than half a month had passed after the continuous improvement of a few days.

His cultivation had also advanced once again, reaching the fourth level of the Godly Emperor realm!


Ye Xiao was incomparably satisfied as he felt the blood essence in his body rumble and burst out with the sound of thunder.

Every time his cultivation increased, the comfortable feeling he brought was so refreshing that it made people feel as if they were dancing with their fingers.

Every pore on his body was so comfortable that it opened up.

However, at the instant he had just advanced, the bloodline power of the entire Xuan Yuan god clan had increased once again.

The people who were cultivating outside had just sensed the terrifying aura of Ye Xiaos advancement.

At that moment, Grand Elder Xuanyuan Long suddenly burst into laughter.

He laughed while crying, and his old tears flowed freely.

Bursts of thunder and lightning rumbled from his body.

Crackle, crackle… The sound of thunder instantly resounded throughout the entire starry sky.

“Ive advanced! Ive advanced! Ive been stuck at the peak of the third level of the Godly Emperor realm for hundreds of years.

This old man has finally advanced! Ive finally advanced to the fourth level of the Godly Emperor realm.

Sob, sob, sob…”

Everyone could understand his current feelings.

Actually, not to mention advancing to the Godly Emperor realm, even after advancing to the Godly King realm, every time he wanted to advance, it was not just a matter of cultivation, it would also take up a part of the problem of luck.

Luck, aptitude, comprehension… All of those points could not be missing!

Sometimes, you might think that you could advance to the next realm, but in reality, you might stay in the current realm for the rest of your life, until the moment you die.

To all of them present, each time they advanced to the next realm, it would be a great fortune.

Its significance had even surpassed the 100 million lottery tickets of ordinary people.

Moreover, after advancing, the actual effect would be even greater.

First, their combat strength would definitely be much stronger than before.

Secondly, ones lifespan would also be greatly increased.

Although lifespan was unreliable because if one met an existence with extremely strong cultivation and directly killed them with one step, even if one had ten thousand years of lifespan, it would instantly be reduced to zero.

However, who would complain about having a long life

As long as one had a long life, there were many opportunities to avoid death.

For example, he could hide and cultivate quietly, not causing trouble for others.

Yun Cangqiong could not help but sigh and said,

“Its all thanks to Ye Xiao.

If he had not advanced to the fourth level of the Godly Emperor realm, Senior Xuanyuan Long would not have reached the fourth level of the Godly Emperor realm so easily.”


“Wait a moment, could it be that I did not cultivate to the fourth level of the Godly Emperor realm myself Instead, it was Ye Xiao who helped me to advance to the fourth level of the Godly Emperor realm”

Everyone nodded.

“Of course, Senior Long.

Dont tell me you really thought that you were the one who cultivated to the fourth-level Godly Emperor It was Ye Xiao who advanced just now that made all of our bloodline powers increase by a portion in an instant.

That was why you were able to successfully advance to the fourth-level Godly Emperor.”


After the shock, the remaining people were all filled with disappointment.

The great excitement that they had felt from advancing earlier had instantly turned into bubbles at that moment.

That feeling was as if you had married a wife, but that wife did not marry you because she liked you.

Instead, she only married you because someone else wanted her to marry you.

It was completely different from a wife that was obtained by relying on ones own strength.

The pride that he had earned through his own efforts and success was completely gone!

Yun Changqing sighed and opened his mouth again,

“To be honest, ever since Ye Xiao advanced to the third-level Godly Emperor half a month ago, Ive been calculating the extent of my cultivation.

“In the end, I discovered a very tragic fact.

“That is, the strength that Ive cultivated over the past half a month has yet to reach Ye Xiaos advancement to the fourth-level Godly Emperor realm.

The bloodline power that helped me improve has brought about a stronger effect on my cultivation!

“It might be because he is Heavens Chosen One.

“If my guess is correct, even if we are all here, none of us are cultivating right now.

When Ye Xiao advanced to the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm, our cultivation might at least automatically advance two levels.

“For example, I am now at the first-level Godly Emperor realm.

At that time, I might be able to advance to the third-level Godly Emperor realm.

“Furthermore, based on Ye Xiaos rate of advancement, I estimate that he might be able to advance to the ninth level of the Godly Emperor realm within a year.”


It was unbearable to hold it in.

It was said that a dog did not mind its family being poor, and a child did not mind its mother being ugly.

However, for the first time in their lives, they were truly sad.

Why was it that they were born in the Netherworld god clan

Why was it that they were not born in the Xuan Yuan god clan

Look at them.

They did not need to cultivate at all.

It was just because of the appearance of Ye Xiao.

What a good fellow.

He was lying still and did not need to cultivate at all, yet he was able to raise so much of his cultivation for nothing!

The key point was that he even raised his cultivation so quickly.

Moreover, most importantly, it would also produce a series of chain effects.

The Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin clans, and even some of the higher-ranked higher-ranked god clans, why did their god clans strength not decline for a long time

The reason was because of that.

It was because it was very easy for them to give birth to such an existence that was blessed by the heavens.

The Heavens Chosen One constitution would cause the gifts to the other clansmen to be even stronger when they advanced to the cultivation level.

Although when everyone advanced to the Godly Emperor realm, they would be able to bring a certain amount of gifts to their god clan.

However, that gift was limited.

For example, when Yun Changqing advanced back then, the Yun family received the most gifts.

If they continued to expand, the other clansmen would not receive so much.

Furthermore, when Ye Xiao advanced, not only did he let the Nine Provinces Xuan Yuan god clan receive a large number of gifts but at the same time, the entire Xuan Yuan god clan could also receive a large number of gifts.

The difference between the two was like the difference between a drop of ink and a cart of ink.

A drop of ink could at most affect a basin of water, but a cart of ink could affect a pool of water!

The total number of people in the Xuan Yuan god clan was much more than the Yun family.

Just the Nine Provinces god clan alone had 14 billion people!

An even more terrifying problem was that after Ye Xiao advanced, the Godly Emperors like Yun Cangqiong would also raise their bloodline power, their aptitude would advance, and their cultivation would also advance.

They could also bring gifts to the Xuan Yuan god clan.

Although that gift could not be compared to Ye Xiaos, it could not withstand the fact that their numbers were much greater!

At that time, when a bunch of Godly Emperors appeared, it was possible for a new Heavens Chosen One to be born!

Then, it would be repeated over and over again, continuously increasing their overall strength!

It was very likely that they would give birth to a top-tier god clan in the future.

It was even very likely that… They would compete with the Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin clans for supremacy!


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