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Looking at Yun Xuanyuan kneeling in front of him, Ye Xiao could not help but feel a myriad of emotions.

More than half a year ago, Yun Xuanyuan still wanted to be his opponent.

At that time, he might have felt that he might not be able to defeat him.

At that point, he had already completely surpassed his cultivation and even made him submit to him wholeheartedly, addressing him as Grand Elder.

It had to be said that the world was full of changes.

‘I really have the Golden Book in my hands.

‘Speaking of which, if I continue to nurture him like this, not only will the Xuan Yuan clan have the ability to protect themselves, I will also have a large number of subordinates that I can use.

‘Will I become one of those legendary big shots

It would mean that he would enter the depths of the world on a day-to-day basis and stay behind the scenes, cultivating in peace.

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If he did not encounter those true top-tier martial arts masters who did not take action, he would usually rely on the strength of his subordinates to suppress them.

That was also quite good.

If he nurtured 1,000, oh no, 10,000 Godly Emperors, and when he rose to become a Supreme Eternal, would that not mean that he would be able to walk unhindered in the myriad realms of the heavens

Would he be able to live a low life and turn the entire universe into his own

Thinking about it, it was quite exciting.

Furthermore, he would be a top-notch martial arts master by then.

He would not even have a decent subordinate.

If he were to go out and settle some matters, it would be too embarrassing if he were to have to take action.

In the past, he had no choice but to take action.

That was because, at that time, his own strength was not strong enough.

How could he nurture subordinates

Moreover, even if he did, the other party would not be able to keep up with his leveling speed.

However, it was different at the moment, because above Godly Emperors, there were only Supreme Eternals, and there were very few Supreme Eternals, so they basically did not appear.

If Supreme Eternals did not appear, the strongest person in this starry sky would still be Godly Emperors.

As for True Immortals, did they have that thing or not It was still hard to be sure.

The Ancestral Dragon only gave birth to that concept, but it was still uncertain whether it was molded or not.

Even if it was really molded, it was not certain whether it could exist in the world plane from back then.

If it could not exist in that plane, then the Godly Emperor would still be the strongest person below the Supreme Eternal!

“Cough, cough… Xuanyuan, you have been cultivating very hard recently.

I want to reward you.

However, this reward has some risks.

Do you dare to accept it”

Yun Xuanyuan was stunned, but he immediately nodded and agreed,

“As long as its bestowed by the Grand Elder, Xuanyuan dares to accept it.”

“Alright then.

I have four masterpiece techniques for you to choose from now.

They are the Undying masterpiece technique, True Dragon masterpiece technique, Space Warping masterpiece technique, and Reincarnation masterpiece technique.”


His expression was a little dull, just like his thoughts, which were already somewhat stiff at the moment.

Ye Xiao actually wanted to teach him an archaic masterpiece technique that was ranked in the top seven in the starry skies

To him, that was not inferior to a great gift from the heavens.

At the same time, he also understood why Ye Xiao said that.

Those few extremely powerful archaic masterpiece techniques were actually all secrets that the Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin clans did not teach.

If others were to know that he had cultivated those cultivation techniques, it was likely that he would not have a good ending.

At that time, it would be truly troublesome.

However, since the Grand Elder dared to teach it to him, why would he not dare to learn it

At most, he would not casually make a move in front of others and use that archaic masterpiece technique.

If others found out, he would kill them to silence them.

Thinking up to that point, he immediately nodded and replied,

“Grand Elder, Xuanyuan wants to learn the True Dragon masterpiece technique!”

As the young master of the Yun family and the number one genius of the Xuan Yuan god clan, he had some understanding of those archaic masterpiece techniques.

The Undying masterpiece technique was mainly used to revive and heal injuries.

The Phoenix clan was able to rank so high in the starry skies not just because of that Undying masterpiece technique!

The Phoenix clan had extremely powerful attacks and had extremely strong techniques to control elements such as wind, lightning, water, and fire.

Under such circumstances, they had the Undying masterpiece technique, which meant that they had unlimited means to increase their attacks.

There was no need to mention the Space Warping masterpiece technique and the Reincarnation masterpeice technique.

They were both used to increasing speed, but to him, what he liked was to fight head-on.

He was like a man, and he never flinched.

Those two masterpiece techniques were suitable for tricks and sneak attacks, but they were not suitable for him.

That was why he chose the True Dragon masterpiece technique.

“Are you sure”

“Yes! Im sure.”

Seeing Yun Xuanyuans serious expression, Ye Xiao nodded and immediately flicked his finger, placing the true dragon precious technique between Yun Xuanyuans brows.

“Many thanks to Grand Elder for teaching me everything.”

“Go and cultivate well.

Dont casually use the True Dragon masterpiece technique unless its absolutely necessary.”


Yun Xuanyuan retreated while Ye Xiao also began to meditate to calm his heart.

On one hand, he helped refine the divine blood and law energy in his body,

On the other hand, he continued to further comprehend the martial way of life.

He meditated for less than two days, and at that moment, two Godly Emperor-level auras approached once again.

At that time, it was two second-level Godly Emperors.

Ye Xiao knew that it was the distress signal on Aronas golden tooth that had been sent to the other party.

In the starry sky, two Godly Emperors came to that place.

They looked at the Xuan Yuan divine territory and said indifferently,

“This… Is the Xuan Yuan divine territory”

“I really dont know what Arona and the others are doing They cant even deal with a puny Xuan Yuan god clan, yet they want the two of us to rush over.

Theyre really trash.”

“Hehehe… After all, their strength is limited.

Its understandable that they didnt complete the mission.”

“So what if their strength is limited Were not going to assassinate some big shot.

Were just going to destroy the other partys ancestral shrine to prevent the enemy from using the healing technique to resurrect themselves.

“Even if they couldnt defeat the other partys martial arts masters, there was at least one point.

It shouldnt be a problem for them to rush to their ancestral shrine and self-destruct, right

“Its just that the god clan is ranked 19th in the starry sky.

How can it be compared to the god clan that is ranked in the top ten”

“Alright, we are here to complete the mission.

We are not here to complain.

Lets hurry up and finish the mission first.”

Having said that, the Godly Emperor could not continue to complain.

He could only follow him to complete the mission.

The two of them went all out to shield their auras and entered the Xuan Yuan god clans Xuan Yuan Mountain in the shortest amount of time.

However, just as the two of them arrived, ten auras instantly locked onto them.

A large number of question marks instantly appeared on their heads.


What was going on

Why were they discovered by others the moment they entered

The two of them had tried their best to conceal their auras.

“D*mn it! Weve been ambushed.

Lets retreat!”

Unfortunately, the Godly Emperors of the Xuan Yuan god clan and the Netherworld god clan had been waiting here for a long time.

How could they let the two of them escape

“Since youve come, why did you leave so quickly You didnt even take a sip of tea.

If others knew about this, Im afraid they would say that our Xuan Yuan god clan doesnt know how to entertain guests.”

Accompanied by a cold laugh, several attacks descended.

The terrifying strength that was several times stronger than the two of them pressed down on them, not giving the two of them the chance to react at all.

At the next moment, explosions rang out in all directions, and light illuminated the entire starry sky.

Following a wave of terrifying explosions and miserable cries, Xuanyuan Long and the others carried two figures that were already half-crippled and walked in high spirits.

“Ye Xiao, look quickly.

Weve caught two more Godly Emperors.

This time, weve even caught two second-level Godly Emperors! Hahaha… Weve struck gold!”

Ye Xiao nodded and immediately sealed the two of them before throwing them into the cage.

Whether they were used as sparring partners or to drain the divine blood and raise their cultivation, those Godly Emperors were all excellent top-grade materials.

One would earn a fortune if they came.

Moreover, the stronger one was, the more they would earn!

“Not bad, keep up the good work.”


In the cage, Arona, who had been seizing the time to recover himself, suddenly discovered that two more Godly Emperors had been thrown in.

He was immediately shocked.

“This is… Godly Emperor Chanyu Feishan and Godly Emperor Li Fengyun! My God, how did the two of them get captured

Their cultivations have already reached the second stage of the Godly Emperor realm! This… This… Wasnt their strongest martial arts master only at the third stage of the Godly Emperor realm Even if the two of them couldnt defeat him, they should at least be able to escape, right How did they get beaten up into such a miserable state”

Godly Emperor Caesar once again shed tears of humiliation and helplessness.

It was over!

Two more companions had been sent!

It could have been avoided.

It was all because of Arona, that stupid dog!

It was fine if you had been captured! Why did you have to implicate so many companions

How much effort did it take to nurture a Godly Emperor

How powerful would a Godly Emperor be against the Xuanhuang Great World

Just because of your stupidity, there were two Godly Emperors gone go waste!


However, just as he was crying, Arona saw his tears and immediately said,

“Brother Caesar, why are you crying again Dont be sad, dont cry.

Dont forget, we are both Godly Emperors of the Xuanhuang Great World!

“No matter how many difficulties lie ahead, no matter what kind of predicament we are in! We can not give up our dignity as Godly Emperors.

“Stand up! Dont cry!

“Wasnt it just a bad start that we were tricked by them and the other party capturing two more Godly Emperors

“I still have a golden tooth.

Wait for me to summon more Godly Emperors this time! “They only have 11 Godly Emperors at most.

I dont believe that they can turn the sky upside down.”

After saying that, he pulled out another golden tooth from his mouth and activated the array on it to send out a message.


At that moment, Caesar suddenly cried even harder.

Arona consoled him,

“Dont worry, we will definitely be rescued.

We must firmly believe in our companions! The Xuanhuang Great World will not be defeated!”

Outside Xuan Yuan Mountain, Xuanyuan Long and the others who were cultivating cross-legged saw this familiar golden light being released again and could not help but be delighted.

“Hey! Look, hes starting to shake people again.”

“This time, weve set up an ambush in advance.

I didnt perform well just now.

If they come over, Ill definitely fight a few more moves!”


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