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If he really thought that he would do as he said, then he would really laugh his head off.

Who was he

He was a Godly Emperor!

He was a Godly Emperor from the Xuanhuang Great World!

Even if his cultivation base was inferior to the other party, he was still a true Godly Emperor.

A Godly Emperor could not be humiliated!

Even if he were to fall into the other partys hands at that moment and become the other partys prisoner, he would still be the same.

He could not be humiliated!

If Ye Xiao wanted to use him to obediently feed him moves and train his combat ability, then he would be gravely mistaken.

He would definitely use the cruelest means to directly inflict heavy injuries on him.

Caesar knew that it would be very difficult for him to kill the other party.

It was not just because there were many martial arts masters there.

At the same time, there was another reason.

The other party had just displayed an extremely heaven-defying healing technique.

With that healing technique, it would be very difficult for the other party to be killed by him.

However, he just wanted to disgust Ye Xiao! Humiliate Ye Xiao!

‘You want to use me to feed you moves You want me to be your sparring partner Dream on!

‘Dream on!


Therefore, he displayed his most powerful strength without any hesitation.


At the instant he displayed the masterpiece technique, a brilliant light flashed around his body and seven-colored multicolored light surrounded him.

He looked so beautiful that it could not be taken in.

At the same time, he was extremely majestic and inviolable!

At the same time, the spiritual image of a golden lion appeared faintly behind him.

“Kneel down for me!”

Caesar arrived in front of Ye Xiao in the blink of an eye.

That was because Ye Xiao had said that he would use the same strength as him.

Within the same level, there was nothing for him to be afraid of.

However, at that moment, Ye Xiao suddenly raised his leg like lightning.


In the next moment, a sharp pain suddenly came from his lower abdomen, and his body flew out directly and crashed fiercely into the mountain behind him.

That was because Ye Xiaos martial arts true intent combined with spiritual energy which had already greatly strengthened the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

That was why he did not crash into the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

If it were any other place, he might have already crashed into several small worlds like the Nine Provinces!

Yet it was precisely because of it that he suffered an even more brutal second injury.

At that moment, even if he was a Godly Emperor, he could not bear it.

He felt as if all his internal organs had shifted, and the bones in his body were almost completely broken.

The heart-wrenching pain nearly made him faint.

It was even more painful than when Xuanyuan Long and the others surrounded him!

That was because when they attacked him, there was still a time buffer.

They injured him bit by bit, and not in an instant.

It was different with Ye Xiao.

All the bones in his body were nearly broken in an instant.

That kind of heart-wrenching pain was what made people collapse to the extreme.

Ye Xiao explained to Xuanyuan Long and the others,

“See This is what Ive told you guys.

To stop with stillness, to respond to changes without change.

“He attacked me first just now, but in reality, he also exposed his biggest opening.

“In this situation, I concentrated all my strength on my legs, not only increasing my attack power but also increasing my attack speed.

“Moreover, because I was attacking from a short distance, my explosive strength was more abundant, and I could easily raise my level to above his level in an instant.

“I didnt need to defend, I only needed to use my greatest strength, to attack his weakness with my greatest speed.

“This was because he had already revealed that his lower body was his weakness.

Once I attacked him, his balance would be broken, and all of his tensed-up strength would vanish into thin air.

“Sometimes, this was also the meaning of the basic martial arts that could only be broken through quickly,

“of course, everyone knew these basic principles.

It was just that when it was used in a higher level battle, because everyone learned more and more complex things, and thought more and more complex things, they would lose the purest fighting philosophy and method.

“Its the same when its magnified into a masterpiece technique.

“If the opponents masterpiece technique is used in a head-on confrontation, both sides may exhaust each other, and in the end, both sides strength will be greatly reduced.

“However, if you can attack the middle of the opponents masterpiece technique, avoid the tip of the blade at the very front, and change the opponents attack path, it will also have the same effect, greatly reducing your own consumption.”

Everyone nodded and understood many things.

Caesar, who was far away, spat out a mouthful of saliva.

“Bullsh*t, its clear that you… You dont care about martial virtue! We agreed that you would use the same strength as me, but in the end, you used so much more strength than me.

“Are all the Godly Emperors of the Yanhuang Great World this shameless”

Ye Xiao once again threw a healing technique at him.

“Come again.”

“Ill kill you!”

Caesar once again charged over in anger.

At that time, the power he unleashed was even stronger.

It was as if he had used up all his strength.

At the same time, he also used his mental energy to lock onto Ye Xiaos aura.

He wanted to take a real look.

Was that fellow really the same as he had said Was he using the same level of strength as him, or was he deceiving him In reality, he was secretly using a strength stronger than himself.

The huge lion figure danced and roared behind him.

The Godly Emperors strength was once again unleashed to the limit.

However, when he arrived in front of Ye Xiao, Ye Xiao suddenly punched out and released a masterpiece technique, aiming straight for his chin.


At that moment, his entire chin was instantly and mercilessly smashed apart by Ye Xiaos iron fist!

All the strength in his body was once again dispersed due to the intense pain.

His body was also sent flying backward and once again collided with the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

At that poiny, his eyes were filled with despair.

That was because he could clearly feel that in that instant earlier, the strength that Ye Xiao displayed was exactly the same as his current level, not the slightest bit different.

That fellow had actually used the same level of strength as him to mercilessly defeat him, to the extent that he did not even suffer the slightest injury.

That fellow was too freaking abnormal.

Ye Xiao casually waved his hand and sealed his spiritual energy and power.

After that, he threw him into Aronas cage and continued to teach everyone.

He did not kill him because he might still need sandbags like them for the subsequent lectures.

In the cage, Arona saw Caesar, who was beaten until he was on the verge of death, and immediately came over to carry him.

“Brother Caesar! How are you”

Caesars jaw had been shattered by Ye Xiao, and he could not say a word.

It was as if the bones on his body had shattered because he had crashed into Xuan Yuan Mountain.

It would not be able to heal without a few days of effort.

It was even to the extent that because his divine soul had been sealed, he did not even have the means to communicate with his thoughts.

At that point, he could do nothing but leave behind painful and indignant tears.

“D*mn it! The Xuan Yuan god clan is simply going too far! I must inform the higher-ups to send out even more powerful Godly Emperors to rescue us and destroy the Xuan Yuan god clan.”

After hearing those words, Caesar instantly used all his strength and widened his eyes.

His body, which had all its bones broken, was trembling non-stop.

He absolutely could not do that!

The two of them falling into each others hands was already a misfortune amidst misfortune.

If he were to let his companions come over and all of them were captured by Ye Xiao, how great would that be

At that time, how many Godly Emperors would he have to pay

He still wanted to fight with the Yanhuang Great World Fight my *ss!

However, since he could neither speak nor move, he could not even send out his thoughts.

He simply could not be understood by Arona.

On the contrary, Arona thought that he was excited and held his hand tightly.

“Brother Caesar, you must be very happy, right Dont worry, when our martial arts masters arrive, they will definitely save us.

Moreover, they will help us to take revenge.”

“Sob, sob, sob…”

Caesars throat continuously let out a series of hoarse sounds.

Arona was stunned for a moment before asking in puzzlement,

“Are you worried that I wont be able to send out the news Thats right, this cage is indeed extraordinary.

Not only has the ball entered our bodies and spiritual energy, but it has also imprisoned our spiritual energy.

It seems that he has placed some power of rules!”

Upon hearing that, the half-crippled Caesar instantly heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Arona could not send out a distress call, so there was no problem.

However, at that moment, Arona suddenly revealed a smug smile.

Then, he took out a small golden tooth from his mouth.

“Its a pity that he can defend against the other Godly Emperors, but he cant defend against me.

Do you see this little golden tooth of mine This is a sixth-level Godly Emperor of our god clan.

He has released a special gift that is specially used to restrain seals such as rules.

“Even if it encounters a powerful seal, it can still transmit the news.”


He really wanted to open his mouth to stop Arona, but Arona could not understand him at all.

He immediately activated the secret technique on the golden tooth, and the golden tooth immediately turned into a streak of golden light and escaped.

“Sob, sob, sob…”

Caesar let out a wave of helpless sobbing sounds.

At the same time, there were also tears that fell from the corner of his eyes.

It was over!

At that point, it was all over.

That fellow Ye Xiao could not be any more abnormal.

Even if he were to continue to gather a few more Godly Emperors, they would all fall into his hands.

It would be a free gift!

When that time came, who knew how many Godly Emperors would fall into his hands!

There was a limited number of Godly Emperors in the Xuanhuang Great World.

If they were to lose a wave of them in his hands, how would they suffer losses

Arona had yet to understand what he meant.

Instead, he thought that he was excited.

He immediately used his severed arm to wipe away his tears and said with a smile,

“Brother Caesar, Look at you.

You are a Godly Emperor.

Why is your temperament still not strong enough Such a small happy matter had already made you so excited that tears were flowing down your face.

If our Xuanhuang Great World were to conquer the Yanhuang Great World in the future, wouldnt you cry for three days and three nights Hahahaha… ”


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