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“It says that this god clan might be stronger and has concealed a portion of his strength.

Should the two of us enter directly Or should we investigate before doing so”

“Lets wait for a while.

When I went to destroy the ancestral shrine of another god clan, I suffered some minor injuries and needed some time to recover.

“After Ive completely recovered, the two of us will go in together.”

“Alright! Ill protect you.

You can cultivate in peace.”

Time passed very quickly.

In the blink of an eye, it was already the second day.

The people of the Netherworld god clan came to listen to the lesson as promised.

Including them, there were now a total of ten Godly Emperors taught by Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao was prepared to start with them and then let them continue to teach.

Using that method, he would raise the overall strength of the two god clans step by step.

At that time, the Xuan Yuan god clan in the Nine Provinces would be safer.

Following that, as his strength continued to increase, they would one day be able to advance to the Godly Emperor realm.

At that time, he would basically be safe and secure.

The lecture would not delay his own cultivation because of that.

That was because he was different from others.

Others had to meditate quietly and circulate the cultivation technique in their body.

Only then would they be able to continuously raise their own cultivation.

As for him, he had to rely on the Golden Book divine soul to raise his cultivation.

Of course, if he meditated, he would definitely be able to raise his cultivation a little faster.

However, overall, it was not very useful.

It could only be said that when he was feeling frustrated, or when he needed to comprehend some martial true intent, the Golden Book would not be able to do it.

He had to do it himself.

During the course of his lecture, there were very few Godly Emperors who would advance because of it.

However, even if the other partys cultivation was similar to his, listening to the lecture would still yield a lot of things.

The reason for that was due to the difference in quality between them.

The Godly Emperor could actually be considered a high-quality martial artist in the entire starry sky.

However, Ye Xiao was a top-grade martial artist!

He was the kind of martial artist that was above high quality.

However, when Ye Xiao was explaining, there would also be some problems.

That was, their martial art comprehension was not as deep as Ye Xiaos.

There were many times when they could not understand certain words.

Including the lesson that Ye Xiao had taught previously, Yun Cangqiong and the rest did not quite understand.

In the beginning, they did not dare to casually ask and could only go back and ponder for two days.

However, after pondering for two days, they still could not understand.

In that case, they would definitely have to ask Ye Xiao about this situation.

“Ye Xiao, the kind of problem that you mentioned just now How can we perfectly display the problem of using the least amount of energy to maximize the benefits Its impossible for us to know where the enemys weakness lies.

At the very least, its impossible for us to know during a short exchange of blows.

“When we discover the other partys weakness, the other party might also discover our weakness.

“Its even to the extent that both of us have already suffered heavy losses and are unable to continue fighting.”

Ye Xiao had already thought of this point before the lecture.

“Making a move first might not work.

This is because the moment you make your move, you might reveal your weakness instead.

Even if you dont reveal your weakness, the other party will still think of a defensive move.

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“Therefore, my suggestion is to make a move first to the enemy, to stop the enemy from moving, and to deal with the myriad of changes without changing.”

“But, how can we do it If the two of us are about the same strength and let the other party make the first move, we will be at a disadvantage instead.

We wont even have the time to defend, so how can we have the chance to defeat the other party”

Ye Xiao rubbed his temples.

Should he ask one of them to volunteer and demonstrate it to him

However, if he were to find someone from among them, the effect of the demonstration would not be very good.

That was because they would definitely not have any killing intent towards him.

They would only have respect for him.

Under such circumstances, it was impossible for them to use their full strength.

Since it was impossible for them to use their full strength, it was also impossible for them to display the true meaning of martial arts!

It would be great if they could arrange one or two sparring partners for him.

Just as he was thinking about that, his eyes suddenly lit up as if he had sensed something.

Do they really get what they want that fast

“Ah, there are two Godly Emperors outside.

If Im not surprised, they should be the same group of people as the scouts from the Xuanhuang Great World.

“Capture them and make them my sparring partners.

Ill demonstrate it to you personally.”

Everyones eyes lit up when they heard that.

They did not expect such a good thing to happen.

They had to capture them!

The ten or so Godly Emperors immediately charged out while howling.

In the starry sky, Caesar and Arona had already finished their recuperation and recovered to their peak condition.

Caesar stood up and clenched his fists.

The terrifying power of a Godly Emperor made creaking sounds in his fingerbones as bolts of lightning exploded.

The corner of his lips curled up slightly.

“Its enough.

Ive already recovered to my peak condition.”

Aronas lips also curled up slightly.

“With the strength of the two of us, completing this mission should be a piece of cake.

“This way, the two of us destroying the ancestral shrine of the god clan will be easy.

Our contributions will definitely surpass the others by a lot.

“I believe that we will also receive a large number of rewards for this.”

“Thats only natural.

Im still one step away from advancing h to the second-level Godly Emperor realm.

After I receive this reward, I will definitely be able to successfully advance.”

“Hehehe… Then I must congratulate Brother Caesar in advance for advancing to the second-level Godly Emperor realm!”

“Many thanks to Brother Arona.

Congratulations on advancing as soon as possible.”

However, just as the two of them were congratulating each other, suddenly, ten powerful auras that were not weaker than them, and were even stronger than the two of them, attacked at a rapid speed.

Before the two of them could react, the other party had already surrounded the two of them.

By the time the two of them reacted, the other party had already begun to make a move.

“D*mn it! Weve been discovered!”

“D*mn it, how did they discover us The two of us havent even exposed our auras.”

“Now is not the time to discuss this.

Lets rush out first!”

In the next second, rays of resplendent light erupted in the sky one after another.

Accompanied by those rays of light, there was also a series of violent explosions.

Ten minutes later, Xuanyuan Long and the rest excitedly pressed down on the already half-crippled Arona and Caesar and came in front of Ye Xiao.

“Ye Xiao, weve already captured them back.

Can you see how to deal with them”

The corners of Ye Xiaos mouth could not help but twitch violently.

Arona and Caesar were too miserable.

Both of their legs and arms were basically broken.

The ribs on their bodies were also almost broken.

Caesar was the most miserable.

The flesh on his chest was a mess, one could even see his heartbeat.

What was even worse was that the bones on their bodies had been pierced through, and their dantian had been completely sealed.

Until then, the two of them were still dumbfounded.

They did not know what had happened.

Why had the two of them been discovered by the other party

Moreover, why did they have so many Godly Emperors

Was that not just a god clan ranked 19th

Although the overall strength of the Xuanhuang Great World was slightly weaker than that of the Yanhuang Great World, it was not too ridiculously weak.

Otherwise, they would not dare to attack the Yanhuang Great World.

However, in their great world, the god clan ranked 19th only had two or three Godly Emperors at most.

How could they create such a huge gap

There was a direct difference of six or seven!

When he reacted, Arona was the first to open his mouth and curse,

“You wont be arrogant for too long.

All the ancestral shrines of the god clan will be destroyed.

You will lose the ability to revive your clansmen.

The Iron Cavalry of the Xuanhuang Great World will flatten your world, invade your divine territory, and snatch your resources.”

Ye Xiao could not be bothered with him.

Who did not know how to say harsh words

Was it useful

He only looked at the others and said, “Lets use these two people as an example.

“Their cultivation has already reached first-level Godly Emperor and is about to reach second-level Godly Emperor.

I will temporarily suppress my cultivation to the same level as theirs.

Let me show you my moves.”

Everyone nodded, their eyes already showing a hint of anticipation.

Arona saw that he was not paying attention to him and immediately could not help but roar angrily,

“B*stard! Dont ignore me.

If you have the ability, fight me one-on-one!”

Ye Xiao glanced at him and then raised his hand to cast the Great Way of Life immortal technique, creating a cage to lock him in for backup.

“Ahhhh… I must kill you.

Ill kill you sooner or later.”

Unfortunately, only he could hear his words.

This cage isolated all of their voices.

Following that, Ye Xiao used the Undying masterpiece technique to heal Caesars injuries.

Caesars mind trembled.

He did not dare believe his eyes.

The other party could actually heal his injuries, and even more so, he did not dare believe that Ye Xiaos healing technique was so powerful that it healed all of his injuries in an instant.

One had to know that if he were to rely on himself to heal those injuries, it would probably take at least a few days.

However, what made him even more puzzled was what those people in front of him were trying to do with him

They were trying to capture him while repairing his injuries at the same time.

Caesar definitely would not believe that they were simply bored.

Ye Xiao immediately opened his mouth to speak,

“Because you attacked me with your strongest attack, my cultivation will be suppressed to the same level as yours.

If you can hit me, I will give you a chance to live.

Moreover, I will let you live well.”

Caesar was startled, but the corners of his mouth immediately curled up.

He seemed to understand the other partys thoughts.

‘You want to use me as a practice toy, right


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