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Both parties were silent for a moment.

No one moved.

Xuanyuan Long and the others were puzzled.

Who was that figure in front of them

Why did he suddenly appear there

Was he Ye Xiaos friend

Perhaps, they were…

In the other partys heart, it was the same.

A wave of shock rose.

Were those five Godly Emperors all crazy

Why were they all staying together

They were not men or women.

What were the five of them doing together when they had nothing better to do

Could it be that the Xuan Yuan clan had some unspeakable secret

As he thought of that, he suddenly tightened his grip on his butt.

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Forget it.

No matter what special interests they had, they were all Godly Emperors.

That was a fact.

They had to carry out the mission first.

His pupils moved slightly.

In the next second, his figure teleported behind the few of them and moved toward the interior of the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

“So fast!”

Xuanyuan Long and the others were startled.

They did not expect the other partys eye technique to be so powerful and so fast.

Caught off guard, he actually passed them.

“Not good! Quickly chase after him.

We must not let him enter the interior of the Xuan Yuan Mountain and disturb Ye Xiaos cultivation.”

The five of them had just turned around when they saw the frog-eyed Godly Emperors thigh suddenly expand.

An extremely powerful airwave shot out from his back.

Together with the masterpiece techniques on his legs, the two masterpiece techniques boosted his speed to the extreme.

Not only that, when the airwave exploded, it also bombarded the five of them.

Although the power was not great and only managed to block a tiny bit of them, to the Godly Emperor, that tiny bit was enough to kill him.

“D*mn it!”

The expressions of the Xuan Yuan clans people changed drastically.

They tried their best to charge in, but they were still a step too late.

They allowed the frog-eyed Godly Emperor to charge into the interior of the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

Just as he was about to charge into the place where Ye Xiao was cultivating, his figure was suddenly frozen in midair.

The frog-eyed Godly Emperor was shocked.

Xuanyuan Long and the others rushed up and punched him in the head.

“B*stard, you actually dared to trick us.

If not for the fact that this mountain has Ye Xiaos true intent of martial arts, other than the few of us who are allowed to enter, no one else can enter.

I almost let you sneak in.”

After the true intent of martial arts of XuanYuan Mountain was converted from Ancestral Dragons to Ye Xiaos, it was already completely under Ye Xiaos control.

Ye Xiao only allowed Xuanyuan Long and the others to enter.

Other than them, no one else could enter.

Unless they were too strong and had to surpass Ye Xiao for a long time.

Otherwise, a situation like the frog-eyed Godly Emperors would occur.

In reality, if the frog-eyed Godly Emperor could have taken precautions, he would not have been trapped there.

It was just that he was too impatient and only cared about escaping from the encirclement of Xuanyuan Long and the others.

At the same time, he also wanted to complete the mission, he had not thought too much about destroying the ancestral shrine of the Xuan Yuan clan.

As a result, he had ended up in such a situation.

Yun Cangqiong patted his butt and could not help but praise him,

“Dont tell me that this fellows lower body is so strong.

This muscle mass is full of explosive power.

This fellow should be cultivating a leg-based physical technique, right

“Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to have such explosive power.”

Yun Changqing also touched it twice.

“Thats right.

If not for the fact that this is the Xuan Yuan Mountain and the ground has been nourished by spiritual energy for a long time, making it incomparably hard, he might have caused the entire Xuan Yuan Mountain to collapse with just that one move.”

The frog-eyed Godly Emperor could not help but start trembling nervously.

It was not because he was stuck by Ye Xiaos true intent of martial arts!

It was because he had fallen into the hands of those people.

Those people were not honest at all when they were in the hands of Ye Xiao.

At that point, he could almost be 100 percent sure that there was something wrong with those people.

He did not expect that the Yanhuang Great Worlds god clan was actually so abnormal.

That Xuan Yuan clan was still the 19th ranked god clan in the Yanhuang Great World!

They were ranked so high, yet they could do such a shameless thing.

Who knew what kind of freaks those low-level god clans were

A martial art master could be killed, but he could not be humiliated!

Even if he died, he would not let them get away with it!


Stars flashed in his frog eyes, and the power in his body was instantly lit up.


In the next second, a loud explosion sounded from the inside of the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

A mushroom cloud rose, and the entire Xuan Yuan clan was shocked.

“Whats going on What happened Why did a huge explosion happen at the Xuan Yuan Mountain”

“Did an external enemy invade”

Ye Xiao, who was pondering within the Xuan Yuan Mountain about which god technique he should synthesize, suddenly sensed that someone had charged into his true martial art intent and self-destructed in the blink of an eye.

He was also dumbfounded.

However, that was merely a small matter to him, who possessed the Minor Destiny technique and had even synthesized the Great Way of Life immortal technique.

He raised his right hand slightly.

“In the name of Ye Xiao, restore everything to its original state!”

In the next second, the spiritual energy in his body was instantly burned to nothing.

Meanwhile, the entire Xuan Yuan Mountain was instantly restored to its original state.

Not only Xuan Yuan Mountain but Xuanyuan Long and the others were also instantly restored.


He was dumbfounded after being resurrected.

What was going on

Had he not self-destructed

Why was he suddenly resurrected

What the hell was that

An illusion

It did not seem like it either!

When he self-destructed earlier, the pain of all his bones and flesh being torn apart was so real, especially the two treasures.

The instant they exploded, the pain directly made him faint from the instant he self-destructed, it was so painful that he fainted.

The feeling of extreme realism was not something that an illusion could create.

However, before he had time to figure it out, Xuanyuan Long and the others rushed forward.

“D*mn it! They actually used self-detonation to blow us up! B*stard, kill him!”

“Break his four limbs, no, his fifth limb is broken too.”

“Lets see how he will self-destruct after driving his cultivation base crazy!”

“Break his bones!”

A heart-wrenching pain was felt, causing the frog-eyed Godly Emperor to feel so much pain that his eyes almost turned white as he fainted.

He finally understood that it was not an illusion.

Instead, he had just been resurrected.

At that moment, the fear in his heart far exceeded the pain that his body was experiencing.

It was too terrifying!

That was truly terrifying to the extreme!

He was a first-level Godly Emperor!

He was a martial arts master!

However, even so, his self-detonation was suppressed by someone else.

He was resurrected and even repaired everything around him.

Just how powerful was that person

Was that the 19th-ranked god clan in the Yanhuang Great World

At that level, he felt that he was comparable to the top-tier high-level god clans of the Xuanhuang Great World.

If the 19th-ranked god clan was so powerful, how powerful were the other god clans

At that moment, he suddenly felt that his great world had made the wrong decision to invade the Yanhuang Great World.

They had kicked an iron plate.

It was over!

It was all over!

That great war of resource plundering, they were all finished!

Very quickly, everyone twisted him to Ye Xiaos side.

“Ye Xiao, it was fortunate that we had you just now.

If it wasnt for you making a move, we would have suffered a great loss today!”

“This fellow who appeared out of nowhere didnt say a word and directly started to self-destruct.

Hes really sinister enough.”

Ye Xiao glanced at the other party and could not help but feel a little surprised.

Xuanyuan Long and the others could only see that the frog-eyed Godly Emperor was somewhat different, but it was not so easy to distinguish the difference between him and the others.

However, Ye Xiao could see the difference between them with a glance.

The frog-eyed Godly Emperors body had a power of law that he had never seen before.

“This is… ”

Ye Xiao was surprised for a moment before he immediately used his mental energy to probe the frog-eyed Godly Emperors memories.

The frog-eyed Godly Emperors body trembled before he immediately began to resist.

Unfortunately, Xuanyuan Long and the other five Godly Emperors pinned him firmly to the ground.

He could not struggle at all.

However, those two sturdy hind legs that were filled with explosive energy made Yun Cangqiong and Yun Changqing, who were holding him down from behind, unable to hold themselves back for a moment.

However, the two of them also knew that Ye Xiao was currently searching for his memories.

It was simply impossible for him to escape.

Yun Changqing waved his right hand, and his nine-star divine weapon longsword struck out.

His sword stabbed into the other partys crotch, and fresh blood immediately dyed his pants red.

As for the frog-eyed Godly Emperor, he let out a furious roar and completely lost his strength!

At that moment, Ye Xiao had already scanned all of his memories.

“Send him on his way.”

He said indifferently, but his expression was extremely grave.

Xuanyuan Long locked onto the other partys neck, and the masterpiece technique circulated.

Seven-colored multicolored light flashed on his body, and with a turn, he instantly broke his neck and shattered his divine soul.

“Ye Xiao, just what kind of background does this fellow have His eye technique is so fast, and the masterpiece technique he uses is also something weve never heard of before.

We almost fell for his trap just now.”

Ye Xiao opened his mouth and said:

“Hes not someone from our great world, but an existence from the Xuanhuang Great World.”

“Xuanhuang Great World”

The few of them were startled.

They did not expect that such a huge matter would actually be involved.

Xuanyuan Longs expression was solemn as he said,

“Ive long heard that our starry sky isnt the only world.

I didnt expect that there would actually be a world like ours in other places.”

In reality, not to mention them, even Ye Xiao did not expect that there would actually be other worlds.

It seemed that the vastness of the cosmos far exceeded his imagination.

It was no wonder that the Ancestral Dragon would want to search for the immortal way of life.

If Ye Xiaos guess was not wrong, the strongest person in their great world should be the Supreme Eternal!

Furthermore, the other partys strength should not be much different from theirs.

“Ye Xiao, since he is a Godly Emperor from another great world, why would he appear here Moreover, he is clearly heading straight for Xuan Yuan Mountain

“Could it be… He is heading for our ancestral shrine”


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