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The Great Way of Life immortal technique!

An immortal technique that contained creation and destruction!

It could already completely control the power of laws.

That made Ye Xiao instantly delighted.

It was actually an immortal technique!

He never would have thought that after the masterpiece technique was synthesized, he would directly obtain an immortal technique!

It was an Immortal technique!

Even an existence as powerful as the Ancestral Dragon was pursuing an Immortal technique, but then, it was actually synthesized by his Golden Book divine soul.

How fortunate was that

Moreover, if the Creation and World Destruction masterpiece techniques could be synthesized into a Great Way of Life immortal technique, then did that not mean that his other masterpiece techniques would definitely be able to synthesize an immortal technique as well

At that time, he would have more than one immortal technique.

Ye Xiao did not know how good the immortal technique synthesized by the Golden Book divine soul was.

Even so, he knew one thing, and that was that the things the Golden Book divine soul gave him would definitely not be bad.

However, at that moment, Ye Xiao could not help but feel a trace of doubt.

Just how powerful was the Golden Book divine soul Just what level would it reach

The level that it was currently displaying had already surpassed the Ancestral Dragon.

The Ancestral Dragon relied on itself to discover, find, and verify the immortal technique.

As for the Golden Book divine soul, it relied on itself to directly create the immortal technique.

The disparity between the two was really too great.

Back then, he only thought that he had simply awakened his divine soul.

However, even for a Supreme Eternal, it was still an extremely powerful advantage.

That fellow seemed to have no upper limit.

He really did not know what it was.

However, the answer could only be solved after he advanced to become a Supreme Eternal, right

As the Great Way of Life immortal technique was being cultivated by the Golden Book, Ye Xiaos speed of refining the divine blood and law energy in his body became even faster.

At that moment, the refining speed and strength that the Great Way of Life immortal technique unleashed far surpassed the speed of cultivating the ten great masterpiece techniques together from before.

Ye Xiao immediately sat down cross-legged.

He could feel that his cultivation was rising rapidly.

The spiritual energy and divine blood in his body rumbled incessantly, exploding with waves of thunderclaps.

Ye Xiao was different from others.

His body had sufficient resources to allow him to raise his cultivation.

It was just that normally, the speed of refining the ten great masterpiece techniques was limited, which was why he could not achieve such a rapid advancement.

After all, under the situation of the first Great Way of Life immortal technique, Ye Xiao suddenly accelerated the refining of a portion of the law energy and divine blood in an instant.

In less than seven days, it actually allowed him to directly advance to a brand new realm, the third-level Godly Emperor!

That directly shortened a large amount of his cultivation time.

If not for the immortal technique he synthesized, he might have needed at least a months time before he could refine enough law energy and divine blood to advance to the third-level Godly Emperor realm.

Immortal techniques were indeed powerful.

At that moment, the entire Xuan Yuan Mountain began to be surrounded by lightning.

Streaks of lightning and light shot out from the inside of the mountain.

When Xuanyuan Long and the others who were guarding outside saw that scene, their hearts could not help but beat faster.

“So powerful! Ye Xiao has advanced!”

“Too terrifying! This fellow is even more monstrous than the Ancestral Dragon!

“Back then, the Ancestral Dragon had entered seclusion for an entire three months to reach this realm.

How many days had he used

“More importantly, the Ancestral Dragon at that time had advanced to the first level of the Godly Emperor realm, and now, he has advanced to the third level of the Godly Emperor realm!

“The difficulty of his advancement is much higher than the Ancestral Dragons.”

“This fellow is a freak.”

Ignoring the shock of the crowd outside, Ye Xiao, who was inside, began to display the immortal technique he had just learned.

With a thought, he activated the Great Way of Life immortal technique, and Ye Xiao instantly created a puppy in front of him.

“Woof woof!”

The puppy let out two timid cries, and its tail continuously swayed.

Ye Xiao was overjoyed.


Back when he had just learned the Creation masterpiece technique, he had wanted to use his own technique to create a new life.

In the end, he did not succeed.

He only created a dead sparrow.

That was because creating a new life already involved the power of law, the masterpiece technique could also involve the power of law.

Though clearly, the masterpiece technique had not reached the conditions and standards to be able to create a new life.

At that point, immortal techniques could already reach that level.

“Woof, woof, woof, woof.”

After shouting two more times, the little dog came to Ye Xiaos feet and continuously tried to curry favor with him.

It was very obvious that it had a natural affinity towards Ye Xiao, who had created its life formula.

Ye Xiao rubbed its head and immediately deleted it from the world.

He had yet to fully control the other changes brought about by the life he had created.

He did not know what kind of strange effects it would bring about as a result.

Therefore, it was better to remove it for the time being.

In any case, he could resurrect it anytime and anywhere in the future.

He checked the spiritual energy in his body.

At that time, he had used up a lot of spiritual energy, at least 70 percent of it.

That was too terrifying and unreasonable.

That was because even with his most powerful masterpiece technique, the Minor Destiny technique, when his cultivation base was raised to the third level of the Godly Emperor realm, if he resurrected a life or killed a life, it was impossible for it to use up so much spiritual energy even if the cultivation base of that life was at the Godly Emperor realm.

Just a casual rotation of the Great Way of Life immortal technique was actually able to surpass the consumption of the Minor Destiny technique by so much.

However, very soon, Ye Xiao had some understanding after thinking for a moment.

There were two reasons for it.

The first reason was that the gap between immortal techniques and masterpiece techniques was like a chasm between heaven and earth.

Just like a rocket and an ant, when both were pushed by an inch, the energy consumption of the ant would definitely be very low.

That was because both carriers were different, the difference in size was too great.

The second reason was that Ye Xiao had chosen to create life.

If you used other masterpiece techniques, regardless of whether you were killing people or saving lives, whatever you did was done within the rules of that big world.

The consumption was very low and limited.

However, you created a brand new life out of thin air.

It did not conform to the rules of the world, and it did not belong to the rules of the world.

At that point, the world had an additional force of rules.

Even if it was just a tiny little dog, it had turned something that could not have appeared in the world into reality.

If one had to describe it, it was probably equivalent to taking out a character from television, just like performing a ligation surgery on a living person.

Surgery was already a very difficult thing, but it was far from as difficult as taking a person out from the television.

No wonder the Ancestral Dragon wanted to obtain the immortal technique so badly and pursue the realm of immortality.

Although the Supreme Eternal could achieve immortality, and in a sense, he could only extend his lifespan very long.

He did not know whether he could really achieve immortality or not.

It was just that because his lifespan was too long, no one had ever seen the Supreme Eternal die of natural causes, so they would boast that he was immortal.

Moreover, even if they could achieve immortality, they could not achieve the immortal realm.

If they encountered a few other Supreme Eternals and joined forces to launch a sneak attack, they might still fall, just like the Blood Venerable Ones.

After achieving immortality, not only would their lives be extended indefinitely.

At the same time, they would also bestow themselves with powerful strength, allowing them to be free from the threats of others.

However, we should not talk about that first, because Ye Xiao was still far from that.

He should be considering a problem at the moment, and that was to not casually use the Great Way of Life immortal technique in the future.

It was not that it could not be used, but it was precisely because it was too strong.

It was so strong that even with Ye Xiaos current strength, it was somewhat difficult to control.

At the very least, when his cultivation became stronger, he should not expend too much energy to use it.

Of course, it was not that it could not be used.

The best time to use it was to be within the rules of the world.

For example, reviving the injured people of the world or killing the people of the world…

The consumption of those things should be much smaller.

After confirming the matter of the Great Way of Life immortal technique, Ye Xiao then began to think about the true intent of martial arts left behind by the Ancestral Dragon.

It was because he had absorbed his martial arts true intent earlier that he allowed his Golden Book divine soul to fuse the Creation and World Destruction masterpiece techniques into the Great Way of Life immortal technique so quickly.

Ancestral Dragons true meaning of martial arts was very powerful!

However, it also emphasized one point, which was the pursuit of the path of immortality.

According to the true meaning of martial arts left behind by the Ancestral Dragon, if he wanted to maintain his momentum and not fall, he had to forge his own path.

A path to the immortal way of life!

However, no one knew how many paths to the immortal way of life there were in the world.

The true meaning of the martial path left behind by the Ancestral Dragon explained that he wanted to create a path for himself.

A path that belonged to him!

That was conquest!

It was a great path that could kill Gods, Buddhas, and all obstacles in front of him!

Perhaps it was also because of it that he chose to sever his bloodline connection with the Xuan Yuan clan back then.

It was also because of it that he would challenge the martial arts masters of the starry skies one by one!

He wanted to conquer everything!

However, what Ye Xiao reckoned was that he could not be so ruthless.

Otherwise, he would have long abandoned the Xuan Yuan clan and ran away to pursue the great immortal way of life by himself.

However, if there was no immortal way of life, then how could he be indomitable

One minute… Two minutes… Three minutes… His mind was empty…

However, at that moment, Ye Xiao suddenly thought of a problem.

Why did he have to follow his way of life

Everyones way of life was different.

Ancestral Dragon chose that way of life, created it, and opened it up.

However, that way of life might not be suitable for him.

Just like how the Ancestral Dragon opened up a path to that way of life himself, he could also completely think of another way of life.

His path was way-of-life-free.

He did not deliberately pursue any way of life!

As long as he worked hard, the rest would be left to the will of heaven.

Just like the Golden Book divine soul, before he transmigrated, his predecessor had not awakened for a whole 20 years.

However, when he came there, he suddenly awakened.

Perhaps everything was the best arrangement of the heavens.

The Ancestral Dragon might only have one immortal technique, but he might have several, or even more!

Just like back then, everyone could only cultivate one or two techniques, but he had cultivated so many techniques.

As long as he comprehended any way of life, he would use any path.

Furthermore, the martial arts true intent left behind by the Ancestral Dragon might not be so complete.

That was because the Ancestral Dragon himself was still in the exploration stage back then, and he had not reached a very strong level back then.

At that time, he was only a Godly Emperor.

Thinking of that, an extremely powerful true intent of martial arts suddenly erupted from his body.

The wayless wins the way of life, and the wayless wields 10,000 ways of life.

Once that martial art intent appeared, it instantly began to rapidly spread and continuously expanded, breaking through and shattering the martial art intent that originally belonged to the Ancestral Dragon.

Very quickly, the entire mountain had been changed to Ye Xiaos martial art intent!

Sensing that his martial art intent had wildly increased and had already replaced the entire Xuan Yuan Mountains original martial art intent, the people guarding outside immediately turned pale with fright.

“Not only has he advanced, but his true martial intent has also suppressed the Ancestral Dragons.

Now, the entire mountain has been completely changed to Ye Xiaos true martial intent!”

“My God! This Ye Xiao, he really wants to turn the sky upside down!”


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