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“When I first met him, it was more than 2,000 years ago.

At that time, I hadnt advanced to the Godly Emperor realm and was only at the ninth level of the Godly King realm.

“If I remember correctly, it was an afternoon… The weather was pretty good.”

Xuanyuan Long sank into his memories.

“At that time, I was traveling in the starry sky to improve my state of mind.

Suddenly, I saw him lying on top of a mountain, looking up at the sky with a stalk of dog tail grass in his mouth.

“Do you know what the first thing he said to me was

“He said to me… “Hey, do you know whats in the sky”

Xuanyuan long smiled when he said that.

“At that time, I was thinking, could this guy be an air-head I had never met him before.

It was the first time I did, and he asked me such a strange question.

“Later, I learned that although he was at the eighth level of the Godly King realm at that time, his real combat strength was above mine.

It was just like how you could fight across realms now.

“Therefore, when I got close to him, he already knew everything about me, including my strength and my identity as a member of the Xuan Yuan clan.

“Of course, he also knew when I came to his side, and even knew when I discovered him.

“That was why he spoke to me calmly.

“I didnt answer him for a moment, but seeing that he didnt have any ill intentions, I tried to say, “Could it be… The Supreme Eternal”

“Guess what he said

“He said, “What does immortality count for”

“I thought,Im sure this guy is 100% crazy.

“Youre not even a Godly Emperor, but you said that the Supreme Eternal is nothing.

Isnt that crazy

“I asked him, “Whats in the sky”

“He told me, “Its immortality! Its true immortality! Its an existence that not only can live forever, but it can also control the life and death of others and control everything in the world.”

Ye Xiaos heart jolted.

As expected of Brother Zheng.

He was so domineering.

He dared to look down on eternal life at the Supreme Eternal realm and was fixated on the true immortality in the ethereal!

However, just like the immortal that Brother Zheng had been searching for in his previous life, he could not find it despite painstaking efforts.

Would there be an immortal in that world

Xuanyuan Long continued,

“At that time, I thought that he was bragging.

I didnt want to bother with him anymore and was prepared to leave.

Coincidentally, at that moment, the two peak ninth-level Godly Kings from the Heaven-opening god clan and the Earth Spirit god clan, happened to meet me.

“You also know that the Xuan Yuan clan has never been on good terms with them.

“The other partys strength was higher than mine.

At that time, I was only at the ninth-level Godly King realm, while they were already at the peak ninth-level Godly King realm.

Not only that, there were two of them.

“I really thought that I was going to die!”

“Was he the one who saved you”

Ye Xiao opened his mouth, and Xuanyuan Long nodded.

“He didnt just save me, you know.

He used the dog tail grass in his mouth to instantly kill two people with a grass slash!”

There was still envy and deep admiration in Xuanyuan Longs expression.

Although he was already an existence in the Godly Emperor realm and was able to instantly kill two peak ninth-level Godly Kings, the Ancestral Dragon at that time was only in the eighth-level Godly King realm, and the difference in cultivation was not small.

“The two of us have known each other since then.

Later on, I slowly learned of his identity and went on a journey with him.

“When he advanced to the Godly Emperor realm, he came to the Xuan Yuan Mountain to do so.

“At that time, he brought along the bloodline power of the entire Xuan Yuan clan and obtained the Godly Emperors favor.

It was also because of him that I successfully advance to the late-stage Godly Emperor realm.

“However, its a pity that after advancing to the Godly Emperor realm and bringing along the bloodline power of the Xuan Yuan clan, he cut off his bloodline connection with the Xuan Yuan clan.

“In his words, he had no attachments in his life and only sought immortality.

“From then on, he began to show his talents in the starry skies.

Although everyone knew that he had left the Xuan Yuan clan, they also knew that he had severed all ties with the Xuan Yuan clan.

“Hence, no matter what he did, there was no reason for others to find fault with our Xuan Yuan clan.

“He personally came to challenge the Grand Elders of the various great god clans.

Furthermore, he was the strongest Grand Elder.

“At that time, our Xuan Yuan clan had already fallen below the 30th rank.

However, he had single-handedly defeated one Godly Emperor after another without a single defeat!

“He had become the legend of the entire starry sky.

“In the starry sky, all the powerful Godly Emperors wanted to compete with him and defeat him, becoming another legend!

“However, none of them succeeded!

“The last time he appeared was when he fought against the Dragon Emperor of the Dragon clan, the Phoenix Empress of the Phoenix clan, and the Qilin King of the Qilin clan.

“No one knew the outcome of that battle.

From then on, the Ancestral Dragon disappeared, and there was no trace of his existence in the entire world.

“Some said that he was already dead, while others said that he was still alive and that he had only gone to a world that we didnt know about.

“However, the three great martial arts prodigies had never said anything.

“If one wanted to know his final whereabouts, one would probably have to ask the three most powerful existences in the starry skies.

“From the time I knew him to the time he disappeared from this starry sky, it had only been a short 30 years.

“In the entire history of the starry sky, it was truly not worth mentioning.

However, that era truly belonged to him!

“No matter when the short 30 years was mentioned, the nameAncestral Dragon was imprinted on it!

“Therefore, its not an exaggeration to say that he was just a short-lived flower.”

When Ye Xiao heard that, he spoke from the bottom of his heart.

Even he could not help but feel a wave of admiration for Brother Zheng.

For a man to live to that extent, it could be considered that his life had not been in vain.

However, Ye Xiao had gathered some more important things from it.

That was, the Supreme Eternal seemed to be able to reach a hundred feet high and improve even further.

However, in Ye Xiaos current knowledge, including the entire history of the starry sky, he did not mention that point.

He did not know if the Blood Venerable One knew about it.

However, the Blood Venerable One definitely would not tell him easily.

He would not even tell him who that female Supreme Eternal was!

Looks like he had to think of a way to slowly extract information from the Blood Venerable One.

Pausing for a moment, he opened his mouth again and said,

“Ancestral Dragon was cultivating in the Xuan Yuan Mountain.

Did he leave anything behind”

“Of course there is, but we cant enter.

There are restrictions he left behind, so no one can enter.”

Ye Xiao thought for a moment and raised his brows slightly.

He should go over to take a look and see if he could obtain some of the insights left behind by Brother Zheng or something.

Right at that moment, a member of the Xuan Yuan clan quickly flew over and said,

“Grand Elder, not good.

The clan leader is about to die.”

Xuanyuan Long slapped his thigh.

“I was so busy receiving you that I almost forgot.

The clan leader is seriously injured and is still recuperating.”

Ye Xiao consoled him,

“Dont worry, Ill go and take a look.”

After he finished speaking, he executed the Space Warping masterpiece technique and brought the three of them directly to the clan leaders side.

Besides the clan leader, several healing masters from the Xuan Yuan clan were gathered together, but all of them had gloomy expressions on their faces as if they had lost their parents.

Seeing Xuanyuan Long come over, everyone immediately opened their mouths and said,

“Grand Elder, were really unable to do anything.

The clan leaders soul has suffered a serious injury and has already reached the point where hes at the end of his rope.”

Xuanyuan Long consoled,

“All of you have already tried your best.

This isnt your fault.”

As he finished speaking, he glanced at Ye Xiao, who raised his hand to cast the Undying masterpiece technique.

In the next second, the Xuan Yuan clan leader, who was already at the end of his rope on the bed, quickly recovered.

In the blink of an eye, he was actually restored to his original state.

Everyone could not help but exclaim in surprise:

“My God, this is really godly!”

“What a powerful healing technique.

This healing technique is simply one dimension ahead of us!”

The clan leaders expression was a little lost.

He also sat up from the bed and looked at the people in front of him with a dumbfounded expression.

He was a little confused.

“Whats going on Why am I here Where are the four great god clans”

Xuanyuan Long patted Ye Xiaos shoulder and said with a smile,

“Why arent you thanking Ye Xiao It was he who repelled the four great god clans and saved you.”

The Xuan Yuan clan leader was startled.

“Youre Ye Xiao”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Hello, Clan Leader.”

“Good! Good! What a handsome talent.

Our Xuan Yuan clan is blessed to be able to give birth to a genius like you.”

At that moment, a large group of clansmens auras descended from outside.

It was very obvious that Yun Cangqiong had brought his clansmen from the Nine Provinces god clan over.

Ye Xiao took the opportunity to speak,

“Clan Leader, the Nine Provinces are of the same race.

Because Ive advanced to the Godly Emperor realm, the power of my bloodline has been strengthened.

Its not weaker than the orthodox Xuan Yuan clan.

“I wonder if Clan Leader can provide a star area in the Xuan Yuan clans divine territory for them to live in”

The Xuan Yuan clan leader immediately spoke,

“Dont worry.

Were all of the same race.

Ill definitely give them the best star area.”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“This isnt too good.

After all, the Xuan Yuan clan doesnt only have this branch.

If we favor one branch over the other, Im afraid it will cause a rift.

“I have a suggestion.

Its to divide these people into the Xuan Yuan clan.

For example, each aristocratic family will lead a part of them.

We can help each other and grow together.”

Although the Xuan Yuan clan was very good, Ye Xiao also knew that when others poured their hearts and lungs out to you, you should not take yourself too seriously.

If the Nine Provinces clansmen took away all the best things of the Xuan Yuan clan, it would be fine in the short term but it was easy to incur the dissatisfaction of the entire clan over a long period of time.

It was not conducive to everyones common advancement, and it was also not conducive to the unity of the whole.

What Ye Xiao was prepared to raise was the strength of the entire Xuan Yuan clan.

With the strength of the group, he would ensure that everyone could live a better life in the starry sky.

He would not let everyone scheme against each other and fall apart in the end, he wanted to let others take advantage of him.

A family had to be neat and orderly.

Not a single person could be missing.

In addition, although the Nine Provinces clansmen were most affected by his bloodline and might have the strongest potential in the future, the cultivation of the Nine Provinces clansmen was currently the weakest.

After merging with the Xuan Yuan clan, everyone would learn and communicate together, plus, the increase in strength would also be faster.

“Good! This suggestion is good.

Ill immediately make a plan and make some arrangements.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Also, I have another request.”


“I want to enter Xuan Yuan Mountain!”

“Alright! Ill bring you there right away.”


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