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The starry sky was like an endless sea.

At that moment, a pure golden meteor-like beam of light rapidly rushed over from the distant starry sky.

Upon seeing that scene, the clansmen left behind to guard the Golden god clan could not help but feel a little terrified.

“What kind of power is this”

“So powerful! Its pressure is too strong! I feel like Im about to kneel.”

Not long after, an elder walked out from the ancestral land of the Golden god clan.

He was walking in the starry sky.

When everyone saw him, it was as if they had seen their backbone.

“Its the Grand Elder!”

“The Grand Elder is a third level divine emperor expert.

With him around, theres no need to worry even if hes an enemy.”

He looked at the starry sky in the distance and said with a faint smile,

“You bunch of little brats, what are you panicking for This aura is your clan leader! Could it be that you dont even recognize his aura”

“So its the clan leaders aura! But… When did the clan leader have such a powerful aura Didnt he just reach the third-level Godly Emperor realm This aura is so powerful that it feels like it can destroy a third-level Godly Emperor existence.”

As soon as he said that, a beam of light suddenly flashed above everyones heads and landed in the ancestral shrine of the Golden god clan.


With a loud explosion, the ancestral shrine of the Golden god clan was blown up into the sky under the eyes of the Golden god clans members.

A mushroom cloud rose up and the airwaves rushed over, knocking out countless members of the Golden god clan.

The martial arts masters of the Golden god clan had basically all been sent out to besiege the Xuan Yuan clan and the Netherworld clan.

Therefore, other than the Grand Elder, there were no more than two people there.

The rest of them were all trash, they could not resist the shockwave at all.

After the shockwave hit them, countless people died.

Those who survived were also dumbstruck and did not know what to do.

The Grand Elders entire body trembled.

His eyes were wide open, and his face was filled with disbelief.

He seemed to have thought of something, and his face was filled with tears.

“Its over! Its all over!”

The same thing happened to the Earth Spirit god clan and the Tiancang god clan.

Their ancestral shrines were destroyed, and the divine blood and divine souls of countless elites were destroyed.

They could no longer be revived.

The beam of light from the Heaven-opening god clan was the last to arrive.

As the 14th-ranked god clan, there were obviously many martial arts masters there.

Their strength surpassed that of the others.

Therefore, compared to the other members of the god clan, they had sensed the same aura as the Grand Elder on that beam of light earlier.

“The Grand Elder has returned!”

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“The Grand Elders return is definitely a great success! We will have countless resources again.


However, at that moment, a divine light suddenly erupted from the ancestral shrine of the god clan and headed straight for the beam of light.

“You can fool others, but you cant fool this old man! Do you think that you can fool this old man just because you are stained with the blood of the clan leader of my god clan Ridiculous! Retreat!”

However, although the Grand Elder of the Heaven-opening god clan recognized the trickery in that, his attack was instantly repelled when it met his opponents.


Following a violent explosion, an extremely powerful shockwave erupted between the two streams of energy, forcing him to retreat.

The Grand Elder of the Heaven-opening god clan spat out blood and flew backwards.

His eyes were wide open as he roared furiously,


Unfortunately, no matter how indignant he was, there was no way he could block that move.

That move fell straight into the Heaven-opening god clans ancestral shrine and mercilessly destroyed the ancestral shrine!

It was only at that moment that everyone understood that the ray of light was not the Grand Elder, but someone who had come to destroy their ancestral shrine.

The question was, who… Who did it

One had to know that the Grand Elder was a fourth-level Godly Emperor!

Such a powerful existence had even discovered the other partys intentions in advance.

Yet, he was unable to stop the other partys attack.

How strong was the other party

Those four explosions immediately caused a great commotion in the surrounding star areas.

Many people posted their shock on the network created by the intent stones.

“Did you hear that An explosion came from the Earth Spirit god clan.”

“The Tiancang god clan also had one!”

“And the Golden god clan!”

“What are you guys doing The Heaven-opening god clan also heard a loud explosion.

I heard that their Grand Elder noticed the attack in advance and took the initiative to fight back.

Even so, he couldnt stop them.”

“Oh my God, whats going on today Didnt they say that the four great god clans went to attack the Netherworld clan and the Xuan Yuan clan

“How did they get themselves beat to the ground in the blink of an eye

“The Netherworld clan and the Xuan Yuan clans ranking is much lower than the four of them.

It cant be that they did it, right”

“Who knows”

“Hey, Hey, Hey! I just got some new news.

Its hot.

I guarantee you guys havent heard…”

Before he could finish his message, someone else said,

“The Golden god clan has announced that they are going into seclusion.

All the god clan members are going into seclusion! From now on, they will be in seclusion for 1,000 years.

They dont care about the world!”

“F*ck! I havent even had the time to say it out loud.

How did you know”

“You were too slow.

Now, everyone knows that the Golden god clan has taken the initiative to announce this news to the major god clans in the starry sky.”

“Its not just the Golden god clan.

The Heaven-opening god clan, the Tiancang god clan, and the Earth Spirit god clan have all announced that they are going into seclusion.

From now on, within 1,000 years, their divine territory will be forbidden.

No one will be allowed to enter!”

“Oh my God, this is too much!”

“The Xuan Yuan clan is awesome! The Netherworld clan is awesome!”

That news seemed to have gone viral as it spread like wildfire throughout the entire starry sky.

Countless factions were paying attention to that point.

They were even more shocked than when the four great god clans had besieged the Xuan Yuan god clan and the Netherworld god clans.

The four great clans were well-known.

Moreover, the four great clans were far stronger than the two great clans.

Therefore, it was a war without any suspense.

At most, everyone would mourn for the two great clans in their hearts.

They would not care too much about them.

However, at that moment, the two great clans were fine.

Instead, the four great clans had been beaten until their divine territories were closed.

That powerful contrast instantly stunned everyone.

It was as if a huge stone had been thrown into a calm pool of water, it stirred up thousands of waves!

It was so magical and unbelievable.

Dragon Island was the most powerful place in the entire starry sky!

In the deepest part of Dragon Island, on the largest Dragon Island, a huge dragon suddenly woke up.

“The four great god clans have been destroyed The Xuan Yuan god clan and the Netherworld god clan should not have this kind of strength! Could it be that one of them is secretly attacking

Or… The Xuan Yuan god clan has the inheritance left behind by that guy, so they can fight against the four great god clans”

In the Phoenix Plain, under the fire-red parasol tree, Emperor Feng was dressed in thin silk clothes, sitting under a tree and playing the zither.

Soon, his subordinate came to report.

“Your Majesty, the four great god clans are in closed-door cultivation!”

However, Emperor Feng seemed to have expected this situation.

He only said indifferently,

“I know.”

The Qilin Mountain!

The Qilin King, who was dressed in long robes, immediately stood up after hearing his subordinates report.

He said with a shocked expression,

“What did you say The four great god clans were defeated And they were beaten until they went into seclusion! How is this possible”

“Your Majesty, this matter is absolutely true.

The entire starry sky basically knows about it now!”

The Qilin King slowly sat back on the bench and said in disbelief,

“What a good Xuan Yuan god clan.

They really have some skills.

Its just that I dont know if that fellow, Ancestral Dragon, contributed to this!”

The entire starry sky was boiling!

Everyone wanted to know how the Xuan Yuan god clan and the Netherworld god clan did it.

The strength of the two god clans was clearly not the other partys match even if they added them together.

How could they still turn the tables and win that battle They even directly shut down the four great god clans

However, at the same time, the instigator of all that, Ye Xiao, was in the Xuan Yuan divine territory discussing matters with Xuanyuan Long.

“Senior Xuanyuan, after resolving the crisis of the four great god clans this time, Ive already used a special method to modify the memories of the Xuan Yuan god clan and the Netherworld god clan involving all the clansmen below the Godly Emperor realm.

“From today onwards, I dont wish for the entire starry sky to know of my existence.

“I only wish to cultivate properly.”

Xuanyuan Long could not help but feel a myriad of emotions.

If it was another person who had achieved such great achievements, they would have long been impatient to let the entire starry sky know of it.

That was really a good opportunity to make a name for themselves.

It was not even an exaggeration to say that it was a good opportunity to make a name for themselves in the history of the entire starry sky!

From then on, perhaps after 10,000 years, when people mentioned Ye Xiao again, they would still treat him as a legend!

A legend!

In the end, he did not expect that he would actually take the initiative to give up such a good opportunity to make a name for himself and choose to cultivate in seclusion.

Perhaps that was the reason why he was so strong!

Xuanyuan Long sighed and said,

“Actually, theres no need for you to do this at all.

You can just erase their memories of the masterpiece technique you displayed.

Theres no need for you to hide your name as well.

“Such a good opportunity is truly a pity.”

Ye Xiao smiled.

“People who practice martial arts should have a clear mind and few desires to focus on cultivation.

Fame and fortune are just the clouds in the past.

Theres no need to care too much about it.”

Xuanyuan Long nodded and immediately said,

“Youre really too similar to him! The state of mind of the two of you is far beyond what we can compare to! However, theres one point.

Although he also has a clear heart and few desires, he doesnt go to the extent of deliberately hiding his edge.

Everything is as he wishes.

“And youre a little more cautious.”

Ye Xiaos mind moved.

“Senior, are you referring to Senior Ancestral Dragon”

Xuanyuan Long nodded once again.

“Other than him, I dont think theres anyone else in the entire starry sky that can be compared to you!”

When Ye Xiao heard that, he became even more curious about Ancestral Dragon.

All that while, he had not had the opportunity to find a suitable person to inquire about matters regarding Ancestral Dragon.

Looks like it was time.

Xuanyuan Long was the Xuan Yuan god clans Grand Elder.

With his lifespan, he should have some understanding of the Ancestral Dragon.

It was even possible that they were people from the same era as him.

Perhaps he and the Ancestral Dragon were even good friends.

“Senior Xuanyuan, I want to learn some things about Senior Ancestral Dragon from you.

I wonder if you can explain it to me”

“Sure! You are also a member of the Xuan Yuan clan.

If you want to know, you have the right to know!”


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