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Chapter 527 There Were 3,000 Dishonest Ways.

Killing All the Enemies Was Also a Kind of Dishonest Ways

As soon as he finished speaking, ye Xiao immediately began to break through.

When everyone heard this, someone could not help but burst out laughing.

“Ill give you a moments time to break through a realm Are You joking with us Youre already at the divine emperor level now.

Do you think that youre a Houtian realm martial artist now You can break through as you wish”

Xuanyuan long and the rest also had puzzled expressions.

Although Xuanyuan Long had guessed that ye Xiao was very powerful, he did not know just how powerful he was.

Wasnt it a little too childs play for someone above the divine emperor realm to break through as he wished

This was simply impossible, right

Ming Kuang could not help but open his mouth to speak:

“Brother Xuanyuan, this junior of your Xuanyuan clan… is a little crazy!”

The corner of Xuanyuan Longs mouth could not help but twitch violently.

“This… uh… he might also have used some kind of secret technique to allow him to successfully break through to a higher realm within a short period of time, right”.

Xuanyuan long felt that this was the only explanation that was most suitable.

Because other than this explanation, he really could not think of another explanation.

In fact, ye Xiao obviously did not use some secret technique to increase his strength.

His ten great precious techniques all had this method, but he did not go so far as to use this method.

Previously, when he was in the Canglan Star Field, he had already absorbed the divine blood of several God emperors.

After that, in the exquisite Jade Star Valley, he had absorbed another god Emperor.

The Blood Qi that blood venerable had collected for many years had also been completely absorbed by him, in addition to the law energy, he had been refining it every moment.

He had just absorbed another wave of God emperors and several God clans, as well as tens of billions of divine blood.

The divine blood and law energy that he had now collected in his body had already reached an unimaginable level.

While the blood bathing precious technique was crazily refining the divine blood and the other precious techniques were crazily refining the law energy, his cultivation base was also continuously rising.

Now, he was only one step away from the second level divine emperor realm.


or r

At this moment, he was using all his strength to activate the ten great precious techniques in his body.

In just a moment, he could successfully break through to the second level divine emperor realm.

Su Taiyao shook his head and chuckled.

“Although I dont know what the hell youre doing, Im not a fool.

Its impossible for you to break through to the second level divine emperor realm in just a moment!

“If Im not wrong, youre probably trying to stall for time, right

“Using such a gimmick to pique everyones curiosity, most people would really be fooled by you.

Unfortunately, the four great celestial races dont.

“Everyone, theres no need to waste your breath on him.

He has some small tricks that seem to be able to easily fight against the first level divine emperor.

Everyone, attack together.

Dont give him an opportunity.”


Everyone responded and prepared to attack.

However, at this moment, an accident suddenly happened.

From ye Xiaos body, there were actually sounds of thunder.

Everyones bodies suddenly trembled and their eyes widened as they looked at this scene in disbelief.

“He… he actually broke through”

“Is he f* cking joking with us”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Some people thought that he was joking.

Su Taiyao thought that he was stalling for time.

Even xuanyuan long thought that he was only using some secret technique to temporarily raise his cultivation.

However, no one expected that he was actually not joking.

Instead, he was speaking the truth.

How did this fellow do it

Wasnt this a little too mystical

Ye Xiao ignored everyones shock and enjoyed the increase in strength brought by the second level divine emperor!

The law energy in his body and the undigested divine blood were all suppressed by the space controlling precious technique in the empty space within his body.

This could not be separated from the strength of his own divine body.

From a certain point of view, ye Xiaos current body, flesh, and blood, were so powerful that they had already surpassed the concept of living creatures.

The divine weapon could not harm him.

If the quality of the artifact was very low, it might not have the chance to harm him!

Every cell in his body was extremely hard.

He felt that the dense blood qi in his body seemed to have risen to a whole new level.

This was because he could clearly feel that the divine blood in his body was even denser, and its circulation speed was several times faster.

To put it bluntly, the blood flow in his body was even faster than the speed of light!

The speed and pressure could even pierce through a godly monarch!

This was the terror of a godly monarch!

However, ye Xiao would sometimes think of a problem.

Since the blood pressure in his body had become so high after becoming a godly monarch, would the pressure in other aspects also increase correspondingly

For example… The milk shooting game

Perhaps this was the reason why divine emperors could not easily combine with ordinary people

This was because it would be like shooting a gun, piercing through the other partys internal organs, even the chin and skull, turning them into sieves.

Just thinking about this thing made him feel terrifying

At that time, he might not even be able to tell if it was milk or brain juice.

Fortunately, he did not have a partner before.

Otherwise, with his current cultivation, if the other party was still very weak, even a godly king might not be able to withstand his pressure.

At that time, he might even be pierced through!

That would not be good.

Clenching his fists, ye Xiao felt as if there were bolts of lightning in his meridians that were constantly bursting out!

That was because his divine blood was too rich, so much so that when the divine blood circulated, it felt as if it was rubbing against lightning

The instant he broke through just now, the sound of thunder that everyone heard was precisely because of this.

Opening his eyes slightly, ye Xiao swept a glance over everyone.

“Im sorry to have made you all wait for so long.”

His indifferent words made everyones faces involuntarily twitch violently again.

Wait for a long time

Is it appropriate for you to use this word

In just a short instant, you broke through to the second level divine emperor realm!

Your speed was simply terrifying.

It was an existence that could be heard through the ages.

In the end, you still want to talk about waiting for a long time here…

God damn it, Ive waited for a long time!

A moment later, Su Taiyaos face was ice-cold as he said coldly,

“Even if you can break through to the second level divine emperor realm, so what We have so many people here.

Just the divine emperor realm alone has gathered a total of sixteen people!

Moreover, they are all the most powerful elites of our major celestial races.

Can you compete with them”

Ye Xiao smiled and didnt answer.

Indeed, the divine emperors here were much stronger than the ones they had sent to the Canglan star area or the ones they had sent to kill Yun Cangqiong and the others.

Those people were basically first stage divine emperors.

And here, there were almost no two first stage divine emperors.

The vast majority were second or third stage divine emperors.

Among the four great celestial races, each celestial race should only have around six or seven divine emperors.

The Xuan Yuan Celestial race and the underworld celestial race only had around four or five divine emperors.

If not for the fact that he had already killed most of the first-level divine emperors, Xuan Yuan long and the others here would not be a match for the four great celestial races.

However, he was not a first-level divine emperor at the moment.

His cultivation base was now at the second-level divine emperor!

He said to Xuanyuan Long who was in the array formation,

“Senior should be the clan leader of the Xuanyuan Celestial race, right”

Xuanyuan Long was stunned, but he quickly replied, “Im not the clan leader.

Im the highest-ranking grand elder of the Xuanyuan Celestial race! The clan leader is severely injured and has already been transported to Xuanyuan Mountain to recuperate.”

Ye Xiao immediately said,

“Its fine.

Its the same for anyone.

I just want to tell all of you to tell the people of the two celestial races not to take a single step out of the array formation.” Xuanyuan Long was a little confused.


“Because, you will die!”

These four words caused Xuanyuan Longs body to tremble, and his hair stood on end.

He knew that ye Xiao might very likely use some extremely formidable method next.

This method might very likely erupt in an extremely short period of time and cause damage that exceeded ones imagination.

Ye Xiaos meaning was very simple.

He wanted them not to go out to avoid being accidentally injured.

At this moment, the divine emperors of the four great celestial races had already begun to approach ye Xiao.

The powers of the 16 divine emperors had gathered together, and the vast majority were at the second and third level divine emperors.

This kind of terror could no longer be described with words.

It was not just the two great celestial races of the Xuanyuan Celestial race.

Even the cultivators of the four great celestial races felt a sense of suffocation.

Even if these 16 celestial emperors were on their side and would not point their auras at them, they would still feel suppressed to the point that their hearts would beat faster and their hearts would palpitate when they looked from afar.

Ye Xiao also moved.

The four great celestial races were too troublesome and had a very dangerous effect on his identity.

He wanted to completely finish off the four great celestial races so that the four great celestial races could no longer resist, so that he could continue to cultivate in peace.

He did not mind using his strongest strength.

He wanted to kill all the members of the four great celestial races.

After that, he would use the little fate technique to erase the memories of the lower-level cultivators of the Xuan Yuan Celestial race and the Netherworld Celestial race.

He, Ye Xiao, would once again not be affected and would be able to stay in the Xuan Yuan mountain to cultivate in peace.

Before becoming an eternal grandmaster, ye Xiao did not want his name to be too brilliant under this resplendent starry sky.

Ye Xiao stomped his foot and went straight towards the 16 god-emperors.

A terrifying power condensed.

He held the great dragon in his hand and unleashed a sword.

The world-destroying precious technique was activated.


This sword contained an extremely powerful world-destroying precious technique.

The sword slashed at the 16 god-emperors and actually forced them to retreat 10,000 meters.


The 16 divine emperorsheartbeats suddenly sped up.

No one had expected that ye Xiao, who was a second-level divine emperor, would be able to unleash such a powerful energy.

When the attack power was scattered above the 16 divine emperors, it was actually able to force the 16 divine emperors to retreat by 10,000 meters at the same time.

Although this 10,000 meters was only half a step to a divine emperor, but… He had ultimately forced everyone to retreat.

This level of strength was definitely not something that a second level divine emperor could do.

In fact, it was not something that any of them present could do.

However… This was just the beginning.

Ye Xiaos strength further erupted.

He took a step forward, and the space controlling precious technique was superimposed on the space controlling precious technique, then the world destruction precious technique.

His speed and strength were displayed to the extreme!


Su Taiyao cried out in alarm.

Unfortunately, it was too late!

In the starry sky, a cold light flashed, and the heads of two second-level divine emperors flew up!


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