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Chapter 526 Advancement at The Last Minute

“Hmph, Su Taiyao! Dont think that just because you are pleased with yourself for a moment, you can continue being pleased forever.

“In this starry sky, there are only Xuan Yuan clansmen who died in battle.

There are no Xuan Yuan clansmen who surrendered.

The same goes for the Netherworld clansmen!”

“Thats right, Su Taiyao, you little brat.

If you want to kill them, then kill them.

Why do you need to talk so much nonsense

“Do you really think that others cant see through your little trick”

Su Taiyao lightly snorted.

Originally, he wanted to trick the two of them to come out and kill them to reduce the price.

In the end, he did not expect that the two of them were quite smart.

However, it did not matter.

According to the current situation, killing them was only a matter of time.

Even so, he still needed to speed up a bit.

The Xuan Yuan god clan was backed by the strongest god clan in the starry sky, the Immemorial Dragon clan!

The Netherworld god clan was backed by the Giant Snake clan, which was ranked fourth in the starry sky!

Their god clan was backed by the Qilin clan, which was ranked third!

The Giant Snake god clan was naturally nothing to be afraid of.

That was because they were on a completely different level from the Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin clans, which were ranked in the top three.

However, if the Immemorial Dragon clan appeared, it would be hard to say.

Although it was for revenge, they could not settle it in a short amount of time.

If it continued for too long, it would attract the displeasure of the Immemorial Dragon clan, and the plans of the four great god clans would all fall through.

Even if they fought until the last step of success, they would still have to retreat with just a word from the Immemorial Dragon clan.

That was the strength of the Immemorial Dragon clan!

Unless the Qilin clan stepped out to protect them, the Qilin clan would still have to show the Immemorial Dragon clan some face.

In general, the faster that war ended, the better!

The earlier it ended, the more benefits they would obtain.

“All Godly Emperors, attack with all your strength and blast open this array!”


Several Godly Emperors attacked at the same time.

Even though they were separated by the defensive array, they could still feel extreme pressure from the powerful aura.

It was just like a normal person facing a nuclear weapon.

Although you knew that it would not be too dangerous if it did not launch, you would feel terrified if you threw it even if you were standing in front of it.

That was because you knew that once it was launched, you would die without a doubt.

The martial arts masters of the four great god clans looked at the tough barrier with envy in their eyes.

“The defensive array of the Xuan Yuan clan is indeed powerful.

Even some of the top-ranked god clans in the starry sky might not be able to reach this level.”

“This array seems to have been built by the Ancestral Dragon as well, right”

“I didnt expect that an existence like the Ancestral Dragon could appear in the lower-ranked god clan of the Xuan Yuan clan.

However, its a pity that the Ancestral Dragon was only a flash in the pan.

“He cut off the bloodline connection with the Xuan Yuan clan and went to pursue a higher realm.

“From now on, the Xuan Yuan clan will never have a chance to produce a monster like him again.” “Speed up the progress and go all out! As long as we destroy this array, we can enter the Xuan Yuan clans divine territory and plunder the resources of the Xuan Yuan clan.

“And the resources of the Netherworld clan!”

The corners of everyones lips curled up as a greedy light shone in their eyes.

The resources in the starry sky were extremely limited.

Usually, only the top-tier god clans could have the resources to ensure the cultivation of their own god clan.

The other god clans would more or less face a situation of scarcity of resources.

Just like the Xuan Yuan clan, the Yun family, which had the highest level of strength, would still lack resources.

Only the Xuan Yuan Mountain was the place with the most resources.

Not to mention the other aristocratic families.

Otherwise, the young master of their family would have improved his competence.

Besides, they would not go to the Azure Billow star field just because they had a divine tomb.

In order to cultivate and become stronger, they had to compete with each other.

If they had the chance to kill the other clans, they would not hesitate to take action.

Just like that moment, because of the situation in the Azure Billow star field, too many members of the four great god clans had been involved.

They could use this chance to make a good move and find an excuse to attack the Xuan Yuan god clan and the Netherworld god clan.

That was also the reason why the Immemorial Dragon clan and the Giant Snake god clan had not shown up yet.

It was because they had made a good move!

Just like the Qilin clan had to give them some face, they naturally had to give the Qilin God clan some face.

Although the relationship in the entire starry sky was complicated, in general, it was just the Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin clans.

The three god clans were above the entire starry sky.

The other god clans were basically all their vassals.

Even the Giant Snake god clan, which was ranked fourth, was far from the Qilin god clan, which was ranked third!

The three god clans were like the three rulers of the entire starry sky, controlling everything.

Although the array was strong enough, under the continuous attacks of the various Godly Emperors, it could no longer withstand the attacks.

Cracks began to appear!

If that continued, it would not be long before the array was completely destroyed.

The four great god clans were about to attack.

Everyone from the two great god clans clenched their fists and held their breaths.

The four great god clans overall strength was above theirs.

In addition to the number of people and martial arts masters from the four great god clans, they were all above them.

Once the array was broken, there was no way for them to resist.

Previously, the battle between the two sides ended in a miserable defeat.

That was why they had no choice but to hide inside the array.

Otherwise, they would not have had to endure so much humiliation from the other party.

Everyone could only do their best to recover from their injuries, in order to buy more time for the upcoming battle.

The distress signal to the Immemorial Dragon clan had already been sent out.

After that, it was up to the Immemorial Dragon clan to decide if they were willing to step forward.

They could only hope that a miracle would happen.

They did not know if it was the prayer in their hearts that was finally sensed by the heavens.

At that moment, a pair of violent explosions suddenly pierced through the sky.

The spatial barriers power had been forcefully shattered.

Everyone could not help but raise their brows and look over in unison.

They were somewhat confused.

In the next second, a young figure holding a single-edged weapon walked out from within.

Everyone from the four great god clans and the two great god clans raised their brows slightly.

“Who… Is this guy”

While they were stunned, one of the Godly Emperors from the four great god clans said,

“Where did this brat come from Cant you see that the four great god clans are doing something Scram to the side.”

Just as he finished speaking, the other party raised his hand and brandished his sword.

From his weapon, a sword light that was hundreds of millions of feet long instantly spread out.

The sword light was like a dragon.

When it landed on that Godly Emperors body, it did not give him a chance to react and directly killed him with one move.

The entire place instantly fell silent.

Be it the four great god clans or the two great god clans, they were all stunned at that moment.

One strike… To instantly kill a Godly Emperor.

That fellow was so powerful!

Although they had already guessed that he was a Godly Emperor when he broke through the void barrier previously, they did not expect him to be so powerful to be able to instantly kill a Godly Emperor!

Was that not too terrifying

Ming Kuang could not help but ask Xuanyuan Long, who was beside him,

“Brother Xuanyuan, do you know this fellow”

Xuanyuan Longs eyes flashed.

He seemed to have thought of something, but he did not dare to confirm it.

He only shook his head.

“Ive never seen him before.”

The expressions of everyone from the four great god clans turned cold.

That was because the martial arts master that the other party had killed belonged to their group.

“Who exactly are you Our four great god clans are currently in the middle of something.

Why did you suddenly appear here And you even killed our Godly Emperor!”

Su Taiyaos expression was dark and cold as he questioned.

Meanwhile, that figure slowly opened his mouth and said,

“You all want to exterminate our Xuan Yuan clan, yet you still want to ask me why I killed the four great god clans Godly Emperors.

Dont you think that this is too ridiculous”

Everyones pupils constricted.

That fellow… Was actually from the Xuan Yuan god clan!

Xuanyuan Longs eyes lit up, and his heartbeat could not help but accelerate.

He clenched his fists and took a few deep breaths.

Ming Kuang said blankly from the side,

“Brother Xuanyuan, didnt you just say that you dont know him”

Xuanyuan Long chuckled.

“Its true that I dont know him.

I just met him for the first time today.

However, I think I should know who he is.”


“A child that is not weaker than the Ancestral Dragon!”

Ming Kuang was shocked.

That sentence was not weaker than a bolt from the blue that exploded in his mind when he heard it.

Not weaker than the Ancestral Dragon!

What kind of concept was that

Everyone knew how strong the Ancestral Dragon was.

He was a legend!

A legend that could never be defeated!

A legend that made the entire universe look up to him!

In the end, Xuanyuan Long actually said that the youth who had suddenly appeared before him was an existence that was not weaker than him.

That was simply too inconceivable.

Following that, he looked over at the other party.

Although he had just killed a Godly Emperor, at most, he was stronger.

Where was the supposed monster

After the four god clans clansmen recovered from their shock, their faces turned completely gloomy.

“Who did I think he was So hes from the Xuan Yuan clan.

Ive never seen you before.

Youre quite powerful.

However, youre only one person.

We have so many people here.

No matter how strong you are, how many people can you kill”

Ye Xiao swept a glance at the four god clans martial arts masters.

Indeed, there were many of them and they were very strong!

Among them, there was no lack of existences at the second or even third-level Godly Emperor realm.

He could indeed cross realms to kill enemies, but his defensive ability could not cross realms.

The second or third-level Godly Emperor realm could already pose a slight threat to him.

With so many people attacking at the same time, it was really possible for them to suppress him.

Especially the third-level Godly Emperor realm.

It seemed like he needed to raise his realm by one realm.

Thinking of that, he said indifferently,

“Give me a moment to raise my realm by one level.

Do you dare”


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