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Chapter 525 A Move to Determine the Situation

Just as Yun Changqing was about to self-destruct, a ray of white light began to emanate from the surface of his body.

At that critical moment, an extremely powerful force suddenly suppressed the white light on his body and compressed it back into his body.

That scene caused countless people present to be stunned, including Yun Changqing himself.

He had never expected such a thing to happen.

“What… What happened”

Before he could react, the eyes of the Godly Emperors from the four great god clans suddenly turned cold.

After which, they all looked towards the distant starry sky.

“Something is approaching Furthermore, its aura is extremely powerful!”

“Its a Godly Emperor! What terrifying strength! This persons cultivation has probably reached the mid-stage Godly Emperor realm!”

“Who is he What is he trying to do”

Just as he finished speaking, a stream of light streaked past like a meteor with lightning speed.

It was accompanied by unparalleled energy cultivation.

In the blink of an eye, it closed in on one of the four Godly Emperors.

That Godly Emperor had never expected that that attack would be directed at him.

After being stunned for a moment, he immediately attacked to resist.

Once the Godly Emperor used his technique, multicolored light filled the sky, making him appear extremely mysterious.

As the multicolored light circulated, a masterpiece technique radiance suddenly erupted from his hand.

The terrifying power caused the surrounding space-time energy to tremble.

The stars in the sky trembled at this instant and dimmed.

The speed at which both sides attacked was only in the blink of an eye.

When he attacked, he originally thought that the overwhelming energy would be able to resolve the threat of that attack.

However, who would have thought that the ray of light would collide with his masterpiece techniques light.


Accompanied by a thunderous explosion, his masterpiece technique was actually torn apart.

The ray of light then ruthlessly pierced through his chest in an unstoppable manner, sending him flying 100 miles away, he was nailed to a huge star island.

He widened his eyes and looked in disbelief at the sword-like and saber-like weapon in front of his chest.

He could no longer speak.

That move had actually taken his life.


All the other Godly Emperors pupils suddenly constricted and their hair stood on end.

They simply could not believe their eyes.

That move had actually killed a Godly Emperor in an instant!

One had to know that the other party had already discovered that move and had even used a masterpiece technique to block it.

However, he was still unable to block that move.

Just how domineering was the other partys strength

“Who is it Just who is it”

A Godly Emperor let out a roar!

His eyes were fixed on the direction of the attack.

The heavily injured Yun Cangqiong let out a mocking laugh.

“Hehehe, youre all dead meat!”

The remaining Godly Emperors immediately said,

“The other party is most likely a mid-stage Godly Emperor.

Dont be careless and join forces to kill one of them.

Then, retreat quickly.”

They had already realized the seriousness of the problem.

They did not dare to delay any longer.

The seven Godly Emperors attacked at the same time, and light filled the sky.

In the blink of an eye, the entire starry sky was lit up, and all the starlight was covered!

The killing intent was condensed to the extreme.

All the places that were covered by the light seemed to be stained with death marks.

However, just as they had just made their move and did not have the time to attack, that pressure finally descended.

It was so fast that it made ones hair stand on end!

It was so fast that even the Godly Emperors could not react in time.

With a flash of light, two human figures appeared.

Ye Xiao threw Ouyang Quluo at one of the Godly Emperors, Ouyang Quluo, and let out an angry roar.

“You killed my Netherworld clansmen! Give me your f*cking life!”

After letting out an angry roar, he circulated his masterpiece technique and ruthlessly struck the other partys body.

Although they were both in the first-level Godly Emperor realm, Ouyang Quluo had cultivated in the Glittering Gem Star Valley for many years.

His strength was extraordinary, and he had been brought here by Ye Xiao.

Along the way, he did not expend a single bit of spiritual energy.

That punch was almost at his peak state.


Following an earth-shattering explosion, the masterpiece techniques brilliance on that Godly Emperors body was shattered on the spot.

Following that, his entire body was sent flying back.


Godly Emperor Wu Ying simply could not believe his eyes.

“Thats… Our Netherworld clans Godly Emperor Ouyang Quluo”

The other six Godly Emperors of the four great god clans were given a huge fright.

They had never expected that the Godly Emperor who had suddenly joined them would actually be so powerful

However, what they did not expect was still to come.

That was because Ye Xiaos attack had already arrived.

Nine-colored multicolored light flashed, and behind Ye Xiao, it suddenly transformed into six sword beams that were hundreds of millions of feet long.

The pressure was enough to shake the heaven and earth, and the surrounding stars were annihilated, causing the meteorites to tremble.

The moment the sword beams shot out, they headed straight for the faces of the six people.

“So powerful!”

The six Godly Emperors jumped in fright.

The pressure on the sword beams actually made them feel a destructive aura that was filled with death.

The six Godly Emperors immediately used their most powerful postures to condense six seven-colored barriers to block in front of Ye Xiao.

However, with a slash of the sword ray, the six Godly Emperors barriers were shattered on the spot.


The six Godly Emperors expressions changed drastically, and they immediately prepared to escape.

However, how could Ye Xiao allow them to escape

Taking advantage of his absence, the four great god clans had intercepted and killed so many people from the Xuan Yuan clan.

That killing intent made him almost go berserk.

The True Dragon masterpiece technique was activated to its limit.

From the feet of the six Godly Emperors, it formed six dragon-shaped rays of light that instantly entwined them and locked them in place.


In the next second, six sword rays ruthlessly bombarded the bodies of the six people, causing them to immediately spurt blood.

Their skin and flesh exploded, revealing the ghastly white bones inside.

Ye Xiao waved his right hand, nailing the first Godly Emperor to the Star Island with the Great Dragon.

With a dragon roar, it instantly returned to his hand.

With a slash of Ye Xiaos sword, the heads of the six Godly Emperors flew up at the same time.


It had only been two seconds since he appeared.

All of his moves had been executed within those two seconds.

Two seconds!

A full two seconds, killing six Godly Emperors in an instant!

Beating the other party to the point of being unable to resist at all!

That scene caused the expressions of Yun Cangqiong and the others to change greatly.

They could clearly feel that Ye Xiaos strength had advanced quite a bit.

How long had it been since he had advanced to the Godly Emperor realm

How long had it been altogether

It felt like it had not even been a month yet!

It had not even been a month yet!

It felt like it would not be long before he advanced to the Godly Emperor realm.

As expected, people were really different from each other.

They were humans.

Ye Xiao was really not a human!

The moment the Godly Emperor died, the members of the four great god clans and the clansmen who were affiliated to the god clan were all frightened to the point of trembling in their livers.

All of the living beings were trembling.

At that moment, the great reversal of the situation was akin to a catastrophe for them.


“Quickly run!”

Unfortunately, from the moment Ye Xiao appeared, no one present could escape.

The World Destruction masterpiece technique was executed.

Billions of sword rays lit up in the starry sky as they charged into the starry sky.

All under the Godly Emperor were ants.

The Godly Emperors strength was displayed vividly at that moment.

None of the living beings could withstand a single move from Ye Xiao.

Wherever the sword rays swept past, all the god clansmen were annihilated.

Not a single one was left.

The sword rays streaked across the crowd once, and over tens of billions of god clansmen were annihilated in the blink of an eye.

At that moment, the Godly Emperor who was fighting Ouyang Quluo had long been scared out of his wits.

He let out a scream and turned around to run.

Ouyang Quluo did not have Ye Xiaos means.

It was impossible for him to kill him in an instant.

He immediately chased after him.

“You want to run Have you asked your grandpa, Ouyang”

At that moment, Ye Xiao casually threw out the Great Dragon.

The World Destruction masterpiece technique and the Space Warping masterpiece technique were activated at the same time.

The Great Dragon instantly slashed past Ouyang Quluos ear and pierced through the Godly Emperors chest.


At the next moment, he was nailed to a star.

Ouyang Quluo spat out a mouthful of saliva.

“At least you died quickly.

Otherwise, Ill definitely let you have a good taste of Grandpa Ouyangs methods.”

The crisis of destruction was easily resolved by Ye Xiao with just a few moves.

Yun Cangqiong sat down on his butt and panted heavily.

He could finally relax.

The injuries on his body were too serious.

The flesh on his chest had been shattered, and one could clearly see his heart beating inside.

Ye Xiao closed his eyes and opened his arms.

He used the Undying masterpiece technique to resurrect all the clansmen who had fallen in that battle.

The shadow of a phoenix seemed to appear behind him as it flapped its wings and soared.

The injuries of the few Godly Emperors were quickly healed.

Before long, all the people who had fallen were healed.

Yun Cangqiong sighed,

“Ye Xiao, its all thanks to you this time.

If not for you rushing over in time, all of us would have died here today.

Its impossible for the dead to be resurrected.”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“I was too careless.

I didnt expect the four great god clans to be so unscrupulous and sneak attack us in secret.”

“They launched a sneak attack on us with a purpose.

They attacked us here so that we wouldnt be able to return in time.

Now, the martial arts masters of the four great god clans are besieging our two clans.

Im afraid that the other side is also doomed.”

Ye Xiaos eyes turned cold and he took a deep breath.

“I understand.”

After he finished speaking, he used the Space Warping masterpiece technique and absorbed all the corpses of the god clans into his spatial storage ring.

Then, he recalled the Great Dragon and slashed open the void with his sword, directly stepping into it.

At the same time, at the intersection between the Xuan Yuan clan and the Netherworld clan, the remaining martial arts masters of the two god clans were sitting inside the god clans array.

All of the martial arts masters were seriously injured, and they were only relying on the array to resist the attacks of the other party.

Even so, the array was about to collapse.

The four god clans had almost gathered all their strength to attack.

“Xuanyuan Long, Ming Kuang.

Today is the day your two great god clans are destroyed.

Hiding inside the array is just an illusion.

“Its better to face reality and come out to die.

If you die, your god clan will compensate us four great god clans.

We can give your descendants a way out on account of the Dragon clan.”


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