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Chapter 522 Suppressing the Blood Venerable One, Even the Soul Remnant of the Supreme Eternal Will Have to Kneel!

“This… How is this possible”

The Blood Venerable One simply could not believe his eyes.

It was as if he was dreaming.

One had to know that when he created the Bloodbath masterpiece technique, he had used an extremely special technique.

As everyone knew, the existence of life was formed by countless microscopic creatures fusing together to form an entire human figure.

Among them, the more basic the life construction procedure was, the harder it was to pry into.

However, once one controlled that level, the energy it obtained would be incredible.

The Bloodbath technique had already involved the level of the power of laws.

When the Blood Venerable One had created the Bloodbath technique, he had already integrated his own life program into the Bloodbath technique on the level of the power of laws.

No matter who cultivated the Bloodbath masterpiece technique, they would eventually become his puppet.

It might be for him to control, it might be for him to improve his cultivation, or it might be for him to


In short, he was the Bloodbath masterpiece technique, and the Bloodbath masterpiece technique was him.

The two had been combined from the beginning

The Bloodbath masterpiece technique created by the Blood Venerable One was not just a cultivation technique, it was also a trick to create a power of laws that allowed him to live forever.

Therefore, based on that point, no matter who cultivated the Bloodbath technique, they would definitely be sensed by him.

At the same time, they would also be controlled by him.

However, at that moment, if it was not because Ye Xiao had used the Bloodbath technique in front of him, he would not have known that Ye Xiao had cultivated the Bloodbath technique.

Moreover, he could clearly feel that he was completely unable to use the Bloodbath technique to control Ye Xiao.

What on Earth was going on

Ye Xiao had actually removed the power of laws that was threatening his own life from the Bloodbath technique.

That was a freaking masterpiece technique!

A masterpiece technique!

It was not some random god technique, nor was it some low-grade cultivation technique.

That was a supreme masterpiece technique that could allow one to advance the legendary realm of the Supreme Eternal!

Ye Xiao had actually adapted it.

The Blood Venerable One could even feel that Ye Xiaos Bloodbath masterpiece technique was slightly stronger than the one he had created.

“Nothing is impossible.”

Ye Xiao had already used the Bloodbath masterpiece technique and gathered the blood essence into his body continuously, waiting to be refined like the power of laws.

His mental energy had firmly locked Blood Venerable One within, but he did not really take action to destroy him.

There were two reasons.

First, the Blood Venerable One knew many things.

The vast majority of that knowledge was information that Ye Xiao did not know.

The most powerful existence of the Xuan Yuan clan was only a martial arts master at the Godly Emperor realm.

Many problems like advancing to the Supreme Eternal realm were not known by the Xuan Yuan clan.

Of course, Ye Xiao would not naively think that Blood Venerable One would honestly tell him that it was very possible to trick him by practicing the technique to become a Supreme Eternal.

However, he would also know some things that ordinary people did not know or some martial arts masters would provide him with some useful information.

Secondly, he would not die.

As long as the Bloodbath masterpiece technique did not disappear from the world, he would never die.

Even if there was no one cultivating the Bloodbath masterpiece technique for the time being, he would not come back to life.

However, in the future, as long as someone cultivated the Bloodbath masterpiece technique, he would definitely come back to life.

At that time, he would not know who he was and would be in even greater trouble.

Rather than that, it would be better to keep him first and suppress him in one of his storage rings.

Then, he would carry him around and forcefully suppress him.

He had already been heavily injured by that mysterious woman.

As long as he blocked off the opportunity for him to use the Bloodbath masterpiece technique, he would not be able to recover from his injuries and would forever be a piece of trash that could not even defeat the Godly Emperor.

He did not need to be afraid of him, much less worry about him escaping.

Doing what he thought of was the basic principle that Ye Xiao had always adhered to.

He immediately used a method to seal the Blood Venerable One in his storage ring.

He kept it in his storage ring.

The Blood Venerable One was a shrewd old man.

As a Supreme Eternal, he naturally understood Ye Xiaos thoughts in an instant.

His expression immediately changed.

“Hey! Stinky brat, what do you want to do This venerable one is a Supreme Eterrnal! You actually want to seal me If you have the guts, just destroy me directly.

F*ck, just kill me!”

Ye Xiao could not be bothered with him.

The current Blood Venerable One could not wait for him to destroy him so that he could resurrect outside with the help of other existences who had cultivated the Bloodbath masterpiece technique!

Unfortunately, he would definitely not fall for his trick.

“Its impossible to destroy you.

Im helping you by destroying you.

I would be letting you resurrect on other people who have cultivated the Bloodbath masterpiece technique!

“Therefore, Ill only seal you so that youll never have the chance to escape again.”

The Blood Venerable One smiled coldly.

“Arent you thinking too simply Capturing people is different from trapping them.

Those simple arrays are useless against me.

If you want to use your own strength to suppress me, then youll have to divide some of your strength to deal with me forever.

“What if you encounter a strong enemy

“Either you dont use your full strength and get killed by the other party, or you use your full strength and remove the suppression on me, allowing me to take the opportunity to escape.”

Just as his voice fell, Ye Xiao had already set up an array and instantly injected the power of the Great Brahma masterpiece technique.

The moment he saw the Great Brahma masterpiece technique, the Blood Venerable One was completely dumbfounded.

What was that situation

Was that the freaking Great Brahma masterpiece technique

That was a Buddhist orthodox masterpeice technique.

At the same time, it could also be said to be his mortal enemy.

It was to the extent that when he created the Bloodbath masterpiece technique back then, he had specially researched the Great Brahma masterpiece technique.

The Bloodbath masterpiece technique was practically the reverse of the Great Brahma masterpiece technique.

Therefore, no one was clearer than him about the aura of the Great Brahma masterpiece technique.

But… But… But how did Ye Xiao cultivate it

A person cultivating the extremely evil Bloodbath masterpiece technique and the righteous and masculine Great Brahma masterpiece technique at the same time.

Those two powers had completely different attributes.

could his meridians withstand them

Would they not self-destruct

Just as he was in a daze, Ye Xiao cast another True Lightning masterpiece technique.



The moment he saw the True Lightning masterpiece technique, the Blood Venerable Ones worldview completely collapsed.

Was that the legendary True Lightning masterpiece technique

The power that was currently sealing him contained the power of the True Lightning masterpiece technique.

That fellow actually cultivated the True Lightning masterpiece technique

The eighth-ranked masterpiece technique in the starry sky

The Blood Venerable One felt like crying for no reason.

Once these two masterpiece techniques were used, he was already completely sealed and had no way of escaping.

Furthermore, Ye Xiao would always wear it on his hand, so he would no longer be able to use spiritual energy like he was doing then in the Glittering Gem Star Valley, cultivating heavenly and earthly treasures, attracting the gods to fight over them, and then snatching the divine blood.

It was over!

At that time, it was completely over.

No matter what, the Blood Venerable One could not figure out what was going on.

Ye Xiao actually cultivated three completely different supreme masterpiece techniques, and among them, the attributes were completely different.

Was that world going crazy, or was he going crazy

“How on earth did you do it How on earth did you cultivate three types of masterpiece techniques at the same time without your meridians self-detonating”

Ye Xiao knew that the Blood Venerable One would be curious.

He immediately opened his mouth and said with a faint smile,

“You want to know Sure, tell me, who was that woman just now You should know her.

If you tell me, Ill tell you.

The two of us will exchange information.”

“You wish!”

The Blood Venerable One was so angry that he was trembling

“Dont think that this venerable one doesnt know.

The reason why you imprisoned this venerable one is precisely for two purposes.

One was to prevent this venerable self from using others to resurrect.

The other was to obtain some information from this venerable


“This venerable self will tell you that even if this venerable self dies in this ring and can not leave for the rest of his life, never to be reincarnated, you can forget about trading a piece of information from this venerable self!

“Even the heavens can not change what this venerable self says!”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Then just endure it.”

After saying that, he continued to seriously absorb the blood essence in the blood sea.

The Blood Venerable One was a Supreme Immortal of a generation, and he was proud and arrogant.

Naturally, he would not be able to trade with him so easily.

However, Ye Xiao was not in a hurry.

He had plenty of time, and he could slowly grind with him.

There was another point, and that was that that woman did not have any malice toward him.

He did not need to be so anxious to know the other partys identity.

He would first absorb the blood essence first.

Sensing that Ye Xiao was absorbing the blood sea that he had accumulated for so many years, the Blood Venerable One was so angry that he vomited blood!

“D*mn b*stard! Just you wait! Dont think that this venerable one only has the Bloodbath masterpiece technique and cant absorb the blood essence.

This venerable one still has a way to escape.

“Ten years! Give this venerable one ten years and this venerable will definitely escape from your hands!”

At the same time, the beautiful figure outside had quietly disappeared from that space.

All the Godly Emperors were meditating to refine the blood essence in their bodies, but no one noticed that scene.

At the source of the starry sky, in the center, in Phoenix Mountain, the ancestral land of the Phoenix lineage, accompanied by an extremely majestic phoenix cry, the entire Phoenix Mountain began to burn with raging flames.

A moment later, a naked figure stepped out from within.

She had an absolutely beautiful figure and the most perfect face.

Her legs were long and slender, and her long hair fluttered in the wind like a black waterfall.

Her pair of Phoenix eyes seemed to be able to encompass the entire starry sky with a single glance!

Not far away, a few figures rapidly flew over.

Light flashed on her body, and a set of long robes that surpassed the level of Treasured Artifacts appeared.

Multicolored light filled the air, and a dense aura surrounded her.


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